March Madness Game-Winning Buzzer-Beaters

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130 Buzzer-Beaters

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130 Buzzer-Beaters Table
  Game Stats
Year Player Game Round Team Opp Type Margin Time Assisted Distance   MP PTS FG FGA TRB AST
2023Lamont ButlerApr 1, 2023National SemifinalSan Diego State (5)Florida Atlantic (9)2-pt FG-10unassisted17 ft2993623
2023Darrion TrammellMar 26, 2023Regional FinalSan Diego State (5)Creighton (6)Free throwtied1.2311251451
2023JaKobe ColesMar 17, 2023First RoundTCU (6)Arizona State (11)2-pt FGtied1.5unassisted8241151051
2022Paul AtkinsonMar 16, 2022First FourNotre Dame (11)Rutgers (11)2-pt FGtied1.4unassistedlayup3326131561
2021Jalen SuggsApr 3, 2021National SemifinalGonzaga (1)UCLA (11)3-pt FGtied0Corey Kispert37401661256
2021Joe PleasantMar 20, 2021First RoundAbilene Christian (14)Texas (3)Free throw-11.227114980
2019Kyle GuyApr 6, 2019National SemifinalVirginia (1)Auburn (5)Free throw-20.6391551134
2019Tremont WatersMar 23, 2019Second RoundLSU (3)Maryland (6)2-pt FGtied1.6unassistedlayup361251225
2018Jordan PooleMar 17, 2018Second RoundMichigan (3)Houston (6)3-pt FG-20Muhammad-Ali Abdur-Rahkman281183520
2018Donte IngramMar 15, 2018First RoundLoyola (IL) (11)Miami (FL) (6)3-pt FG-10.3Marques Townes26341351472
2018Robert GrayMar 15, 2018First RoundHouston (6)San Diego State (11)2-pt FGtied1.1unassistedlayup3739122580
2017Luke MayeMar 26, 2017Regional FinalUNC (1)Kentucky (2)2-pt FGtied0.3Theo Pinson2020176932
2017Chris ChiozzaMar 24, 2017Regional SemifinalFlorida (4)Wisconsin (8)3-pt FG-20unassisted213083645
2016Kris JenkinsApr 4, 2016National FinalVillanova (2)UNC (1)3-pt FGtied0Ryan Arcidiacono25211461121
2016Rex PfluegerMar 20, 2016Second RoundNotre Dame (6)Stephen F. Austin (14)2-pt FG-11.5unassistedtip1421221
2016Bronson KoenigMar 20, 2016Second RoundWisconsin (7)Xavier (2)3-pt FGtied0Ethan Happ21382061571
2016Adam WoodburyMar 18, 2016First RoundIowa (7)Temple (10)2-pt FGtied0unassistedlayup32104650
2016Paul JespersonMar 18, 2016First RoundNorthern Iowa (11)Texas (6)3-pt FGtied0unassisted5033144830
2016Rodney BullockMar 17, 2016First RoundProvidence (9)USC (8)2-pt FG-11.5Drew Edwardslayup4016611101
2015BeeJay AnyaMar 19, 2015Second RoundNC State (8)LSU (9)2-pt FG-10.1unassisted151842370
2014DeAndre KaneMar 23, 2014Third RoundIowa State (3)UNC (6)2-pt FGtied1.6unassistedlayup3924918107
2014Cameron RidleyMar 20, 2014Second RoundTexas (7)Arizona State (10)2-pt FGtied0unassistedlayup3017612122
2013Aaron CraftMar 24, 2013Third RoundOhio State (2)Iowa State (10)3-pt FGtied0.5unassisted21401851016
2013Vander BlueMar 21, 2013Second RoundMarquette (3)Davidson (14)2-pt FG-11unassistedlayup281651522
2011Matt HowardMar 19, 2011Third RoundButler (8)Pitt (1)Free throwtied0.8381651561
2011Matt HowardMar 17, 2011Second RoundButler (8)Old Dominion (9)2-pt FGtied0unassistedlayup33155852
2011Brandon KnightMar 17, 2011Second RoundKentucky (4)Princeton (13)2-pt FGtied2unassistedlayup2921825
2011Juan FernandezMar 17, 2011Second RoundTemple (7)Penn State (10)2-pt FGtied0.4unassisted17392381333
2010Raymar MorganMar 28, 2010Regional FinalMichigan State (5)Tennessee (6)Free throwtied1.83513411102
2010Korie LuciousMar 21, 2010Second RoundMichigan State (5)Maryland (4)3-pt FG-10Draymond Green2127135822
Year Player Game Round Team Opp Type Margin Time Assisted Distance   MP PTS FG FGA TRB AST
