Michigan State vs. Purdue Box Score, January 27, 2019

Big Ten Conference Scores — Jan 27, 2019

MSU (6)  63
PUR 73  
IOWA (19)  87
MINN 92  
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Line Score


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Play-By-Play Table
Time   Michigan State PTS   Score   PTS Purdue
20:00Start of game0-0
20:00Jump ball0-0
20:00Start of period0-0
19:57Nick Ward won jump ball0-0
19:570-0Trevion Williams lost jump ball
19:39Nick Ward missed jump shot0-0
19:350-0Nojel Eastern defensive rebound
19:140-0Trevion Williams missed layup (blocked)
19:14Kenny Goins block0-0
19:130-0Trevion Williams offensive rebound
19:130-0Jump ball held ball
19:080-0Ryan Cline missed 3-point jump shot
19:030-0Nojel Eastern offensive rebound
19:020-2+2Trevion Williams made putback layup
19:020-2Nojel Eastern assist
18:33Cassius Winston missed jump shot0-2
18:290-2Carsen Edwards defensive rebound
18:250-5+3Carsen Edwards assist
18:250-5Ryan Cline made 3-point field goal
17:55Matt McQuaid missed jump shot0-5
17:510-5Grady Eifert defensive rebound
17:44Aaron Henry block0-5
17:440-5Nojel Eastern missed jump shot (blocked)
17:34Matt McQuaid defensive rebound0-5
17:33Aaron Henry turnover0-5
17:140-5Carsen Edwards missed 3-point jump shot
17:12Team defensive rebound0-5
16:56Cassius Winston made layup+22-5
16:362-5Nojel Eastern, fouled on the play
16:36Aaron Henry personal foul two shots2-5
16:362-6+1Nojel Eastern made free throw 1 of 2
16:362-7+1Nojel Eastern sub out
16:362-7Eric Hunter Jr. sub in
16:362-7Nojel Eastern made free throw 2 of 2
16:18Aaron Henry missed layup2-7
16:142-7Ryan Cline defensive rebound
16:112-7Ryan Cline missed layup
16:102-7Trevion Williams offensive rebound
16:102-7Trevion Williams, fouled on the play
16:10Kenny Goins personal foul two shots2-7
16:10Xavier Tillman sub in2-8+1
16:10Nick Ward sub out2-8
16:102-8Trevion Williams, free throw 1 of 2 made
16:102-9+1Trevion Williams, free throw 2 of 2 made
16:072-9Trevion Williams sub out
16:072-9Matt Haarms sub in
15:56Kenny Goins turnover2-9
15:562-9Carsen Edwards steal
15:53Xavier Tillman block2-9
15:532-9Carsen Edwards missed layup
15:532-9Team offensive rebound
15:52Nick Ward sub in2-9
15:52media timeout2-9
15:52Kenny Goins sub out2-9
15:302-9Grady Eifert missed 3-point field goal
15:30Aaron Henry defensive rebound2-9
15:07Cassius Winston made layup+24-9
14:404-12+3Grady Eifert assist
14:404-12Ryan Cline made 3-point field goal
14:34Nick Ward missed jump shot4-12
14:314-12Ryan Cline defensive rebound
14:224-12Nojel Eastern sub in
14:22Xavier Tillman personal foul4-12
14:224-12Aaron Wheeler sub in
14:224-12Matt Haarms, fouled on the play
14:224-12Eric Hunter Jr. sub out
14:224-12Grady Eifert sub out
14:204-14+2Matt Haarms made alley-oop
14:204-14Ryan Cline assist
13:59Nick Ward missed jump shot4-14
13:53Matt McQuaid offensive rebound4-14
13:27Cassius Winston missed jump shot (blocked)4-14
13:274-14Nojel Eastern block
13:22Cassius Winston missed jump shot4-14
13:22Cassius Winston offensive rebound4-14
13:19Matt McQuaid offensive rebound4-14
13:18Matt McQuaid missed 3-point jump shot4-14
13:164-14Matt Haarms defensive rebound
13:104-14Nojel Eastern missed layup
13:07Cassius Winston defensive rebound4-14
13:05Matt McQuaid missed 3-point field goal4-14
