Texas Tech vs. Virginia Box Score, April 8, 2019

NCAA Tournament Scores — Apr 8, 2019

TTU (3)  77
UVA (1)  85 OT
Texas Tech
April 8, 2019
U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota
National - National Final
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Line Score


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Play-By-Play Table
Time   Texas Tech PTS   Score   PTS Virginia
20:00Start of game0-0
20:00Jump ball0-0
20:00Start of period0-0
19:59Tariq Owens won jump ball0-0
19:590-0Mamadi Diakite lost jump ball
19:31Jarrett Culver missed jump shot0-0
19:270-0Ty Jerome defensive rebound
18:580-0De'Andre Hunter missed layup
18:56Tariq Owens defensive rebound0-0
18:29Davide Moretti missed jump shot0-0
18:270-0Kihei Clark defensive rebound
18:100-2+2Mamadi Diakite made close-range jump shot
18:100-2Ty Jerome assist
17:54Davide Moretti missed 3-point field goal0-2
17:510-2Mamadi Diakite defensive rebound
17:320-2De'Andre Hunter missed jump shot
17:28Norense Odiase defensive rebound0-2
17:21Jarrett Culver, fouled on the play0-2
17:210-2Kihei Clark personal foul foul, 2 free throws
17:21Jarrett Culver made free throw 1 of 2+11-2
17:21Brandone Francis, sub in+12-2
17:21Norense Odiase, sub out2-2
17:21Jarrett Culver made free throw 2 of 22-2
17:022-2Kihei Clark missed jump shot
16:59Brandone Francis defensive rebound2-2
16:452-2Kihei Clark sub out
16:452-2Braxton Key, sub in
16:30Matt Mooney missed 3-point field goal2-2
16:272-2De'Andre Hunter defensive rebound
16:172-2Ty Jerome missed 3-point field goal
16:13Matt Mooney defensive rebound2-2
16:10Team, offensive rebounddeadball2-2
16:10Matt Mooney, sub out2-2
16:10Kyler Edwards, sub in2-2
16:10Jarrett Culver missed free throw 1 of 22-2
16:10Jarrett Culver fouled on the play2-2
16:102-2Ty Jerome personal foul foul, 2 free throws
16:10Jarrett Culver made free throw 2 of 2+13-2
15:513-2Braxton Key turnover
15:51Davide Moretti steal3-2
15:51media timeout3-2
15:51Matt Mooney, sub in3-2
15:51Kyler Edwards, sub out3-2
15:31Jarrett Culver missed jump shot in transition3-2
15:263-2Kyle Guy defensive rebound
15:133-2Mamadi Diakite, foul offensive
15:133-2Mamadi Diakite turnover
15:13Davide Moretti, fouled on the play3-2
15:00Matt Mooney missed 3-point jump shot3-2
14:55Jarrett Culver, offensive rebound3-2
14:50Matt Mooney turnover3-2
14:503-2Kyle Guy steal
14:363-4+2Kyle Guy made jump shot
14:13Tariq Owens missed 3-point field goal3-4
14:093-4Braxton Key defensive rebound
13:503-4Ty Jerome missed jump shot
13:483-4Mamadi Diakite, offensive rebound
13:443-7+3Ty Jerome, 3pt stepbackjumpshot 2ndchance made
13:223-7Mamadi Diakite block
13:22Jarrett Culver missed dunk3-7
13:173-7Kyle Guy defensive rebound
13:143-7De'Andre Hunter missed 3-point field goal
13:10Brandone Francis defensive rebound3-7
13:033-7Mamadi Diakite steal
13:03Jarrett Culver turnover3-7
12:56Brandone Francis, sub out3-9+2
12:56Norense Odiase, sub in3-9
12:56Tariq Owens, sub out3-9
12:56Kyler Edwards, sub in3-9
12:563-9Jack Salt, sub in
12:563-9Kihei Clark, sub in
12:563-9Ty Jerome, sub out
12:563-9Braxton Key made dunk
12:563-9Mamadi Diakite, sub out
12:563-9Ty Jerome assist
12:5630-second timeout3-9
12:40Kyler Edwards assist+36-9
12:40Davide Moretti made 3-point field goal6-9
12:096-12+3Kyle Guy made 3-point jump shot
11:54Jarrett Culver missed jump shot6-12
11:506-12De'Andre Hunter defensive rebound
