Georgia Southern vs. Georgia State Box Score, March 10, 2018

Sun Belt Conference Scores — Mar 10, 2018

LA 68  
GAST 73  
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Play-By-Play Table
Time   Georgia Southern PTS   Score   PTS Georgia State
19:340-3+3Jeff Thomas makes 3-point jump shot
19:340-3Devin Mitchell assist
19:16Mike Hughes turnover0-3
19:150-3Jeff Thomas steal
19:060-3D'Marcus Simonds foul
19:060-3D'Marcus Simonds turnover
18:38Jake Allsmiller misses 3-point jump shot0-3
18:380-3Georgia State Panthers defensive rebound
18:260-3D'Marcus Simonds misses 2-point jump shot
18:26Coye Simmons defensive rebound0-3
18:14Jake Allsmiller makes 2-point jump shot+22-3
17:532-3Devin Mitchell misses layup
17:532-3Jordan Session offensive rebound
17:492-6+3Jeff Thomas makes 3-point jump shot
17:492-6Malik Benlevi assist
17:43Quan Jackson substitution in2-6
17:43Ike Smith substitution out2-6
17:17Quan Jackson makes 3-point jump shot+35-6
17:015-6Malik Benlevi misses 2-point jump shot
17:015-6Devin Mitchell offensive rebound
16:505-6Devin Mitchell misses 2-point jump shot
16:50Tookie Brown defensive rebound5-6
16:45Jake Allsmiller misses 3-point jump shot5-6
16:455-6Jordan Session defensive rebound
16:195-6D'Marcus Simonds misses layup
16:19Mike Hughes defensive rebound5-6
16:13Quan Jackson misses layup5-6
16:135-6Jeff Thomas defensive rebound
16:005-6Devin Mitchell misses 3-point jump shot
16:00Quan Jackson defensive rebound5-6
15:45Tookie Brown misses 2-point jump shot5-6
15:45Coye Simmons offensive rebound5-6
15:43Coye Simmons makes layup+27-6
15:25Coye Simmons foul7-6
15:25Coye Simmons foul7-6
15:25Coye Simmons foul7-6
15:257-6Georgia State Panthers full timeout
15:257-6Jeff Thomas misses free throw
15:257-6Georgia State Panthers deadball rebound
15:257-7+1Jeff Thomas makes free throw
15:257-8+1D'Marcus Simonds makes free throw
15:257-9+1D'Marcus Simonds makes free throw
15:25Shawn O'Connell substitution in7-9
15:25Coye Simmons substitution out7-9
15:01Quan Jackson misses 2-point jump shot7-9
15:017-9Jordan Session shot block
15:01Georgia Southern Eagles offensive rebound7-9
14:56Mike Hughes misses 2-point jump shot7-9
14:56Mike Hughes offensive rebound7-9
14:53Jake Allsmiller misses 3-point jump shot7-9
14:537-9Georgia State Panthers defensive rebound
14:49BJ Gladden substitution in7-9
14:49Jake Allsmiller substitution out7-9
14:497-9Isaiah Williams substitution in
14:497-9Devin Mitchell substitution out
14:40Ike Smith substitution in7-9
14:40Mike Hughes substitution out7-9
14:217-11+2Jordan Session makes dunk
14:217-11Isaiah Williams assist
13:51Tookie Brown misses 3-point jump shot7-11
13:517-11Malik Benlevi defensive rebound
13:417-11Isaiah Williams foul
13:417-11Isaiah Williams turnover
13:24Ike Smith turnover7-11
13:247-11D'Marcus Simonds steal
13:24Ike Smith foul7-11
13:107-14+3Isaiah Williams makes 3-point jump shot
13:107-14Malik Benlevi assist
12:46Tookie Brown turnover7-14
12:46David-Lee Jones Jr. substitution in7-14
12:46Jake Allsmiller substitution in7-14
12:46Ike Smith substitution out7-14
12:46Tookie Brown substitution out7-14
12:22David-Lee Jones Jr. foul7-14
12:227-14Malik Benlevi misses free throw
12:227-14Georgia State Panthers deadball rebound