13:014-14Carsen Edwards defensive rebound
12:584-14Carsen Edwards missed 3-point field goal
12:55Nick Ward defensive rebound4-14
12:50Matt McQuaid made dunk+26-14
12:50Cassius Winston assist6-14
12:306-16+2Nojel Eastern assist
12:306-16Matt Haarms made layup
12:166-16Matt Haarms sub out
12:16Jump ball held ball6-16
12:166-16Sasha Stefanovic sub in
12:166-16Carsen Edwards sub out
12:16Nick Ward sub out6-16
12:166-16Trevion Williams sub in
12:16Aaron Henry sub out6-16
12:16Gabe Brown sub in6-16
12:16Kenny Goins sub in6-16
12:01Gabe Brown missed 3-point field goal6-16
11:576-16Trevion Williams defensive rebound
11:326-16Ryan Cline missed 3-point field goal
11:28Kenny Goins defensive rebound6-16
11:21Kenny Goins missed 3-point field goal6-16
11:196-16Team defensive rebound
11:19media timeout6-16
11:066-19+3Aaron Wheeler made 3-point field goal
11:066-19Ryan Cline assist
10:51Kenny Goins turnover6-19
10:376-19Ryan Cline missed 3-point jump shot
10:32Kenny Goins defensive rebound6-19
10:26Cassius Winston, fouled on the play6-19
10:266-19Aaron Wheeler personal foul
10:266-19Carsen Edwards sub in
10:266-19Ryan Cline sub out
10:266-19Eric Hunter Jr. sub in
10:266-19Nojel Eastern sub out
10:13Gabe Brown missed jump shot6-19
10:106-19Carsen Edwards defensive rebound
10:036-19Eric Hunter Jr. missed 3-point field goal
10:006-19Team offensive rebound
09:506-19Carsen Edwards missed layup
09:48Cassius Winston defensive rebound6-19
09:38Gabe Brown assist+39-19
09:38Matt McQuaid made 3-point field goal9-19
09:219-19Sasha Stefanovic turnover
09:21Xavier Tillman steal9-19
09:12Xavier Tillman missed 3-point jump shot9-19
09:08Kenny Goins offensive rebound9-19
09:06Cassius Winston made 3-point jump shot+312-19
09:06Xavier Tillman assist12-19
08:4312-22+3Carsen Edwards assist
08:4312-22Aaron Wheeler made 3-point field goal
08:20Xavier Tillman turnover12-22
08:2012-22Eric Hunter Jr. steal
08:1612-24+2Eric Hunter Jr. made layup off turnover
07:47media timeout12-24
07:47Nick Ward sub in12-24
07:47Gabe Brown sub out12-24
07:47Foster Loyer sub in12-24
07:47Aaron Henry sub in12-24
07:47Xavier Tillman, fouled on the play12-24
07:47Cassius Winston sub out12-24
07:4712-24Grady Eifert sub in
07:4712-24Aaron Wheeler sub out
07:4712-24Aaron Wheeler personal foul
07:47Xavier Tillman sub out12-24
07:29Nick Ward made close-range jump shot+214-24
07:29Matt McQuaid assist14-24
07:0714-27+3Carsen Edwards made 3-point field goal
06:3614-27Carsen Edwards personal foul
06:36Matt McQuaid, fouled on the play14-27
06:3614-27Nojel Eastern sub in
06:3614-27Sasha Stefanovic sub out
06:3614-27Ryan Cline sub in
06:3614-27Eric Hunter Jr. sub out
06:36Foster Loyer sub out14-27
06:36Cassius Winston sub in14-27
06:2714-27Trevion Williams block
06:2714-27Trevion Williams defensive rebound
06:27Nick Ward missed jump shot (blocked)14-27
06:1514-27Carsen Edwards missed jump shot
06:12Nick Ward defensive rebound14-27
06:09Cassius Winston turnover14-27
06:0914-27Carsen Edwards steal
05:5414-27Nojel Eastern missed layup off turnover
05:51Kenny Goins defensive rebound14-27
05:4714-27Matt Haarms sub in
05:4714-27Trevion Williams personal foul
05:47Nick Ward, fouled on the play14-27
05:4714-27Trevion Williams sub out
05:38Matt McQuaid missed 3-point field goal14-27
