North Carolina vs. Wofford Box Score, November 6, 2018

Atlantic Coast Conference and Southern Conference Scores — Nov 6, 2018

UWM 53
BC 73  
CHAR 69  
CIT 80
CLEM (22)  100  
FUR 102  
GAST 74  
NCAT 66  
NCST 105  
UIC 67
ND 84  
YSU 53
PITT 69  
SAM 91  
EWU 34
SYR (16)  66  
UVA (5)  73  
VMI 89  
UNC (8)  78
WOF 67  
MER 67
ALBIR 75  
FLA 60
FSU (17)  81  
DUKE (4)  118
UK (2)  84  
November 6, 2018
Richardson Indoor Stadium, Spartanburg, South Carolina
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Line Score


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Play-By-Play Table
Time   North Carolina PTS   Score   PTS Wofford
20:00Start of game0-0
20:00Jump ball0-0
20:00Start of period0-0
19:58Garrison Brooks won jump ball0-0
19:580-0Keve Aluma lost jump ball
19:44Luke Maye made jump shot+22-0
19:44Coby White assist2-0
19:172-0Cameron Jackson missed 3-point field goal
19:11Kenny Williams defensive rebound2-0
19:00Cameron Johnson turnover2-0
18:402-0Nathan Hoover missed 3-point jump shot
18:352-0Team deadball rebound
18:272-0Fletcher Magee missed 3-point jump shot
18:27Kenny Williams defensive rebound2-0
18:23Coby White missed 3-point field goal2-0
18:202-0Cameron Jackson defensive rebound
18:162-0Storm Murphy missed 3-point field goal
18:13Luke Maye defensive rebound2-0
18:09Kenny Williams missed 3-point field goal2-0
18:032-0Cameron Jackson defensive rebound
17:562-0Fletcher Magee turnover dribbling
17:34Luke Maye missed 3-point jump shot2-0
17:31Cameron Johnson offensive rebound2-0
17:29Kenny Williams assist+24-0
17:29Garrison Brooks made dunk4-0
17:134-0Storm Murphy turnover
16:58Coby White missed 3-point jump shot4-0
16:554-0Cameron Jackson defensive rebound
16:364-0Fletcher Magee missed layup
16:354-0Keve Aluma, fouled on the play
16:35Kenny Williams personal foul4-0
16:32Luke Maye defensive rebound4-0
16:31Coby White turnover dribbling4-0
16:294-0Cameron Jackson missed dunk
16:25Kenny Williams defensive rebound4-0
16:22Kenny Williams turnover4-0
16:224-0Nathan Hoover steal
16:034-0Storm Murphy turnover, travel
15:42Coby White missed jump shot in transition4-0
15:424-0Donovan Theme-Love sub in
15:424-0Team deadball rebound
15:42media timeout4-0
15:424-0Fletcher Magee sub out
15:424-0Cameron Jackson sub out
15:424-0Matt Pegram sub in
15:214-3+3Nathan Hoover made 3-point field goal
15:214-3Storm Murphy assist
15:04Garrison Brooks missed hook shot4-3
15:004-3Matt Pegram defensive rebound
14:554-3Storm Murphy missed 3-point field goal
14:514-3Keve Aluma offensive rebound
14:494-6+3Storm Murphy made 3-point jump shot
14:36+26-6Fletcher Magee sub in
14:366-6Matt Pegram sub out
14:366-6Cameron Jackson sub in
14:36Garrison Brooks missed free throw 1 of 16-6
14:366-6Cameron Jackson defensive rebound
14:366-6Donovan Theme-Love sub out
14:366-6Ryan Larson sub in
14:366-6Keve Aluma sub out
14:366-6Chevez Goodwin sub in
14:366-6Tray Hollowell sub in
14:366-6Storm Murphy sub out
14:36Garrison Brooks fouled on the play6-6
14:366-6Nathan Hoover sub out
14:36Luke Maye assist6-6
14:36Garrison Brooks made layup6-6
14:366-6Matt Pegram personal foul, 1 free throw
14:17Nassir Little sub in6-6
14:17Garrison Brooks sub out6-6
14:096-6Tray Hollowell missed 3-point field goal
