Southern vs. Louisville Box Score, November 13, 2018

Southwest Athletic Conference and Atlantic Coast Conference Scores — Nov 13, 2018

SOU 54
LOU 104  
SFA 58
MIA 96  
NCST 100  
GT 53
TENN (5)  66  
USU 94  
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Line Score


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Play-By-Play Table
Time   Southern PTS   Score   PTS Louisville
20:00Start of game0-0
20:00Jump ball0-0
20:00Start of period0-0
19:570-0Steven Enoch won jump ball
19:57Sidney Umude lost jump ball0-0
19:45Eddie Reese personal foul two shots0-0
19:450-0Steven Enoch, fouled on the play
19:450-1+1Steven Enoch made free throw 1 of 2
19:450-2+1Steven Enoch made free throw 2 of 2
19:27Bryan Assie turnover0-2
19:130-2Steven Enoch foul offensive
19:130-2Steven Enoch turnover
19:13Eddie Reese, fouled on the play0-2
18:58Aaron Ray made jump shot+22-2
18:46Bryan Assie personal foul2-2
18:462-2Steven Enoch, fouled on the play
18:372-2Christen Cunningham missed 3-point field goal
18:33Aaron Ray defensive rebound2-2
18:33Aaron Ray turnover, travel2-2
18:282-2Darius Perry, foul offensive
18:282-2Darius Perry turnover
18:28Aaron Ray, fouled on the play2-2
18:10Sidney Umude, foul offensive2-2
18:10Sidney Umude turnover2-2
18:102-2V.J. King, fouled on the play
18:00Jayden Saddler personal foul2-2
18:002-2Christen Cunningham fouled on the play
17:492-2V.J. King, fouled on the play
17:49Jayden Saddler personal foul two shots2-2
17:49Team sub in2-3+1
17:49Jayden Saddler sub out2-3
17:492-3V.J. King made free throw 1 of 2
17:482-3V.J. King missed free throw 2 of 2
17:46Sidney Umude defensive rebound2-3
17:32Team missed field goal2-3
17:282-3Darius Perry defensive rebound
17:132-5+2Steven Enoch made dunk
17:132-5Christen Cunningham assist
16:52Sidney Umude missed jump shot2-5
16:492-5Steven Enoch defensive rebound
16:452-5V.J. King turnover
16:23Eddie Reese turnover2-5
16:092-5Steven Enoch, fouled on the play
16:09Bryan Assie personal foul two shots2-5
16:09Bryan Assie sub out2-6+1
16:09Alex Ennis sub in2-6
16:092-6Steven Enoch made free throw 1 of 2
16:092-7+1Steven Enoch sub out
16:092-7Malik Williams sub in
16:092-7Steven Enoch made free throw 2 of 2
15:582-7Malik Williams steal
15:58Eddie Reese turnover2-7
15:522-7Darius Perry sub out
15:522-7V.J. King sub out
15:522-7Christen Cunningham sub out
15:52media timeout2-7
15:522-7Ryan McMahon sub in
15:522-7Jordan Nwora sub in
15:522-7Khwan Fore sub in
15:502-9+2Jordan Nwora made layup off turnover
15:502-9Ryan McMahon assist
15:28Trevor Blackmon sub in+24-9
15:28Team sub out4-9
15:28Aaron Ray made close-range jump shot4-9
15:28Aaron Ray fouled on the play4-9
15:284-9Dwayne Sutton personal foul, 1 free throw
15:28Aaron Ray made free throw 1 of 1+15-9
15:175-11+2Malik Williams made close-range jump shot
15:175-11Dwayne Sutton assist
14:46Trevor Blackmon missed layup (blocked)5-11
14:465-11Jordan Nwora block
14:415-11Malik Williams defensive rebound
14:395-11Malik Williams missed 3-point field goal
14:35Sidney Umude defensive rebound5-11
14:19Aaron Ray missed jump shot5-11
14:18Aaron Ray offensive rebound5-11
14:175-11Jordan Nwora personal foul
14:175-11Dwayne Sutton sub out
14:17Brendon Brook sub in5-11
14:175-11V.J. King sub in
14:17Aaron Ray sub out5-11
