Loyola (MD) vs. North Carolina State Box Score, December 28, 2018

Patriot League and Atlantic Coast Conference Scores — Dec 28, 2018

GT 87  
NCST (20)  97  
VT (10)  85  
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Line Score


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Play-By-Play Table
Time   Loyola (MD) PTS   Score   PTS North Carolina State
19:380-0Torin Dorn missed layup
19:38James Fives defensive rebound0-0
19:38James Fives shot block0-0
19:08KaVaughn Scott made layup+22-0
19:08Chuck Champion assist2-0
18:562-2+2CJ Bryce made 2-point jump shot
18:31James Fives missed 3-point jump shot2-2
18:312-2CJ Bryce defensive rebound
18:232-4+2Braxton Beverly made layup
18:232-4CJ Bryce assist
17:522-4Braxton Beverly foul
17:49Andrew Kostecka missed layup2-4
17:492-4Wyatt Walker defensive rebound
17:392-4CJ Bryce missed 3-point jump shot
17:39Chuck Champion defensive rebound2-4
17:19KaVaughn Scott missed layup2-4
17:192-4Wyatt Walker defensive rebound
17:08KaVaughn Scott foul2-4
17:082-5+1Wyatt Walker made free throw
17:082-5Wyatt Walker missed free throw
17:08Andrew Kostecka defensive rebound2-5
16:59KaVaughn Scott made dunk+24-5
16:59Isaiah Hart assist4-5
16:394-7+2Wyatt Walker made dunk
16:394-7Braxton Beverly assist
16:25Isaiah Hart turnover4-7
16:25Isaiah Hart foul4-7
16:204-7Braxton Beverly turnover
16:19Isaiah Hart steal4-7
16:13Andrew Kostecka missed 2-point jump shot4-7
16:13Andrew Kostecka offensive rebound4-7
16:10Andrew Kostecka made layup+26-7
15:376-7Braxton Beverly missed 3-point jump shot
15:37Loyola Maryland Greyhounds defensive rebound6-7
15:37Loyola Maryland Greyhounds full timeout6-7
15:376-7Blake Harris sub in
15:376-7Devon Daniels sub in
15:376-7Jericole Hellems sub in
15:376-7Eric Lockett sub in
15:376-7DJ Funderburk sub in
15:376-7Wyatt Walker sub out
15:376-7Braxton Beverly sub out
15:376-7CJ Bryce sub out
15:376-7Markell Johnson sub out
15:376-7Torin Dorn sub out
15:23KaVaughn Scott turnover6-7
15:106-7Blake Harris missed 2-point jump shot
15:10KaVaughn Scott defensive rebound6-7
14:586-7Devon Daniels foul
14:58Chuck Champion made free throw+17-7
14:58Chuck Champion made free throw+18-7
14:58Casmir Ochiaka sub in8-7
14:58Sam Norton sub in8-7
14:58KaVaughn Scott sub out8-7
14:58James Fives sub out8-7
14:488-9+2Jericole Hellems made 2-point jump shot
14:37Isaiah Hart missed layup8-9
14:378-9DJ Funderburk shot block
14:37Loyola Maryland Greyhounds offensive rebound8-9
14:26Andrew Kostecka missed 2-point jump shot8-9
14:26Sam Norton offensive rebound8-9
14:10Chuck Champion missed 3-point jump shot8-9
14:108-9DJ Funderburk defensive rebound
13:498-11+2Eric Lockett made layup
13:49Casmir Ochiaka foul8-11
13:498-12+1Eric Lockett made free throw
13:17Loyola Maryland Greyhounds turnover8-12
13:17Kenneth Jones sub in8-12
13:17KaVaughn Scott sub in8-12
13:17Casmir Ochiaka sub out8-12
13:17Isaiah Hart sub out8-12
13:048-14+2Blake Harris made layup
13:008-14Blake Harris foul
12:498-14Eric Lockett foul
12:46Kenneth Jones made 3-point jump shot+311-14