14:036-6Cameron Jackson offensive rebound
14:006-8+2Chevez Goodwin made putback layup
13:49Kenny Williams assist+39-8
13:49Luke Maye made 3-point field goal9-8
13:349-8Fletcher Magee missed 3-point field goal
13:319-8Cameron Jackson offensive rebound
13:289-10+2Cameron Jackson made putback layup
13:179-10Chevez Goodwin personal foul
13:17Kenny Williams sub out9-10
13:17Cameron Johnson, fouled on the play9-10
13:17Rechon Black sub in9-10
13:11Cameron Johnson made 3-point field goal+312-10
13:11Nassir Little assist12-10
13:1012-10Keve Aluma sub in
13:10Coby White sub out12-10
13:10Seventh Woods sub in12-10
13:1012-10Chevez Goodwin sub out
13:09Nassir Little, fouled on the play12-10
13:0912-10Tray Hollowell personal foul
12:56Nassir Little made jump shot+214-10
12:3914-10Fletcher Magee missed jump shot
12:33Seventh Woods defensive rebound14-10
12:2714-10Tray Hollowell steal
12:27Luke Maye turnover14-10
12:2714-10Tray Hollowell defensive rebound
12:27Rechon Black missed jump shot14-10
12:27Luke Maye missed 3-point field goal14-10
12:27Cameron Johnson offensive rebound14-10
12:1414-10Tray Hollowell turnover
12:14Cameron Johnson steal14-10
11:3614-10Fletcher Magee turnover
11:36media timeout14-10
11:36Seventh Woods steal14-10
11:36Seventh Woods assist+216-10
11:36Luke Maye made dunk16-10
11:1816-12+2Matt Pegram made hook shot
10:53Nassir Little missed jump shot16-12
10:5016-12Nathan Hoover defensive rebound
10:5016-12Nathan Hoover missed layup
10:50Garrison Brooks defensive rebound16-12
10:37Garrison Brooks missed hook shot16-12
10:3416-12Keve Aluma defensive rebound
10:0216-12Nathan Hoover missed 3-point field goal
09:5316-12Keve Aluma offensive rebound
09:4616-12Fletcher Magee missed 3-point jump shot
09:41Team deadball rebound16-12
09:3716-12Nathan Hoover sub in
09:3716-12Tray Hollowell sub out
09:27Kenny Williams assist+218-12
09:27Garrison Brooks made layup18-12
08:5918-12Ryan Larson missed 3-point field goal
08:5518-12Cameron Jackson offensive rebound
08:5118-12Nathan Hoover missed jump shot
08:48Sterling Manley defensive rebound18-12
08:4518-12Cameron Jackson, fouled on the play
08:45Coby White turnover18-12
08:45Coby White, foul offensive18-12
08:45Seventh Woods sub out18-12
08:45Coby White sub in18-12
08:45Nassir Little sub out18-12
08:45Brandon Robinson sub in18-12
08:45Rechon Black sub out18-12
08:45Kenny Williams sub in18-12
08:3018-12Fletcher Magee missed 3-point jump shot
08:25Cameron Johnson defensive rebound18-12
08:14Luke Maye made 3-point field goal+321-12
08:14Kenny Williams assist21-12
07:4121-12Cameron Jackson missed 3-point field goal
07:37Brandon Robinson defensive rebound21-12
07:32media timeout21-12
07:23Cameron Johnson made 3-point field goal+324-12
07:23Brandon Robinson assist24-12
07:0624-12Ryan Larson sub out
07:0624-12Storm Murphy sub in
06:5824-14+2Storm Murphy made close-range jump shot
06:36Luke Maye missed jump shot24-14
06:32Kenny Williams offensive rebound24-14
06:29Brandon Robinson missed jump shot24-14
06:2624-14Storm Murphy defensive rebound
06:1424-14Fletcher Magee missed jump shot
06:10Luke Maye defensive rebound24-14
05:59Cameron Johnson missed 3-point field goal24-14
05:5524-14Storm Murphy defensive rebound
05:3424-14Cameron Jackson missed hook shot
05:3024-14Tray Hollowell sub in