05:34Aaron Henry offensive rebound14-27
05:33Matt McQuaid missed 3-point jump shot14-27
05:2914-27Nojel Eastern defensive rebound
05:1714-29+2Matt Haarms made jump shot
05:1714-29Carsen Edwards assist
04:55Aaron Henry missed 3-point field goal14-29
04:5114-29Nojel Eastern defensive rebound
04:38Matt McQuaid personal foul14-29
04:38Gabe Brown sub in14-29
04:38Matt McQuaid sub out14-29
04:3814-29Carsen Edwards, fouled on the play
04:3314-29Carsen Edwards missed 3-point field goal
04:3114-29Jump ball held ball
04:31Kenny Goins sub out14-29
04:31Xavier Tillman sub in14-29
04:3114-29Matt Haarms offensive rebound
04:28Nick Ward personal foul14-29
04:2814-29Matt Haarms, fouled on the play
04:1614-29Carsen Edwards turnover
04:16Cassius Winston steal14-29
04:11Aaron Henry missed layup (blocked)14-29
04:1114-29Matt Haarms block
04:0614-29Nojel Eastern defensive rebound
04:0314-29Ryan Cline missed 3-point field goal
04:01Nick Ward defensive rebound14-29
03:35Gabe Brown missed 3-point field goal14-29
03:31Aaron Henry offensive rebound14-29
03:28Aaron Henry turnover14-29
03:2814-29Carsen Edwards steal
03:2214-29Carsen Edwards missed layup
03:22Aaron Henry block14-29
03:18Xavier Tillman defensive rebound14-29
03:17Cassius Winston missed 3-point field goal14-29
03:1314-29Matt Haarms defensive rebound
02:4914-29Ryan Cline missed 3-point field goal
02:4414-29Nojel Eastern offensive rebound
02:38media timeout14-29
02:3814-29Grady Eifert sub out
02:3814-29Aaron Wheeler sub in
02:3814-29Eric Hunter Jr. sub in
02:38Aaron Henry sub out14-29
02:3814-29Nojel Eastern sub out
02:38Matt McQuaid sub in14-29
02:3814-2930-second timeout
02:20Xavier Tillman block14-29
02:2014-29Ryan Cline missed jump shot (blocked)
02:16Matt McQuaid defensive rebound14-29
02:0914-29Matt Haarms block
02:09Cassius Winston missed jump shot (blocked)14-29
02:07Gabe Brown offensive rebound14-29
02:07Gabe Brown, fouled on the play14-29
02:0714-29Ryan Cline personal foul two shots
02:07Gabe Brown made free throw 1 of 2+115-29
02:07Gabe Brown made free throw 2 of 2+116-29
01:4816-32+3Eric Hunter Jr. assist
01:4816-32Aaron Wheeler made 3-point field goal
01:15Nick Ward made 3-point field goal+319-32
00:5419-34+2Matt Haarms made dunk
00:5419-34Ryan Cline assist
00:43Gabe Brown missed 3-point field goal19-34
00:3919-34Matt Haarms defensive rebound
00:1519-37+3Eric Hunter Jr. made 3-point field goal
00:1519-37Ryan Cline assist
00:0830-second timeout19-37
00:0819-37Nojel Eastern sub in
00:08Kenny Goins sub in19-37
00:08Xavier Tillman sub out19-37
00:0819-37Aaron Wheeler sub out
00:0819-37Grady Eifert sub in
00:0819-37Eric Hunter Jr. sub out
00:00Nick Ward missed jump shot19-37
00:00Team deadball rebound19-37
00:00End of period19-37
Time   Michigan State PTS   Score   PTS Purdue
20:00Aaron Henry sub in19-37
20:0019-37Matt Haarms sub out
20:00Start of period19-37
20:00Gabe Brown sub out19-37
20:0019-37Trevion Williams sub in
19:2119-37Grady Eifert steal
19:21Nick Ward turnover19-37
19:1519-37Nojel Eastern missed layup off turnover
19:0919-37Grady Eifert offensive rebound
19:0719-39+2Trevion Williams assist
19:0719-39Nojel Eastern made layup
19:00Aaron Henry sub out19-39
19:00Nick Ward, fouled on the play19-39
19:0019-39Trevion Williams personal foul
19:00Gabe Brown sub in19-39
