South Carolina Upstate vs. Charleston Southern Box Score, February 21, 2019

Big South Conference Scores — Feb 21, 2019

CHSO 92  
HAMP 86  
UNCA 55  
RADF 87  
HP 48
CAMP 61  
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Line Score


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Play-By-Play Table
Time   South Carolina Upstate PTS   Score   PTS Charleston Southern
19:430-0Dontrell Shuler missed 2-point jump shot
19:43Nevin Zink defensive rebound0-0
19:24Everette Hammond missed layup0-0
19:240-0Dontrell Shuler defensive rebound
19:090-3+3Nate Louis made 3-point jump shot
19:090-3Sadarius Bowser assist
18:56Dalvin White made 2-point jump shot+22-3
18:422-3Dontrell Shuler missed 3-point jump shot
18:42Dalvin White defensive rebound2-3
18:19Deion Holmes made 3-point jump shot+35-3
18:19Nevin Zink assist5-3
18:045-3Duncan Lexander missed 3-point jump shot
18:04Deion Holmes defensive rebound5-3
17:56Everette Hammond missed 2-point jump shot5-3
17:565-3Nate Louis defensive rebound
17:48Deion Holmes foul5-3
17:485-3Ty Jones sub in
17:485-3Sadarius Bowser sub out
17:335-5+2Dontrell Shuler made layup
17:09Nevin Zink turnover5-5
16:595-5Ty Jones turnover
16:58Dalvin White steal5-5
16:55Dalvin White missed layup5-5
16:55Deion Holmes offensive rebound5-5
16:50Deion Holmes missed 3-point jump shot5-5
16:505-5Duncan Lexander defensive rebound
16:365-8+3Christian Keeling made 3-point jump shot
15:59Everette Hammond made 3-point jump shot+38-8
15:59Dalvin White assist8-8
15:498-8Dontrell Shuler missed layup
15:49Josh Aldrich defensive rebound8-8
15:43Deion Holmes missed 2-point jump shot8-8
15:438-8Christian Keeling defensive rebound
15:318-10+2Duncan Lexander made 2-point jump shot
15:07Deion Holmes foul8-10
15:07Deion Holmes turnover8-10
15:07Ross Ryan sub in8-10
15:07Brandon Martin sub in8-10
15:07Pat Welch sub in8-10
15:07Jure Span sub in8-10
15:07Deion Holmes sub out8-10
15:07Nevin Zink sub out8-10
15:07Josh Aldrich sub out8-10
15:07Dalvin White sub out8-10
15:078-10Phlandrous Fleming sub in
15:078-10Deontaye Buskey sub in
15:078-10Travis Mcconico sub in
15:078-10Dontrell Shuler sub out
15:078-10Duncan Lexander sub out
15:078-10Nate Louis sub out
14:468-10Ty Jones missed 3-point jump shot
14:46Jure Span defensive rebound8-10
14:19Brandon Martin missed 2-point jump shot8-10
14:198-10Travis Mcconico defensive rebound
14:108-10Travis Mcconico turnover
14:08Everette Hammond steal8-10
14:05Pat Welch made dunk+210-10
14:05Everette Hammond assist10-10
13:3510-10Travis Mcconico missed 3-point jump shot
13:35Pat Welch defensive rebound10-10
13:26Pat Welch missed 3-point jump shot10-10
13:2610-10Christian Keeling defensive rebound
13:1910-10Christian Keeling missed 3-point jump shot
13:1910-10Charleston Southern Buccaneers offensive rebound
13:1010-10Ty Jones missed 2-point jump shot
13:1010-10Phlandrous Fleming offensive rebound
13:0610-12+2Phlandrous Fleming made layup
12:53Brandon Martin missed 2-point jump shot10-12
12:5310-12Christian Keeling defensive rebound
12:4410-12Ty Jones turnover
12:4410-12Sadarius Bowser sub in
12:4410-12Ty Jones sub out
12:26Jure Span missed 3-point jump shot10-12
12:2610-12Travis Mcconico defensive rebound
12:1310-14+2Christian Keeling made dunk
12:1310-14Phlandrous Fleming assist
12:11South Carolina Upstate Spartans full timeout10-14
12:11South Carolina Upstate Spartans 30-second timeout10-14
