Arizona vs. Stanford Box Score, January 9, 2019

Pacific-12 Conference Scores — Jan 9, 2019

ASU 80
CAL 66  
STAN 70  
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Play-By-Play Table
Time   Arizona PTS   Score   PTS Stanford
20:00Start of game0-0
20:00Jump ball0-0
20:00Start of period0-0
19:58Chase Jeter won jump ball0-0
19:580-0Josh Sharma lost jump ball
19:45Emmanuel Akot assist+22-0
19:45Chase Jeter made hook shot2-0
19:272-0Oscar Da Silva missed layup
19:21Brandon Randolph defensive rebound2-0
19:19Brandon Randolph missed layup (blocked)2-0
19:192-0Oscar Da Silva block
19:132-0Daejon Davis defensive rebound
19:072-0Oscar Da Silva missed 3-point field goal
19:01Justin Coleman defensive rebound2-0
18:57Justin Coleman turnover2-0
18:29Team deadball rebound2-0
18:292-0Daejon Davis missed layup off turnover
18:29Chase Jeter, fouled on the play2-0
18:292-0Josh Sharma personal foul
18:16Emmanuel Akot missed jump shot2-0
18:15Chase Jeter offensive rebound2-0
18:152-0Oscar Da Silva personal foul
18:15Chase Jeter, fouled on the play2-0
18:11Chase Jeter, fouled on the play2-0
18:112-0Josh Sharma personal foul two shots
18:11+13-0Lukas Kisunas sub in
18:113-0Josh Sharma sub out
18:11Chase Jeter made free throw 1 of 23-0
18:11Chase Jeter made free throw 2 of 2+14-0
17:58Chase Jeter personal foul4-0
17:584-0Cormac Ryan, fouled on the play
17:584-0Cormac Ryan missed layup
17:584-0Lukas Kisunas offensive rebound
17:544-0Daejon Davis missed jump shot
17:51Emmanuel Akot defensive rebound4-0
17:47Brandon Williams made 3-point field goal+37-0
17:227-0Daejon Davis missed jump shot
17:207-0Daejon Davis fouled on the play
17:20Justin Coleman personal foul two shots7-0
17:207-0Daejon Davis offensive rebound
17:027-1+1Daejon Davis made free throw 1 of 2
17:02Ira Lee sub in7-1
17:02Chase Jeter sub out7-1
17:027-2+1Daejon Davis made free throw 2 of 2
16:44Justin Coleman assist+310-2
16:44Brandon Williams made 3-point field goal10-2
16:1210-4+2Kezie Okpala assist
16:1210-4Oscar Da Silva made dunk
16:1210-4Oscar Da Silva, fouled on the play
16:12Ira Lee personal foul, 1 free throw10-4
16:1210-5+1Oscar Da Silva made free throw 1 of 1
15:56media timeout10-4+-1
15:56Emmanuel Akot sub out10-5+1
15:5610-5Cormac Ryan personal foul
15:56Ryan Luther sub in10-5
15:56Brandon Randolph, fouled on the play10-5
15:56Dylan Smith sub in10-5
15:56Brandon Williams sub out10-5
15:43Ira Lee turnover10-5
15:4310-5Daejon Davis steal
15:3710-7+2Daejon Davis offensive rebound
15:37Ira Lee sub out10-7
15:3710-7Kezie Okpala missed free throw 1 of 1
15:3710-7Kezie Okpala fouled on the play
15:37Ira Lee personal foul, 1 free throw10-7
15:37Chase Jeter sub in10-7
15:3710-7Kezie Okpala made dunk
15:3710-7Daejon Davis assist
15:3510-7Daejon Davis turnover
15:35Chase Jeter, fouled on the play10-7
15:3510-7Daejon Davis, foul offensive
15:15Chase Jeter missed hook shot10-7
15:1110-7Lukas Kisunas defensive rebound
14:57Ryan Luther steal10-7
14:5710-7Cormac Ryan turnover
14:51Ryan Luther missed 3-point jump shot10-7
14:4510-7Lukas Kisunas turnover
14:4510-7Cormac Ryan sub out
14:4510-7Lukas Kisunas defensive rebound
14:45Justin Coleman sub out10-7
14:4510-7Bryce Wills sub in
14:45Brandon Williams sub in10-7
14:31Ryan Luther assist+212-7
14:31Chase Jeter made hook shot12-7
14:1712-9+2Daejon Davis made layup
14:00Chase Jeter missed jump shot12-9
13:5712-9Kezie Okpala defensive rebound
13:4612-9Lukas Kisunas, fouled on the play
13:46Brandon Randolph sub out12-9