14:17Aaron Ray fouled on the play5-11
14:00Trevor Blackmon assist+27-11
14:00Sidney Umude made layup7-11
13:497-14+3Ryan McMahon made 3-point field goal
13:497-14V.J. King assist
13:33Sidney Umude missed jump shot7-14
13:297-14Jordan Nwora defensive rebound
13:197-14Malik Williams missed jump shot
13:16Osa Wilson sub in7-14
13:167-14Jordan Nwora offensive rebound
13:16Sidney Umude sub out7-14
13:03Alex Ennis personal foul, one and one7-14
13:037-14Malik Williams, fouled on the play
13:037-15+1Malik Williams made free throw 1 of 2
13:027-15Steven Enoch sub in
13:027-15Jordan Nwora offensive rebound
13:027-15Malik Williams sub out
13:027-15Malik Williams missed free throw 2 of 2
13:027-15Jordan Nwora, fouled on the play
13:02Alex Ennis personal foul, one and one7-15
13:027-16+1Jordan Nwora made free throw 1 of 2
13:027-17+1Jordan Nwora made free throw 2 of 2
12:39Alex Ennis made jump shot+29-17
12:229-17V.J. King turnover
11:55Brendon Brook turnover9-17
11:559-17Jordan Nwora steal
11:519-19+2Jordan Nwora made dunk
11:379-19Jordan Nwora steal
11:37Trevor Blackmon turnover9-19
11:35Osa Wilson sub out9-21+2
11:35Aaron Ray sub in9-21
11:35Brendon Brook sub out9-21
11:35media timeout9-21
11:35Trevor Blackmon personal foul, 1 free throw9-21
11:359-21Jordan Nwora made dunk
11:359-21Jordan Nwora, fouled on the play
11:35Trevor Blackmon sub out9-21
11:35Sidney Umude sub in9-21
11:35Team sub in9-21
11:349-21Jordan Nwora missed free throw 1 of 1
11:32Sidney Umude defensive rebound9-21
11:059-21Darius Perry sub in
11:059-21Ryan McMahon sub out
11:059-21Khwan Fore sub out
11:059-21Christen Cunningham sub in
11:05Team deadball rebound9-21
11:05Alex Ennis missed free throw 1 of 29-21
11:05Alex Ennis, fouled on the play9-21
11:059-21Ryan McMahon personal foul two shots
11:05Alex Ennis made free throw 2 of 2+110-21
10:5510-23+2Jordan Nwora made close-range jump shot
10:5510-23Jordan Nwora, fouled on the play
10:55Alex Ennis personal foul, 1 free throw10-23
10:5510-24+1Jordan Nwora made free throw 1 of 1
10:37Bryan Assie sub in10-24
10:3710-24Jordan Nwora sub out
10:3710-24Malik Williams sub in
10:37Alex Ennis sub out10-24
10:3710-24Dwayne Sutton sub in
10:37Team deadball rebound10-24
10:3710-24Steven Enoch sub out
10:37Sidney Umude missed free throw 1 of 210-24
10:37Sidney Umude fouled on the play10-24
10:3710-24Steven Enoch personal foul two shots
10:37Sidney Umude made free throw 2 of 2+111-24
10:2411-24Dwayne Sutton missed 3-point field goal
10:1911-24Malik Williams offensive rebound
10:0811-24Darius Perry, fouled on the play
10:08Aaron Ray personal foul two shots11-24
10:0811-25+1Darius Perry made free throw 1 of 2
10:0811-26+1Darius Perry made free throw 2 of 2
09:5611-26Ryan McMahon sub in
09:5611-26Darius Perry personal foul, one and one
09:56Eddie Reese, fouled on the play11-26
09:5611-26Darius Perry sub out
09:55Eddie Reese missed free throw 1 of 111-26
09:5311-26Christen Cunningham defensive rebound
09:4811-28+2Christen Cunningham made fastbreak layup
09:19Aaron Ray missed jump shot11-28
09:1811-28V.J. King defensive rebound
09:18Bryan Assie missed free throw 1 of 211-28
09:18Bryan Assie fouled on the play11-28
09:1811-28Malik Williams personal foul, flagrant 1
09:18+112-28Malik Williams turnover other
09:18Bryan Assie made free throw 2 of 212-28