11:24media timeout6-12
11:24Norense Odiase, sub out6-12
11:24Tariq Owens, sub in6-12
11:246-12Team, offensive rebounddeadball
11:24Jarrett Culver, sub out6-12
11:24Brandone Francis, sub in6-12
11:246-12Mamadi Diakite, sub in
11:246-12Jack Salt, sub out
11:246-12De'Andre Hunter missed free throw 1 of 2
11:246-12De'Andre Hunter, fouled on the play
11:24Davide Moretti personal foul foul, 2 free throws6-12
11:246-13+1De'Andre Hunter made free throw 2 of 2
10:58Matt Mooney missed jump shot6-13
10:546-13Braxton Key defensive rebound
10:316-15+2Kihei Clark assist
10:316-15Mamadi Diakite made jump shot
10:15Tariq Owens, fouled on the play6-15
10:156-15Kyle Guy personal foul foul, 2 free throws
10:15Davide Moretti, sub out+17-15
10:15Tariq Owens made free throw 1 of 27-15
10:157-15Braxton Key, sub out
10:157-15Ty Jerome, sub in
10:15Jarrett Culver, sub in7-15
10:15Tariq Owens missed free throw 2 of 27-15
10:127-15Mamadi Diakite defensive rebound
09:58Jarrett Culver block7-15
09:587-15De'Andre Hunter missed layup (blocked)
09:577-15De'Andre Hunter, offensive rebound
09:567-15De'Andre Hunter, 2pt layup blocked;2ndchance missed
09:56Tariq Owens block7-15
09:547-15De'Andre Hunter, offensive rebound
09:547-15De'Andre Hunter, fouled on the play
09:54Tariq Owens personal foul foul, 2 free throws7-15
09:547-16+1De'Andre Hunter made free throw 1 of 2
09:547-17+1De'Andre Hunter made free throw 2 of 2
09:37Matt Mooney assist+310-17
09:37Brandone Francis made 3-point field goal10-17
09:1510-17Ty Jerome missed layup
09:13Tariq Owens defensive rebound10-17
09:05Kyler Edwards made 3-point field goal+313-17
09:05Matt Mooney assist13-17
08:4913-17Kyle Guy missed 3-point field goal
08:4413-17Mamadi Diakite, offensive rebound
08:4213-19+2Ty Jerome made jumpshot
08:24Brandone Francis made 3-point field goal+316-19
08:24Jarrett Culver assist16-19
08:0216-19De'Andre Hunter missed jump shot
07:58Brandone Francis defensive rebound16-19
07:5516-19Mamadi Diakite personal foul
07:5516-19Jay Huff, sub in
07:55Matt Mooney, fouled on the play16-19
07:55media timeout16-19
07:5516-19Mamadi Diakite, sub out
07:55Matt Mooney, sub out16-19
07:55Davide Moretti, sub in16-19
07:43Brandone Francis missed jump shot16-19
07:38Tariq Owens, offensive rebound16-19
07:34Davide Moretti made 3-point jump shot+319-19
07:0319-21+2Kyle Guy made layup
06:39Tariq Owens made dunk+221-21
06:39Jarrett Culver assist21-21
06:1021-21Jay Huff missed 3-point field goal
06:0721-21Ty Jerome, offensive rebound
06:0521-21Ty Jerome missed 3-point jump shot
06:02Jarrett Culver defensive rebound21-21
05:56Jarrett Culver missed 3-point field goal21-21
05:5221-21Ty Jerome defensive rebound
05:4121-21Kyle Guy missed jump shot
05:38Tariq Owens defensive rebound21-21
05:22Kyler Edwards, fouled on the play21-21
05:2221-21Jay Huff personal foul foul, 2 free throws
05:22+122-21Jack Salt, sub in
05:2222-21Jay Huff sub out
05:22Matt Mooney, sub in22-21
05:22Brandone Francis, sub out22-21
05:22Deshawn Corprew, sub in22-21
05:22Jarrett Culver, sub out22-21
05:22Kyler Edwards made free throw 1 of 222-21
05:22Kyler Edwards made free throw 2 of 2+123-21
05:0423-21Kyle Guy turnover, travel
04:52Matt Mooney made jump shot+225-21
04:40Norense Odiase, sub in25-21
04:40Tariq Owens, sub out25-21
04:2425-24+3Kihei Clark made 3-point field goal
04:2425-24Ty Jerome assist
03:59Deshawn Corprew missed 3-point field goal25-24