13:46Justin Coleman sub in12-9
13:46Chase Jeter sub out12-9
13:4612-9Kezie Okpala missed jump shot
13:4612-9Team deadball rebound
13:46Chase Jeter personal foul12-9
13:46Dylan Smith sub out12-9
13:46Ira Lee sub in12-9
13:46Devonaire Doutrive sub in12-9
13:4012-9Oscar Da Silva turnover, travel
13:21Ira Lee missed jump shot12-9
13:1812-9Lukas Kisunas defensive rebound
13:0512-11+2Kezie Okpala made turnaround jumper
12:5630-second timeout12-11
12:5412-11Jaiden Delaire sub in
12:54Brandon Williams sub out12-11
12:5412-11Oscar Da Silva sub out
12:54Dylan Smith sub in12-11
12:38Ryan Luther made layup+214-11
12:2014-11Lukas Kisunas missed layup
12:18Ira Lee defensive rebound14-11
12:08Ira Lee made dunk+216-11
12:08Ryan Luther assist16-11
11:4816-13+2Kezie Okpala made layup
11:37Ryan Luther made jump shot+218-13
11:37Dylan Smith assist18-13
11:2318-13Bryce Wills sub out
11:2318-13Lukas Kisunas sub out
11:2318-13Cormac Ryan sub in
11:23Brandon Williams sub in18-13
11:23Ryan Luther sub out18-13
11:23media timeout18-13
11:2318-13Bryce Wills turnover
11:2318-13Oscar Da Silva sub in
11:23Emmanuel Akot sub in18-13
11:23Justin Coleman sub out18-13
11:1418-13Cormac Ryan steal
11:14Brandon Williams turnover18-13
11:0918-13Kezie Okpala fouled on the play
11:09Brandon Williams personal foul two shots18-13
11:09Justin Coleman sub in18-14+1
11:09Devonaire Doutrive sub out18-14
11:09Brandon Randolph sub in18-14
11:09Brandon Williams sub out18-14
11:0918-14Kezie Okpala made free throw 1 of 2
11:0918-15+1Kezie Okpala made free throw 2 of 2
10:55Justin Coleman made jump shot+220-15
10:3920-17+2Kezie Okpala made dunk
10:18Emmanuel Akot missed jump shot20-17
10:1420-17Daejon Davis defensive rebound
10:0220-17Jaiden Delaire missed hook shot
09:58Emmanuel Akot defensive rebound20-17
09:56Justin Coleman made 3-point field goal+323-17
09:56Emmanuel Akot assist23-17
09:4223-17Daejon Davis missed layup
09:36Brandon Randolph defensive rebound23-17
09:35Brandon Randolph missed jump shot23-17
09:3423-17Team defensive rebound
09:34Ryan Luther sub in23-17
09:34Emmanuel Akot sub out23-17
09:2223-19+2Oscar Da Silva made layup
09:2223-19Daejon Davis assist
09:0823-19Jaiden Delaire sub out
09:08Dylan Smith turnover23-19
09:0823-19Bryce Wills sub in
08:5423-19Oscar Da Silva, fouled on the play
08:54Ira Lee personal foul two shots23-19
08:54Emmanuel Akot sub in23-20+1
08:54Ira Lee sub out23-20
08:5423-20Oscar Da Silva made free throw 1 of 2
08:5423-21+1Daejon Davis sub out
08:5423-21Lukas Kisunas sub in
08:5423-21Oscar Da Silva made free throw 2 of 2
08:41Justin Coleman missed jump shot23-21
08:3923-21Kezie Okpala defensive rebound
08:3423-21Kezie Okpala, fouled on the play
08:34Dylan Smith personal foul, one and one23-21
08:34Team deadball rebound23-22+1
08:3423-22Kezie Okpala made free throw 1 of 2
08:3423-22Kezie Okpala missed free throw 2 of 2
08:34Brandon Randolph, fouled on the play23-22
08:3423-22Lukas Kisunas personal foul
08:26Emmanuel Akot turnover, travel23-22
08:1423-22Oscar Da Silva turnover
08:01Ryan Luther missed jump shot (blocked)23-22
08:0123-22Oscar Da Silva block
07:5623-22Cormac Ryan defensive rebound
07:56Dylan Smith sub out23-22
07:5623-22Daejon Davis sub in
07:5623-22Cormac Ryan sub out
07:56Brandon Williams sub in23-22
07:56media timeout23-22
07:5623-22Bryce Wills fouled on the play
07:56Dylan Smith personal foul, one and one23-22
07:5623-23+1Bryce Wills made free throw 1 of 2
07:5623-23Bryce Wills missed free throw 2 of 2