18:48Nick Ward made hook shot+221-39
18:3021-39Trevion Williams missed layup
18:30Kenny Goins defensive rebound21-39
18:22Kenny Goins made 3-point field goal+324-39
18:22Cassius Winston assist24-39
18:0124-42+3Ryan Cline made 3-point field goal
17:53Cassius Winston assist+226-42
17:53Nick Ward made layup26-42
17:2726-45+3Grady Eifert assist
17:2726-45Carsen Edwards made 3-point field goal
17:1226-45Trevion Williams sub out
17:1226-45Matt Haarms sub in
17:12Xavier Tillman sub in26-45
17:1226-45Nojel Eastern, fouled on the play
17:12Nick Ward sub out26-45
17:12Nick Ward turnover26-45
17:12Nick Ward, foul offensive26-45
16:5726-48+3Ryan Cline made 3-point field goal in transition
16:36Matt McQuaid missed 3-point field goal26-48
16:3126-48Team defensive rebound
16:3126-48Eric Hunter Jr. sub in
16:3126-48Nojel Eastern sub out
16:31Aaron Henry sub in26-48
16:31Gabe Brown sub out26-48
16:1326-48Carsen Edwards turnover
16:13Cassius Winston steal26-48
15:56offensive deadball rebound26-48
15:56Cassius Winston missed free throw 1 of 226-48
15:56Cassius Winston missed free throw 2 of 226-48
15:56media timeout26-48
15:5626-48Eric Hunter Jr. personal foul two shots
15:56Cassius Winston, fouled on the play26-48
15:5426-48Eric Hunter Jr. defensive rebound
15:4126-48Carsen Edwards missed 3-point field goal
15:3926-48Matt Haarms, fouled on the play
15:3926-48Team deadball rebound
15:39Xavier Tillman personal foul26-48
15:30Aaron Henry steal26-48
15:3026-48Ryan Cline turnover
15:18Team deadball rebound26-48
15:1826-48Grady Eifert sub out
15:18Xavier Tillman sub out26-48
15:1826-48Aaron Wheeler sub in
15:18Nick Ward sub in26-48
15:18Cassius Winston missed free throw 1 of 226-48
15:18Cassius Winston, fouled on the play26-48
15:1826-48Matt Haarms personal foul two shots
15:18Cassius Winston made free throw 2 of 2+127-48
15:0227-48Carsen Edwards missed 3-point field goal
14:5927-48Matt Haarms offensive rebound
14:5227-50+2Carsen Edwards made jumpshot
14:26Matt McQuaid made 3-point field goal+330-50
14:26Kenny Goins assist30-50
14:04Matt McQuaid steal30-50
14:0430-50Ryan Cline turnover
14:00Matt McQuaid made layup off turnover+232-50
13:4132-53+3Carsen Edwards made 3-point field goal
13:4132-53Aaron Wheeler assist
13:22Kenny Goins missed jump shot (blocked)32-53
13:2232-53Carsen Edwards block
13:1832-53Eric Hunter Jr. defensive rebound
13:1632-53Eric Hunter Jr. missed layup
13:1432-53Aaron Wheeler offensive rebound
13:14Kenny Goins sub out32-55+2
13:1432-55Aaron Wheeler made putback dunk
13:14full timeout32-55
13:14Thomas Kithier sub in32-55
12:51Cassius Winston missed 3-point field goal32-55
12:4632-55Carsen Edwards defensive rebound
12:1932-55Eric Hunter Jr. missed jump shot
12:18Thomas Kithier, fouled on the play32-55
12:1832-55Ryan Cline sub out
12:1832-55Sasha Stefanovic sub in
12:1832-55Aaron Wheeler sub out
12:1832-55Grady Eifert sub in
12:18Thomas Kithier defensive rebound32-55
12:1832-55Aaron Wheeler personal foul
11:52+335-55Sasha Stefanovic personal foul, 1 free throw
11:52media timeout35-55
11:52Cassius Winston made 3-point field goal35-55
11:52Cassius Winston fouled on the play35-55
11:5135-55Eric Hunter Jr. sub out
11:5135-55Nojel Eastern sub in
11:5135-55Trevion Williams sub in
11:5135-55Matt Haarms sub out
11:51Cassius Winston made free throw 1 of 1+136-55