12:227-14Malik Benlevi misses free throw
12:22Quan Jackson defensive rebound7-14
12:09Jake Allsmiller misses 3-point jump shot7-14
12:09Georgia Southern Eagles offensive rebound7-14
12:077-14Jeff Thomas foul
12:077-14Jordan Tyson substitution in
12:077-14Jordan Session substitution out
12:01BJ Gladden misses 2-point jump shot7-14
12:01BJ Gladden offensive rebound7-14
11:58BJ Gladden misses layup7-14
11:587-14Isaiah Williams defensive rebound
11:49David-Lee Jones Jr. foul7-14
11:497-14Media timeout
11:497-15+1Jeff Thomas makes free throw
11:497-16+1Jeff Thomas makes free throw
11:497-17+1Jeff Thomas makes free throw
11:49Mike Hughes substitution in7-17
11:49Tookie Brown substitution in7-17
11:49David-Lee Jones Jr. substitution out7-17
11:49BJ Gladden substitution out7-17
11:30Mike Hughes misses 2-point jump shot7-17
11:307-17Jeff Thomas defensive rebound
11:087-17Jordan Tyson foul
11:087-17Jordan Tyson turnover
11:087-17Devin Mitchell substitution in
11:087-17Jeff Thomas substitution out
10:55Shawn O'Connell makes dunk+29-17
10:55Quan Jackson assist9-17
10:339-17Devin Mitchell turnover
10:31Tookie Brown steal9-17
10:29Tookie Brown makes layup+211-17
10:05Shawn O'Connell foul11-17
10:0511-18+1Isaiah Williams makes free throw
10:0511-19+1Isaiah Williams makes free throw
10:0511-19Jordan Session substitution in
10:0511-19Jordan Tyson substitution out
09:5511-19Isaiah Williams foul
09:5511-19Kane Williams substitution in
09:5511-19Isaiah Williams substitution out
09:42Quan Jackson misses layup11-19
09:4211-19Georgia State Panthers defensive rebound
09:2611-21+2Jordan Session makes dunk
09:2611-21Kane Williams assist
09:0711-21Devin Mitchell foul
09:0711-21Jeff Thomas substitution in
09:0711-21Malik Benlevi substitution out
08:49Tookie Brown misses layup11-21
08:49Shawn O'Connell offensive rebound11-21
08:47Shawn O'Connell misses dunk11-21
08:4711-21Georgia State Panthers defensive rebound
08:2611-24+3Jeff Thomas makes 3-point jump shot
08:2611-24Kane Williams assist
08:0811-24Jeff Thomas foul
08:08Mike Hughes makes free throw+112-24
08:08Mike Hughes makes free throw+113-24
08:08Ike Smith substitution in13-24
08:08Jake Allsmiller substitution out13-24
07:5413-26+2D'Marcus Simonds makes layup
07:38Tookie Brown makes layup+215-26
07:2315-29+3Devin Mitchell makes 3-point jump shot
07:2315-29Jordan Session assist
07:05Mike Hughes misses layup15-29
07:0515-29Kane Williams defensive rebound
07:0015-31+2Kane Williams makes layup
07:00Tookie Brown foul15-31
07:0015-31Georgia State Panthers full timeout
07:0015-32+1Kane Williams makes free throw
07:0015-32Malik Benlevi substitution in
07:0015-32D'Marcus Simonds substitution out
06:3615-32Malik Benlevi foul
06:36Quan Jackson makes free throw+116-32
06:36Quan Jackson misses free throw16-32
06:3616-32Malik Benlevi defensive rebound
06:20Mike Hughes foul16-32
06:2016-33+1Kane Williams makes free throw
06:2016-34+1Kane Williams makes free throw
06:2016-34D'Marcus Simonds substitution in
06:2016-34Jeff Thomas substitution out
06:09Tookie Brown makes 3-point jump shot+319-34
05:5019-36+2Jordan Session makes layup
05:5019-36Kane Williams assist
05:41Mike Hughes makes 3-point jump shot+322-36
05:41Tookie Brown assist22-36