09:17Team deadball rebound12-28
08:51Aaron Ray missed 3-point jump shot12-28
08:47Sidney Umude offensive rebound12-28
08:46Sidney Umude missed layup12-28
08:4212-28V.J. King, foul offensive
08:4212-28Dwayne Sutton defensive rebound
08:4212-28V.J. King turnover
08:42Aaron Ray, fouled on the play12-28
08:4212-28V.J. King sub out
08:4212-28Jordan Nwora sub in
08:25Bryan Assie, foul offensive12-28
08:25Bryan Assie turnover12-28
08:25Bryan Assie sub out12-28
08:25Hassan Hussein sub in12-28
08:2512-28Malik Williams, fouled on the play
08:0312-28Jordan Nwora missed 3-point jump shot
07:5812-28Malik Williams offensive rebound
07:5712-30+2Malik Williams made layup
07:49Aaron Ray missed jump shot12-30
07:4512-30Jordan Nwora defensive rebound
07:4012-33+3Ryan McMahon assist
07:4012-33Christen Cunningham made 3-point field goal
07:19Sidney Umude missed dunk12-33
07:17Jayden Saddler sub in12-33
07:17Team sub out12-33
07:1712-33Ryan McMahon sub out
07:1712-33Khwan Fore sub in
07:1712-33Akoy Agau sub in
07:17media timeout12-33
07:1712-33Ryan McMahon defensive rebound
07:1712-33Malik Williams sub out
07:0712-33Jordan Nwora missed jump shot
07:0112-33Dwayne Sutton offensive rebound
07:0112-35+2Dwayne Sutton made putback layup
06:5012-35Jordan Nwora, fouled on the play
06:50Sidney Umude, foul offensive12-35
06:50Sidney Umude turnover12-35
06:3512-35Khwan Fore missed 3-point jump shot
06:3412-35Team deadball rebound
06:3412-35Akoy Agau offensive rebound
06:3412-35Akoy Agau missed free throw 2 of 2
06:3412-35Akoy Agau, fouled on the play
06:34Hassan Hussein personal foul two shots12-35
06:3412-36+1Akoy Agau, free throw 2 of 2 made
06:26Eddie Reese missed 3-point field goal12-36
06:2312-36Jordan Nwora defensive rebound
06:1712-36Akoy Agau turnover
06:1712-36Akoy Agau, foul offensive
06:17Aaron Ray, fouled on the play12-36
05:58Jayden Saddler made jump shot+214-36
05:5114-36Khwan Fore missed layup
05:4014-36Akoy Agau offensive rebound
05:3614-38+2Akoy Agau made putback layup
05:31Jayden Saddler, foul offensive14-38
05:31Jayden Saddler turnover14-38
05:3114-38Akoy Agau, fouled on the play
05:1414-38Christen Cunningham missed jump shot in transition
05:1414-38Akoy Agau, fouled on the play
05:14Jayden Saddler personal foul two shots14-38
05:14Isaiah Rollins sub in14-39+1
05:14Jayden Saddler sub out14-39
05:1414-39Akoy Agau made free throw 2 of 2
05:1414-40+1Akoy Agau made free throw 2 of 2
05:1314-40Akoy Agau offensive rebound
04:57Eddie Reese fouled on the play14-40
04:5714-40Jordan Nwora personal foul two shots
04:57+115-40Akoy Agau sub out
04:5715-40V.J. King sub in
04:5715-40Jordan Nwora sub out
04:5715-40Malik Williams sub in
04:57Eddie Reese made free throw 1 of 215-40
04:57Eddie Reese made free throw 2 of 2+116-40
04:3216-40Malik Williams fouled on the play
04:32Aaron Ray personal foul two shots16-40
04:3216-41+1Malik Williams made free throw 1 of 2
04:3216-41Malik Williams missed free throw 2 of 2
04:2916-41Dwayne Sutton offensive rebound
04:1316-41Dwayne Sutton turnover
04:1316-41Dwayne Sutton, foul offensive
04:13Isaiah Rollins, fouled on the play16-41
03:48media timeout16-41
03:4816-41Christen Cunningham sub out
03:4816-41Darius Perry sub in
03:4816-41Jordan Nwora sub in
03:4816-41Khwan Fore sub out
03:4816-41Ryan McMahon sub in