12:46Andrew Kostecka assist11-14
12:3511-17+3Eric Lockett made 3-point jump shot
12:3511-17Devon Daniels assist
12:2211-17Blake Harris foul
12:22Andrew Kostecka made free throw+112-17
12:22Andrew Kostecka made free throw+113-17
12:22Isaiah Hart sub in13-17
12:22Chuck Champion sub out13-17
12:2213-17Braxton Beverly sub in
12:2213-17Blake Harris sub out
12:1613-17Eric Lockett turnover
11:51KaVaughn Scott missed layup13-17
11:5113-17Jericole Hellems shot block
11:4913-17Braxton Beverly defensive rebound
11:4413-20+3Jericole Hellems made 3-point jump shot
11:4413-20Devon Daniels assist
11:29Sam Norton missed 3-point jump shot13-20
11:29Andrew Kostecka offensive rebound13-20
11:25Andrew Kostecka made layup+215-20
11:1015-20Jericole Hellems missed layup
11:10Andrew Kostecka defensive rebound15-20
11:0515-20Braxton Beverly foul
11:05Media timeout15-20
11:05Andrew Kostecka made free throw+116-20
11:05Andrew Kostecka missed free throw16-20
11:0516-20Wyatt Walker defensive rebound
11:05James Fives sub in16-20
11:05Sam Norton sub out16-20
11:0516-20Wyatt Walker sub in
11:0516-20Markell Johnson sub in
11:0516-20CJ Bryce sub in
11:0516-20Torin Dorn sub in
11:0516-20Braxton Beverly sub out
11:0516-20Jericole Hellems sub out
11:0516-20Eric Lockett sub out
11:0516-20DJ Funderburk sub out
10:5716-20Devon Daniels turnover
10:56Andrew Kostecka steal16-20
10:51James Fives missed layup16-20
10:51Andrew Kostecka offensive rebound16-20
10:47Andrew Kostecka missed layup16-20
10:4716-20Devon Daniels shot block
10:45Andrew Kostecka offensive rebound16-20
10:45Andrew Kostecka turnover16-20
10:2516-20Torin Dorn missed 2-point jump shot
10:25Andrew Kostecka defensive rebound16-20
10:16KaVaughn Scott missed layup16-20
10:1616-20Wyatt Walker shot block
10:1616-20Wyatt Walker defensive rebound
09:5316-22+2Torin Dorn made dunk
09:5316-22Markell Johnson assist
09:37Andrew Kostecka made layup+218-22
09:37KaVaughn Scott assist18-22
09:2618-22Markell Johnson turnover
09:25KaVaughn Scott steal18-22
09:17Isaiah Hart missed 2-point jump shot18-22
09:1718-22Torin Dorn defensive rebound
09:0918-24+2Torin Dorn made layup
08:50KaVaughn Scott missed layup18-24
08:5018-24Markell Johnson defensive rebound
08:5018-24CJ Bryce shot block
08:4518-26+2Torin Dorn made dunk
08:4518-26Markell Johnson assist
08:20Kenneth Jones made 3-point jump shot+321-26
08:0321-26Wyatt Walker turnover
08:0321-26Wyatt Walker foul
08:03Sam Norton sub in21-26
08:03Chuck Champion sub in21-26
08:03Casmir Ochiaka sub in21-26
08:03Andrew Kostecka sub out21-26
08:03KaVaughn Scott sub out21-26
08:03James Fives sub out21-26
07:56Sam Norton turnover21-26
07:56Sam Norton foul21-26
07:3821-28+2Wyatt Walker made layup
07:3821-28Markell Johnson assist
07:12Chuck Champion made 2-point jump shot+223-28
07:12Sam Norton assist23-28
06:5623-28Markell Johnson turnover
06:55Kenneth Jones steal23-28
06:41Casmir Ochiaka made layup+225-28
06:41Isaiah Hart assist25-28
06:2725-28Torin Dorn missed 3-point jump shot
06:27Sam Norton defensive rebound25-28
06:08Kenneth Jones missed 2-point jump shot25-28