07:54Brandon Williams defensive rebound23-23
07:44Emmanuel Akot missed jump shot23-23
07:4123-23Lukas Kisunas defensive rebound
07:2723-23Lukas Kisunas turnover, three seconds
07:14Brandon Randolph missed jump shot in transition23-23
07:1123-23Bryce Wills defensive rebound
07:05Emmanuel Akot steal23-23
07:0523-23Daejon Davis turnover
06:53Brandon Williams turnover23-23
06:5323-23Oscar Da Silva steal
06:3723-23Bryce Wills sub out
06:3723-23Trevor Stanback sub in
06:3723-23Lukas Kisunas sub out
06:3723-23Cormac Ryan sub in
06:37Dylan Smith sub in23-23
06:37Emmanuel Akot sub out23-23
06:3123-23Daejon Davis, fouled on the play
06:31Ryan Luther personal foul two shots23-23
06:3123-24+1Daejon Davis made free throw 1 of 2
06:3123-25+1Daejon Davis made free throw 2 of 2
06:18Ryan Luther made 3-point field goal+326-25
06:18Justin Coleman assist26-25
06:0126-25Cormac Ryan missed 3-point field goal
05:58Brandon Randolph defensive rebound26-25
05:4926-25Trevor Stanback, fouled on the play
05:49Brandon Williams missed 3-point field goal26-25
05:4926-25Team deadball rebound
05:49Ryan Luther personal foul two shots26-25
05:4926-25Trevor Stanback missed free throw 1 of 2
05:4926-25Team deadball rebound
05:4926-25Bryce Wills sub in
05:4926-25Trevor Stanback missed free throw 2 of 2
05:49Dylan Smith defensive rebound26-25
05:4926-25Kezie Okpala sub out
05:4126-25Trevor Stanback fouled on the play
05:41Ryan Luther turnover26-25
05:41Ryan Luther sub out26-25
05:41Ira Lee sub in26-25
05:41Ryan Luther, foul offensive26-25
05:3226-25Trevor Stanback turnover, travel
05:18Brandon Randolph made 3-point field goal in transition+329-25
05:18Justin Coleman assist29-25
04:5729-27+2Bryce Wills made layup
04:44Dylan Smith missed jump shot29-27
04:3929-27Oscar Da Silva defensive rebound
04:3129-29+2Daejon Davis made layup
04:11Brandon Williams assist+332-29
04:11Brandon Randolph made 3-point field goal32-29
04:0232-2930-second timeout
04:0232-29Cormac Ryan sub out
04:02Brandon Williams sub out32-29
04:0232-29Kezie Okpala sub in
04:0232-29Trevor Stanback sub out
04:0232-29Lukas Kisunas sub in
04:02Devonaire Doutrive sub in32-29
04:02media timeout32-29
03:3832-29Kezie Okpala missed layup
03:3732-29Kezie Okpala offensive rebound
03:37Devonaire Doutrive personal foul two shots32-29
03:3732-29Kezie Okpala missed free throw 1 of 2
03:3732-29Team deadball rebound
03:3732-29Kezie Okpala fouled on the play
03:3532-29Kezie Okpala missed free throw 2 of 2
03:32Ira Lee defensive rebound32-29
03:20Devonaire Doutrive assist+234-29
03:20Ira Lee made dunk34-29
03:0834-31+2Cormac Ryan sub in
03:0834-31Lukas Kisunas sub out
03:0834-31Daejon Davis made layup
02:56Devonaire Doutrive, fouled on the play34-31
02:5634-31Bryce Wills personal foul, one and one
02:54Devonaire Doutrive missed free throw 1 of 134-31
02:5334-31Daejon Davis defensive rebound
02:40Dylan Smith steal34-31
02:4034-31Kezie Okpala turnover
02:37Dylan Smith turnover34-31
02:1634-31Daejon Davis turnover
02:11Brandon Randolph missed layup off turnover34-31
02:06Ira Lee offensive rebound34-31
02:06Ira Lee made dunk+236-31
01:5036-34+3Cormac Ryan assist
01:5036-34Daejon Davis made 3-point field goal
01:34Ira Lee made close-range jump shot+238-34
01:1938-34Oscar Da Silva missed 3-point field goal
01:14Devonaire Doutrive defensive rebound38-34
01:0938-34Bryce Wills block
01:09Ira Lee missed layup (blocked)38-34
01:0438-34Daejon Davis defensive rebound
01:0438-36+2Kezie Okpala made layup
