Iowa State vs. Kansas Box Score, January 21, 2019

Big 12 Conference Scores — Jan 21, 2019

ISU (24)  76
KU (9)  80  
BAY 85
WVU 73  
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Line Score


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Play-By-Play Table
Time   Iowa State PTS   Score   PTS Kansas
19:31Marial Shayok missed 3-point jump shot0-0
19:310-0Kansas Jayhawks defensive rebound
19:070-2+2Lagerald Vick made 2-point jump shot
18:56Talen Horton-Tucker missed 2-point jump shot0-2
18:56Talen Horton-Tucker offensive rebound0-2
18:53Talen Horton-Tucker made layup+22-2
18:392-2Lagerald Vick missed 2-point jump shot
18:39Marial Shayok defensive rebound2-2
18:30Michael Jacobson made layup+24-2
18:30Talen Horton-Tucker assist4-2
18:104-2Marcus Garrett missed layup
18:104-2Dedric Lawson offensive rebound
18:084-4+2Dedric Lawson made layup
17:52Michael Jacobson made 2-point jump shot+26-4
17:52Marial Shayok assist6-4
17:406-4Quentin Grimes missed 2-point jump shot
17:40Michael Jacobson defensive rebound6-4
17:32Marial Shayok missed layup6-4
17:326-4Dedric Lawson defensive rebound
17:226-7+3Dedric Lawson made 3-point jump shot
17:03Talen Horton-Tucker foul6-7
17:03Talen Horton-Tucker turnover6-7
16:536-7Devon Dotson missed 2-point jump shot
16:536-7Dedric Lawson offensive rebound
16:506-7Dedric Lawson missed 2-point jump shot
16:50Michael Jacobson defensive rebound6-7
16:41Marial Shayok made layup+28-7
16:418-7Dedric Lawson foul
16:41Marial Shayok made free throw+19-7
16:23Michael Jacobson foul9-7
16:129-7Lagerald Vick missed 3-point jump shot
16:12Michael Jacobson defensive rebound9-7
15:49Talen Horton-Tucker made 3-point jump shot+312-7
15:3112-7Devon Dotson missed layup
15:31Michael Jacobson defensive rebound12-7
15:26Marial Shayok missed 3-point jump shot12-7
15:26Nick Weiler-Babb offensive rebound12-7
15:21Talen Horton-Tucker missed 3-point jump shot12-7
15:2112-7Dedric Lawson defensive rebound
15:1112-7Dedric Lawson turnover
15:11Marial Shayok steal12-7
15:07Marial Shayok made layup+214-7
14:4214-9+2Dedric Lawson made layup
14:4214-9Devon Dotson assist
14:24Tyrese Haliburton made layup+216-9
14:1016-9Lagerald Vick missed layup
14:1016-9Dedric Lawson offensive rebound
14:0716-11+2Dedric Lawson made layup
13:50Marial Shayok missed 3-point jump shot16-11
13:5016-11Marcus Garrett defensive rebound
13:4316-11Quentin Grimes missed 3-point jump shot
13:43Michael Jacobson defensive rebound16-11
13:25Talen Horton-Tucker turnover16-11
13:2516-11Marcus Garrett steal
13:1916-11Quentin Grimes missed 2-point jump shot
13:19Talen Horton-Tucker defensive rebound16-11
12:53Marial Shayok turnover16-11
12:5316-11Media timeout
12:53Cameron Lard sub in16-11
12:53Lindell Wigginton sub in16-11
12:53Michael Jacobson sub out16-11
12:53Marial Shayok sub out16-11
12:5316-11Ochai Agbaji sub in
12:5316-11Quentin Grimes sub out
12:3816-13+2Ochai Agbaji made layup
12:09Cameron Lard missed 2-point jump shot16-13
12:0916-13Ochai Agbaji defensive rebound
12:0216-16+3Ochai Agbaji made 3-point jump shot
12:0216-16Devon Dotson assist
11:42Talen Horton-Tucker made 3-point jump shot+319-16
11:42Nick Weiler-Babb assist19-16
11:2519-16Marcus Garrett turnover
11:24Nick Weiler-Babb steal19-16
11:21Nick Weiler-Babb made layup+221-16
10:5921-18+2Marcus Garrett made layup
10:41Lindell Wigginton missed 3-point jump shot21-18
10:4121-18Lagerald Vick defensive rebound