05:0822-36Kane Williams misses 2-point jump shot
05:08Ike Smith defensive rebound22-36
04:58Ike Smith misses 3-point jump shot22-36
04:5822-36Kane Williams defensive rebound
04:3822-38+2D'Marcus Simonds makes layup
04:2222-38D'Marcus Simonds foul
04:22Shawn O'Connell misses free throw22-38
04:2222-38Jordan Session defensive rebound
04:22Jake Allsmiller substitution in22-38
04:22Mike Hughes substitution out22-38
04:2222-38Isaiah Williams substitution in
04:2222-38Jeff Thomas substitution in
04:2222-38Kane Williams substitution out
04:2222-38Devin Mitchell substitution out
04:1322-40+2Jordan Session makes dunk
04:1322-40Jeff Thomas assist
04:12BJ Gladden substitution in22-40
04:12Shawn O'Connell substitution out22-40
04:1222-40Devin Mitchell substitution in
04:1222-40Jeff Thomas substitution out
04:04Quan Jackson makes layup+224-40
03:40BJ Gladden foul24-40
03:4024-40Media timeout
03:4024-41+1Jordan Session makes free throw
03:4024-42+1Jordan Session makes free throw
03:4024-42Kane Williams substitution in
03:4024-42Isaiah Williams substitution out
03:31Jake Allsmiller misses 3-point jump shot24-42
03:3124-42Jordan Session defensive rebound
03:0324-42Devin Mitchell misses 3-point jump shot
03:03BJ Gladden defensive rebound24-42
02:5224-42Kane Williams foul
02:52Tookie Brown makes free throw+125-42
02:52Tookie Brown misses free throw25-42
02:5225-42Jordan Session defensive rebound
02:52Mike Hughes substitution in25-42
02:52Quan Jackson substitution out25-42
02:5225-42Jeff Thomas substitution in
02:5225-42Kane Williams substitution out
02:3725-42D'Marcus Simonds misses 3-point jump shot
02:3725-42Georgia State Panthers offensive rebound
02:2725-42Devin Mitchell turnover
02:26BJ Gladden steal25-42
02:2125-42Devin Mitchell foul
02:21Tookie Brown makes free throw+126-42
02:21Tookie Brown makes free throw+127-42
02:2127-42Isaiah Williams substitution in
02:2127-42Devin Mitchell substitution out
02:0027-44+2Jordan Session makes layup
02:0027-44Jeff Thomas assist
01:46Jake Allsmiller misses 3-point jump shot27-44
01:4627-44Malik Benlevi defensive rebound
01:2927-44Malik Benlevi misses 3-point jump shot
01:29Jake Allsmiller defensive rebound27-44
01:17Ike Smith makes 2-point jump shot+229-44
01:17Jake Allsmiller assist29-44
00:44Jake Allsmiller foul29-44
00:4429-45+1Isaiah Williams makes free throw
00:4429-46+1Isaiah Williams makes free throw
00:44Shawn O'Connell substitution in29-46
00:44Quan Jackson substitution in29-46
00:44Jake Allsmiller substitution out29-46
00:44BJ Gladden substitution out29-46
00:4429-46Kane Williams substitution in
00:4429-46D'Marcus Simonds substitution out
00:39Tookie Brown makes 2-point jump shot+231-46
00:3531-46Georgia State Panthers 30-second timeout
00:35BJ Gladden substitution in31-46
00:35Ike Smith substitution out31-46
00:3531-46D'Marcus Simonds substitution in
00:3531-46Jordan Session substitution out
00:1031-46Isaiah Williams misses 2-point jump shot
00:10BJ Gladden defensive rebound31-46
00:07Georgia Southern Eagles 30-second timeout31-46
00:07Ike Smith substitution in31-46
00:07Jake Allsmiller substitution in31-46
00:07Shawn O'Connell substitution out31-46
00:07BJ Gladden substitution out31-46
00:0731-46Jordan Session substitution in