03:4816-41Dwayne Sutton sub out
03:48Eddie Reese fouled on the play16-41
03:4816-41Khwan Fore personal foul two shots
03:48+117-41V.J. King defensive rebound
03:48Eddie Reese made free throw 1 of 217-41
03:48Eddie Reese missed free throw 2 of 217-41
03:2217-43+2Jordan Nwora made jump shot
03:08Aaron Ray made 3-point field goal+320-43
03:08Isaiah Rollins assist20-43
02:4720-43V.J. King missed 3-point field goal
02:44Sidney Umude defensive rebound20-43
02:38Sidney Umude turnover20-43
02:3820-43Jordan Nwora, fouled on the play
02:38Sidney Umude, foul offensive20-43
02:2720-43Ryan McMahon, fouled on the play
02:27Isaiah Rollins personal foul two shots20-43
02:27Brendon Brook sub in20-44+1
02:27Eddie Reese sub out20-44
02:2720-44Ryan McMahon made free throw 1 of 2
02:2720-45+1Ryan McMahon made free throw 2 of 2
02:16Aaron Ray missed jump shot20-45
02:1120-45V.J. King defensive rebound
02:0820-47+2Jordan Nwora made dunk
02:0820-47Darius Perry assist
01:58Isaiah Rollins made layup+222-47
01:49Osa Wilson sub in22-49+2
01:4922-49Malik Williams made dunk
01:4922-49Ryan McMahon assist
01:4922-49Malik Williams, fouled on the play
01:49Sidney Umude personal foul, 1 free throw22-49
01:4922-49Jordan Nwora sub out
01:4922-49Akoy Agau sub in
01:49Sidney Umude sub out22-49
01:4922-49Malik Williams missed free throw 1 of 1
01:47Isaiah Rollins defensive rebound22-49
01:3322-49V.J. King, fouled on the play
01:33Osa Wilson, foul offensive22-49
01:3322-49Khwan Fore sub in
01:3322-49Darius Perry sub out
01:33Osa Wilson turnover22-49
01:2522-49V.J. King turnover
01:25Aaron Ray, fouled on the play22-49
01:2522-49V.J. King, foul offensive
01:13Aaron Ray missed layup off turnover22-49
01:11Hassan Hussein offensive rebound22-49
01:10Hassan Hussein missed layup22-49
01:07Osa Wilson offensive rebound22-49
01:0722-49Jo Griffin sub in
01:0722-49V.J. King sub out
01:0730-second timeout22-49
00:59Isaiah Rollins missed 3-point jump shot22-49
00:5422-49Akoy Agau defensive rebound
00:5122-49Khwan Fore missed jump shot
00:47Aaron Ray defensive rebound22-49
00:43Aaron Ray turnover22-49
00:4322-49Ryan McMahon steal
00:3722-49Jo Griffin missed 3-point jump shot
00:34Aaron Ray defensive rebound22-49
00:30Isaiah Rollins missed 3-point field goal22-49
00:29Osa Wilson offensive rebound22-49
00:03Isaiah Rollins missed putback layup22-49
00:02Isaiah Rollins offensive rebound22-49
00:0022-49Malik Williams defensive rebound
00:00Hassan Hussein missed jump shot22-49
00:00End of period22-49
Time   Southern PTS   Score   PTS Louisville
20:0022-49Akoy Agau sub out
20:00Start of period22-49
20:0022-49Christen Cunningham sub in
20:0022-49Jo Griffin sub out
20:0022-49Darius Perry sub in
20:0022-49V.J. King sub in
20:0022-49Dwayne Sutton sub in
20:0022-49Malik Williams sub out
20:0022-49Steven Enoch sub in
20:0022-49Ryan McMahon sub out
20:00Isaiah Rollins sub out22-49
20:00Brendon Brook sub out22-49
20:00Bryan Assie sub in22-49
20:00Hassan Hussein sub out22-49
20:00Eddie Reese sub in22-49
20:00Jayden Saddler sub in22-49
20:0022-49Khwan Fore sub out
19:3622-49Christen Cunningham missed 3-point field goal
19:31Bryan Assie defensive rebound22-49
19:28Eddie Reese, fouled on the play22-49
19:2822-49Christen Cunningham personal foul
19:1322-49Steven Enoch personal foul two shots