00:35Brandon Randolph missed layup38-36
00:33Brandon Randolph offensive rebound38-36
00:3238-36Oscar Da Silva block
00:32Brandon Randolph offensive rebound38-36
00:3238-36Cormac Ryan sub out
00:32Brandon Randolph missed layup (blocked)38-36
00:32Emmanuel Akot sub in38-36
00:32Ira Lee sub out38-36
00:3238-36Jaiden Delaire sub in
00:32Justin Coleman, fouled on the play38-36
00:3238-36Cormac Ryan personal foul two shots
00:32Justin Coleman made free throw 1 of 2+139-36
00:32Justin Coleman made free throw 2 of 2+140-36
00:3040-36Isaac White sub in
00:3040-36Bryce Wills sub out
00:3040-3630-second timeout
00:0040-38+2Daejon Davis made layup
00:00End of period40-38
Time   Arizona PTS   Score   PTS Stanford
20:0040-38Isaac White sub out
20:0040-38Josh Sharma sub in
20:00Brandon Williams sub in40-38
20:0040-38Jaiden Delaire sub out
20:00Start of period40-38
20:00Devonaire Doutrive sub out40-38
20:00Dylan Smith sub out40-38
20:00Chase Jeter sub in40-38
20:0040-38Cormac Ryan sub in
19:5040-38Josh Sharma missed layup
19:4640-38Oscar Da Silva offensive rebound
19:4540-38Oscar Da Silva missed putback layup
19:41Emmanuel Akot defensive rebound40-38
19:36Emmanuel Akot made close-range jump shot+242-38
19:36Brandon Randolph assist42-38
19:1642-40+2Oscar Da Silva assist
19:1642-40Kezie Okpala made layup
18:58Chase Jeter missed hook shot42-40
18:5442-40Kezie Okpala defensive rebound
18:4542-40Oscar Da Silva missed 3-point field goal
18:43Team defensive rebound42-40
18:2842-40Josh Sharma block
18:28Chase Jeter missed layup (blocked)42-40
18:27Jump ball held ball42-40
18:27Chase Jeter offensive rebound42-40
18:11Justin Coleman missed 3-point jump shot42-40
18:0742-40Oscar Da Silva defensive rebound
17:5242-42+2Josh Sharma made dunk
17:5242-42Kezie Okpala assist
17:3042-42Josh Sharma block
17:30Brandon Williams missed layup (blocked)42-42
17:2642-42Oscar Da Silva defensive rebound
17:1442-42Kezie Okpala, fouled on the play
17:14Chase Jeter personal foul two shots42-42
17:1442-43+1Kezie Okpala made free throw 1 of 2
17:1442-44+1Kezie Okpala made free throw 2 of 2
17:01Emmanuel Akot turnover42-44
17:0142-44Kezie Okpala steal
16:5642-46+2Kezie Okpala assist
16:5642-46Cormac Ryan made layup off turnover
16:53media timeout42-46
16:53Ryan Luther sub in42-46
16:53Emmanuel Akot sub out42-46
16:5330-second timeout42-46
16:40Brandon Randolph, fouled on the play42-46
16:4042-46Daejon Davis personal foul
16:32Justin Coleman missed jump shot42-46
16:2942-46Josh Sharma defensive rebound
16:2242-46Oscar Da Silva, fouled on the play
16:22Brandon Williams personal foul42-46
16:2142-46Josh Sharma turnover
16:05Chase Jeter made layup off turnover+244-46
16:05Ryan Luther assist44-46
15:4844-46Oscar Da Silva turnover, travel
15:46media timeout44-46
15:3344-46Cormac Ryan personal foul
15:3344-46Cormac Ryan sub out
15:3344-46Bryce Wills sub in
15:33Brandon Williams, fouled on the play44-46
15:29Brandon Randolph missed jump shot44-46
15:24Chase Jeter offensive rebound44-46
15:19Ryan Luther missed jump shot44-46
15:1644-46Bryce Wills defensive rebound
15:0044-46Daejon Davis turnover
14:40Brandon Randolph missed layup (blocked)44-46
14:4044-46Oscar Da Silva block
14:35Chase Jeter offensive rebound44-46
14:13Brandon Randolph missed 3-point jump shot44-46
14:1044-46Bryce Wills defensive rebound
14:00Dylan Smith sub in44-46
14:0044-46Kezie Okpala, fouled on the play
14:00Brandon Randolph sub out44-46
14:00Brandon Randolph personal foul44-46
