Ohio State vs. Nebraska Box Score, January 26, 2019

Big Ten Conference Scores — Jan 26, 2019

ILL 78
UMD (13)  67  
OSU 70
NEB 60  
NW 46
WIS 62  
PSU 60  
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Line Score


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Play-By-Play Table
Time   Ohio State PTS   Score   PTS Nebraska
20:00Start of period0-0
20:00Start of game0-0
20:00Jump ball0-0
19:58Kaleb Wesson won jump ball0-0
19:580-0Isaiah Roby lost jump ball
19:36Kaleb Wesson made close-range jump shot+22-0
19:36Luther Muhammad assist2-0
19:202-3+3Isaiah Roby assist
19:202-3James Palmer made 3-point field goal
18:59Luther Muhammad turnover2-3
18:452-6+3Isaiah Roby made 3-point field goal in transition
18:452-6Glynn Watson Jr. assist
18:26Musa Jallow missed 3-point field goal2-6
18:24Kaleb Wesson offensive rebound2-6
18:22Kaleb Wesson turnover2-6
18:222-6Thomas Allen steal
18:042-8+2James Palmer assist
18:042-8Glynn Watson Jr. made layup off turnover
17:49Andre Wesson made layup+24-8
17:49Andre Wesson fouled on the play4-8
17:494-8Isaac Copeland personal foul, 1 free throw
17:49Andre Wesson made free throw 1 of 1+15-8
17:315-8Glynn Watson Jr. missed 3-point field goal
17:28Musa Jallow defensive rebound5-8
17:23Kaleb Wesson turnover, travel5-8
17:02Kaleb Wesson steal5-8
17:025-8Isaiah Roby turnover
16:57Musa Jallow made fast break layup+27-8
16:57C.J. Jackson assist7-8
16:43Kaleb Wesson sub out7-8
16:43Jaedon LeDee sub in7-8
16:367-8James Palmer turnover
16:17Luther Muhammad made layup off turnover+29-8
16:009-8Glynn Watson Jr. missed layup
15:57Luther Muhammad defensive rebound9-8
15:52Andre Wesson missed 3-point field goal9-8
15:499-8Team defensive rebound
15:49media timeout9-8
15:349-11+3Isaac Copeland made 3-point field goal
15:349-11James Palmer assist
15:19C.J. Jackson turnover, travel9-11
15:07Jaedon LeDee personal foul9-11
15:079-11Isaiah Roby, fouled on the play
15:07Kaleb Wesson sub in9-11
15:07Luther Muhammad sub out9-11
15:07Duane Washington Jr. sub in9-11
15:07Jaedon LeDee sub out9-11
15:019-11Isaiah Roby sub out
15:019-11Tanner Borchardt sub in
14:579-13+2James Palmer made layup off turnover
14:29Musa Jallow made 3-point field goal+312-13
14:2112-13Thomas Allen missed jump shot
14:17Duane Washington Jr. defensive rebound12-13
14:05Kaleb Wesson missed layup12-13
14:0412-13Tanner Borchardt, fouled on the play
14:0412-13Tanner Borchardt defensive rebound
14:04Kaleb Wesson personal foul looseball12-13
13:5912-13Isaiah Roby sub in
13:5912-13Thomas Allen sub out
13:5912-13Isaac Copeland sub out
13:5912-13Nana Akenten sub in
13:59Keyshawn Woods sub in12-13
13:59Musa Jallow sub out12-13
13:59Justin Ahrens sub in12-13
13:59Andre Wesson sub out12-13
13:4912-13James Palmer missed jump shot
13:4712-13Tanner Borchardt offensive rebound
13:3912-13Nana Akenten missed putback layup
13:3612-13Isaiah Roby missed putback layup
13:3612-13Isaiah Roby offensive rebound
13:35Keyshawn Woods defensive rebound12-13
13:12Duane Washington Jr. missed 3-point field goal12-13
13:1012-13Glynn Watson Jr. sub out
13:1012-13Thomas Allen sub in
13:1012-13Isaiah Roby defensive rebound
12:5212-13Tanner Borchardt missed layup