19:13Team deadball rebound22-49
19:13Bryan Assie, fouled on the play22-49
19:13Bryan Assie missed free throw 1 of 222-49
19:12Bryan Assie missed free throw 2 of 222-49
19:0822-49Dwayne Sutton defensive rebound
18:5222-51+2Steven Enoch made jump shot
18:39Eddie Reese turnover22-51
18:3922-51Dwayne Sutton steal
18:3522-53+2Dwayne Sutton assist
18:3522-53V.J. King made dunk
18:04Jayden Saddler made layup+224-53
17:44Jayden Saddler steal24-53
17:4424-53Christen Cunningham turnover
17:27Aaron Ray made layup off turnover+226-53
17:0926-56+3Christen Cunningham assist
17:0926-56V.J. King made 3-point field goal
16:41Osa Wilson missed jump shot (blocked)26-56
16:4126-56Steven Enoch block
16:3426-56Christen Cunningham defensive rebound
16:3426-58+2V.J. King made layup
16:3426-58Christen Cunningham assist
16:19Bryan Assie sub out26-58
16:19Osa Wilson, foul offensive26-58
16:19Isaiah Rollins sub in26-58
16:19Osa Wilson turnover26-58
16:1926-58V.J. King fouled on the play
16:19Alex Ennis sub in26-58
16:19Eddie Reese sub out26-58
16:0426-58Christen Cunningham missed 3-point jump shot
16:0026-58Steven Enoch offensive rebound
15:5926-60+2Steven Enoch made layup
15:59media timeout26-60
15:5926-60Steven Enoch, fouled on the play
15:59Aaron Ray personal foul, 1 free throw26-60
15:5926-61+1Steven Enoch, free throw 1 of 1 made
15:43Jayden Saddler made jump shot+228-61
15:3028-61Darius Perry, fouled on the play
15:30Aaron Ray sub out28-61
15:30Aaron Ray personal foul28-61
15:3028-61Steven Enoch sub out
15:30Eddie Reese sub in28-61
15:3028-61Malik Williams sub in
15:19Brendon Brook sub in28-61
15:19Jayden Saddler personal foul two shots28-61
15:1928-61Malik Williams, fouled on the play
15:19Jayden Saddler sub out28-61
15:1928-61Team deadball rebound
15:1928-61Malik Williams missed free throw 1 of 2
15:1928-62+1Malik Williams made free throw 2 of 2
14:56Eddie Reese sub out28-62
14:5628-62Jordan Nwora sub in
14:56Aaron Ray sub in28-62
14:56Eddie Reese, fouled on the play28-62
14:5628-62Darius Perry personal foul
14:5628-62Dwayne Sutton sub out
14:38Aaron Ray missed 3-point field goal28-62
14:32Osa Wilson offensive rebound28-62
14:28Isaiah Rollins missed jump shot28-62
14:2528-62Malik Williams defensive rebound
14:1628-62Darius Perry missed 3-point field goal
14:14Aaron Ray, fouled on the play28-62
14:1428-62Christen Cunningham sub out
14:1428-62Khwan Fore sub in
14:1428-62Ryan McMahon sub in
14:1428-62Malik Williams personal foul
14:14Aaron Ray defensive rebound28-62
14:1428-62Darius Perry sub out
13:56Osa Wilson missed jump shot28-62
13:5328-62Jordan Nwora defensive rebound
13:4428-62Jordan Nwora missed layup
13:4128-62Jordan Nwora offensive rebound
13:3728-62Ryan McMahon missed 3-point jump shot
13:33Aaron Ray defensive rebound28-62
13:28Alex Ennis made dunk+230-62
13:28Aaron Ray assist30-62
13:2630-6230-second timeout
13:0630-64+2Malik Williams made jump shot
13:0630-64V.J. King assist
12:53Aaron Ray, fouled on the play30-64
12:5330-64V.J. King personal foul two shots
12:53+131-64Dwayne Sutton sub in
12:5331-64V.J. King sub out
12:53Aaron Ray made free throw 1 of 231-64
12:53Aaron Ray made free throw 2 of 2+132-64
12:46Brendon Brook personal foul32-64
12:4632-64Ryan McMahon, fouled on the play
12:2732-64Khwan Fore turnover