10:33Talen Horton-Tucker foul21-18
10:3321-18Media timeout
10:33Marial Shayok sub in21-18
10:33Talen Horton-Tucker sub out21-18
10:27Cameron Lard foul21-18
10:2321-18Dedric Lawson missed layup
10:2321-18Dedric Lawson offensive rebound
10:2021-18Dedric Lawson turnover
10:19Nick Weiler-Babb steal21-18
10:11Tyrese Haliburton missed 3-point jump shot21-18
10:11Cameron Lard offensive rebound21-18
10:04Lindell Wigginton missed 3-point jump shot21-18
10:0421-18Devon Dotson defensive rebound
09:5621-18Ochai Agbaji turnover
09:5621-18David Mccormack sub in
09:5621-18Quentin Grimes sub in
09:5621-18Dedric Lawson sub out
09:5621-18Lagerald Vick sub out
09:39Lindell Wigginton missed 3-point jump shot21-18
09:3921-18David Mccormack defensive rebound
09:30Cameron Lard foul21-18
09:3021-19+1Devon Dotson made free throw
09:3021-20+1Devon Dotson made free throw
09:30Michael Jacobson sub in21-20
09:30Cameron Lard sub out21-20
09:20Tyrese Haliburton made 3-point jump shot+324-20
09:20Nick Weiler-Babb assist24-20
08:5724-22+2Marcus Garrett made layup
08:5724-22Devon Dotson assist
08:35Nick Weiler-Babb turnover24-22
08:3424-22Quentin Grimes steal
08:3124-24+2Devon Dotson made layup
08:17Iowa State Cyclones 30-second timeout24-24
08:17Iowa State Cyclones full timeout24-24
08:1724-24Charlie Moore sub in
08:1724-24Devon Dotson sub out
08:08Michael Jacobson made layup+226-24
08:08Tyrese Haliburton assist26-24
07:5126-24Ochai Agbaji turnover
07:5126-24Dedric Lawson sub in
07:5126-24David Mccormack sub out
07:36Michael Jacobson turnover26-24
07:3626-24Charlie Moore steal
07:36Nick Weiler-Babb foul26-24
07:1926-27+3Ochai Agbaji made 3-point jump shot
07:1926-27Dedric Lawson assist
07:0226-27Ochai Agbaji foul
07:02Talen Horton-Tucker sub in26-27
07:02Tyrese Haliburton sub out26-27
07:0226-27Lagerald Vick sub in
07:0226-27Marcus Garrett sub out
07:00Talen Horton-Tucker made 3-point jump shot+329-27
07:00Lindell Wigginton assist29-27
06:3429-27Quentin Grimes missed 2-point jump shot
06:34Talen Horton-Tucker defensive rebound29-27
06:20Nick Weiler-Babb made 3-point jump shot+332-27
06:20Lindell Wigginton assist32-27
06:1632-27Kansas Jayhawks 30-second timeout
06:1632-27Devon Dotson sub in
06:1632-27Marcus Garrett sub in
06:1632-27Charlie Moore sub out
06:1632-27Quentin Grimes sub out
06:0432-27Ochai Agbaji missed 2-point jump shot
06:0432-27Ochai Agbaji offensive rebound
05:4632-27Ochai Agbaji missed 3-point jump shot
05:46Nick Weiler-Babb defensive rebound32-27
05:35Talen Horton-Tucker missed 3-point jump shot32-27
05:35Michael Jacobson offensive rebound32-27
05:29Michael Jacobson turnover32-27
05:1132-29+2Marcus Garrett made layup
04:51Marial Shayok made 3-point jump shot+335-29
04:51Talen Horton-Tucker assist35-29
04:3335-31+2Dedric Lawson made layup
04:13Talen Horton-Tucker made layup+237-31
04:1337-31Ochai Agbaji foul
04:13Talen Horton-Tucker missed free throw37-31
04:1337-31Marcus Garrett defensive rebound
04:1337-31Quentin Grimes sub in
04:1337-31Ochai Agbaji sub out
03:5637-31Devon Dotson missed layup
03:56Michael Jacobson defensive rebound37-31
03:4137-31Marcus Garrett foul
03:41Iowa State Cyclones full timeout37-31
03:41Michael Jacobson made free throw+138-31
03:41Michael Jacobson missed free throw38-31
03:4138-31Dedric Lawson defensive rebound
03:1438-31Marcus Garrett missed layup
03:14Michael Jacobson shot block38-31
03:13Nick Weiler-Babb defensive rebound38-31