05:3024-14Matt Pegram sub in
05:3024-14Cameron Jackson sub out
05:30Team deadball rebound24-14
05:3024-14Keve Aluma sub out
05:3024-14Fletcher Magee sub out
05:3024-14Chevez Goodwin sub in
05:26Coby White sub out24-14
05:26Seventh Woods sub in24-14
05:26Nassir Little sub in24-14
05:26Kenny Williams sub out24-14
05:22Cameron Johnson missed jump shot24-14
05:1824-14Chevez Goodwin defensive rebound
04:5824-14Donovan Theme-Love missed 3-point field goal
04:53Cameron Johnson defensive rebound24-14
04:51Brandon Robinson turnover24-14
04:51Brandon Robinson, foul offensive24-14
04:5124-14Donovan Theme-Love fouled on the play
04:5124-14Donovan Theme-Love sub in
04:5124-14Tray Hollowell sub out
04:48Brandon Robinson sub out24-14
04:48Kenny Williams sub in24-14
04:2424-14Nathan Hoover missed jump shot in transition
04:21Nassir Little defensive rebound24-14
04:12Luke Maye missed layup (blocked)24-14
04:1224-14Matt Pegram block
04:04Nassir Little block24-14
04:0424-14Chevez Goodwin missed layup (blocked)
04:0424-14Matt Pegram defensive rebound
04:0424-14Team deadball rebound
04:0224-14Fletcher Magee sub in
04:02Garrison Brooks sub in24-14
04:0224-14Matt Pegram sub out
04:0224-14Cameron Jackson sub in
04:02Sterling Manley sub in24-14
04:0224-14Donovan Theme-Love sub out
04:0224-14Keve Aluma sub in
04:02Cameron Johnson sub out24-14
04:02Luke Maye sub out24-14
04:0224-14Chevez Goodwin sub out
03:5424-16+2Fletcher Magee made layup
03:45media timeout24-16
03:45Kenny Williams missed 3-point field goal24-16
03:4524-16Team deadball rebound
03:2424-18+2Cameron Jackson made layup
03:07Sterling Manley missed free throw 2 of 224-18
03:07Team deadball rebound24-18
03:07Sterling Manley missed free throw 1 of 224-18
03:07Sterling Manley fouled on the play24-18
03:07Team deadball rebound24-18
03:0724-18Cameron Jackson personal foul two shots
02:53Garrison Brooks offensive rebound24-18
02:53Garrison Brooks missed layup (blocked)24-18
02:5324-18Keve Aluma block
02:53Garrison Brooks made putback layup+226-18
02:53Garrison Brooks, fouled on the play26-18
02:5326-18Keve Aluma personal foul, 1 free throw
02:53Garrison Brooks made free throw 1 of 1+127-18
02:5227-20+2Cameron Jackson made layup
02:45Garrison Brooks made layup+229-20
02:45Seventh Woods assist29-20
02:4529-22+2Cameron Jackson made layup
02:38Garrison Brooks missed jump shot29-22
02:3829-22Cameron Jackson defensive rebound
01:3329-22Storm Murphy turnover
01:33Seventh Woods steal29-22
01:33Seventh Woods turnover29-22
01:1629-24+2Fletcher Magee made layup off turnover
01:09Nassir Little made layup+231-24
01:09Seventh Woods assist31-24
00:47Seventh Woods sub out31-24
00:47Coby White sub in31-24
00:3831-26+2Storm Murphy assist
00:3831-26Nathan Hoover made close-range jump shot
00:17Kenny Williams sub out31-26
00:17Andrew Platek sub in31-26
00:15Coby White missed jump shot31-26
00:09Garrison Brooks offensive rebound31-26
00:06Garrison Brooks made putback layup+233-26
00:0033-26Storm Murphy missed 3-point field goal
00:00End of period33-26
00:00Team deadball rebound33-26
Time   North Carolina PTS   Score   PTS Wofford
20:00Sterling Manley sub out33-26
20:00Andrew Platek sub out33-26
20:00Luke Maye sub in33-26
20:00Start of period33-26
20:00Nassir Little sub out33-26
