Purdue vs. Texas Box Score, December 9, 2018

Big Ten Conference and Big 12 Conference Scores — Dec 9, 2018

SOU 65
ISU 101  
PUR 68
TEX 72  
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Line Score


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Play-By-Play Table
Time   Purdue PTS   Score   PTS Texas
19:400-3+3Dylan Osetkowski made 3-point jump shot
19:400-3Kerwin Roach assist
19:21Carsen Edwards made 3-point jump shot+33-3
18:533-3Matt Coleman missed 2-point jump shot
18:53Grady Eifert defensive rebound3-3
18:38Ryan Cline missed 3-point jump shot3-3
18:383-3Dylan Osetkowski defensive rebound
18:093-3Jericho Sims turnover
17:52Matt Haarms made dunk+25-3
17:52Ryan Cline assist5-3
17:445-3Jase Febres missed 3-point jump shot
17:44Purdue Boilermakers deadball rebound5-3
17:425-3Jericho Sims foul
17:26Ryan Cline missed layup5-3
17:265-3Dylan Osetkowski defensive rebound
17:235-3Dylan Osetkowski turnover
17:22Matt Haarms steal5-3
17:16Carsen Edwards missed 3-point jump shot5-3
17:165-3Jase Febres defensive rebound
16:575-3Kerwin Roach missed 3-point jump shot
16:575-3Jase Febres offensive rebound
16:285-6+3Kerwin Roach made 3-point jump shot
16:285-6Jericho Sims assist
16:08Matt Haarms made 2-point jump shot+27-6
16:08Carsen Edwards assist7-6
15:507-6Matt Coleman missed 3-point jump shot
15:50Nojel Eastern defensive rebound7-6
15:37Ryan Cline missed 3-point jump shot7-6
15:377-6Jase Febres defensive rebound
15:067-6Texas Longhorns turnover
15:06Purdue Boilermakers full timeout7-6
15:06Evan Boudreaux sub in7-6
15:06Aaron Wheeler sub in7-6
15:06Eric Hunter Jr. sub in7-6
15:06Nojel Eastern sub out7-6
15:06Matt Haarms sub out7-6
15:06Grady Eifert sub out7-6
15:067-6Elijah Mitrou-Long sub in
15:067-6Kamaka Hepa sub in
15:067-6Jaxson Hayes sub in
15:067-6Courtney Ramey sub in
15:067-6Jericho Sims sub out
15:067-6Kerwin Roach sub out
15:067-6Dylan Osetkowski sub out
15:067-6Jase Febres sub out
14:45Evan Boudreaux missed 3-point jump shot7-6
14:457-6Kamaka Hepa defensive rebound
14:347-6Courtney Ramey turnover
14:33Eric Hunter Jr. steal7-6
14:31Aaron Wheeler made layup+29-6
14:10Ryan Cline foul9-6
14:049-9+3Courtney Ramey made 3-point jump shot
14:049-9Elijah Mitrou-Long assist
13:41Ryan Cline missed 3-point jump shot9-9
13:419-9Texas Longhorns deadball rebound
13:39Aaron Wheeler foul9-9
13:39Sasha Stefanovic sub in9-9
13:39Ryan Cline sub out9-9
13:399-9Kerwin Roach sub in
13:399-9Matt Coleman sub out
13:079-9Elijah Mitrou-Long missed 3-point jump shot
13:07Aaron Wheeler defensive rebound9-9
12:59Carsen Edwards made layup+211-9
12:4711-11+2Jaxson Hayes made layup
12:4711-11Courtney Ramey assist
12:27Carsen Edwards missed 3-point jump shot11-11
12:2711-11Kerwin Roach shot block
12:25Purdue Boilermakers offensive rebound11-11
12:1811-11Kerwin Roach foul
12:18Nojel Eastern sub in11-11
12:18Matt Haarms sub in11-11