12:49Justin Ahrens defensive rebound12-13
12:35Justin Ahrens missed 3-point field goal12-13
12:31C.J. Jackson offensive rebound12-13
12:25C.J. Jackson missed 3-point jump shot12-13
12:2312-13Isaiah Roby defensive rebound
12:1412-13Nana Akenten missed 3-point field goal
12:11Kaleb Wesson defensive rebound12-13
11:57media timeout12-13
11:57Justin Ahrens turnover12-13
11:57Justin Ahrens sub out12-13
11:5712-13Brady Heiman sub in
11:5712-13James Palmer sub out
11:57Andre Wesson sub in12-13
11:5712-13Isaac Copeland sub in
11:5712-13Tanner Borchardt sub out
11:4512-15+2Isaiah Roby made layup off turnover
11:2712-15Thomas Allen steal
11:27Kaleb Wesson turnover12-15
11:2212-15Thomas Allen missed 3-point jump shot
11:20Duane Washington Jr. defensive rebound12-15
11:08Andre Wesson missed 3-point field goal12-15
11:0112-15Isaiah Roby defensive rebound
10:3612-17+2Thomas Allen made layup
10:3330-second timeout12-17
10:32C.J. Jackson sub out12-17
10:32Kaleb Wesson sub out12-17
10:32Musa Jallow sub in12-17
10:32Justin Ahrens sub in12-17
10:18Duane Washington Jr. missed layup12-17
10:1312-17Isaiah Roby defensive rebound
10:02Duane Washington Jr. sub out12-17
10:0212-17Glynn Watson Jr. sub in
10:0212-17Nana Akenten sub out
10:02Luther Muhammad sub in12-17
10:0212-17Thomas Allen, fouled on the play
10:02Duane Washington Jr. personal foul12-17
09:5012-19+2Isaac Copeland made jump shot
09:28Luther Muhammad missed jump shot12-19
09:25Keyshawn Woods offensive rebound12-19
09:21Keyshawn Woods made putback layup+214-19
09:05Musa Jallow block14-19
09:0514-19Thomas Allen missed layup (blocked)
09:01Luther Muhammad defensive rebound14-19
08:59Justin Ahrens missed 3-point field goal14-19
08:57Justin Ahrens offensive rebound14-19
08:5314-19Glynn Watson Jr. personal foul
08:53Keyshawn Woods, fouled on the play14-19
08:5214-19Tanner Borchardt sub in
08:5214-19Isaiah Roby sub out
08:5214-19Brady Heiman sub out
08:5214-19James Palmer sub in
08:31Keyshawn Woods made 3-point jump shot+317-19
08:31Luther Muhammad assist17-19
08:2017-22+3James Palmer made 3-point field goal
08:00Andre Wesson made layup+219-22
07:4819-22James Palmer missed 3-point field goal
07:45Justin Ahrens defensive rebound19-22
07:26media timeout19-22
07:26Musa Jallow turnover19-22
07:2619-22Thomas Allen steal
07:2519-22Nana Akenten sub in
07:2519-22Thomas Allen sub out
07:25Jaedon LeDee sub in19-22
07:25Justin Ahrens sub out19-22
07:0319-22Tanner Borchardt sub out
07:0319-22Isaiah Roby sub in
07:03Andre Wesson personal foul19-22
07:0319-22James Palmer fouled on the play
06:5219-22Isaac Copeland missed 3-point jump shot
06:50Jaedon LeDee defensive rebound19-22
06:35Luther Muhammad made jump shot+221-22
06:1021-22Isaiah Roby missed jump shot
06:07Musa Jallow defensive rebound21-22
05:49Keyshawn Woods missed 3-point field goal21-22
05:47Team offensive rebound21-22
05:4721-22Nana Akenten sub out
05:4721-22Thomas Allen sub in
05:45Luther Muhammad missed jump shot21-22
05:42Andre Wesson offensive rebound21-22
05:41Andre Wesson missed jump shot21-22
05:3821-22Isaiah Roby defensive rebound
05:29Luther Muhammad steal21-22
05:2921-22Thomas Allen turnover