20:00Cameron Johnson sub in33-26
20:00Kenny Williams sub in33-26
19:46Cameron Johnson made layup+235-26
19:46Luke Maye assist35-26
19:3135-26Fletcher Magee missed 3-point field goal
19:23Cameron Johnson defensive rebound35-26
19:20Luke Maye made close-range jump shot+237-26
19:0237-26Fletcher Magee missed 3-point field goal
19:00Garrison Brooks defensive rebound37-26
18:51Coby White made layup+239-26
18:35Sterling Manley sub out39-26
18:35Kenny Williams sub in39-26
18:35Nassir Little sub out39-26
18:35Luke Maye sub in39-26
18:35Cameron Johnson sub in39-26
18:35Andrew Platek sub out39-26
18:3539-26Nathan Hoover, fouled on the play
18:35Luke Maye personal foul two shots39-26
18:3539-27+1Nathan Hoover made free throw 1 of 2
18:3539-28+1Nathan Hoover made free throw 2 of 2
18:2939-28Cameron Jackson steal
18:29Cameron Johnson turnover39-28
18:0739-28Cameron Jackson missed hook shot
18:04Kenny Williams defensive rebound39-28
18:0239-28Cameron Jackson steal
18:02Kenny Williams turnover39-28
17:4339-31+3Storm Murphy made 3-point field goal in transition
17:35Luke Maye missed jump shot39-31
17:32Cameron Johnson offensive rebound39-31
17:2939-31Nathan Hoover steal
17:29Cameron Johnson turnover39-31
17:1739-31Cameron Jackson turnover
17:1739-31Cameron Jackson sub out
17:1739-31Cameron Jackson, foul offensive
17:1739-31Keve Aluma sub out
17:1739-31Matt Pegram sub in
17:17Garrison Brooks, fouled on the play39-31
17:1739-31Chevez Goodwin sub in
17:05Luke Maye, fouled on the play39-31
17:0539-31Chevez Goodwin personal foul two shots
17:05Luke Maye made free throw 1 of 2+140-31
17:05Luke Maye made free throw 2 of 2+141-31
16:4141-31Fletcher Magee missed 3-point field goal
16:3741-31Matt Pegram offensive rebound
16:2241-34+3Storm Murphy assist
16:2241-34Matt Pegram made 3-point jump shot
16:15Coby White, fouled on the play41-34
16:1541-34Storm Murphy personal foul
16:07Coby White assist+243-34
16:07Luke Maye made layup43-34
15:3943-34Nathan Hoover missed 3-point field goal
15:35Luke Maye defensive rebound43-34
15:30Coby White missed 3-point field goal43-34
15:28Garrison Brooks offensive rebound43-34
15:07Garrison Brooks turnover43-34
15:05Nassir Little sub in43-34
15:05media timeout43-34
15:05Cameron Johnson sub out43-34
14:5743-34Nathan Hoover missed 3-point jump shot
14:49Coby White defensive rebound43-34
14:4543-34Chevez Goodwin sub out
14:45Luke Maye, fouled on the play43-34
14:4543-34Chevez Goodwin personal foul looseball
14:4543-34Keve Aluma sub in
14:36Luke Maye missed 3-point field goal43-34
14:3243-34Keve Aluma defensive rebound
14:07Nassir Little block43-34
14:0743-34Nathan Hoover missed jump shot (blocked)
14:0743-34Team deadball rebound
14:0543-37+3Matt Pegram assist
14:0543-37Fletcher Magee made 3-point jump shot
13:45Garrison Brooks missed jump shot43-37
13:4243-37Matt Pegram defensive rebound
13:1943-40+3Fletcher Magee made 3-point field goal
13:1943-40Storm Murphy assist
13:01Luke Maye assist+346-40
13:01Nassir Little made 3-point field goal46-40
12:4446-40Storm Murphy fouled on the play
12:44Coby White personal foul two shots46-40
12:44Kenny Williams sub out46-41+1
12:44Sterling Manley sub in46-41
12:44Coby White sub out46-41
12:4446-41Chevez Goodwin sub in
12:4446-41Donovan Theme-Love sub in