06:0825-28CJ Bryce shot block
06:0625-28CJ Bryce defensive rebound
06:05Isaiah Hart foul25-28
06:05Andrew Kostecka sub in25-28
06:05Kenneth Jones sub out25-28
06:0525-28Jericole Hellems sub in
06:0525-28Devon Daniels sub out
05:4625-28Markell Johnson missed layup
05:46Casmir Ochiaka defensive rebound25-28
05:44KaVaughn Scott sub in25-28
05:44Kenneth Jones sub in25-28
05:44Isaiah Hart sub out25-28
05:44Casmir Ochiaka sub out25-28
05:4425-28Blake Harris sub in
05:4425-28Markell Johnson sub out
05:23Andrew Kostecka turnover25-28
05:1725-31+3CJ Bryce made 3-point jump shot
05:1725-31Blake Harris assist
05:08Andrew Kostecka missed layup25-31
05:0825-31Wyatt Walker shot block
05:08Loyola Maryland Greyhounds offensive rebound25-31
04:54KaVaughn Scott missed layup25-31
04:54KaVaughn Scott offensive rebound25-31
04:51KaVaughn Scott missed layup25-31
04:5125-31Torin Dorn defensive rebound
04:45KaVaughn Scott foul25-31
04:45Casmir Ochiaka sub in25-31
04:45KaVaughn Scott sub out25-31
04:4525-31DJ Funderburk sub in
04:4525-31Wyatt Walker sub out
04:4225-31Jericole Hellems missed 2-point jump shot
04:4225-31CJ Bryce offensive rebound
04:3925-33+2CJ Bryce made layup
04:15Chuck Champion made layup+227-33
04:15Casmir Ochiaka assist27-33
04:0527-33Blake Harris turnover
04:05James Fives sub in27-33
04:05Sam Norton sub out27-33
03:58Chuck Champion missed 3-point jump shot27-33
03:5827-33DJ Funderburk defensive rebound
03:5327-33DJ Funderburk turnover
03:52Kenneth Jones steal27-33
03:51Andrew Kostecka turnover27-33
03:51Andrew Kostecka foul27-33
03:5127-33Media timeout
03:51Isaiah Hart sub in27-33
03:51Kenneth Jones sub out27-33
03:2527-35+2DJ Funderburk made 2-point jump shot
03:2527-35Blake Harris assist
02:51Chuck Champion missed 2-point jump shot27-35
02:5127-35Blake Harris defensive rebound
02:4627-35Jericole Hellems missed 3-point jump shot
02:4627-35Jericole Hellems offensive rebound
02:4127-35Jericole Hellems turnover
02:4127-35Blake Harris foul
02:41Andrew Kostecka made free throw+128-35
02:41Andrew Kostecka missed free throw28-35
02:4128-35DJ Funderburk defensive rebound
02:41Kenneth Jones sub in28-35
02:41Isaiah Hart sub out28-35
02:4128-35Devon Daniels sub in
02:4128-35Blake Harris sub out
02:2928-37+2CJ Bryce made layup
02:00Chuck Champion made 2-point jump shot+230-37
01:3630-37Torin Dorn turnover
01:36Chuck Champion steal30-37
01:29Andrew Kostecka missed 3-point jump shot30-37
01:2930-37Torin Dorn defensive rebound
01:2330-39+2Jericole Hellems made layup
01:2330-39Torin Dorn assist
01:23Kenneth Jones foul30-39
01:2330-40+1Jericole Hellems made free throw
01:23Sam Norton sub in30-40
01:23Chuck Champion sub out30-40
01:2330-40Eric Lockett sub in
01:2330-40CJ Bryce sub out
01:11James Fives turnover30-40
01:1030-40Devon Daniels steal
01:0730-42+2Jericole Hellems made layup
01:0730-42Devon Daniels assist
00:48Sam Norton turnover30-42
00:4730-42Devon Daniels steal
00:4530-44+2Devon Daniels made layup
00:44Sam Norton foul30-44
00:44Loyola Maryland Greyhounds 30-second timeout30-44
00:4430-45+1Devon Daniels made free throw