12:2732-64Khwan Fore, foul offensive
12:27Brendon Brook, fouled on the play32-64
12:03Osa Wilson made jump shot+234-64
11:5734-66+2Malik Williams made fastbreak layup
11:5734-66Ryan McMahon assist
11:26media timeout34-66
11:24Team turnover shotclock34-66
11:1234-66Malik Williams, fouled on the play
11:12Alex Ennis personal foul two shots34-66
11:1234-67+1Malik Williams made free throw 1 of 2
11:1234-68+1Malik Williams made free throw 2 of 2
11:04Osa Wilson turnover34-68
11:0434-68Dwayne Sutton, fouled on the play
11:04Osa Wilson, foul offensive34-68
10:5034-68Jordan Nwora missed 3-point jump shot
10:45Brendon Brook defensive rebound34-68
10:38Isaiah Rollins missed jump shot34-68
10:3534-68Dwayne Sutton defensive rebound
10:2934-68Team deadball rebound
10:29Alex Ennis sub out34-68
10:29Bryan Assie sub in34-68
10:29Isaiah Rollins sub out34-68
10:29Trevor Blackmon sub in34-68
10:2934-68Khwan Fore missed free throw 1 of 2
10:2934-68Khwan Fore, fouled on the play
10:29Alex Ennis personal foul two shots34-68
10:2934-69+1Khwan Fore made free throw 2 of 2
10:00Brendon Brook made layup+236-69
09:5036-72+3Dwayne Sutton assist
09:5036-72Jordan Nwora made 3-point field goal
09:38Marcel Burton sub in36-72
09:38Trevor Blackmon sub out36-72
09:38Trevor Blackmon turnover, travel36-72
09:2236-72Malik Williams, fouled on the play
09:22Brendon Brook personal foul, one and one36-72
09:2236-73+1Malik Williams made free throw 1 of 2
09:2236-74+1Malik Williams sub out
09:2236-74Christen Cunningham sub in
09:2236-74Akoy Agau sub in
09:22Brendon Brook sub out36-74
09:2236-74Khwan Fore sub out
09:22Eddie Reese sub in36-74
09:2236-74Malik Williams made free throw 2 of 2
09:13Aaron Ray fouled on the play36-74
09:1336-74Dwayne Sutton personal foul, one and one
09:13+137-74Dwayne Sutton sub out
09:1337-74Darius Perry sub in
09:13Aaron Ray made free throw 1 of 237-74
09:13Aaron Ray made free throw 2 of 2+138-74
09:12Aaron Ray sub out38-74
09:12Isaiah Rollins sub in38-74
09:05Eddie Reese personal foul two shots38-74
09:0538-74Jordan Nwora, fouled on the play
09:0538-75+1Jordan Nwora made free throw 1 of 2
09:0538-76+1Jordan Nwora made free throw 2 of 2
08:58Eddie Reese turnover38-76
08:58Eddie Reese, foul offensive38-76
08:5838-76Darius Perry, fouled on the play
08:4438-76Ryan McMahon missed 3-point jump shot
08:4338-76Akoy Agau, fouled on the play
08:43Marcel Burton personal foul two shots38-76
08:4338-76Akoy Agau offensive rebound
08:4338-77+1Akoy Agau made free throw 2 of 2
08:4338-78+1Akoy Agau made free throw 2 of 2
08:34Marcel Burton, foul offensive38-78
08:3438-78Ryan McMahon, fouled on the play
08:34Marcel Burton turnover38-78
08:23Bryan Assie sub out38-80+2
08:23Hassan Hussein sub in38-80
08:2338-80Darius Perry made layup off turnover
08:2338-80Darius Perry, fouled on the play
08:23Bryan Assie personal foul, 1 free throw38-80
08:2338-81+1Darius Perry made free throw 1 of 1
07:59Hassan Hussein turnover, travel38-81
07:59media timeout38-81
07:5938-81Jordan Nwora sub out
07:5938-81Jo Griffin sub in
07:4138-84+3Darius Perry made 3-point field goal in transition
07:4138-84Ryan McMahon assist
07:16Osa Wilson made layup+240-84
06:4940-87+3Darius Perry made 3-point field goal
06:4940-87Ryan McMahon assist
06:30Team deadball rebound40-87