03:57Norense Odiase personal foul25-24
03:5725-24Jack Salt defensive rebound
03:57Jarrett Culver, sub in25-24
03:5725-24Jack Salt, fouled on the play
03:57media timeout25-24
03:57Deshawn Corprew sub out25-24
03:3625-24De'Andre Hunter missed jump shot
03:34Norense Odiase defensive rebound25-24
03:34Kyler Edwards, sub out25-24
03:34Brandone Francis, sub in25-24
03:34Norense Odiase turnover other25-24
03:34Tariq Owens, sub in25-24
03:34Norense Odiase, sub out25-24
03:2625-24Jack Salt turnover
03:26Matt Mooney steal25-24
03:16Brandone Francis made jump shot+227-24
02:5927-27+3Kyle Guy made 3-point field goal
02:5927-27Kihei Clark assist
02:29Davide Moretti, fouled on the play27-27
02:2927-27Jack Salt personal foul foul, 2 free throws
02:29+128-27Jack Salt, sub out
02:2928-27Braxton Key, sub in
02:29Davide Moretti made free throw 1 of 228-27
02:29Davide Moretti made free throw 2 of 2+129-27
02:1529-27Kyle Guy missed 3-point field goal
02:1229-27Kihei Clark, offensive rebound
02:10Kyler Edwards, sub in29-27
02:10Brandone Francis, sub out29-27
02:1029-27Kihei Clark turnover
02:10Matt Mooney steal29-27
01:59Davide Moretti missed 3-point jump shot29-27
01:5529-27Kyle Guy defensive rebound
01:36Davide Moretti personal foul29-27
01:3629-27Kihei Clark, fouled on the play
01:36Davide Moretti, sub out29-27
01:36Brandone Francis, sub in29-27
01:3029-29+2De'Andre Hunter made turnaround jumper
01:09Jarrett Culver missed layup29-29
01:0629-29Braxton Key defensive rebound
00:5329-29Braxton Key missed layup
00:51Kyler Edwards defensive rebound29-29
00:27Tariq Owens missed jump shot29-29
00:2529-29Team defensive rebound
00:25Norense Odiase, sub in29-29
00:25Jarrett Culver, sub out29-29
00:0229-32+3De'Andre Hunter assist
00:0229-32Ty Jerome made 3-point field goal
00:00End of period29-32
Time   Texas Tech PTS   Score   PTS Virginia
20:0029-32Mamadi Diakite, sub in
20:00Kyler Edwards, sub out29-32
20:00Jarrett Culver, sub in29-32
20:0029-32Braxton Key, sub out
20:00Davide Moretti, sub in29-32
20:00Start of period29-32
20:00Brandone Francis, sub out29-32
19:4829-35+3Kihei Clark assist
19:4829-35Kyle Guy made 3-point field goal
19:16Norense Odiase, sub out29-35
19:16Tariq Owens turnover29-35
19:16Brandone Francis, sub in29-35
19:0629-35De'Andre Hunter, fouled on the play
19:06Tariq Owens personal foul foul, 2 free throws29-35
19:0629-36+1De'Andre Hunter made free throw 1 of 2
19:0629-37+1De'Andre Hunter made free throw 2 of 2
18:45Jarrett Culver missed jump shot29-37
18:42Tariq Owens, offensive rebound29-37
18:40Brandone Francis missed 3-point jump shot29-37
18:3829-37De'Andre Hunter defensive rebound
18:3229-37Kyle Guy, fouled on the play
18:32Tariq Owens, sub out29-37
18:32Norense Odiase, sub in29-37
18:32Tariq Owens personal foul29-37
18:1929-37Mamadi Diakite missed 3-point field goal
18:16Jarrett Culver defensive rebound29-37
18:11Jarrett Culver missed 3-point field goal29-37
18:0829-37Ty Jerome defensive rebound
17:5429-37Mamadi Diakite, fouled on the play
17:54Norense Odiase personal foul foul, 2 free throws29-37
17:54Norense Odiase sub out29-38+1
17:54Kyler Edwards, sub in29-38
17:5429-38Mamadi Diakite made free throw 1 of 2
17:5429-38Mamadi Diakite missed free throw 2 of 2
17:52Jarrett Culver defensive rebound29-38
17:45Brandone Francis made layup+231-38
17:24Jump ball held ball31-38
17:2431-38Ty Jerome turnover
17:24Jarrett Culver steal31-38