12:18Evan Boudreaux sub out11-11
12:18Eric Hunter Jr. sub out11-11
12:08Carsen Edwards made layup+213-11
11:3613-11Kerwin Roach missed 3-point jump shot
11:36Sasha Stefanovic defensive rebound13-11
11:26Media timeout13-11
11:26Aaron Wheeler missed 3-point jump shot13-11
11:2613-11Kamaka Hepa defensive rebound
11:2613-11Kamaka Hepa missed 3-point jump shot
11:26Ryan Cline defensive rebound13-11
11:26Ryan Cline sub in13-11
11:26Carsen Edwards sub out13-11
11:2613-11Matt Coleman sub in
11:2613-11Kerwin Roach sub out
10:53Matt Haarms missed 3-point jump shot13-11
10:5313-11Texas Longhorns defensive rebound
10:53Grady Eifert sub in13-11
10:53Aaron Wheeler sub out13-11
10:5313-11Dylan Osetkowski sub in
10:5313-11Kerwin Roach sub in
10:5313-11Kamaka Hepa sub out
10:5313-11Courtney Ramey sub out
10:2913-14+3Elijah Mitrou-Long made 3-point jump shot
10:2913-14Kerwin Roach assist
10:16Matt Haarms turnover13-14
10:1613-14Jericho Sims sub in
10:1613-14Jaxson Hayes sub out
10:0413-16+2Matt Coleman made 2-point jump shot
09:41Nojel Eastern made layup+215-16
09:2315-16Elijah Mitrou-Long turnover
09:22Sasha Stefanovic steal15-16
09:13Ryan Cline missed 3-point jump shot15-16
09:1315-16Kerwin Roach defensive rebound
09:05Nojel Eastern foul15-16
09:05Carsen Edwards sub in15-16
09:05Sasha Stefanovic sub out15-16
08:5915-16Elijah Mitrou-Long turnover
08:59Evan Boudreaux sub in15-16
08:59Matt Haarms sub out15-16
08:5915-16Jase Febres sub in
08:5915-16Elijah Mitrou-Long sub out
08:40Carsen Edwards missed 2-point jump shot15-16
08:4015-16Jase Febres defensive rebound
08:2715-16Matt Coleman missed 2-point jump shot
08:2715-16Dylan Osetkowski offensive rebound
08:2415-18+2Dylan Osetkowski made dunk
08:12Carsen Edwards missed 2-point jump shot15-18
08:1215-18Matt Coleman shot block
08:1015-18Jase Febres defensive rebound
07:5515-18Jericho Sims turnover
07:55Ryan Cline steal15-18
07:55Purdue Boilermakers full timeout15-18
07:39Carsen Edwards missed 3-point jump shot15-18
07:3915-18Jericho Sims defensive rebound
07:37Aaron Wheeler sub in15-18
07:37Grady Eifert sub out15-18
07:2215-18Jericho Sims foul
07:2215-18Jericho Sims turnover
07:2215-18Jaxson Hayes sub in
07:2215-18Jericho Sims sub out
07:02Evan Boudreaux missed layup15-18
07:0215-18Texas Longhorns defensive rebound
06:4215-18Jase Febres missed 3-point jump shot
06:42Evan Boudreaux defensive rebound15-18
06:34Ryan Cline made 2-point jump shot+217-18
06:21Aaron Wheeler foul17-18
06:21Eric Hunter Jr. sub in17-18
06:21Nojel Eastern sub out17-18
06:2117-18Courtney Ramey sub in
06:2117-18Matt Coleman sub out
06:17Evan Boudreaux foul17-18
06:1717-19+1Kerwin Roach made free throw
06:1717-20+1Kerwin Roach made free throw
06:1717-20Kamaka Hepa sub in
06:1717-20Dylan Osetkowski sub out
05:56Aaron Wheeler missed 2-point jump shot17-20
05:5617-20Jaxson Hayes shot block
05:56Evan Boudreaux offensive rebound17-20