11:52Everette Hammond turnover10-14
11:3810-16+2Sadarius Bowser made dunk
11:3810-16Deontaye Buskey assist
11:14Ross Ryan missed 2-point jump shot10-16
11:1410-16Phlandrous Fleming defensive rebound
11:0610-16Travis Mcconico missed 3-point jump shot
11:0610-16Travis Mcconico offensive rebound
10:4910-16Phlandrous Fleming turnover
10:48Brandon Martin steal10-16
10:4710-16Phlandrous Fleming foul
10:47Nevin Zink sub in10-16
10:47Josh Aldrich sub in10-16
10:47Deion Holmes sub in10-16
10:47Dalvin White sub in10-16
10:47Ross Ryan sub out10-16
10:47Brandon Martin sub out10-16
10:47Pat Welch sub out10-16
10:47Jure Span sub out10-16
10:23Everette Hammond missed layup10-16
10:23Nevin Zink offensive rebound10-16
10:21Nevin Zink turnover10-16
10:2110-16Dontrell Shuler sub in
10:2110-16Ty Jones sub in
10:2110-16Nate Louis sub in
10:2110-16Christian Keeling sub out
10:2110-16Sadarius Bowser sub out
10:2110-16Deontaye Buskey sub out
10:1210-18+2Phlandrous Fleming made dunk
10:1210-18Ty Jones assist
09:42Deion Holmes missed layup10-18
09:4210-18Travis Mcconico defensive rebound
09:2610-21+3Phlandrous Fleming made 3-point jump shot
08:59Dalvin White made 3-point jump shot+313-21
08:4313-21Phlandrous Fleming missed 3-point jump shot
08:43Deion Holmes defensive rebound13-21
08:39Jure Span sub in13-21
08:39Josh Aldrich sub out13-21
08:3913-21Christian Keeling sub in
08:3913-21Nate Louis sub out
08:26Deion Holmes missed 3-point jump shot13-21
08:2613-21Phlandrous Fleming defensive rebound
08:1513-21Dontrell Shuler missed 3-point jump shot
08:15Everette Hammond defensive rebound13-21
08:08Deion Holmes turnover13-21
08:07Pat Welch sub in13-21
08:07Deion Holmes sub out13-21
08:0713-21Sadarius Bowser sub in
08:0713-21Nate Louis sub in
08:0713-21Phlandrous Fleming sub out
08:0713-21Ty Jones sub out
07:5313-23+2Christian Keeling made layup
07:5313-23Sadarius Bowser assist
07:4013-23Sadarius Bowser foul
07:40Media timeout13-23
07:4013-23Deontaye Buskey sub in
07:4013-23Dontrell Shuler sub out
07:23Everette Hammond missed 2-point jump shot13-23
07:2313-23Christian Keeling defensive rebound
07:1513-26+3Nate Louis made 3-point jump shot
07:1513-26Christian Keeling assist
06:56Nevin Zink missed layup13-26
06:5613-26Sadarius Bowser defensive rebound
06:5413-26Sadarius Bowser turnover
06:53Dalvin White steal13-26
06:47Pat Welch missed 3-point jump shot13-26
06:4713-26Christian Keeling defensive rebound
06:4013-26Christian Keeling turnover
06:39Everette Hammond steal13-26
06:37Jure Span made 3-point jump shot+316-26
06:37Everette Hammond assist16-26
06:2616-29+3Christian Keeling made 3-point jump shot
06:2616-29Deontaye Buskey assist
06:00Everette Hammond missed 3-point jump shot16-29
06:0016-29Christian Keeling defensive rebound
05:5016-29Sadarius Bowser missed layup
05:50Nevin Zink shot block16-29
05:49Nevin Zink defensive rebound16-29
05:42Jure Span missed 3-point jump shot16-29
05:4216-29Christian Keeling defensive rebound
05:1716-29Deontaye Buskey missed 3-point jump shot
05:17Nevin Zink defensive rebound16-29
05:05Jure Span missed 3-point jump shot16-29
05:0516-29Christian Keeling defensive rebound
04:5616-32+3Deontaye Buskey made 3-point jump shot
04:5616-32Nate Louis assist
04:52South Carolina Upstate Spartans 30-second timeout16-32
04:52Brandon Martin sub in16-32
04:52Deion Holmes sub in16-32
04:52Everette Hammond sub out16-32