13:4844-46Oscar Da Silva missed hook shot
13:47Team defensive rebound44-46
13:3644-46Josh Sharma personal foul
13:36Chase Jeter, fouled on the play44-46
13:3644-46Josh Sharma sub out
13:3644-46Lukas Kisunas sub in
13:28Chase Jeter missed jump shot44-46
13:2444-46Kezie Okpala defensive rebound
13:1344-48+2Kezie Okpala made turnaround jumper
12:52Justin Coleman missed layup44-48
12:4944-48Lukas Kisunas defensive rebound
12:4244-50+2Bryce Wills made layup
12:22+246-50Lukas Kisunas personal foul, 1 free throw
12:22Dylan Smith made layup46-50
12:2246-50Daejon Davis sub out
12:22Dylan Smith, fouled on the play46-50
12:22Brandon Williams sub out46-50
12:22Brandon Randolph sub in46-50
12:2246-50Jaiden Delaire sub in
12:22Dylan Smith made free throw 1 of 1+147-50
12:0447-52+2Kezie Okpala made close-range jump shot
11:34Justin Coleman made close-range jump shot+249-52
11:1049-52Kezie Okpala turnover
11:1049-52Jaiden Delaire sub out
11:10Dylan Smith, fouled on the play49-52
11:10media timeout49-52
11:1049-52Kezie Okpala, foul offensive
11:1049-52Daejon Davis sub in
10:51Ryan Luther made layup off turnover+251-52
10:51Dylan Smith assist51-52
10:51Ryan Luther, fouled on the play51-52
10:5151-52Lukas Kisunas personal foul, 1 free throw
10:51+152-52Lukas Kisunas sub out
10:5152-52Josh Sharma sub in
10:51Ryan Luther made free throw 1 of 152-52
10:3552-52Bryce Wills, foul offensive
10:3552-52Bryce Wills turnover
10:35Justin Coleman, fouled on the play52-52
10:16Brandon Randolph made 3-point field goal in transition+355-52
10:16Justin Coleman assist55-52
09:4755-52Kezie Okpala missed layup
09:43Ryan Luther defensive rebound55-52
09:35Ryan Luther missed 3-point field goal55-52
09:3055-52Kezie Okpala defensive rebound
09:1555-52Kezie Okpala missed 3-point field goal
09:13Brandon Randolph defensive rebound55-52
08:53Brandon Randolph missed jump shot55-52
08:52Ryan Luther sub out55-52
08:52Emmanuel Akot sub in55-52
08:5255-5230-second timeout
08:5255-52Oscar Da Silva sub out
08:5255-52Cormac Ryan sub in
08:52Brandon Randolph offensive rebound55-52
08:5255-52Jaiden Delaire sub in
08:5255-52Bryce Wills sub out
08:52Brandon Randolph, fouled on the play55-52
08:5255-52Daejon Davis personal foul, one and one
08:52Brandon Randolph made free throw 1 of 2+156-52
08:52Brandon Randolph made free throw 2 of 2+157-52
08:3757-54+2Josh Sharma made layup
08:3757-54Daejon Davis assist
08:09Brandon Randolph made jump shot+259-54
07:5259-54Kezie Okpala, fouled on the play
07:52media timeout59-54
07:52Dylan Smith personal foul59-54
07:4759-54Cormac Ryan sub out
07:4759-54Daejon Davis turnover
07:47Emmanuel Akot sub out59-54
07:4759-54Bryce Wills sub in
07:4759-54Jaiden Delaire sub out
07:4759-54Oscar Da Silva sub in
07:47Ryan Luther sub in59-54
07:37Dylan Smith turnover59-54
07:28Ira Lee sub in59-54
07:2859-54Daejon Davis, fouled on the play
07:28Brandon Randolph defensive rebound59-54
07:28Chase Jeter sub out59-54
07:28Chase Jeter personal foul two shots59-54
07:2859-54Team deadball rebound
07:2859-54Daejon Davis missed free throw 1 of 2
07:2859-54Daejon Davis missed free throw 2 of 2
07:28Dylan Smith sub out59-54
07:28Brandon Williams sub in59-54
07:2859-54Jump ball held ball
07:0959-54Daejon Davis, fouled on the play
07:09Justin Coleman personal foul59-54
07:05Brandon Williams steal59-54
07:0559-54Daejon Davis turnover
06:59Brandon Williams made fast break layup+261-54
06:3261-54Kezie Okpala missed 3-point field goal