05:55Evan Boudreaux made layup+219-20
05:4219-23+3Jase Febres made 3-point jump shot
05:4219-23Kamaka Hepa assist
05:23Ryan Cline missed 3-point jump shot19-23
05:23Eric Hunter Jr. offensive rebound19-23
05:20Eric Hunter Jr. missed 2-point jump shot19-23
05:2019-23Kerwin Roach defensive rebound
05:18Evan Boudreaux foul19-23
05:17Matt Haarms sub in19-23
05:17Sasha Stefanovic sub in19-23
05:17Ryan Cline sub out19-23
05:17Evan Boudreaux sub out19-23
05:0619-25+2Jaxson Hayes made dunk
05:0619-25Kerwin Roach assist
04:31Sasha Stefanovic missed 3-point jump shot19-25
04:31Carsen Edwards offensive rebound19-25
04:28Carsen Edwards made layup+221-25
04:0721-25Kerwin Roach missed 2-point jump shot
04:07Matt Haarms shot block21-25
04:05Carsen Edwards defensive rebound21-25
04:00Eric Hunter Jr. missed layup21-25
04:0021-25Jaxson Hayes shot block
03:5821-25Jase Febres defensive rebound
03:5321-28+3Kerwin Roach made 3-point jump shot
03:5321-28Courtney Ramey assist
03:52Purdue Boilermakers 30-second timeout21-28
03:52Purdue Boilermakers full timeout21-28
03:52Nojel Eastern sub in21-28
03:52Eric Hunter Jr. sub out21-28
03:35Aaron Wheeler made 3-point jump shot+324-28
03:35Carsen Edwards assist24-28
03:22Matt Haarms foul24-28
03:2224-29+1Kamaka Hepa made free throw
03:2224-30+1Kamaka Hepa made free throw
03:07Nojel Eastern made 2-point jump shot+226-30
02:5626-30Elijah Mitrou-Long sub in
02:5626-30Matt Coleman sub in
02:5626-30Jase Febres sub out
02:5626-30Kerwin Roach sub out
02:50Sasha Stefanovic foul26-30
02:5026-31+1Matt Coleman made free throw
02:5026-32+1Matt Coleman made free throw
02:39Carsen Edwards missed 3-point jump shot26-32
02:3926-32Elijah Mitrou-Long defensive rebound
02:2826-34+2Jaxson Hayes made dunk
02:2826-34Elijah Mitrou-Long assist
02:09Carsen Edwards made layup+228-34
02:0928-34Matt Coleman foul
02:09Carsen Edwards made free throw+129-34
02:09Grady Eifert sub in29-34
02:09Aaron Wheeler sub out29-34
01:4529-34Kamaka Hepa missed 3-point jump shot
01:45Nojel Eastern defensive rebound29-34
01:37Sasha Stefanovic missed 3-point jump shot29-34
01:3729-34Matt Coleman defensive rebound
01:2529-34Jaxson Hayes turnover
01:25Evan Boudreaux sub in29-34
01:25Ryan Cline sub in29-34
01:25Matt Haarms sub out29-34
01:25Sasha Stefanovic sub out29-34
01:2529-34Kerwin Roach sub in
01:2529-34Courtney Ramey sub out
01:1629-34Jaxson Hayes foul
01:07Carsen Edwards turnover29-34
01:0629-34Kerwin Roach steal
01:03Carsen Edwards foul29-34
01:0329-35+1Kerwin Roach made free throw
01:0329-36+1Kerwin Roach made free throw
01:0329-36Courtney Ramey sub in
01:0329-36Dylan Osetkowski sub in
01:0329-36Kamaka Hepa sub out
01:0329-36Matt Coleman sub out
00:39Ryan Cline made 2-point jump shot+231-36
00:0331-36Elijah Mitrou-Long missed 3-point jump shot
00:03Nojel Eastern defensive rebound31-36
Time   Purdue PTS   Score   PTS Texas
