The SRS columns are SRS broken up into offensive and defensive components.
The Adjusted columns are adjusted for strength of opposition.
Non-Division I games are excluded from the ratings.

8 Schools

8 Schools Table
SRS Adjusted
Rk School   W L Pts Opp MOV   SOS   OSRS DSRS SRS ORtg DRtg NRtg
1New Mexico28772.759.313.403.346.648.9615.60109.6787.0122.66
2Nevada-Las Vegas26976.365.910.404.3711.332.2313.55109.3090.6918.61
3San Diego State26871.163.77.353.794.594.469.04105.4391.9413.49
5Colorado State201270.
6Boise State131768.366.
7Texas Christian181572.
8Air Force131661.662.0-0.412.14-5.475.02-0.4598.5799.42-0.85

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