00:44Chuck Champion sub in30-45
00:44James Fives sub out30-45
00:31Sam Norton missed 2-point jump shot30-45
00:3130-45Eric Lockett defensive rebound
00:2230-45North Carolina State Wolfpack 30-second timeout
00:0130-45Torin Dorn missed 3-point jump shot
00:0030-45Eric Lockett offensive rebound
Time   Loyola (MD) PTS   Score   PTS North Carolina State
19:36KaVaughn Scott turnover30-45
19:3630-45CJ Bryce steal
19:3130-48+3Braxton Beverly made 3-point jump shot
19:3130-48CJ Bryce assist
19:10Isaiah Hart turnover30-48
19:0130-50+2Torin Dorn made dunk
19:0130-50Markell Johnson assist
18:43Chuck Champion made layup+232-50
18:43Andrew Kostecka assist32-50
18:2032-50Wyatt Walker missed layup
18:2032-50Torin Dorn offensive rebound
18:19Jaylin Andrews sub in32-50
18:19James Fives sub out32-50
18:1332-50Torin Dorn missed 2-point jump shot
18:1332-50Wyatt Walker offensive rebound
18:0332-50Markell Johnson missed layup
18:03KaVaughn Scott defensive rebound32-50
17:58Chuck Champion missed 3-point jump shot32-50
17:5832-50Torin Dorn defensive rebound
17:5032-52+2CJ Bryce made layup
17:5032-52Torin Dorn assist
17:27KaVaughn Scott turnover32-52
17:27Casmir Ochiaka sub in32-52
17:27KaVaughn Scott sub out32-52
17:2732-52DJ Funderburk sub in
17:2732-52Wyatt Walker sub out
17:2132-52DJ Funderburk turnover
17:2132-52DJ Funderburk foul
17:17Andrew Kostecka made 3-point jump shot+335-52
17:17Jaylin Andrews assist35-52
16:4935-54+2DJ Funderburk made 2-point jump shot
16:4935-54CJ Bryce assist
16:32Isaiah Hart missed 3-point jump shot35-54
16:3235-54Braxton Beverly defensive rebound
16:2535-54Braxton Beverly turnover
16:09Andrew Kostecka made 2-point jump shot+237-54
15:4737-54CJ Bryce turnover
15:45Casmir Ochiaka steal37-54
15:36Media timeout37-54
15:3637-54Eric Lockett sub in
15:3637-54Devon Daniels sub in
15:3637-54CJ Bryce sub out
15:3637-54Markell Johnson sub out
15:35Andrew Kostecka made 2-point jump shot+239-54
15:35Isaiah Hart assist39-54
15:0539-54Torin Dorn missed 2-point jump shot
15:0539-54DJ Funderburk offensive rebound
15:0239-54DJ Funderburk missed layup
15:0239-54Eric Lockett offensive rebound
14:5839-56+2Eric Lockett made 2-point jump shot
14:41KaVaughn Scott sub in39-56
14:41Casmir Ochiaka sub out39-56
14:4139-56Jericole Hellems sub in
14:4139-56Torin Dorn sub out
14:3539-56DJ Funderburk foul
14:22Andrew Kostecka made 2-point jump shot+241-56
14:0341-56Eric Lockett turnover
14:02Chuck Champion steal41-56
13:58Chuck Champion made layup+243-56
13:4043-58+2Braxton Beverly made 2-point jump shot
13:17Andrew Kostecka missed 3-point jump shot43-58
13:1743-58Jericole Hellems defensive rebound
13:1043-60+2Devon Daniels made layup
13:1043-60Jericole Hellems assist
13:06Jaylin Andrews turnover43-60
12:50Andrew Kostecka foul43-60
12:3743-63+3Braxton Beverly made 3-point jump shot
12:3743-63Devon Daniels assist
12:3443-63Wyatt Walker sub in
12:3443-63DJ Funderburk sub out
12:2343-63Wyatt Walker foul
12:23Isaiah Hart made free throw+144-63
12:23Isaiah Hart made free throw+145-63