00:0731-46Jeff Thomas substitution out
00:00Mike Hughes misses 3-point jump shot31-46
00:0031-46Jordan Session defensive rebound
Time   Georgia Southern PTS   Score   PTS Georgia State
20:00Shawn O'Connell substitution in31-46
20:00Coye Simmons substitution out31-46
19:43Shawn O'Connell misses layup31-46
19:4331-46Malik Benlevi defensive rebound
19:1831-46Devin Mitchell misses 3-point jump shot
19:1831-46Georgia State Panthers offensive rebound
19:15Jake Allsmiller foul31-46
19:1131-46D'Marcus Simonds turnover
19:00Tookie Brown misses layup31-46
19:00Georgia Southern Eagles deadball rebound31-46
18:59Shawn O'Connell turnover31-46
18:4131-46Jeff Thomas misses 2-point jump shot
18:41Georgia Southern Eagles defensive rebound31-46
18:3931-46Jordan Session foul
18:24Jake Allsmiller misses 2-point jump shot31-46
18:2431-46D'Marcus Simonds defensive rebound
18:0131-46Jeff Thomas misses 3-point jump shot
17:5531-46Jeff Thomas offensive rebound
17:4131-46Devin Mitchell foul
17:4131-46Devin Mitchell turnover
17:27Ike Smith misses 3-point jump shot31-46
17:2731-46Devin Mitchell defensive rebound
17:1931-48+2Jordan Session makes layup
17:1931-48D'Marcus Simonds assist
17:07Tookie Brown misses 3-point jump shot31-48
17:07Ike Smith offensive rebound31-48
17:03Ike Smith makes layup+233-48
16:4633-48Jeff Thomas turnover
16:45Ike Smith steal33-48
16:27Tookie Brown makes layup+235-48
16:2735-48Jeff Thomas foul
16:27Tookie Brown makes free throw+136-48
16:27Quan Jackson substitution in36-48
16:27BJ Gladden substitution in36-48
16:27Jake Allsmiller substitution out36-48
16:27Shawn O'Connell substitution out36-48
16:2736-48Isaiah Williams substitution in
16:2736-48Devin Mitchell substitution out
16:0036-50+2Isaiah Williams makes 2-point jump shot
15:41Media timeout36-50
15:3236-50Jordan Session foul
15:32BJ Gladden makes free throw+137-50
15:32BJ Gladden misses free throw37-50
15:3237-50Georgia State Panthers defensive rebound
15:3237-50Devin Mitchell substitution in
15:3237-50Jeff Thomas substitution out
15:31Ike Smith foul37-50
15:1737-52+2Jordan Session makes layup
15:1737-52Devin Mitchell assist
15:06Ike Smith makes 3-point jump shot+340-52
15:06Mike Hughes assist40-52
14:4240-52D'Marcus Simonds turnover
14:41Mike Hughes steal40-52
14:37Mike Hughes misses 3-point jump shot40-52
14:3740-52Jordan Session defensive rebound
14:2140-52D'Marcus Simonds turnover
14:20Mike Hughes steal40-52
14:1840-52D'Marcus Simonds foul
14:18Mike Hughes makes free throw+141-52
14:18Mike Hughes makes free throw+142-52
14:18Shawn O'Connell substitution in42-52
14:18Ike Smith substitution out42-52
14:1842-52Kane Williams substitution in
14:1842-52D'Marcus Simonds substitution out
13:5342-52Isaiah Williams misses 3-point jump shot
13:53Shawn O'Connell defensive rebound42-52
13:40Mike Hughes turnover42-52
13:40David-Lee Jones Jr. substitution in42-52
13:40Mike Hughes substitution out42-52
13:1042-52Malik Benlevi misses 3-point jump shot
13:1042-52Georgia State Panthers offensive rebound
13:1042-52Georgia State Panthers turnover
13:0842-52Jeff Thomas substitution in
13:0842-52Devin Mitchell substitution out
12:54Quan Jackson misses 2-point jump shot42-52
12:5442-52Jordan Session defensive rebound