06:30Brandon Williams defensive rebound61-54
06:0361-54Josh Sharma, fouled on the play
06:03Justin Coleman missed layup61-54
06:0361-54Team defensive rebound
06:03Ira Lee personal foul, one and one61-54
06:0261-54Josh Sharma missed free throw 1 of 1
05:59Justin Coleman defensive rebound61-54
05:5961-54Oscar Da Silva personal foul, one and one
05:59Justin Coleman, fouled on the play61-54
05:58Justin Coleman missed free throw 1 of 161-54
05:5761-54Josh Sharma defensive rebound
05:4261-56+2Kezie Okpala made layup
05:26Brandon Randolph missed jump shot61-56
05:2461-56Josh Sharma defensive rebound
04:5961-56Kezie Okpala turnover, travel
04:38Brandon Williams missed layup (blocked)61-56
04:3861-56Josh Sharma block
04:3561-56Josh Sharma defensive rebound
04:2561-58+2Bryce Wills made hook shot
04:01Ira Lee missed jump shot61-58
03:53Ryan Luther offensive rebound61-58
03:5361-58Josh Sharma defensive rebound
03:53Ryan Luther missed putback layup61-58
03:4661-60+2Kezie Okpala made hook shot
03:2861-60Kezie Okpala personal foul two shots
03:28Chase Jeter sub in61-60
03:28Brandon Randolph, fouled on the play61-60
03:28media timeout61-60
03:28Ira Lee sub out61-60
03:28Brandon Randolph made free throw 1 of 2+162-60
03:28Brandon Randolph made free throw 2 of 2+163-60
03:28Brandon Randolph sub out63-60
03:28Dylan Smith sub in63-60
03:1163-62+2Oscar Da Silva made hook shot
02:42Dylan Smith missed layup63-62
02:35Chase Jeter offensive rebound63-62
02:35Chase Jeter made putback layup+265-62
02:2265-64+2Kezie Okpala, fouled on the play
02:22Chase Jeter personal foul, 1 free throw65-64
02:2265-64Kezie Okpala made layup
02:22Chase Jeter sub out65-64
02:2265-64Kezie Okpala missed free throw 1 of 1
02:22Ira Lee sub in65-64
02:22Dylan Smith sub out65-64
02:22Brandon Randolph sub in65-64
02:21Ryan Luther defensive rebound65-64
02:10Brandon Williams made layup+267-64
01:5167-64Kezie Okpala, fouled on the play
01:51Brandon Randolph personal foul two shots67-64
01:5167-65+1Kezie Okpala made free throw 1 of 2
01:5167-66+1Kezie Okpala made free throw 2 of 2
01:44Brandon Williams, fouled on the play67-66
01:4467-66Bryce Wills personal foul two shots
01:44Dylan Smith sub in+168-66
01:44Ryan Luther sub out68-66
01:44Brandon Williams made free throw 1 of 268-66
01:44Brandon Williams made free throw 2 of 2+169-66
01:2269-66Oscar Da Silva missed 3-point field goal
01:1969-66Josh Sharma offensive rebound
01:1369-68+2Josh Sharma made alley-oop
01:1369-68Kezie Okpala assist
01:01full timeout69-68
01:01Dylan Smith sub out69-68
01:01Ryan Luther sub in69-68
00:41Ira Lee made layup+271-68
00:2471-68Daejon Davis missed jump shot
00:22Ira Lee defensive rebound71-68
00:21Justin Coleman, fouled on the play71-68
00:2171-68Josh Sharma personal foul two shots
00:21Ira Lee made free throw 1 of 2+172-68
00:21Ira Lee made free throw 2 of 2+173-68
00:20Dylan Smith sub in73-68
00:20Justin Coleman sub out73-68
00:1173-68Bryce Wills missed layup
00:0973-68Josh Sharma offensive rebound
00:0973-70+2Josh Sharma made putback layup
00:03Dylan Smith sub out73-70
00:0373-7030-second timeout
00:03Justin Coleman sub in73-70
00:02Brandon Randolph, fouled on the play73-70
00:0273-70Daejon Davis personal foul two shots
00:02Justin Coleman sub out+174-70
00:02Dylan Smith sub in74-70
00:02Brandon Randolph made free throw 1 of 274-70
00:02Brandon Randolph made free throw 2 of 2+175-70
00:00End of period+-273-70
00:00End of game73-70
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