19:3231-36Dylan Osetkowski missed 2-point jump shot
19:32Carsen Edwards defensive rebound31-36
19:20Matt Haarms made layup+233-36
19:20Ryan Cline assist33-36
18:5233-36Jericho Sims missed 2-point jump shot
18:5233-36Dylan Osetkowski offensive rebound
18:4833-36Dylan Osetkowski missed tip-in shot
18:48Carsen Edwards defensive rebound33-36
18:4033-36Jericho Sims foul
18:40Carsen Edwards made free throw+134-36
18:40Carsen Edwards made free throw+135-36
18:4035-36Jaxson Hayes sub in
18:4035-36Jericho Sims sub out
18:22Nojel Eastern foul35-36
18:1035-36Dylan Osetkowski missed 3-point jump shot
18:10Nojel Eastern defensive rebound35-36
17:59Nojel Eastern missed 2-point jump shot35-36
17:5935-36Jaxson Hayes defensive rebound
17:5135-36Jaxson Hayes turnover
17:31Carsen Edwards made 3-point jump shot+338-36
17:2538-36Texas Longhorns 30-second timeout
17:2538-36Media timeout
17:0138-38+2Matt Coleman made 2-point jump shot
16:45Ryan Cline missed 3-point jump shot38-38
16:45Matt Haarms offensive rebound38-38
16:31Carsen Edwards made 2-point jump shot+240-38
16:2140-38Matt Coleman turnover
16:17Carsen Edwards missed layup40-38
16:1740-38Matt Coleman defensive rebound
16:1440-38Matt Coleman turnover
16:1440-38Kamaka Hepa sub in
16:1440-38Courtney Ramey sub in
16:1440-38Elijah Mitrou-Long sub in
16:1440-38Kerwin Roach sub out
16:1440-38Dylan Osetkowski sub out
16:1440-38Jase Febres sub out
16:11Matt Haarms turnover40-38
15:4840-41+3Matt Coleman made 3-point jump shot
15:4840-41Elijah Mitrou-Long assist
15:28Carsen Edwards missed 3-point jump shot40-41
15:2840-41Courtney Ramey defensive rebound
15:23Ryan Cline foul40-41
15:2340-41Media timeout
15:23Evan Boudreaux sub in40-41
15:23Matt Haarms sub out40-41
15:1840-43+2Jaxson Hayes made dunk
15:1840-43Matt Coleman assist
14:56Carsen Edwards made 2-point jump shot+242-43
14:3342-45+2Jaxson Hayes made dunk
14:3342-45Matt Coleman assist
14:01Evan Boudreaux turnover42-45
14:01Eric Hunter Jr. sub in42-45
14:01Aaron Wheeler sub in42-45
14:01Nojel Eastern sub out42-45
14:01Grady Eifert sub out42-45
13:5242-45Courtney Ramey missed 2-point jump shot
13:52Eric Hunter Jr. shot block42-45
13:50Evan Boudreaux defensive rebound42-45
13:45Aaron Wheeler missed 3-point jump shot42-45
13:4542-45Elijah Mitrou-Long defensive rebound
13:3542-45Courtney Ramey missed 3-point jump shot
13:35Aaron Wheeler defensive rebound42-45
13:24Carsen Edwards made 3-point jump shot+345-45
12:59Evan Boudreaux foul45-45
12:59Sasha Stefanovic sub in45-45
12:59Matt Haarms sub in45-45
12:59Ryan Cline sub out45-45
12:59Evan Boudreaux sub out45-45
12:5945-45Jericho Sims sub in
12:5945-45Kerwin Roach sub in
12:5945-45Jaxson Hayes sub out
12:5945-45Matt Coleman sub out
12:4845-45Kamaka Hepa missed 2-point jump shot
12:48Matt Haarms defensive rebound45-45
12:32Carsen Edwards missed 3-point jump shot45-45
12:3245-45Texas Longhorns deadball rebound