03:03Marial Shayok missed layup38-31
03:0338-31Dedric Lawson defensive rebound
02:4238-33+2Dedric Lawson made 2-point jump shot
02:23Nick Weiler-Babb made layup+240-33
02:1240-35+2Dedric Lawson made 2-point jump shot
02:1240-35Lagerald Vick assist
01:57Marial Shayok turnover40-35
01:5740-35Marcus Garrett steal
01:51Tyrese Haliburton sub in40-35
01:51Talen Horton-Tucker sub out40-35
01:4340-37+2Devon Dotson made layup
01:17Michael Jacobson turnover40-37
01:1740-37Devon Dotson steal
01:0240-37Lagerald Vick missed 3-point jump shot
01:02Lindell Wigginton defensive rebound40-37
00:44Marial Shayok made layup+242-37
00:44Lindell Wigginton assist42-37
00:4142-37Lagerald Vick missed 3-point jump shot
00:41Lindell Wigginton defensive rebound42-37
00:31Michael Jacobson missed layup42-37
00:31Tyrese Haliburton offensive rebound42-37
00:27Marial Shayok foul42-37
00:27Marial Shayok turnover42-37
00:2742-37Charlie Moore sub in
00:2742-37Quentin Grimes sub out
00:0242-37Lagerald Vick turnover
00:02Michael Jacobson steal42-37
00:00Nick Weiler-Babb missed 3-point jump shot42-37
00:00Tyrese Haliburton offensive rebound42-37
Time   Iowa State PTS   Score   PTS Kansas
20:0042-37Ochai Agbaji sub in
20:0042-37Quentin Grimes sub out
19:41Talen Horton-Tucker missed 2-point jump shot42-37
19:41Marial Shayok offensive rebound42-37
19:37Marial Shayok turnover42-37
19:1942-37Lagerald Vick missed 3-point jump shot
19:19Nick Weiler-Babb defensive rebound42-37
19:10Talen Horton-Tucker missed 2-point jump shot42-37
19:1042-37Ochai Agbaji shot block
19:10Iowa State Cyclones offensive rebound42-37
19:09Marial Shayok missed 2-point jump shot42-37
19:0942-37Ochai Agbaji defensive rebound
19:0142-37Devon Dotson missed layup
19:01Nick Weiler-Babb shot block42-37
18:5942-37Dedric Lawson offensive rebound
18:5742-39+2Dedric Lawson made layup
18:24Marial Shayok made layup+244-39
17:5944-39Dedric Lawson turnover
17:45Michael Jacobson missed 2-point jump shot44-39
17:4544-39Dedric Lawson defensive rebound
17:2244-39Marcus Garrett missed layup
17:22Marial Shayok defensive rebound44-39
17:0944-39Devon Dotson foul
16:55Michael Jacobson missed 2-point jump shot44-39
16:5544-39Ochai Agbaji defensive rebound
16:4544-39Ochai Agbaji missed 3-point jump shot
16:45Marial Shayok defensive rebound44-39
16:21Nick Weiler-Babb made 3-point jump shot+347-39
16:1247-39Kansas Jayhawks 30-second timeout
16:1247-39Media timeout
15:5347-41+2Dedric Lawson made 2-point jump shot
15:3147-41Ochai Agbaji foul
15:31Media timeout47-41
15:11Marial Shayok missed 2-point jump shot47-41
15:1147-41Marcus Garrett shot block
15:0947-41Kansas Jayhawks defensive rebound
15:09Cameron Lard sub in47-41
15:09Lindell Wigginton sub in47-41
15:09Talen Horton-Tucker sub out47-41
15:09Michael Jacobson sub out47-41
15:0047-44+3Lagerald Vick made 3-point jump shot
15:0047-44Devon Dotson assist
14:41Tyrese Haliburton missed 3-point jump shot47-44
14:4147-44Dedric Lawson defensive rebound
14:2747-44Devon Dotson missed 3-point jump shot
14:27Cameron Lard defensive rebound47-44
14:17Nick Weiler-Babb missed 3-point jump shot47-44
14:1747-44Ochai Agbaji defensive rebound
14:16Cameron Lard foul47-44
13:59Cameron Lard foul47-44
13:5947-44Dedric Lawson missed free throw
13:5947-44Kansas Jayhawks deadball rebound
13:5947-45+1Dedric Lawson made free throw
13:59Michael Jacobson sub in47-45
13:59Cameron Lard sub out47-45