17:2431-38Mamadi Diakite, sub out
17:2431-38Braxton Key, sub in
17:05Davide Moretti, fouled on the play31-38
17:0531-38Kyle Guy personal foul
16:56Brandone Francis missed 3-point jump shot31-38
16:54Jarrett Culver, offensive rebound31-38
16:5431-38Braxton Key personal foul
16:54Jarrett Culver, fouled on the play31-38
16:51Jarrett Culver turnover31-38
16:3331-40+2Kihei Clark assist
16:3331-40De'Andre Hunter made hook shot
16:1431-40Ty Jerome steal
16:14Brandone Francis turnover31-40
15:5231-40Braxton Key missed 3-point jump shot
15:48Kyler Edwards defensive rebound31-40
15:26Jarrett Culver made layup+233-40
14:5733-42+2Kyle Guy made jump shot
14:30Jarrett Culver made layup+235-42
14:15media timeout35-42
14:15Davide Moretti steal35-42
14:1535-42Kihei Clark turnover
13:56Kyler Edwards made 3-point field goal in transition+338-42
13:2138-45+3De'Andre Hunter made 3-point field goal
13:2138-45Ty Jerome assist
13:03Brandone Francis made 3-point field goal+341-45
13:03Jarrett Culver assist41-45
12:4141-47+2Ty Jerome made jump shot
12:1741-47Kihei Clark personal foul
12:17Kyler Edwards, fouled on the play41-47
12:17Brandone Francis, sub out41-47
12:17Deshawn Corprew, sub in41-47
12:1741-47Kihei Clark, sub out
12:1741-47Mamadi Diakite, sub in
12:17Matt Mooney, sub out41-47
12:17Tariq Owens, sub in41-47
12:10Jarrett Culver missed 3-point field goal41-47
12:0741-47Braxton Key defensive rebound
11:4241-50+3De'Andre Hunter made 3-point field goal
11:4241-50Ty Jerome assist
11:24Brandone Francis, sub in41-50
11:24Davide Moretti, sub out41-50
11:24Tariq Owens, sub out41-50
11:2441-50Kihei Clark, sub in
11:2441-50Mamadi Diakite, sub out
11:24media timeout41-50
11:24Matt Mooney, sub in41-50
11:19Jarrett Culver, fouled on the play41-50
11:1941-50De'Andre Hunter personal foul
11:15Jarrett Culver made jump shot+243-50
10:5443-50De'Andre Hunter, fouled on the play
10:54Deshawn Corprew personal foul43-50
10:54Deshawn Corprew, sub out43-50
10:54Tariq Owens, sub in43-50
10:4043-50Ty Jerome missed jump shot
10:3843-50Braxton Key, offensive rebound
10:3843-50Jump ball held ball
10:3843-50Braxton Key missed putback layup
10:3843-50Braxton Key, offensive rebound
10:2443-53+3Kyle Guy made 3-point jump shot
10:2443-53Ty Jerome assist
10:13Kyler Edwards missed 3-point field goal43-53
10:0943-53Braxton Key defensive rebound
09:52Davide Moretti, sub in43-53
09:52Tariq Owens, sub out43-53
09:52Tariq Owens personal foul43-53
09:52Norense Odiase, sub in43-53
09:5243-53De'Andre Hunter, fouled on the play
09:52Kyler Edwards sub out43-53
09:3643-53De'Andre Hunter turnover
09:31Davide Moretti made layup+245-53
08:5945-53Ty Jerome missed 3-point field goal
08:56Davide Moretti defensive rebound45-53
08:50Davide Moretti made layup+247-53
08:1747-55+2Ty Jerome made jump shot
08:0447-55Mamadi Diakite, sub in
08:04Jarrett Culver, sub out47-55
08:04Kyler Edwards, sub in47-55
08:04Deshawn Corprew, sub in47-55
08:04Matt Mooney, sub out47-55
08:04Jarrett Culver turnover47-55
08:04Jarrett Culver, foul offensive47-55
08:0447-55Braxton Key, fouled on the play
08:0447-55De'Andre Hunter, sub out
07:3347-55Kyle Guy missed 3-point jump shot
07:30Kyler Edwards defensive rebound47-55
07:23media timeout47-55
07:2347-55Braxton Key, sub out
07:2347-55Braxton Key personal foul
07:23Norense Odiase, fouled on the play47-55
07:23Norense Odiase, sub out47-55
07:2347-55De'Andre Hunter, sub in