11:2736-55Carsen Edwards missed 3-point field goal
11:2336-55Trevion Williams offensive rebound
11:2236-55Trevion Williams missed jump shot (blocked)
11:22Nick Ward block36-55
11:1736-55Trevion Williams offensive rebound
11:1736-55Trevion Williams missed jump shot (blocked)
11:17Nick Ward block36-55
11:17Cassius Winston defensive rebound36-55
11:17Aaron Henry made layup+238-55
11:17Cassius Winston assist38-55
11:17Aaron Henry, fouled on the play38-55
11:1738-55Sasha Stefanovic personal foul, 1 free throw
11:1238-55Ryan Cline sub in
11:12Kenny Goins sub in38-55
11:1238-55Sasha Stefanovic sub out
11:12Xavier Tillman sub in38-55
11:12Nick Ward sub out38-55
11:12Thomas Kithier sub out38-55
11:09Aaron Henry missed free throw 1 of 138-55
11:0838-55Nojel Eastern defensive rebound
10:5238-55Trevion Williams missed jump shot
10:49Cassius Winston defensive rebound38-55
10:37Cassius Winston made 3-point field goal+341-55
10:1241-55Grady Eifert missed 3-point field goal
10:0841-55Nojel Eastern offensive rebound
10:0841-55Nojel Eastern, fouled on the play
10:08Matt McQuaid personal foul41-55
10:0341-55Nojel Eastern missed jump shot
10:00Kenny Goins defensive rebound41-55
09:52Xavier Tillman made layup+243-55
09:52Cassius Winston assist43-55
09:5143-55Grady Eifert sub out
09:5143-5530-second timeout
09:5143-55Aaron Wheeler sub in
09:5143-55Trevion Williams sub out
09:5143-55Matt Haarms sub in
09:4243-55Matt Haarms, fouled on the play
09:42Xavier Tillman personal foul43-55
09:3043-55Ryan Cline turnover
09:30Xavier Tillman steal43-55
09:20Aaron Henry missed dunk43-55
09:1743-55Matt Haarms defensive rebound
09:0943-55Carsen Edwards missed jump shot
09:05Matt McQuaid defensive rebound43-55
08:47Kenny Goins missed 3-point field goal43-55
08:43Xavier Tillman offensive rebound43-55
08:43Xavier Tillman made putback layup+245-55
08:43Xavier Tillman, fouled on the play45-55
08:4345-55Nojel Eastern personal foul, 1 free throw
08:43Xavier Tillman made free throw 1 of 1+146-55
08:2646-55Matt Haarms offensive rebound
08:2646-55Ryan Cline missed jump shot (blocked)
08:26Aaron Henry block46-55
08:2346-57+2Matt Haarms made putback layup
08:13Cassius Winston made 3-point field goal+349-57
07:4649-57Carsen Edwards missed jump shot
07:43Cassius Winston defensive rebound49-57
07:20Cassius Winston turnover, travel49-57
07:20media timeout49-57
06:5749-57Matt Haarms missed hook shot
06:53Xavier Tillman defensive rebound49-57
06:44Cassius Winston assist+251-57
06:44Matt McQuaid made layup51-57
06:2751-57Carsen Edwards missed 3-point field goal
06:2551-57Grady Eifert sub in
06:2551-57Nojel Eastern missed free throw 1 of 2
06:2551-57Nojel Eastern, fouled on the play
06:25Xavier Tillman personal foul two shots51-57
06:2551-57Team deadball rebound
06:2551-57Nojel Eastern offensive rebound
06:2551-57Aaron Wheeler sub out
06:2551-57Nojel Eastern missed free throw 2 of 2
06:25Nick Ward sub in51-57
06:25Xavier Tillman sub out51-57
06:23Aaron Henry defensive rebound51-57
06:12Nick Ward missed hook shot51-57
06:10Aaron Henry personal foul51-57
06:1051-57Ryan Cline, fouled on the play
06:1051-57Ryan Cline defensive rebound
06:1051-57Nojel Eastern sub out
06:1051-57Eric Hunter Jr. sub in
05:5551-60+3Ryan Cline made 3-point field goal