12:23Kenneth Jones sub in45-63
12:23Chuck Champion sub out45-63
12:1145-63Devon Daniels turnover
11:58KaVaughn Scott turnover45-63
11:5745-63Braxton Beverly steal
11:54KaVaughn Scott foul45-63
11:5445-63Media timeout
11:5445-64+1Jericole Hellems made free throw
11:5445-65+1Jericole Hellems made free throw
11:32Jaylin Andrews missed 3-point jump shot45-65
11:3245-65Jericole Hellems defensive rebound
11:2145-65Jericole Hellems turnover
11:2145-65Jericole Hellems foul
11:00Andrew Kostecka turnover45-65
10:5845-65Eric Lockett steal
10:5645-67+2Devon Daniels made dunk
10:5645-67Jericole Hellems assist
10:38Isaiah Hart turnover45-67
10:3745-67Jericole Hellems steal
10:3245-69+2Wyatt Walker made layup
10:3245-69Jericole Hellems assist
10:20Isaiah Hart made 2-point jump shot+247-69
10:18Loyola Maryland Greyhounds 30-second timeout47-69
10:18Casmir Ochiaka sub in47-69
10:18Chuck Champion sub in47-69
10:18Luke Johnson sub in47-69
10:18KaVaughn Scott sub out47-69
10:18Isaiah Hart sub out47-69
10:18Jaylin Andrews sub out47-69
09:5847-72+3Braxton Beverly made 3-point jump shot
09:5847-72Devon Daniels assist
09:50Andrew Kostecka made 3-point jump shot+350-72
09:50Kenneth Jones assist50-72
09:31Casmir Ochiaka foul50-72
09:3150-73+1Devon Daniels made free throw
09:3150-74+1Devon Daniels made free throw
09:3150-74CJ Bryce sub in
09:3150-74Torin Dorn sub in
09:3150-74Eric Lockett sub out
09:3150-74Jericole Hellems sub out
09:2150-74Wyatt Walker foul
09:21Andrew Kostecka missed free throw50-74
09:21Loyola Maryland Greyhounds deadball rebound50-74
09:21Andrew Kostecka made free throw+151-74
09:0451-76+2Wyatt Walker made layup
09:0451-76Devon Daniels assist
08:45Chuck Champion turnover51-76
08:4451-76CJ Bryce steal
08:4151-76Devon Daniels missed 3-point jump shot
08:41Chuck Champion defensive rebound51-76
08:3851-76Wyatt Walker foul
08:17Casmir Ochiaka missed 2-point jump shot51-76
08:1751-76Wyatt Walker shot block
08:1551-76Braxton Beverly defensive rebound
08:0751-76Braxton Beverly turnover
08:06Chuck Champion steal51-76
08:02Andrew Kostecka made dunk+253-76
08:0053-76North Carolina State Wolfpack full timeout
08:00KaVaughn Scott sub in53-76
08:00Jaylin Andrews sub in53-76
08:00Isaiah Hart sub in53-76
08:00Andrew Kostecka sub out53-76
08:00Casmir Ochiaka sub out53-76
08:00Kenneth Jones sub out53-76
07:3953-76Braxton Beverly missed 3-point jump shot
07:3953-76CJ Bryce offensive rebound
07:3153-76Torin Dorn missed 2-point jump shot
07:31KaVaughn Scott defensive rebound53-76
07:22Isaiah Hart turnover53-76
07:2253-76CJ Bryce steal
07:1653-79+3Torin Dorn made 3-point jump shot
07:1653-79Braxton Beverly assist
06:50Jaylin Andrews missed layup53-79
06:5053-79Wyatt Walker shot block
06:4953-79Torin Dorn defensive rebound
06:45Luke Johnson foul53-79
06:4553-80+1Torin Dorn made free throw
06:4553-81+1Torin Dorn made free throw
06:45Andrew Kostecka sub in53-81
06:45Luke Johnson sub out53-81
06:4553-81Jericole Hellems sub in
06:4553-81Wyatt Walker sub out
06:34Isaiah Hart made layup+255-81
06:1555-81Torin Dorn turnover
06:11Andrew Kostecka steal55-81