2010Quincy PondexterMar 18, 2010First RoundWashington (11)Marquette (6)2-pt FGtied1.7unassistedlayup3718717112
2010Danero ThomasMar 18, 2010First RoundMurray State (13)Vanderbilt (4)2-pt FG-10unassisted15291151261
2010Ishmael SmithMar 18, 2010First RoundWake Forest (9)Texas (8)2-pt FG-11.3unassisted174419918127
2009Scottie ReynoldsMar 28, 2009Regional FinalVillanova (3)Pitt (1)2-pt FGtied0.5unassisted8331541121
2009Demetri GoodsonMar 21, 2009Second RoundGonzaga (4)Western Kentucky (12)2-pt FGtied0.9unassisted81442211
2009Trevon HughesMar 20, 2009First RoundWisconsin (12)Florida State (5)2-Pt FG+FT-12unassistedlayup39103414
2008Brook LopezMar 22, 2008Second RoundStanford (3)Marquette (6)2-pt FG-11.3Mitch Johnson82830102041
2008De'Jon JacksonMar 21, 2008First RoundSan Diego (13)UConn (4)2-pt FG-11.2unassisted183642942
2008Ty RogersMar 21, 2008First RoundWestern Kentucky (12)Drake (5)3-pt FG-10Tyrone Brazelton2635114721
2007Eric MaynorMar 15, 2007First RoundVCU (11)Duke (6)2-pt FGtied1.8unassisted17392281638
2006Kenton PaulinoMar 23, 2006Regional SemifinalTexas (2)West Virginia (6)3-pt FGtied0A.J. Abrams273083911
2006Jermaine WallaceMar 17, 2006First RoundNorthwestern State (14)Iowa (3)3-pt FG-20.5unassisted2224104840
2006Chris LoftonMar 16, 2006First RoundTennessee (2)Winthrop (15)2-pt FGtied0.4Dane Bradshaw19311251422
2004Will BynumApr 3, 2004National SemifinalGeorgia Tech (3)Oklahoma State (2)2-pt FGtied1.5unassistedlayup22113601
2003Freddie OwensMar 22, 2003Second RoundWisconsin (5)Tulsa (13)3-pt FG-21Devin Harris212472604
2003Drew NicholasMar 21, 2003First RoundMaryland (6)UNC Wilmington (11)3-pt FG-10unassisted21372271543
2002Terrell TaylorMar 15, 2002First RoundCreighton (12)Florida (5)3-pt FG-20.2unassisted244028102044
2001Nat BurtonMar 15, 2001First RoundGeorgetown (10)Arkansas (7)2-pt FGtied0unassistedlayup3163840
2001Clarence GilbertMar 15, 2001First RoundMissouri (9)Georgia (8)2-pt FGtied0.9Kareem Rush15331041115
2000Mike MillerMar 17, 2000First RoundFlorida (5)Butler (12)2-pt FG-10unassisted83616617132
2000Shaheen HollowayMar 17, 2000First RoundSeton Hall (10)Oregon (7)2-pt FG-11.9unassistedlayup4227111732
1998Richard HamiltonMar 19, 1998Regional SemifinalUConn (2)Washington (11)2-pt FG-10unassisted10282281661
1998Jarrod WestMar 14, 1998Second RoundWest Virginia (10)Cincinnati (2)3-pt FG-20.8unassisted2535155934
1998Marius JanulisMar 13, 1998First RoundSyracuse (5)Iona (12)3-pt FG-11.2Todd Burgan20331451311
1998Bryce DrewMar 13, 1998First RoundValparaiso (13)Ole Miss (4)3-pt FG-20Bill Jenkins24362271638
1998Dan MullerMar 12, 1998First RoundIllinois State (9)Tennessee (8)2-pt FG-11.8Kyle Cartmilllayup45837103
1997Cameron DollarMar 20, 1997Regional SemifinalUCLA (2)Iowa State (6)2-pt FG-11.9unassistedlayup412091444
1995Don ReidMar 19, 1995Second RoundGeorgetown (6)Weber State (14)2-pt FGtied0unassistedlayup1884461
1995David VaughnMar 19, 1995Second RoundMemphis (6)Purdue (3)2-pt FGtied1.1unassistedlayup28125871
1995Tyus EdneyMar 19, 1995Second RoundUCLA (1)Missouri (8)2-pt FG-10unassistedlayup35155837
Year Player Game Round Team Opp Type Margin Time Assisted Distance   MP PTS FG FGA TRB AST
1993Jimmy KingMar 21, 1993Second RoundMichigan (1)UCLA (9)2-pt FGtied1.5unassistedlayup41114854
1993Jason KiddMar 18, 1993First RoundCalifornia (6)LSU (11)2-pt FGtied1unassistedlayup341641277