13:4747-45Ochai Agbaji foul
13:4747-45KJ Lawson sub in
13:4747-45Ochai Agbaji sub out
13:29Marial Shayok made 3-point jump shot+350-45
13:29Nick Weiler-Babb assist50-45
13:1350-45Devon Dotson missed layup
13:1350-45Dedric Lawson offensive rebound
13:1050-45Dedric Lawson missed tip-in shot
13:1050-45Dedric Lawson offensive rebound
13:0850-47+2Dedric Lawson made layup
13:00Iowa State Cyclones 30-second timeout50-47
12:50Lindell Wigginton missed 2-point jump shot50-47
12:50Michael Jacobson offensive rebound50-47
12:44Talen Horton-Tucker made 3-point jump shot+353-47
12:36Talen Horton-Tucker sub in53-47
12:36Lindell Wigginton sub out53-47
12:3253-49+2Lagerald Vick made layup
12:24Michael Jacobson turnover53-49
12:24Lindell Wigginton sub in53-49
12:24Nick Weiler-Babb sub out53-49
12:0953-49Dedric Lawson foul
12:0753-49Dedric Lawson turnover
11:4853-49Marcus Garrett foul
11:48Iowa State Cyclones full timeout53-49
11:47Talen Horton-Tucker missed 2-point jump shot53-49
11:4753-49Lagerald Vick defensive rebound
11:3453-51+2Marcus Garrett made layup
11:1653-51Dedric Lawson foul
11:16Nick Weiler-Babb sub in53-51
11:16Tyrese Haliburton sub out53-51
11:03Lindell Wigginton missed layup53-51
11:0353-51Lagerald Vick defensive rebound
10:49Lindell Wigginton foul53-51
10:4953-52+1Lagerald Vick made free throw
10:4953-53+1Lagerald Vick made free throw
10:33Talen Horton-Tucker missed 3-point jump shot53-53
10:3353-53Marcus Garrett defensive rebound
10:2553-55+2Lagerald Vick made dunk
10:2553-55Devon Dotson assist
10:21Iowa State Cyclones 30-second timeout53-55
09:59Marial Shayok missed 3-point jump shot53-55
09:5953-55KJ Lawson defensive rebound
09:50Talen Horton-Tucker foul53-55
09:4453-57+2Dedric Lawson made 2-point jump shot
09:33Talen Horton-Tucker missed 2-point jump shot53-57
09:33Lindell Wigginton offensive rebound53-57
09:2953-57KJ Lawson foul
09:29Lindell Wigginton missed free throw53-57
09:29Iowa State Cyclones deadball rebound53-57
09:29Lindell Wigginton missed free throw53-57
09:2953-57Marcus Garrett defensive rebound
09:2053-59+2Marcus Garrett made layup
09:2053-59Devon Dotson assist
09:04Nick Weiler-Babb missed 3-point jump shot53-59
09:0453-59Devon Dotson defensive rebound
08:5753-59Devon Dotson missed layup
08:57Michael Jacobson defensive rebound53-59
08:50Lindell Wigginton turnover53-59
08:5053-59Devon Dotson steal
08:50Lindell Wigginton foul53-59
08:50Tyrese Haliburton sub in53-59
08:50Lindell Wigginton sub out53-59
08:3453-61+2KJ Lawson made 2-point jump shot
08:1153-61KJ Lawson foul
08:11Talen Horton-Tucker missed free throw53-61
08:1153-61Dedric Lawson defensive rebound
08:10Michael Jacobson foul53-61
07:5253-61Devon Dotson missed layup
07:5253-61KJ Lawson offensive rebound
07:4853-61KJ Lawson missed layup
07:48Tyrese Haliburton defensive rebound53-61
07:38Talen Horton-Tucker missed 3-point jump shot53-61
07:38Marial Shayok offensive rebound53-61
07:2753-61KJ Lawson foul
07:27Media timeout53-61
07:27Marial Shayok made free throw+154-61
07:27Marial Shayok made free throw+155-61
07:2755-61Ochai Agbaji sub in
07:2755-61KJ Lawson sub out
07:0255-63+2Marcus Garrett made layup
06:3355-63Ochai Agbaji foul
06:33Marial Shayok made free throw+156-63
06:33Marial Shayok made free throw+157-63
06:3357-63Quentin Grimes sub in
06:3357-63Ochai Agbaji sub out
06:0957-63Dedric Lawson missed 2-point jump shot
06:0957-63Marcus Garrett offensive rebound