05:25Luther Muhammad missed layup (blocked)21-22
05:2521-22Thomas Allen block
05:22Keyshawn Woods offensive rebound21-22
05:22+223-22Isaiah Roby sub out
05:2223-22Brady Heiman sub in
05:22Keyshawn Woods made layup23-22
05:2223-22Isaac Copeland sub out
05:2223-2230-second timeout
05:2223-22Tanner Borchardt sub in
05:18Luther Muhammad personal foul23-22
05:1823-22James Palmer, fouled on the play
04:5623-22Brady Heiman missed jump shot
04:5423-22Brady Heiman personal foul looseball
04:54Jaedon LeDee, fouled on the play23-22
04:54Jaedon LeDee defensive rebound23-22
04:37Andre Wesson made layup+225-22
04:1725-22Thomas Allen missed jump shot
04:13Andre Wesson defensive rebound25-22
03:55media timeout25-22
03:55Keyshawn Woods turnover other25-22
03:55C.J. Jackson sub in25-22
03:55Duane Washington Jr. sub in25-22
03:55Keyshawn Woods sub out25-22
03:55Andre Wesson sub out25-22
03:4325-22James Palmer missed jump shot in transition
03:41Musa Jallow defensive rebound25-22
03:23Jaedon LeDee missed jump shot25-22
03:2125-22Brady Heiman defensive rebound
03:0825-22Thomas Allen missed 3-point field goal
03:05Luther Muhammad defensive rebound25-22
02:56Duane Washington Jr. missed 3-point field goal25-22
02:5425-22Thomas Allen defensive rebound
02:4725-24+2Thomas Allen assist
02:4725-24Glynn Watson Jr. made jump shot
02:17Duane Washington Jr. made layup+227-24
02:0327-24Brady Heiman missed jump shot
02:00Luther Muhammad defensive rebound27-24
01:45Duane Washington Jr. missed jump shot27-24
01:43Jaedon LeDee offensive rebound27-24
01:41Jaedon LeDee turnover27-24
01:4127-24Brady Heiman steal
01:2327-24Glynn Watson Jr., fouled on the play
01:23C.J. Jackson personal foul27-24
01:1727-24Thomas Allen sub out
01:1727-24Brady Heiman sub out
01:1727-24Isaac Copeland sub in
01:1727-24Isaiah Roby sub in
01:17Andre Wesson sub in27-24
01:17Duane Washington Jr. sub out27-24
01:17Justin Ahrens sub in27-24
01:17Jaedon LeDee sub out27-24
01:1727-24Amir Harris sub in
01:1727-24James Palmer sub out
01:06Luther Muhammad steal27-24
01:0627-24Amir Harris turnover
01:01Luther Muhammad made dunk+229-24
00:3429-24Isaac Copeland missed jump shot
00:31Luther Muhammad defensive rebound29-24
00:03Andre Wesson missed 3-point field goal29-24
00:0229-24Team defensive rebound
00:0229-24Amir Harris sub out
00:0229-24James Palmer sub in
00:01Luther Muhammad steal29-24
00:0129-24Isaac Copeland turnover
00:00End of period29-24
Time   Ohio State PTS   Score   PTS Nebraska
20:00Kaleb Wesson sub in29-24
20:0029-24Tanner Borchardt sub out
20:0029-24Thomas Allen sub in
20:00Justin Ahrens sub out29-24
20:00Start of period29-24
19:4429-27+3Isaac Copeland made 3-point field goal
19:4429-27Isaiah Roby assist
19:28Kaleb Wesson missed layup29-27
19:25Kaleb Wesson offensive rebound29-27
19:25Kaleb Wesson missed putback layup29-27
19:2329-27Isaac Copeland defensive rebound
19:1829-27Isaac Copeland turnover, travel
19:1029-27Isaac Copeland sub out
19:1029-27Tanner Borchardt sub in
18:44Team turnover shotclock29-27
18:2129-29+2Tanner Borchardt made layup off turnover
18:2129-29James Palmer assist
18:1230-second timeout29-29
18:12media timeout29-29
17:58Musa Jallow assist+332-29