1992Christian LaettnerMar 28, 1992Regional FinalDuke (1)Kentucky (2)2-pt FG-10Grant Hill164331101073
1992James ForrestMar 21, 1992Second RoundGeorgia Tech (7)USC (2)3-pt FG-20Matt Geiger2537155754
1992Terry DehereMar 19, 1992First RoundSeton Hall (4)La Salle (13)2-pt FGtied1.8Bryan Caver19372482026
1991Steve SmithMar 15, 1991First RoundMichigan State (5)Green Bay (12)2-pt FGtied0unassisted18331971551
1991Lance MillerMar 15, 1991First RoundVillanova (9)Princeton (8)2-pt FGtied0.7unassisted834198953
1990Christian LaettnerMar 24, 1990Regional FinalDuke (3)UConn (1)2-pt FG-10Brian Davis1638237852
1990Tate GeorgeMar 22, 1990Regional SemifinalUConn (1)Clemson (5)2-pt FG-10Scott Burrell17301251214
1990Todd DayMar 17, 1990Second RoundArkansas (4)Dayton (12)2-pt FGtied2unassistedlayup3325111792
1990Rick FoxMar 17, 1990Second RoundUNC (8)Oklahoma (1)2-pt FGtied0unassisted3332391632
1990Maurice NewbyMar 16, 1990First RoundNorthern Iowa (14)Missouri (3)3-pt FGtied3Dale Turner281393500
1990Paris McCurdyMar 15, 1990First RoundBall State (12)Oregon State (5)2-Pt FG+FT-20Mike Spicer525931193
1989Sean HigginsApr 1, 1989National SemifinalMichigan (3)Illinois (1)2-pt FGtied1unassisted6241451231
1989Anderson HuntMar 23, 1989Regional SemifinalUNLV (4)Arizona (1)3-pt FG-24unassisted21332181243
1988Charles SmithMar 18, 1988First RoundGeorgetown (8)LSU (9)3-pt FGtied0unassisted24311041352
1987Keith SmartMar 30, 1987National FinalIndiana (1)Syracuse (2)2-pt FG-14Daryl Thomas16352191556
1987Kevin GambleMar 20, 1987Regional SemifinalIowa (2)Oklahoma (6)3-pt FG-13B.J. Armstrong223126111334
1987Marco BaldiMar 13, 1987First RoundSt. John's (NY) (6)Wichita State (11)2-pt FGtied1unassisted1229115531
1987Kannard JohnsonMar 13, 1987First RoundWestern Kentucky (10)West Virginia (7)2-pt FGtied1Tellis Franklayup351561233
1987Tony RayeMar 12, 1987First RoundAustin Peay (14)Illinois (3)Free throw-123360052
1986Terry ConerMar 16, 1986Second RoundAlabama (5)Illinois (4)2-pt FGtied0unassisted104012514510
1986Anthony WilsonMar 15, 1986Second RoundLSU (11)Memphis (3)2-pt FGtied0unassisted931631031
1986Jeff HornacekMar 14, 1986First RoundIowa State (7)Miami (OH) (10)2-pt FGtied0Gary Thompkins25421571133
1986Scott SkilesMar 13, 1986First RoundMichigan State (5)Washington (12)Free throwtied24031122107
1985Andre TurnerMar 21, 1985Regional SemifinalMemphis (2)Boston College (11)2-pt FGtied1unassisted17401261227
1985Wayman TisdaleMar 21, 1985Regional SemifinalOklahoma (1)Louisiana Tech (5)2-pt FGtied3Tim McCalister840231017111
1984Danny YoungMar 23, 1984Regional SemifinalWake Forest (4)DePaul (1)2-pt FGtied0unassistedlayup4184859
1984Rolando LambMar 16, 1984First RoundVCU (6)Northeastern (11)2-pt FG-10Michael Brown2028104629
1984Terence StansburyMar 15, 1984First RoundTemple (8)St. John's (NY) (9)2-pt FGtied0unassisted22401471444
Year Player Game Round Team Opp Type Margin Time Assisted Distance   MP PTS FG FGA TRB AST
1983Lorenzo CharlesApr 4, 1983National FinalNC State (6)Houston (1)2-pt FGtied1unassisteddunk2542770
1983Scooter McCrayMar 24, 1983Regional SemifinalLouisville (1)Arkansas (4)2-pt FGtied1unassistedtip361771241
1983James BanksMar 19, 1983Second RoundGeorgia (4)VCU (5)2-pt FGtied2unassisted12401471268
1983Len BiasMar 17, 1983First RoundMaryland (8)Chattanooga (9)2-pt FG-12unassisted1729105670
1983Robert TatumMar 17, 1983First RoundOhio (11)Illinois State (6)2-pt FGtied0unassisted1533115963