12:4446-41Fletcher Magee sub out
12:4446-41Matt Pegram sub out
12:44Garrison Brooks sub out46-41
12:44Rechon Black sub in46-41
12:44Cameron Johnson sub in46-41
12:44Luke Maye sub out46-41
12:44Seventh Woods sub in46-41
12:4446-41Storm Murphy made free throw 1 of 2
12:4446-42+1Storm Murphy made free throw 2 of 2
12:3046-42Storm Murphy sub out
12:3046-42Ryan Larson sub in
12:25Cameron Johnson missed 3-point field goal46-42
12:20Sterling Manley offensive rebound46-42
12:13Sterling Manley missed putback layup46-42
12:08Sterling Manley personal foul46-42
12:0846-42Keve Aluma defensive rebound
12:0846-42Donovan Theme-Love, fouled on the play
11:5246-42Ryan Larson missed 3-point field goal
11:48Nassir Little defensive rebound46-42
11:39Nassir Little missed 3-point field goal46-42
11:3546-42Chevez Goodwin defensive rebound
11:2146-42Fletcher Magee sub in
11:2146-42Donovan Theme-Love sub out
11:20media timeout46-42
11:2046-42Nathan Hoover, fouled on the play
11:20Seventh Woods personal foul two shots46-42
11:2046-43+1Nathan Hoover made free throw 1 of 2
11:2046-44+1Nathan Hoover made free throw 2 of 2
11:1946-44Nathan Hoover sub out
11:1946-44Tray Hollowell sub in
11:04Sterling Manley turnover other46-44
10:5746-44Fletcher Magee missed 3-point jump shot
10:5446-44Keve Aluma offensive rebound
10:3746-46+2Chevez Goodwin made layup
10:3746-46Ryan Larson assist
10:31Luke Maye sub in46-46
10:3146-46Ryan Larson personal foul
10:31Sterling Manley sub out46-46
10:3146-46Keve Aluma sub out
10:3146-46Storm Murphy sub in
10:3146-46Ryan Larson sub out
10:3146-46Cameron Jackson sub in
10:31Seventh Woods, fouled on the play46-46
10:21Cameron Johnson made 3-point field goal+349-46
10:21Nassir Little assist49-46
10:0349-46Fletcher Magee missed 3-point field goal
10:00Luke Maye defensive rebound49-46
09:54Seventh Woods made layup+251-46
09:3551-46Fletcher Magee, fouled on the play
09:35Seventh Woods personal foul two shots51-46
09:3551-47+1Tray Hollowell sub out
09:3551-47Nathan Hoover sub in
09:35Rechon Black sub out51-47
09:35Kenny Williams sub in51-47
09:3551-47Keve Aluma sub in
09:3551-47Chevez Goodwin sub out
09:3551-47Fletcher Magee made free throw 1 of 2
09:3551-48+1Fletcher Magee made free throw 2 of 2
09:17Nassir Little assist+354-48
09:17Cameron Johnson made 3-point field goal54-48
08:5054-48Cameron Jackson, fouled on the play
08:50Luke Maye personal foul54-48
08:3954-48Fletcher Magee missed 3-point field goal
08:3654-48Jump ball held ball
08:3654-48Keve Aluma offensive rebound
08:1554-48Cameron Jackson, fouled on the play
08:15Cameron Johnson personal foul54-48
08:1254-51+3Fletcher Magee made 3-point jump shot
08:1254-51Storm Murphy assist
07:5454-51Cameron Jackson personal foul, 3 free throws
07:54Luke Maye, fouled on the play54-51
07:53media timeout+155-51
07:53Luke Maye made free throw 1 of 355-51
07:53Luke Maye made free throw 2 of 3+156-51
07:53Luke Maye made free throw 3 of 3+157-51
07:51Nassir Little sub out57-51
07:51Garrison Brooks sub in57-51
07:4557-51Cameron Jackson sub out
07:4557-51Matt Pegram sub in
07:4357-51Matt Pegram missed free throw 1 of 1
07:43Kenny Williams defensive rebound57-51
07:43Garrison Brooks loose ball foul57-51
07:4357-51Matt Pegram, fouled on the play