12:32Matt Haarms foul45-45
12:1345-48+3Kamaka Hepa made 3-point jump shot
12:1345-48Kerwin Roach assist
11:46Carsen Edwards made layup+247-48
11:3547-51+3Elijah Mitrou-Long made 3-point jump shot
11:3547-51Jericho Sims assist
11:33Sasha Stefanovic foul47-51
11:33Sasha Stefanovic turnover47-51
11:3347-51Texas Longhorns full timeout
11:3347-51Jaxson Hayes sub in
11:3347-51Jericho Sims sub out
11:1247-51Kerwin Roach missed 2-point jump shot
11:12Matt Haarms defensive rebound47-51
10:42Aaron Wheeler missed 3-point jump shot47-51
10:4247-51Kerwin Roach defensive rebound
10:2747-53+2Jaxson Hayes made 2-point jump shot
10:1547-53Jaxson Hayes foul
10:15Nojel Eastern sub in47-53
10:15Ryan Cline sub in47-53
10:15Eric Hunter Jr. sub out47-53
10:15Carsen Edwards sub out47-53
10:01Matt Haarms made 2-point jump shot+249-53
09:3449-53Kerwin Roach turnover
09:33Nojel Eastern steal49-53
09:3249-53Matt Coleman sub in
09:3249-53Courtney Ramey sub out
09:1149-53Jaxson Hayes foul
09:11Nojel Eastern missed free throw49-53
09:11Purdue Boilermakers deadball rebound49-53
09:11Nojel Eastern missed free throw49-53
09:1149-53Kerwin Roach defensive rebound
09:1149-53Jericho Sims sub in
09:1149-53Jaxson Hayes sub out
08:5749-53Kamaka Hepa missed 3-point jump shot
08:57Purdue Boilermakers defensive rebound49-53
08:52Carsen Edwards sub in49-53
08:52Evan Boudreaux sub in49-53
08:52Sasha Stefanovic sub out49-53
08:52Matt Haarms sub out49-53
08:5249-53Dylan Osetkowski sub in
08:5249-53Courtney Ramey sub in
08:5249-53Jase Febres sub in
08:5249-53Kerwin Roach sub out
08:5249-53Kamaka Hepa sub out
08:5249-53Elijah Mitrou-Long sub out
08:40Evan Boudreaux missed 2-point jump shot49-53
08:4049-53Matt Coleman defensive rebound
08:30Nojel Eastern foul49-53
08:2849-55+2Matt Coleman made layup
08:2849-55Courtney Ramey assist
08:02Carsen Edwards made 3-point jump shot+352-55
07:5252-55Matt Coleman turnover
07:51Carsen Edwards steal52-55
07:48Carsen Edwards made layup+254-55
07:1954-55Dylan Osetkowski foul
07:1954-55Dylan Osetkowski turnover
07:19Media timeout54-55
07:19Grady Eifert sub in54-55
07:19Aaron Wheeler sub out54-55
07:1954-55Elijah Mitrou-Long sub in
07:1954-55Courtney Ramey sub out
07:00Carsen Edwards made 3-point jump shot+357-55
07:00Ryan Cline assist57-55
06:4557-55Matt Coleman missed 3-point jump shot
06:45Grady Eifert defensive rebound57-55
06:2357-55Matt Coleman foul
06:2357-55Kerwin Roach sub in
06:2357-55Jaxson Hayes sub in
06:2357-55Kamaka Hepa sub in
06:2357-55Jericho Sims sub out
06:2357-55Dylan Osetkowski sub out
06:2357-55Jase Febres sub out
06:10Evan Boudreaux missed 2-point jump shot57-55
06:1057-55Kamaka Hepa defensive rebound
05:5557-58+3Matt Coleman made 3-point jump shot
05:5557-58Kamaka Hepa assist
05:26Carsen Edwards missed 2-point jump shot57-58
05:26Purdue Boilermakers offensive rebound57-58
05:25Matt Haarms sub in57-58