1982Brian KellermanMar 14, 1982Second RoundIdaho (3)Iowa (6)2-pt FGtied0unassisted1845145922
1981Mike JonesMar 20, 1981Regional SemifinalWichita State (6)Kansas (7)2-pt FG-13Randy Smithson222184713
1981Danny AingeMar 19, 1981Regional SemifinalBYU (6)Notre Dame (2)2-pt FG-12unassistedlayup401241013
1981Dale EllisMar 15, 1981Second RoundTennessee (4)VCU (5)2-pt FGtied2Michael Brooks144522101350
1981U.S. ReedMar 14, 1981Second RoundArkansas (5)Louisville (4)2-pt FG-10unassisted49401971466
1981John SmithMar 14, 1981Second RoundSt. Joseph's (9)DePaul (1)2-pt FG-13Lonnie McFarlanlayup125942
1981Rolando BlackmanMar 14, 1981Second RoundKansas State (8)Oregon State (1)2-pt FGtied2unassisted16381461312
1980Tony BranchMar 8, 1980Second RoundLouisville (2)Kansas State (7)2-pt FGtied2unassisted15321100
1980Dave GoffMar 7, 1980First RoundTexas A&M (6)Bradley (11)Free throwtied13862655
1979Bob HeatonMar 17, 1979Regional FinalIndiana State (1)Arkansas (2)2-pt FGtied1Steve Reed81684510
1979Stan JoplinMar 11, 1979Second RoundToledo (5)Iowa (4)2-pt FGtied1Dick Miller2032153703
1978Ron BrewerMar 27, 1978National Third PlaceArkansasNotre Dame2-pt FGtied0unassisted17402071663
1978Keith AndersonMar 16, 1978Regional SemifinalCal State FullertonSan Francisco2-pt FGtied3?15371261548
1977Jerome WhiteheadMar 26, 1977National SemifinalMarquetteCharlotte2-pt FGtied0unassisteddunk40211016160
1977Phil FordMar 17, 1977Regional SemifinalUNCNotre DameFree throwtied23929102225
1976Toby KnightMar 13, 1976First RoundNotre DameCincinnati2-pt FG-12unassistedtip1261060
1975Richard WashingtonMar 29, 1975National SemifinalUCLALouisville2-pt FG-13Marques Johnson104326111982
1975Leonard DrakeMar 15, 1975First RoundCentral MichiganGeorgetownFree throwtied062821
1972Kevin JoyceMar 11, 1972First RoundSouth CarolinaTemple2-pt FGtied1unassisted201261474
1971Clarence GloverMar 13, 1971First RoundWestern KentuckyJacksonville2-pt FGtied2Gary Sundmackerlayup16821173
1970Pembrook BurrowsMar 12, 1970Regional SemifinalJacksonvilleIowa2-pt FG-12unassistedtip2311129
1969Charlie ScottMar 15, 1969Regional FinalUNCDavidson2-pt FGtied2unassisted184032142164
1969Rick MountMar 15, 1969Regional FinalPurdueMarquette2-pt FGtied2unassisted222611322
1968Dave SorensonMar 16, 1968Regional FinalOhio StateKentucky2-pt FGtied2unassisted62411177
1965Charles BeasleyMar 13, 1965Regional Third PlaceSMUHoustonFree throwtied0196133
Year Player Game Round Team Opp Type Margin Time Assisted Distance   MP PTS FG FGA TRB AST
1965Charley HunterMar 8, 1965First RoundOklahoma CityColorado State2-pt FGtied0Gary Gray2024101711
1963Vic RouseMar 23, 1963National FinalLoyola (IL)Cincinnati2-pt FGtied0unassistedtip4515622120
1962Tom ThackerMar 23, 1962National SemifinalCincinnatiUCLA2-pt FGtied3unassisted202174
1961Jerry HahnMar 15, 1961First RoundArizona StateSeattle2-pt FGtied0??1351012
1958Elgin BaylorMar 14, 1958Regional SemifinalSeattleSan Francisco2-pt FGtied1unassisted3035112014
1956Hal LearMar 17, 1956Regional FinalTempleCanisiusFree throwtied21441433
1956Larry BladesMar 13, 1956First RoundDartmouthWest Virginia2-pt FGtied0unassisted15416
1954Ken McCallyMar 12, 1954Regional SemifinalNavyCornell2-pt FGtied3unassisted15421210
1949Jack SheltonMar 18, 1949Regional SemifinalOklahoma StateWyoming2-pt FG-14Gale McArthur?165
1944Herb WilkinsonMar 28, 1944National FinalUtahDartmouth2-pt FGtied3Bob Lewis20457314