07:35Cameron Johnson made 3-point field goal+360-51
07:35Kenny Williams assist60-51
07:3160-51full timeout
07:3160-51Matt Pegram sub out
07:3160-51Cameron Jackson sub in
07:1660-51Nathan Hoover missed jump shot
07:1360-51Cameron Jackson offensive rebound
07:1060-51Fletcher Magee missed 3-point jump shot
07:05Luke Maye defensive rebound60-51
06:53Kenny Williams missed 3-point field goal60-51
06:49Cameron Johnson offensive rebound60-51
06:47Garrison Brooks made putback dunk+262-51
06:47Cameron Johnson assist62-51
06:2562-53+2Fletcher Magee made close-range jump shot
06:1662-53Cameron Jackson, fouled on the play
06:16Luke Maye, foul offensive62-53
06:16Luke Maye turnover62-53
05:5162-55+2Cameron Jackson made layup off turnover
05:40Coby White sub in62-55
05:40Seventh Woods sub out62-55
05:40Kenny Williams turnover, travel62-55
05:1462-55Fletcher Magee, fouled on the play
05:14Kenny Williams personal foul two shots62-55
05:1462-56+1Matt Pegram sub in
05:1462-56Cameron Jackson sub out
05:1462-56Fletcher Magee made free throw 1 of 2
05:1462-57+1Fletcher Magee made free throw 2 of 2
04:56Garrison Brooks missed layup62-57
04:54Team deadball rebound62-57
04:45Cameron Johnson assist+264-57
04:4564-57Matt Pegram personal foul, 1 free throw
04:45Garrison Brooks made putback layup64-57
04:45Garrison Brooks, fouled on the play64-57
04:45Garrison Brooks, free throw 1 of 1 made+165-57
04:3065-57Fletcher Magee missed 3-point field goal
04:27Coby White defensive rebound65-57
04:24Coby White missed layup65-57
04:21Cameron Johnson offensive rebound65-57
04:16Coby White made 3-point field goal+368-57
04:16Luke Maye assist68-57
04:0568-59+2Storm Murphy made jump shot
03:49Luke Maye made layup+270-59
03:42media timeout70-59
03:4170-59Matt Pegram sub out
03:41Rechon Black sub in70-59
03:4170-59Cameron Jackson sub in
03:41Kenny Williams sub out70-59
03:2970-59Storm Murphy turnover
03:29Garrison Brooks steal70-59
03:09Garrison Brooks made dunk+272-59
03:09Coby White assist72-59
02:4372-59Cameron Jackson missed jump shot
02:39Rechon Black defensive rebound72-59
02:18Luke Maye fouled on the play72-59
02:1872-59Keve Aluma personal foul two shots
02:18+173-59Team deadball rebound
02:18Kenny Williams sub in73-59
02:18Rechon Black sub out73-59
02:18Luke Maye made free throw 1 of 273-59
02:18Luke Maye missed free throw 2 of 273-59
02:06Cameron Johnson steal73-59
02:0673-59Fletcher Magee turnover
02:02Coby White made fast break layup+275-59
02:0275-59Nathan Hoover personal foul, 1 free throw
02:02Coby White, fouled on the play75-59
02:02Coby White made free throw 1 of 1+176-59
01:5276-61+2Fletcher Magee made close-range jump shot
01:4076-61Keve Aluma personal foul two shots
01:40Luke Maye, fouled on the play76-61
01:40Luke Maye made free throw 1 of 2+177-61
01:40Luke Maye made free throw 2 of 2+178-61
01:3078-61Fletcher Magee missed 3-point field goal
01:27Luke Maye defensive rebound78-61
01:01Coby White missed 3-point field goal78-61
00:5778-61Keve Aluma defensive rebound
00:4878-64+3Storm Murphy assist
00:4878-64Nathan Hoover made 3-point field goal
00:21Garrison Brooks turnover other78-64
00:1578-67+3Storm Murphy made 3-point field goal
00:00End of game78-67
00:00End of period78-67
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