05:25Aaron Wheeler sub in57-58
05:25Evan Boudreaux sub out57-58
05:25Grady Eifert sub out57-58
05:04Aaron Wheeler missed 2-point jump shot57-58
05:0457-58Jaxson Hayes shot block
05:0257-58Elijah Mitrou-Long defensive rebound
04:5657-58Elijah Mitrou-Long missed layup
04:56Aaron Wheeler shot block57-58
04:5657-58Texas Longhorns offensive rebound
04:56Grady Eifert sub in57-58
04:56Aaron Wheeler sub out57-58
04:4957-60+2Elijah Mitrou-Long made 2-point jump shot
04:14Matt Haarms missed 3-point jump shot57-60
04:14Grady Eifert offensive rebound57-60
04:05Ryan Cline missed 3-point jump shot57-60
04:05Grady Eifert offensive rebound57-60
03:57Carsen Edwards made 3-point jump shot+360-60
03:33Ryan Cline foul60-60
03:3360-60Texas Longhorns full timeout
03:3360-61+1Matt Coleman made free throw
03:3360-62+1Matt Coleman made free throw
03:12Carsen Edwards missed 3-point jump shot60-62
03:1260-62Kerwin Roach shot block
03:1060-62Elijah Mitrou-Long defensive rebound
03:05Carsen Edwards foul60-62
03:0560-63+1Jaxson Hayes made free throw
03:0560-64+1Jaxson Hayes made free throw
03:05Aaron Wheeler sub in60-64
03:05Grady Eifert sub out60-64
02:4760-64Jaxson Hayes foul
02:47Matt Haarms made free throw+161-64
02:47Matt Haarms made free throw+162-64
02:47Grady Eifert sub in62-64
02:47Aaron Wheeler sub out62-64
02:2662-67+3Matt Coleman made 3-point jump shot
02:2662-67Kerwin Roach assist
02:04Ryan Cline made 3-point jump shot+365-67
02:04Carsen Edwards assist65-67
01:4665-67Kamaka Hepa missed 3-point jump shot
01:46Nojel Eastern defensive rebound65-67
01:21Purdue Boilermakers 30-second timeout65-67
01:21Aaron Wheeler sub in65-67
01:21Grady Eifert sub out65-67
01:13Ryan Cline missed 3-point jump shot65-67
01:1365-67Jaxson Hayes defensive rebound
00:4365-69+2Matt Coleman made 2-point jump shot
00:4365-69Texas Longhorns 30-second timeout
00:32Carsen Edwards made 3-point jump shot+368-69
00:32Purdue Boilermakers 30-second timeout68-69
00:32Grady Eifert sub in68-69
00:32Matt Haarms sub out68-69
00:21Nojel Eastern foul68-69
00:2168-70+1Matt Coleman made free throw
00:2168-70Matt Coleman missed free throw
00:21Aaron Wheeler defensive rebound68-70
00:21Matt Haarms sub in68-70
00:21Grady Eifert sub out68-70
00:05Aaron Wheeler turnover68-70
00:05Grady Eifert sub in68-70
00:05Matt Haarms sub out68-70
00:04Nojel Eastern foul68-70
00:0468-71+1Elijah Mitrou-Long made free throw
00:0468-72+1Elijah Mitrou-Long made free throw
00:0468-72Texas Longhorns full timeout
00:04Matt Haarms sub in68-72
00:04Nojel Eastern sub out68-72
00:0468-72Dylan Osetkowski sub in
00:0468-72Kamaka Hepa sub out
00:02Aaron Wheeler missed 2-point jump shot68-72
00:02Matt Haarms offensive rebound68-72
00:01Matt Haarms missed 2-point jump shot68-72
00:0168-72Matt Coleman shot block
00:0168-72Elijah Mitrou-Long defensive rebound
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