17:58C.J. Jackson made 3-point field goal32-29
17:3832-29James Palmer missed jump shot
17:35C.J. Jackson defensive rebound32-29
17:25Kaleb Wesson missed jump shot32-29
17:2232-29Isaiah Roby defensive rebound
17:1932-29Glynn Watson Jr., fouled on the play
17:19C.J. Jackson personal foul two shots32-29
17:19Kaleb Wesson sub out32-30+1
17:19Jaedon LeDee sub in32-30
17:1932-30Glynn Watson Jr. made free throw 1 of 2
17:1932-31+1Glynn Watson Jr. made free throw 2 of 2
16:54Jaedon LeDee fouled on the play32-31
16:5432-31Tanner Borchardt personal foul two shots
16:54Jaedon LeDee made free throw 1 of 2+133-31
16:54Jaedon LeDee missed free throw 2 of 233-31
16:5133-31Tanner Borchardt defensive rebound
16:3633-34+3James Palmer made 3-point field goal
16:3633-34Isaiah Roby assist
16:15C.J. Jackson assist+336-34
16:15Andre Wesson made 3-point field goal36-34
16:0336-36+2Isaiah Roby made layup
15:42Jaedon LeDee missed jump shot36-36
15:4036-36James Palmer defensive rebound
15:35media timeout36-36
15:3536-36James Palmer, fouled on the play
15:35Andre Wesson personal foul two shots36-36
15:3536-37+1James Palmer made free throw 1 of 2
15:3536-38+1James Palmer made free throw 2 of 2
15:14Jaedon LeDee fouled on the play36-38
15:1436-38Tanner Borchardt personal foul two shots
15:14+137-38Brady Heiman sub in
15:14Keyshawn Woods sub in37-38
15:14Andre Wesson sub out37-38
15:1437-38Tanner Borchardt sub out
15:14Justin Ahrens sub in37-38
15:14Musa Jallow sub out37-38
15:14Jaedon LeDee made free throw 1 of 237-38
15:14Kaleb Wesson sub in+138-38
15:14Jaedon LeDee sub out38-38
15:14Jaedon LeDee made free throw 2 of 238-38
14:58C.J. Jackson steal38-38
14:5838-38Isaiah Roby turnover
14:53Luther Muhammad missed layup off turnover38-38
14:49C.J. Jackson offensive rebound38-38
14:49C.J. Jackson made layup+240-38
14:2440-38Isaiah Roby, foul offensive
14:24Luther Muhammad, fouled on the play40-38
14:2440-38Isaiah Roby turnover
14:12C.J. Jackson missed 3-point jump shot40-38
14:11Team offensive rebound40-38
14:09Luther Muhammad made jump shot+242-38
14:09C.J. Jackson assist42-38
13:4942-38James Palmer missed 3-point field goal
13:46Kaleb Wesson defensive rebound42-38
13:21Kaleb Wesson made layup+244-38
13:2144-38Nana Akenten sub in
13:2144-38Brady Heiman sub out
13:2144-38Tanner Borchardt sub in
13:2144-38Thomas Allen sub out
13:13Luther Muhammad personal foul44-38
13:1344-38James Palmer, fouled on the play
13:0344-38Isaiah Roby missed layup
12:5944-38Tanner Borchardt missed putback layup
12:5944-3830-second timeout
12:5944-38Tanner Borchardt offensive rebound
12:5944-38Tanner Borchardt offensive rebound
12:4644-38Isaiah Roby turnover
12:46C.J. Jackson steal44-38
12:28Kaleb Wesson turnover, three seconds44-38
12:0944-38Glynn Watson Jr. missed jump shot in transition
12:07Keyshawn Woods defensive rebound44-38
11:56Keyshawn Woods missed 3-point field goal44-38
11:5444-38Glynn Watson Jr. defensive rebound
11:53media timeout44-38
11:5344-38Glynn Watson Jr., fouled on the play
11:53Keyshawn Woods personal foul two shots44-38
11:5344-39+1Glynn Watson Jr. made free throw 1 of 2
11:5344-40+1Glynn Watson Jr. made free throw 2 of 2
11:32Andre Wesson sub in44-40