06:30Osa Wilson missed free throw 2 of 240-87
06:3040-87Darius Perry foul technical classa
06:30Osa Wilson missed free throw 1 of 240-87
06:3040-87Christen Cunningham personal foul two shots
06:30Osa Wilson, fouled on the play40-87
06:30Eddie Reese foul technical classa40-87
06:18Isaiah Rollins made layup+242-87
06:1142-90+3Khwan Fore made 3-point field goal
06:0442-90Steven Enoch sub in
06:0442-90Darius Perry sub out
06:04Eddie Reese sub out42-90
06:04Aaron Ray sub in42-90
06:0442-90Akoy Agau sub out
06:0442-90Khwan Fore sub in
06:00Marcel Burton assist+244-90
06:00Hassan Hussein made jump shot44-90
05:4744-90Khwan Fore missed 3-point field goal
05:43Aaron Ray defensive rebound44-90
05:32Osa Wilson, foul offensive44-90
05:3244-90Ryan McMahon, fouled on the play
05:32Osa Wilson turnover44-90
05:2344-93+3Ryan McMahon made 3-point field goal in transition
05:06Marcel Burton, fouled on the play44-93
05:0644-93Khwan Fore personal foul two shots
05:06Marcel Burton made free throw 1 of 2+145-93
05:06Marcel Burton made free throw 2 of 2+146-93
04:5046-93Steven Enoch missed layup
04:4746-93Steven Enoch offensive rebound
04:4546-95+2Steven Enoch made hook shot
04:28Osa Wilson missed jump shot46-95
04:2446-95Steven Enoch defensive rebound
04:1846-95Christen Cunningham, foul offensive
04:1846-95Christen Cunningham turnover
04:18Hassan Hussein, fouled on the play46-95
04:1846-95Ryan McMahon sub out
04:1846-95Darius Perry sub in
04:1846-95Jacob Redding sub in
04:1846-95Steven Enoch sub out
04:1846-95Akoy Agau sub in
04:1846-95Christen Cunningham sub out
03:51Marcel Burton missed 3-point jump shot46-95
03:4646-95Jacob Redding defensive rebound
03:2446-97+2Darius Perry made jump shot
03:10Marcel Burton made 3-point field goal+349-97
03:10Aaron Ray assist49-97
02:5149-97Jacob Redding missed 3-point field goal
02:4849-97Akoy Agau offensive rebound
02:4649-99+2Jo Griffin made putback layup
02:4649-99Akoy Agau assist
02:3649-99Darius Perry sub out
02:3649-99Wyatt Battaile sub in
02:36media timeout49-99
02:36Isaiah Rollins, fouled on the play49-99
02:3649-99Jacob Redding personal foul two shots
02:36Isaiah Rollins made free throw 1 of 2+150-99
02:36Isaiah Rollins made free throw 2 of 2+151-99
02:1451-99Khwan Fore, fouled on the play
02:14Hassan Hussein personal foul two shots51-99
02:1451-100+1Khwan Fore made free throw 1 of 2
02:1451-101+1Khwan Fore made free throw 2 of 2
02:09Osa Wilson, foul offensive51-101
02:09Osa Wilson turnover51-101
02:0951-101Khwan Fore fouled on the play
02:09Brendon Brook sub in51-101
02:09Osa Wilson sub out51-101
01:4951-101Wyatt Battaile missed 3-point jump shot
01:46Hassan Hussein defensive rebound51-101
01:3151-101Akoy Agau block
01:31Brendon Brook missed jump shot (blocked)51-101
01:27Aaron Ray offensive rebound51-101
01:20Aaron Ray missed 3-point jump shot51-101
01:1751-101Akoy Agau defensive rebound
00:5851-104+3Jacob Redding made 3-point field goal
00:5851-104Khwan Fore assist
00:45Marcel Burton made 3-point field goal+354-104
00:45Aaron Ray assist54-104
00:2154-104Wyatt Battaile turnover
00:21Marcel Burton steal54-104
00:16Isaiah Rollins missed layup off turnover54-104
00:1354-104Khwan Fore defensive rebound
00:00End of game54-104
00:00End of period54-104
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