04:52Nevin Zink sub out16-32
04:5216-32Ty Jones sub in
04:5216-32Dontrell Shuler sub in
04:5216-32Sadarius Bowser sub out
04:5216-32Nate Louis sub out
04:3616-32Dontrell Shuler foul
04:36Dalvin White made free throw+117-32
04:36Dalvin White made free throw+118-32
04:3618-32Phlandrous Fleming sub in
04:3618-32Deontaye Buskey sub out
04:0818-32Travis Mcconico missed layup
04:0818-32Travis Mcconico offensive rebound
04:0618-34+2Travis Mcconico made tip-in shot
03:38Deion Holmes made 2-point jump shot+220-34
03:0720-36+2Dontrell Shuler made 2-point jump shot
02:50Deion Holmes made 3-point jump shot+323-36
02:50Jure Span assist23-36
02:3223-36Phlandrous Fleming missed 3-point jump shot
02:32Brandon Martin defensive rebound23-36
02:22Deion Holmes made 3-point jump shot+326-36
02:22Pat Welch assist26-36
02:0426-38+2Ty Jones made 2-point jump shot
02:0426-38Phlandrous Fleming assist
01:38Pat Welch missed 3-point jump shot26-38
01:38Brandon Martin offensive rebound26-38
01:34Brandon Martin made 2-point jump shot+228-38
01:1828-38Dontrell Shuler missed 2-point jump shot
01:18Deion Holmes shot block28-38
01:16Jure Span defensive rebound28-38
01:12Dalvin White missed layup28-38
01:1228-38Ty Jones defensive rebound
01:0528-38Ty Jones missed layup
01:05Pat Welch shot block28-38
01:0528-38Charleston Southern Buccaneers offensive rebound
01:05Everette Hammond sub in28-38
01:05Dalvin White sub out28-38
00:4728-38Christian Keeling missed 2-point jump shot
00:47Deion Holmes defensive rebound28-38
00:22Deion Holmes missed 2-point jump shot28-38
00:2228-38Christian Keeling defensive rebound
00:0528-38Christian Keeling missed 3-point jump shot
00:0528-38Phlandrous Fleming offensive rebound
00:0128-38Phlandrous Fleming missed layup
00:0128-38Ty Jones offensive rebound
00:0028-40+2Ty Jones made tip-in shot
Time   South Carolina Upstate PTS   Score   PTS Charleston Southern
19:4828-40Christian Keeling foul
19:48Josh Aldrich made free throw+129-40
19:48Josh Aldrich missed free throw29-40
19:4829-40Christian Keeling defensive rebound
19:2029-40Christian Keeling missed 3-point jump shot
19:2029-40Dontrell Shuler offensive rebound
18:5329-43+3Duncan Lexander made 3-point jump shot
18:5329-43Christian Keeling assist
18:27Deion Holmes made 3-point jump shot+332-43
18:27Everette Hammond assist32-43
18:10Everette Hammond foul32-43
18:0332-43Christian Keeling turnover
18:02Dalvin White steal32-43
17:46Josh Aldrich missed 3-point jump shot32-43
17:4632-43Duncan Lexander defensive rebound
17:35Nevin Zink foul32-43
17:35Jure Span sub in32-43
17:35Josh Aldrich sub out32-43
17:3532-43Ty Jones sub in
17:3532-43Deontaye Buskey sub in
17:3532-43Travis Mcconico sub in
17:3532-43Sadarius Bowser sub out
17:3532-43Duncan Lexander sub out
17:3532-43Nate Louis sub out
17:2032-43Deontaye Buskey missed 3-point jump shot
17:20Nevin Zink defensive rebound32-43
17:03Everette Hammond missed 3-point jump shot32-43
17:0332-43Travis Mcconico defensive rebound
16:4732-46+3Travis Mcconico made 3-point jump shot
16:4732-46Christian Keeling assist
16:2232-46Christian Keeling foul
16:20Deion Holmes turnover32-46
16:2032-46Travis Mcconico steal
16:2032-46Phlandrous Fleming sub in
16:2032-46Ty Jones sub out
16:1132-48+2Dontrell Shuler made layup
15:57Nevin Zink foul32-48
15:57Nevin Zink turnover32-48
15:5732-48Media timeout
15:57Brandon Martin sub in32-48