07:23Deshawn Corprew, sub out47-55
07:23Jarrett Culver, sub in47-55
07:23Tariq Owens, sub in47-55
07:23Kyler Edwards, sub out47-55
07:23Matt Mooney, sub in47-55
07:05Brandone Francis made jump shot+249-55
06:3549-57+2Ty Jerome made jump shot
06:16Jarrett Culver missed layup49-57
06:11Jarrett Culver offensive rebound49-57
06:11Jarrett Culver made layup+251-57
05:4951-57Kyle Guy missed 3-point field goal
05:4651-57De'Andre Hunter, offensive rebound
05:46Tariq Owens, sub out51-59+2
05:46Kyler Edwards, sub in51-59
05:4651-59Mamadi Diakite, sub out
05:4651-59Braxton Key, sub in
05:4651-59De'Andre Hunter made layup
05:4651-59De'Andre Hunter made free throw 1 of 1
05:4651-59De'Andre Hunter, fouled on the play
05:46Tariq Owens personal foul51-59
05:45Jarrett Culver defensive rebound51-59
05:29Kyler Edwards made jump shot+253-59
05:12Jarrett Culver steal53-59
05:1253-59De'Andre Hunter turnover
05:01Davide Moretti missed 3-point jump shot53-59
04:5853-59Braxton Key defensive rebound
04:4753-5930-second timeout
04:4753-59Braxton Key, sub out
04:4753-59Mamadi Diakite, sub in
04:47Kyler Edwards, sub out53-59
04:47Norense Odiase, sub in53-59
04:2953-59Mamadi Diakite missed jump shot
04:26Norense Odiase defensive rebound53-59
04:15Matt Mooney made 3-point field goal+356-59
04:15Jarrett Culver assist56-59
03:4356-59Ty Jerome missed 3-point jump shot
03:39Brandone Francis defensive rebound56-59
03:28+258-59Kihei Clark, sub out
03:28Jarrett Culver assist58-59
03:28Norense Odiase made layup58-59
03:2858-59Mamadi Diakite personal foul
03:28Norense Odiase, fouled on the play58-59
03:28media timeout58-59
03:2858-59Braxton Key, sub in
03:28Norense Odiase made free throw 1 of 1+159-59
03:0359-59Kyle Guy missed 3-point field goal
02:5859-59Mamadi Diakite, offensive rebound
02:5659-59Mamadi Diakite, fouled on the play
02:56Brandone Francis personal foul, one and one59-59
02:5659-60+1Mamadi Diakite made free throw 1 of 2
02:5659-61+1Mamadi Diakite made free throw 2 of 2
02:41Jarrett Culver missed jump shot59-61
02:38Jarrett Culver offensive rebound59-61
02:38Jarrett Culver fouled on the play59-61
02:3859-61Kyle Guy personal foul foul, 2 free throws
02:38Jarrett Culver made free throw 1 of 2+160-61
02:38Jarrett Culver made free throw 2 of 2+161-61
02:2161-63+2De'Andre Hunter made jump shot
02:05Jarrett Culver missed 3-point field goal61-63
02:0161-63Ty Jerome defensive rebound
01:4461-65+2Kyle Guy made layup
01:4461-65Braxton Key assist
01:33Matt Mooney assist+364-65
01:33Davide Moretti made 3-point field goal64-65
01:3130-second timeout64-65
01:1164-65De'Andre Hunter missed jump shot (blocked)
01:11Norense Odiase block64-65
01:09Norense Odiase defensive rebound64-65
01:08Norense Odiase, sub out64-65
01:0864-65Mamadi Diakite, sub out
01:0864-65Kihei Clark, sub in
01:08Kyler Edwards, sub in64-65
00:44Brandone Francis missed 3-point field goal64-65
00:42Jump ball held ball64-65
00:42Jarrett Culver, offensive rebound64-65
00:35Jarrett Culver made layup+266-65
00:35Norense Odiase, sub in66-65
00:35Kyler Edwards, sub out66-65
00:3530-second timeout66-65
00:2566-65Ty Jerome missed jump shot
00:22Norense Odiase defensive rebound66-65
00:22Norense Odiase fouled on the play66-65
00:2266-65Braxton Key personal foul, one and one
00:22Norense Odiase made free throw 1 of 2+167-65
00:22Norense Odiase made free throw 2 of 2+168-65
00:1468-68+3Ty Jerome assist