11:32C.J. Jackson, fouled on the play44-40
11:3244-40Glynn Watson Jr. personal foul
11:3244-40Glynn Watson Jr. sub out
11:32Justin Ahrens sub out44-40
11:3244-40Thomas Allen sub in
11:24Luther Muhammad missed 3-point field goal44-40
11:2244-40Tanner Borchardt defensive rebound
11:2244-40Team deadball rebound
11:2244-40Tanner Borchardt missed free throw 1 of 2
11:2244-40Tanner Borchardt, fouled on the play
11:22Kaleb Wesson personal foul, flagrant 144-40
11:2244-41+1Tanner Borchardt made free throw 2 of 2
11:0044-41Thomas Allen missed jump shot
10:57Kaleb Wesson defensive rebound44-41
10:49Kaleb Wesson made 3-point field goal+347-41
10:49C.J. Jackson assist47-41
10:2147-41Thomas Allen missed 3-point field goal
10:18Kaleb Wesson defensive rebound47-41
10:00Luther Muhammad made 3-point field goal+350-41
09:3450-43+2James Palmer made layup
09:02Kaleb Wesson assist+353-43
09:02Luther Muhammad made 3-point field goal53-43
08:4453-43James Palmer missed jump shot
08:40Kaleb Wesson defensive rebound53-43
08:18Andre Wesson missed 3-point field goal53-43
08:14C.J. Jackson offensive rebound53-43
07:56C.J. Jackson made 3-point jump shot+356-43
07:3256-43James Palmer turnover
07:32Keyshawn Woods steal56-43
07:05Keyshawn Woods missed jump shot in transition56-43
07:02Keyshawn Woods offensive rebound56-43
06:44C.J. Jackson missed 3-point jump shot56-43
06:4156-43Thomas Allen defensive rebound
06:3056-43Nana Akenten missed 3-point field goal
06:2756-43Glynn Watson Jr. sub in
06:27Team defensive rebound56-43
06:27media timeout56-43
06:2756-43Nana Akenten sub out
06:11Keyshawn Woods missed 3-point field goal56-43
06:07Andre Wesson offensive rebound56-43
06:04C.J. Jackson missed 3-point jump shot56-43
06:0156-43Isaiah Roby defensive rebound
05:5756-45+2Glynn Watson Jr. made layup
05:5756-45Glynn Watson Jr., fouled on the play
05:57Keyshawn Woods personal foul, 1 free throw56-45
05:5756-46+1Glynn Watson Jr. made free throw 1 of 1
05:30Keyshawn Woods missed 3-point field goal56-46
05:2756-46Tanner Borchardt defensive rebound
05:2056-49+3Glynn Watson Jr. made 3-point field goal
04:44Luther Muhammad made 3-point field goal+359-49
04:1959-49Glynn Watson Jr. missed 3-point field goal
04:1659-49Thomas Allen offensive rebound
04:1359-49Thomas Allen missed putback layup
04:11Kaleb Wesson defensive rebound59-49
03:55Kaleb Wesson missed jump shot59-49
03:5359-49Tanner Borchardt defensive rebound
03:4259-49James Palmer offensive rebound
03:42media timeout59-49
03:4259-49James Palmer missed jump shot
03:42Kaleb Wesson personal foul, one and one59-49
03:42Keyshawn Woods defensive rebound59-49
03:4259-49James Palmer made free throw 1 of 1
03:4259-49James Palmer, fouled on the play
03:28C.J. Jackson missed jump shot59-49
03:2559-49Thomas Allen defensive rebound
03:0659-51+2Glynn Watson Jr. made layup
02:3259-51Nana Akenten sub in
02:32Kaleb Wesson sub out59-51
02:32Musa Jallow sub in59-51
02:3259-51Tanner Borchardt sub out
02:32Kaleb Wesson, fouled on the play59-51
02:3259-51Isaiah Roby personal foul
02:24C.J. Jackson made layup+261-51
02:1061-51Glynn Watson Jr. turnover
02:10Keyshawn Woods steal61-51
02:05C.J. Jackson turnover61-51