05:44Kenny Goins made 3-point field goal+354-60
05:44Cassius Winston assist54-60
05:1954-60Eric Hunter Jr. turnover
05:19Nick Ward steal54-60
05:14Aaron Henry made layup off turnover+256-60
05:14Cassius Winston assist56-60
04:4856-60Team offensive rebound
04:48Kenny Goins block56-60
04:4856-60Carsen Edwards missed layup (blocked)
04:4556-60Carsen Edwards, fouled on the play
04:45Matt McQuaid personal foul, 3 free throws56-60
04:4556-61+1Carsen Edwards made free throw 1 of 3
04:4556-62+1Eric Hunter Jr. sub out
04:4556-62Nojel Eastern sub in
04:4556-62Carsen Edwards made free throw 2 of 3
04:4556-63+1Carsen Edwards made free throw 3 of 3
04:34Cassius Winston made layup+258-63
04:1358-65+2Nojel Eastern made layup
04:06Aaron Henry turnover58-65
04:0658-65Grady Eifert steal
03:4658-65Ryan Cline turnover
03:46Aaron Henry steal58-65
03:42Aaron Henry sub out58-65
03:42Xavier Tillman sub in58-65
03:42media timeout58-65
03:4230-second timeout58-65
03:19Matt McQuaid missed jump shot in transition58-65
03:18Team deadball rebound58-65
03:18Xavier Tillman, fouled on the play58-65
03:1858-65Carsen Edwards personal foul, one and one
03:18Xavier Tillman made free throw 2 of 2+159-65
03:18Xavier Tillman, free throw 2 of 2 made+160-65
03:1560-65Nojel Eastern fouled on the play
03:15Cassius Winston personal foul, one and one60-65
03:1560-66+1Nojel Eastern made free throw 1 of 2
03:1560-67+1Nojel Eastern made free throw 2 of 2
02:55Nick Ward sub out60-67
02:5560-67Matt Haarms, fouled on the play
02:5560-67Aaron Wheeler sub in
02:5560-67Grady Eifert sub out
02:55Aaron Henry sub in60-67
02:55Nick Ward turnover60-67
02:55Nick Ward, foul offensive60-67
02:5360-67Nojel Eastern fouled on the play
02:53Cassius Winston personal foul two shots60-67
02:5360-68+1Grady Eifert sub in
02:5360-68Aaron Wheeler sub out
02:5360-68Nojel Eastern made free throw 1 of 2
02:5360-69+1Nojel Eastern made free throw 2 of 2
02:39Kenny Goins missed 3-point field goal60-69
02:3560-69Nojel Eastern defensive rebound
02:3560-69Nojel Eastern, fouled on the play
02:35Kenny Goins personal foul two shots60-69
02:3560-70+1Nojel Eastern made free throw 1 of 2
02:3560-71+1Nojel Eastern made free throw 2 of 2
02:26Cassius Winston, fouled on the play60-71
02:2660-71Nojel Eastern personal foul, one and one
02:26Cassius Winston made free throw 1 of 2+161-71
02:26Cassius Winston missed free throw 2 of 261-71
02:2461-71Nojel Eastern defensive rebound
02:1461-71Nojel Eastern missed jump shot
02:09Matt McQuaid defensive rebound61-71
02:08Cassius Winston missed 3-point field goal61-71
02:0361-71Matt Haarms defensive rebound
01:3861-73+2Ryan Cline made jump shot
01:16Xavier Tillman missed 3-point field goal61-73
01:13Cassius Winston offensive rebound61-73
01:11Cassius Winston turnover61-73
01:1161-73Grady Eifert steal
00:4661-73Carsen Edwards missed 3-point jump shot
00:42Kenny Goins defensive rebound61-73
00:40Gabe Brown sub in61-73
00:40full timeout61-73
00:40Matt McQuaid sub out61-73
00:31Cassius Winston fouled on the play61-73
00:3161-73Nojel Eastern personal foul two shots
00:31Cassius Winston made free throw 1 of 2+162-73
00:31Cassius Winston made free throw 2 of 2+163-73
00:0063-73Team turnover shotclock
00:00End of period63-73
00:00End of game63-73
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