06:10Andrew Kostecka turnover55-81
06:1055-81Jericole Hellems steal
06:0855-81CJ Bryce missed 2-point jump shot
06:0855-81Torin Dorn offensive rebound
05:4955-83+2Jericole Hellems made layup
05:23Chuck Champion missed 2-point jump shot55-83
05:2355-83CJ Bryce shot block
05:2055-83CJ Bryce defensive rebound
05:1655-85+2CJ Bryce made layup
04:5955-85CJ Bryce foul
04:59Andrew Kostecka made free throw+156-85
04:59Andrew Kostecka made free throw+157-85
04:59Luke Johnson sub in57-85
04:59Chuck Champion sub out57-85
04:5957-85Eric Lockett sub in
04:5957-85Braxton Beverly sub out
04:4757-87+2DJ Funderburk made dunk
04:4757-87CJ Bryce assist
04:24Isaiah Hart missed layup57-87
04:2457-87DJ Funderburk shot block
04:2257-87Torin Dorn defensive rebound
04:1857-89+2Torin Dorn made layup
04:18Andrew Kostecka foul57-89
04:1857-89Torin Dorn missed free throw
04:18Andrew Kostecka defensive rebound57-89
04:08Isaiah Hart turnover57-89
04:08Kenneth Jones sub in57-89
04:08Isaiah Hart sub out57-89
03:5957-89Jericole Hellems missed 3-point jump shot
03:5957-89DJ Funderburk offensive rebound
03:5557-91+2DJ Funderburk made layup
03:33Andrew Kostecka missed layup57-91
03:3357-91Jericole Hellems shot block
03:3057-91Eric Lockett defensive rebound
03:2557-93+2Torin Dorn made layup
03:2557-93Jericole Hellems assist
03:0757-93Jericole Hellems foul
03:07Media timeout57-93
03:07Jaylin Andrews missed free throw57-93
03:07Loyola Maryland Greyhounds deadball rebound57-93
03:07Jaylin Andrews missed free throw57-93
03:0757-93Jericole Hellems defensive rebound
03:0757-93DJ Funderburk sub in
03:0757-93Devon Daniels sub out
02:5457-93Eric Lockett missed layup
02:54KaVaughn Scott shot block57-93
02:5457-93North Carolina State Wolfpack offensive rebound
02:5257-95+2Jericole Hellems made 2-point jump shot
02:36Luke Johnson missed layup57-95
02:3657-95DJ Funderburk shot block
02:3457-95CJ Bryce defensive rebound
02:2857-95Jericole Hellems missed 3-point jump shot
02:28Chuck Champion defensive rebound57-95
02:21Chuck Champion missed layup57-95
02:21Loyola Maryland Greyhounds offensive rebound57-95
02:19Loyola Maryland Greyhounds full timeout57-95
02:19Brandon Bradsher sub in57-95
02:19Andrew Kostecka sub out57-95
02:1957-95Wyatt Walker sub in
02:1957-95Devon Daniels sub in
02:1957-95CJ Bryce sub out
02:1957-95Torin Dorn sub out
02:05Kenneth Jones made 3-point jump shot+360-95
02:05Jaylin Andrews assist60-95
01:4760-97+2DJ Funderburk made dunk
01:4760-97Devon Daniels assist
01:33Jaylin Andrews made 2-point jump shot+262-97
01:33Brandon Bradsher assist62-97
01:1162-97Devon Daniels missed layup
01:11Brandon Bradsher defensive rebound62-97
01:0362-97Eric Lockett foul
01:03Brandon Bradsher made free throw+163-97
01:03Brandon Bradsher made free throw+164-97
01:03Markese Redding sub in64-97
01:03Ethan Norton sub in64-97
01:03KaVaughn Scott sub out64-97
01:03Kenneth Jones sub out64-97
00:4464-97Devon Daniels turnover
00:4464-97Devon Daniels foul
00:20Ethan Norton turnover64-97
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