06:07Talen Horton-Tucker foul57-63
06:0757-63Marcus Garrett missed free throw
06:07Marial Shayok defensive rebound57-63
06:07Lindell Wigginton sub in57-63
06:07Cameron Lard sub in57-63
06:07Michael Jacobson sub out57-63
06:07Talen Horton-Tucker sub out57-63
05:47Tyrese Haliburton made layup+259-63
05:2559-65+2Dedric Lawson made 2-point jump shot
05:04Lindell Wigginton turnover59-65
05:0359-65Marcus Garrett steal
04:5959-65Marcus Garrett missed layup
04:59Tyrese Haliburton shot block59-65
04:5959-65Kansas Jayhawks offensive rebound
04:4359-67+2Marcus Garrett made layup
04:43Cameron Lard foul59-67
04:4359-67Marcus Garrett missed free throw
04:43Michael Jacobson defensive rebound59-67
04:43Michael Jacobson sub in59-67
04:43Cameron Lard sub out59-67
04:28Marial Shayok made 3-point jump shot+362-67
04:28Nick Weiler-Babb assist62-67
04:0362-69+2Devon Dotson made layup
03:48Lindell Wigginton made 3-point jump shot+365-69
03:44Iowa State Cyclones 30-second timeout65-69
03:44Iowa State Cyclones full timeout65-69
03:4465-69KJ Lawson sub in
03:4465-69Quentin Grimes sub out
03:2265-69Lagerald Vick turnover
03:21Michael Jacobson steal65-69
03:12Lindell Wigginton missed 3-point jump shot65-69
03:1265-69KJ Lawson defensive rebound
03:0665-69KJ Lawson turnover
03:05Marial Shayok steal65-69
02:5465-69Devon Dotson foul
02:54Michael Jacobson missed free throw65-69
02:54Iowa State Cyclones deadball rebound65-69
02:54Michael Jacobson made free throw+166-69
02:4066-69Marcus Garrett turnover
02:39Michael Jacobson steal66-69
02:29Michael Jacobson made 3-point jump shot+369-69
02:29Tyrese Haliburton assist69-69
02:1969-69Kansas Jayhawks 30-second timeout
02:0969-72+3Lagerald Vick made 3-point jump shot
02:0969-72Devon Dotson assist
01:47Marial Shayok made layup+271-72
01:3371-72Devon Dotson missed layup
01:33Lindell Wigginton defensive rebound71-72
01:27Lindell Wigginton turnover71-72
01:1271-74+2Marcus Garrett made layup
01:12Michael Jacobson foul71-74
01:1271-74Marcus Garrett missed free throw
01:12Tyrese Haliburton defensive rebound71-74
00:48Lindell Wigginton missed 2-point jump shot71-74
00:4871-74Dedric Lawson shot block
00:47Michael Jacobson offensive rebound71-74
00:4671-74KJ Lawson foul
00:46Michael Jacobson made free throw+172-74
00:46Michael Jacobson missed free throw72-74
00:4672-74Dedric Lawson defensive rebound
00:4672-74Quentin Grimes sub in
00:4672-74KJ Lawson sub out
00:2372-77+3Dedric Lawson made 3-point jump shot
00:2372-77Devon Dotson assist
00:16Marial Shayok made 2-point jump shot+274-77
00:12Lindell Wigginton foul74-77
00:1274-77Devon Dotson missed free throw
00:1274-77Kansas Jayhawks deadball rebound
00:1274-78+1Devon Dotson made free throw
00:1274-78Kansas Jayhawks full timeout
00:07Nick Weiler-Babb missed layup74-78
00:07Tyrese Haliburton offensive rebound74-78
00:0674-78Devon Dotson foul
00:06Tyrese Haliburton made free throw+175-78
00:06Tyrese Haliburton made free throw+176-78
00:06Talen Horton-Tucker sub in76-78
00:06Michael Jacobson sub out76-78
00:04Talen Horton-Tucker foul76-78
00:0476-79+1Devon Dotson made free throw
00:0476-80+1Devon Dotson made free throw
00:04Michael Jacobson sub in76-80
00:04Talen Horton-Tucker sub out76-80
00:0476-80Charlie Moore sub in
00:0476-80Quentin Grimes sub out
00:02Marial Shayok missed 3-point jump shot76-80
00:0276-80Kansas Jayhawks defensive rebound
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