12:2642-55+3Malik Benlevi makes 3-point jump shot
12:2642-55Kane Williams assist
12:05David-Lee Jones Jr. foul42-55
12:05David-Lee Jones Jr. turnover42-55
12:05Jake Allsmiller substitution in42-55
12:05Ike Smith substitution in42-55
12:05David-Lee Jones Jr. substitution out42-55
12:05BJ Gladden substitution out42-55
11:4042-55Jeff Thomas turnover
11:40Media timeout42-55
11:4042-55D'Marcus Simonds substitution in
11:4042-55Malik Benlevi substitution out
11:29Shawn O'Connell makes layup+244-55
11:29Quan Jackson assist44-55
11:2944-55Jordan Session foul
11:29Shawn O'Connell misses free throw44-55
11:2944-55Jordan Tyson defensive rebound
11:2944-55Jordan Tyson substitution in
11:2944-55Jordan Session substitution out
11:0744-57+2Kane Williams makes layup
10:46Ike Smith turnover44-57
10:4644-57Kane Williams steal
10:46Mike Hughes substitution in44-57
10:46Tookie Brown substitution out44-57
10:35Jake Allsmiller foul44-57
10:1844-57Kane Williams misses 3-point jump shot
10:18Georgia Southern Eagles defensive rebound44-57
10:1544-57D'Marcus Simonds foul
10:14Quan Jackson misses free throw44-57
10:1444-57Malik Benlevi defensive rebound
10:14Tookie Brown substitution in44-57
10:14Jake Allsmiller substitution out44-57
10:1444-57Malik Benlevi substitution in
10:1444-57D'Marcus Simonds substitution out
09:4844-57Jeff Thomas turnover
09:47Quan Jackson steal44-57
09:41Quan Jackson misses 3-point jump shot44-57
09:4144-57Georgia State Panthers defensive rebound
09:38Shawn O'Connell foul44-57
09:0944-57Kane Williams misses 2-point jump shot
09:09Shawn O'Connell defensive rebound44-57
08:4644-57Isaiah Williams foul
08:46Tookie Brown makes free throw+145-57
08:46Tookie Brown makes free throw+146-57
08:46BJ Gladden substitution in46-57
08:46Shawn O'Connell substitution out46-57
08:4646-57Devin Mitchell substitution in
08:4646-57Kane Williams substitution out
08:3846-57Malik Benlevi turnover
08:38Quan Jackson steal46-57
08:3846-57Malik Benlevi foul
08:37Quan Jackson misses free throw46-57
08:3746-57Malik Benlevi defensive rebound
08:1246-57Malik Benlevi misses 3-point jump shot
08:1246-57Devin Mitchell offensive rebound
08:0746-57Devin Mitchell misses layup
08:07Quan Jackson defensive rebound46-57
07:55Ike Smith makes 3-point jump shot+349-57
07:55Quan Jackson assist49-57
07:2549-57Devin Mitchell misses 3-point jump shot
07:25Quan Jackson defensive rebound49-57
07:1649-57Devin Mitchell foul
07:16Media timeout49-57
07:16Tookie Brown makes free throw+150-57
07:16Tookie Brown makes free throw+151-57
07:1651-57Jordan Session substitution in
07:1651-57D'Marcus Simonds substitution in
07:1651-57Devin Mitchell substitution out
07:1651-57Jordan Tyson substitution out
07:0551-57Georgia State Panthers 30-second timeout
07:0551-57Media timeout
06:55BJ Gladden foul51-57
06:55Shawn O'Connell substitution in51-57
06:55BJ Gladden substitution out51-57
06:4551-60+3Isaiah Williams makes 3-point jump shot
06:4551-60Jeff Thomas assist
06:2851-60Jordan Session foul
06:28Quan Jackson makes free throw+152-60
06:28Quan Jackson misses free throw52-60
06:2852-60Jeff Thomas defensive rebound
06:2852-60Kane Williams substitution in
06:2852-60Malik Benlevi substitution out
06:04Tookie Brown foul52-60
06:0452-60Jeff Thomas misses free throw