00:1468-68De'Andre Hunter made 3-point field goal
00:05Jarrett Culver missed 3-point field goal68-68
00:0268-68De'Andre Hunter defensive rebound
00:01full timeout68-68
00:0168-68De'Andre Hunter turnover
00:0168-68Kihei Clark, sub out
00:0168-68Mamadi Diakite, sub in
00:01Norense Odiase, sub out68-68
00:0168-6830-second timeout
00:01Kyler Edwards, sub in68-68
00:00Team offensive rebound68-68
00:0068-68Braxton Key block
00:00Jarrett Culver missed jump shot (blocked)68-68
00:00End of period68-68
Time   Texas Tech PTS   Score   PTS Virginia
05:00Norense Odiase, sub in68-68
05:00Start of period68-68
05:00Jump ball68-68
05:00Kyler Edwards, sub out68-68
04:5968-68Mamadi Diakite won jump ball
04:59Norense Odiase lost jump ball68-68
04:4068-68Kyle Guy missed jump shot
04:3868-68De'Andre Hunter, offensive rebound
04:3768-68De'Andre Hunter, fouled on the play
04:37Jarrett Culver personal foul, one and one68-68
04:3768-69+1De'Andre Hunter made free throw 1 of 2
04:3768-70+1De'Andre Hunter made free throw 2 of 2
04:25Matt Mooney made 3-point field goal+371-70
04:0971-70Ty Jerome missed jump shot
04:07Norense Odiase defensive rebound71-70
03:53Jarrett Culver missed jump shot71-70
03:4971-70Mamadi Diakite defensive rebound
03:3571-70De'Andre Hunter turnover
03:10Matt Mooney made jump shot+273-70
02:4573-70Kyle Guy, fouled on the play
02:45Davide Moretti personal foul two shots73-70
02:4573-71+1Kyle Guy made free throw 1 of 2
02:4573-72+1Kyle Guy made free throw 2 of 2
02:29Davide Moretti missed jump shot73-72
02:2673-72Ty Jerome defensive rebound
02:0973-75+3Braxton Key assist
02:0973-75De'Andre Hunter made 3-point field goal
01:52Jarrett Culver missed layup (blocked)73-75
01:5273-75Mamadi Diakite block
01:51Team offensive rebound73-75
01:40Matt Mooney missed 3-point jump shot73-75
01:3773-75Braxton Key defensive rebound
01:1173-75Ty Jerome missed jump shot
01:07Davide Moretti defensive rebound73-75
01:06Norense Odiase, sub out73-75
01:0673-75De'Andre Hunter steal
01:06Kyler Edwards, sub in73-75
01:06Davide Moretti turnover73-75
00:4173-75Ty Jerome, fouled on the play
00:41Matt Mooney personal foul foul, 2 free throws73-75
00:4173-76+1Ty Jerome made free throw 1 of 2
00:4173-77+1Ty Jerome made free throw 2 of 2
00:32Brandone Francis missed 3-point field goal73-77
00:3173-77Braxton Key defensive rebound
00:3173-77Kyle Guy fouled on the play
00:31Jarrett Culver personal foul two shots73-77
00:3173-78+1Kyle Guy made free throw 1 of 2
00:3173-79+1Kyle Guy made free throw 2 of 2
00:27Jarrett Culver missed 3-point field goal73-79
00:2473-79Mamadi Diakite defensive rebound
00:2373-79Mamadi Diakite, fouled on the play
00:23Matt Mooney personal foul two shots73-79
00:2373-80+1Mamadi Diakite made free throw 1 of 2
00:2373-81+1Mamadi Diakite made free throw 2 of 2
00:17Kyler Edwards made layup+275-81
00:1775-81Mamadi Diakite, sub out
00:1775-81Kihei Clark, sub in
00:1730-second timeout75-81
00:1575-83+2Ty Jerome assist
00:1575-83Braxton Key made dunk
00:08Brandone Francis made layup+277-83
00:0777-83Braxton Key fouled on the play
00:07Matt Mooney personal foul two shots77-83
00:0777-84+1Braxton Key made free throw 1 of 2
00:0777-85+1Braxton Key made free throw 2 of 2
00:04Matt Mooney missed 3-point field goal77-85
00:0077-85De'Andre Hunter defensive rebound
00:00End of period77-85
00:00End of game77-85
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