15:57Nevin Zink sub out32-48
15:5032-51+3Christian Keeling made 3-point jump shot
15:5032-51Travis Mcconico assist
15:20Dalvin White missed 3-point jump shot32-51
15:2032-51Deontaye Buskey defensive rebound
15:1332-53+2Deontaye Buskey made layup
15:1332-53Phlandrous Fleming assist
15:05Deion Holmes made layup+234-53
14:4434-55+2Christian Keeling made 2-point jump shot
14:22Brandon Martin missed 2-point jump shot34-55
14:2234-55Phlandrous Fleming defensive rebound
14:1134-55Phlandrous Fleming missed 3-point jump shot
14:11Dalvin White defensive rebound34-55
14:0634-55Dontrell Shuler foul
14:06Pat Welch sub in34-55
14:06Josh Aldrich sub in34-55
14:06Everette Hammond sub out34-55
14:06Dalvin White sub out34-55
13:49Josh Aldrich turnover34-55
13:4934-55Phlandrous Fleming steal
13:4934-55Phlandrous Fleming turnover
13:3834-55Deontaye Buskey foul
13:27Deion Holmes made layup+236-55
13:16Jure Span foul36-55
13:1636-56+1Dontrell Shuler made free throw
13:1636-57+1Dontrell Shuler made free throw
12:58Josh Aldrich missed 3-point jump shot36-57
12:5836-57Deontaye Buskey defensive rebound
12:5036-60+3Phlandrous Fleming made 3-point jump shot
12:5036-60Deontaye Buskey assist
12:4536-60Dontrell Shuler foul
12:4536-60Nate Louis sub in
12:4536-60Dontrell Shuler sub out
12:44Pat Welch turnover36-60
12:3636-63+3Deontaye Buskey made 3-point jump shot
12:3636-63Phlandrous Fleming assist
12:17Pat Welch made 3-point jump shot+339-63
12:17Jure Span assist39-63
11:5439-63Media timeout
11:4839-66+3Nate Louis made 3-point jump shot
11:4839-66Deontaye Buskey assist
11:15Deion Holmes missed layup39-66
11:15Deion Holmes offensive rebound39-66
11:12Deion Holmes made 2-point jump shot+241-66
10:5541-69+3Travis Mcconico made 3-point jump shot
10:5541-69Nate Louis assist
10:37Pat Welch missed 3-point jump shot41-69
10:3741-69Deontaye Buskey defensive rebound
10:2941-69Phlandrous Fleming turnover
10:29Deion Holmes steal41-69
10:24Deion Holmes made layup+243-69
10:2443-69Deontaye Buskey foul
10:24Deion Holmes missed free throw43-69
10:2443-69Christian Keeling defensive rebound
10:24Dalvin White sub in43-69
10:24Pat Welch sub out43-69
10:0943-71+2Phlandrous Fleming made layup
09:44Brandon Martin missed 2-point jump shot43-71
09:44Brandon Martin offensive rebound43-71
09:23Brandon Martin made layup+245-71
09:18Jure Span foul45-71
09:18Everette Hammond sub in45-71
09:18Josh Aldrich sub out45-71
09:1845-71Ty Jones sub in
09:1845-71Duncan Lexander sub in
09:1845-71Phlandrous Fleming sub out
09:1845-71Travis Mcconico sub out
09:09Everette Hammond foul45-71
09:0945-72+1Christian Keeling made free throw
09:0945-72Christian Keeling missed free throw
09:09Dalvin White defensive rebound45-72
08:5245-72Christian Keeling foul
08:52Jure Span missed free throw45-72
08:5245-72Ty Jones defensive rebound
08:5245-72Dontrell Shuler sub in
08:5245-72Christian Keeling sub out
08:3045-74+2Deontaye Buskey made 2-point jump shot
08:30Jure Span foul45-74
08:3045-74Deontaye Buskey missed free throw
08:3045-74Duncan Lexander offensive rebound
08:30Ross Ryan sub in45-74
08:30Pat Welch sub in45-74
08:30Brandon Martin sub out45-74
08:30Jure Span sub out45-74
08:1645-74Ty Jones missed 2-point jump shot
08:16Ross Ryan defensive rebound45-74
07:57Deion Holmes made layup+247-74
07:4447-74Media timeout
07:4447-74Deontaye Buskey missed layup
07:44Pat Welch shot block47-74