01:4961-51Glynn Watson Jr. missed 3-point jump shot
01:37Luther Muhammad defensive rebound61-51
01:36Kaleb Wesson sub in61-51
01:3661-51Nana Akenten sub out
01:3661-51Tanner Borchardt sub in
01:36Keyshawn Woods sub out61-51
01:3530-second timeout61-51
01:35Keyshawn Woods sub in61-51
01:35Musa Jallow sub out61-51
01:31C.J. Jackson, fouled on the play61-51
01:3161-51Isaiah Roby personal foul
01:29C.J. Jackson turnover61-51
01:2961-51Tanner Borchardt steal
01:2561-53+2James Palmer made fast break layup
01:2561-53Tanner Borchardt sub out
01:2561-53Tanner Borchardt assist
01:2561-53Nana Akenten sub in
01:2561-5330-second timeout
01:14Luther Muhammad, fouled on the play61-53
01:1461-53James Palmer personal foul, one and one
01:14+162-53Isaiah Roby defensive rebound
01:1462-53James Palmer missed 3-point field goal
01:14Kaleb Wesson defensive rebound62-53
01:14Luther Muhammad made free throw 1 of 262-53
01:14Luther Muhammad missed free throw 2 of 262-53
01:0562-53Nana Akenten defensive rebound
01:0562-53Isaiah Roby personal foul, one and one
01:05Kaleb Wesson missed free throw 1 of 162-53
01:05Kaleb Wesson fouled on the play62-53
01:0262-56+3Thomas Allen made 3-point field goal
01:0262-56James Palmer assist
00:53Kaleb Wesson sub out62-56
00:5362-56Thorir Thorbjarnarson sub in
00:5362-56Isaiah Roby sub out
00:53Musa Jallow sub in62-56
00:53Luther Muhammad, fouled on the play62-56
00:5362-56Isaiah Roby personal foul, one and one
00:53Luther Muhammad made free throw 1 of 2+163-56
00:53Luther Muhammad made free throw 2 of 2+164-56
00:4664-56James Palmer missed layup
00:4564-56James Palmer offensive rebound
00:4564-58+2James Palmer made putback layup
00:44Keyshawn Woods, fouled on the play64-58
00:4464-58Nana Akenten personal foul two shots
00:44Keyshawn Woods made free throw 1 of 2+165-58
00:44Keyshawn Woods made free throw 2 of 2+166-58
00:3966-58Thomas Allen missed 3-point field goal
00:37Musa Jallow defensive rebound66-58
00:3530-second timeout66-58
00:35Musa Jallow sub out66-58
00:35Kaleb Wesson sub in66-58
00:34Luther Muhammad, fouled on the play66-58
00:3466-58Thorir Thorbjarnarson personal foul two shots
00:34Luther Muhammad made free throw 1 of 2+167-58
00:34Luther Muhammad made free throw 2 of 2+168-58
00:2868-58James Palmer missed jump shot
00:2668-58James Palmer personal foul two shots
00:26Kaleb Wesson defensive rebound68-58
00:26Kaleb Wesson, fouled on the play68-58
00:26Kaleb Wesson missed free throw 1 of 268-58
00:26Team deadball rebound68-58
00:26Kaleb Wesson missed free throw 2 of 268-58
00:2468-58Thorir Thorbjarnarson defensive rebound
00:2268-58Glynn Watson Jr., fouled on the play
00:22Kaleb Wesson personal foul, one and one68-58
00:2268-59+1Glynn Watson Jr. made free throw 1 of 2
00:2268-60+1Glynn Watson Jr. made free throw 2 of 2
00:18Luther Muhammad, fouled on the play68-60
00:1868-60Thorir Thorbjarnarson personal foul two shots
00:18Luther Muhammad made free throw 1 of 2+169-60
00:18Luther Muhammad made free throw 2 of 2+170-60
00:1270-60Nana Akenten missed 3-point field goal
00:09Kaleb Wesson defensive rebound70-60
00:00End of period70-60
00:00End of game70-60
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