06:04Shawn O'Connell defensive rebound52-60
05:44Quan Jackson turnover52-60
05:4452-60Malik Benlevi substitution in
05:4452-60Jordan Session substitution out
05:1952-60D'Marcus Simonds foul
05:1952-60D'Marcus Simonds turnover
05:19Jake Allsmiller substitution in52-60
05:19Shawn O'Connell substitution out52-60
05:1952-60Jordan Session substitution in
05:1952-60D'Marcus Simonds substitution out
05:11Mike Hughes turnover52-60
05:0452-60Kane Williams turnover
04:56Tookie Brown makes layup+254-60
04:2554-60Isaiah Williams misses 3-point jump shot
04:25Ike Smith shot block54-60
04:24Georgia Southern Eagles defensive rebound54-60
04:2454-60Isaiah Williams foul
04:23Ike Smith makes free throw+155-60
04:23Ike Smith makes free throw+156-60
04:14Quan Jackson foul56-60
04:1456-61+1Kane Williams makes free throw
04:1456-61Kane Williams misses free throw
04:14Mike Hughes defensive rebound56-61
04:00Tookie Brown misses 2-point jump shot56-61
04:0056-61Jordan Session defensive rebound
03:5656-61Media timeout
03:5656-61Devin Mitchell substitution in
03:5656-61Jordan Session substitution out
03:2856-63+2Isaiah Williams makes layup
03:14Jake Allsmiller misses 3-point jump shot56-63
03:1456-63Kane Williams defensive rebound
02:4656-66+3Isaiah Williams makes 3-point jump shot
02:1856-66Malik Benlevi foul
02:18Ike Smith makes free throw+157-66
02:18Ike Smith makes free throw+158-66
01:5058-66Isaiah Williams misses layup
01:50Quan Jackson defensive rebound58-66
01:44Jake Allsmiller misses 3-point jump shot58-66
01:44Ike Smith offensive rebound58-66
01:39Georgia Southern Eagles 30-second timeout58-66
01:3958-66Jordan Session substitution in
01:3958-66Devin Mitchell substitution out
01:36Ike Smith makes layup+260-66
01:1160-66Kane Williams foul
01:1160-66Kane Williams turnover
01:00Ike Smith turnover60-66
01:0060-66Devin Mitchell substitution in
01:0060-66Jordan Session substitution out
00:5560-66Jeff Thomas turnover
00:54Quan Jackson steal60-66
00:53Quan Jackson makes layup+262-66
00:5362-66Jeff Thomas foul
00:53Quan Jackson makes free throw+163-66
00:2463-66Georgia State Panthers 30-second timeout
00:24Shawn O'Connell substitution in63-66
00:24Mike Hughes substitution out63-66
00:2263-69+3Devin Mitchell makes 3-point jump shot
00:2263-69Malik Benlevi assist
00:14Quan Jackson misses 3-point jump shot63-69
00:1463-69Isaiah Williams defensive rebound
00:11Jake Allsmiller foul63-69
00:1163-70+1Isaiah Williams makes free throw
00:1163-71+1Isaiah Williams makes free throw
00:11Mike Hughes substitution in63-71
00:11Shawn O'Connell substitution out63-71
00:1163-71Jordan Session substitution in
00:1163-71Devin Mitchell substitution out
00:07Tookie Brown makes layup+265-71
00:06Georgia Southern Eagles 30-second timeout65-71
00:06Shawn O'Connell substitution in65-71
00:06Jake Allsmiller substitution out65-71
00:0665-71Devin Mitchell substitution in
00:0665-71Jordan Session substitution out
00:05Mike Hughes foul65-71
00:0565-72+1Isaiah Williams makes free throw
00:0565-73+1Isaiah Williams makes free throw
00:0565-73Jordan Session substitution in
00:0565-73Devin Mitchell substitution out
00:01Tookie Brown makes layup+267-73

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