07:4447-74Charleston Southern Buccaneers offensive rebound
07:4447-74Christian Keeling sub in
07:4447-74Nate Louis sub out
07:3647-74Dontrell Shuler missed 2-point jump shot
07:3647-74Duncan Lexander offensive rebound
07:3447-76+2Duncan Lexander made layup
07:11Ross Ryan missed 2-point jump shot47-76
07:1147-76Duncan Lexander defensive rebound
06:4847-78+2Ty Jones made 2-point jump shot
06:26Everette Hammond made 3-point jump shot+350-78
06:26Dalvin White assist50-78
06:07Everette Hammond foul50-78
06:0750-78Dontrell Shuler missed free throw
06:0750-78Charleston Southern Buccaneers deadball rebound
06:0750-79+1Dontrell Shuler made free throw
06:0750-80+1Dontrell Shuler made free throw
06:0750-80Phlandrous Fleming sub in
06:0750-80Travis Mcconico sub in
06:0750-80Deontaye Buskey sub out
06:0750-80Duncan Lexander sub out
05:51Everette Hammond made 2-point jump shot+252-80
05:3252-80Phlandrous Fleming turnover
05:32Deion Holmes steal52-80
05:25Everette Hammond missed 3-point jump shot52-80
05:2552-80Dontrell Shuler defensive rebound
04:5652-80Travis Mcconico missed 3-point jump shot
04:5652-80Phlandrous Fleming offensive rebound
04:5352-80Phlandrous Fleming missed layup
04:5352-80Christian Keeling offensive rebound
04:5052-82+2Christian Keeling made layup
04:50Pat Welch foul52-82
04:5052-83+1Christian Keeling made free throw
04:3952-83Deontaye Buskey sub in
04:3952-83Dontrell Shuler sub out
04:29Everette Hammond missed 2-point jump shot52-83
04:2952-83Christian Keeling defensive rebound
04:0052-86+3Phlandrous Fleming made 3-point jump shot
04:0052-86Travis Mcconico assist
03:5552-86Charleston Southern Buccaneers 30-second timeout
03:55Media timeout52-86
03:55Nevin Zink sub in52-86
03:55Ross Ryan sub out52-86
03:5552-86Timmy Sellers sub in
03:5552-86Ty Jones sub out
03:37Deion Holmes missed 3-point jump shot52-86
03:3752-86Deontaye Buskey defensive rebound
03:1852-86Phlandrous Fleming missed 3-point jump shot
03:18Everette Hammond defensive rebound52-86
03:12Deion Holmes turnover52-86
03:1252-86Deontaye Buskey steal
03:0652-86Charleston Southern Buccaneers 30-second timeout
03:0652-86Media timeout
03:06Andrew Tate sub in52-86
03:06Josh Aldrich sub in52-86
03:06Jordan Furlough sub in52-86
03:06Deion Holmes sub out52-86
03:06Nevin Zink sub out52-86
03:06Everette Hammond sub out52-86
03:0652-86Nathan Payne sub in
03:0652-86Jamir Moore sub in
03:0652-86Sean Price sub in
03:0652-86Christian Keeling sub out
03:0652-86Phlandrous Fleming sub out
03:0652-86Travis Mcconico sub out
02:4952-86Deontaye Buskey missed 3-point jump shot
02:49Dalvin White defensive rebound52-86
02:40Dalvin White missed 2-point jump shot52-86
02:4052-86Jamir Moore defensive rebound
02:34Jure Span sub in52-86
02:34Dalvin White sub out52-86
02:2552-88+2Nathan Payne made 2-point jump shot
02:2552-88Sean Price assist
02:04Andrew Tate made 2-point jump shot+254-88
01:3554-90+2Nathan Payne made layup
01:2154-90Nathan Payne foul
01:21Andrew Tate missed free throw54-90
01:2154-90Jamir Moore defensive rebound
00:5654-90Nathan Payne missed 2-point jump shot
00:56Andrew Tate shot block54-90
00:55Andrew Tate defensive rebound54-90
00:49Jordan Furlough made 3-point jump shot+357-90
00:49Jure Span assist57-90
00:2557-92+2Jamir Moore made 2-point jump shot
00:02Jure Span made 3-point jump shot+360-92
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