Baylor vs. Texas Christian Box Score, February 24, 2018

Big 12 Conference Scores — Feb 24, 2018

BAY 72
TCU 82  
TEX 65  
KU (8)  74
TTU (6)  72  
KSU 77
OKLA 86  
ISU 70
WVU (21)  85  
February 24, 2018
Ed & Rae Schollmaier Arena, Fort Worth, Texas
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Line Score


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Play-By-Play Table
Time   Baylor PTS   Score   PTS Texas Christian
19:33Manu Lecomte misses 3-point jump shot0-0
19:330-0Desmond Bane defensive rebound
19:170-0Kouat Noi misses 3-point jump shot
19:170-0Kenrich Williams offensive rebound
19:000-0Vlad Brodziansky turnover
18:58Jo Lual-Acuil Jr. steal0-0
18:56Manu Lecomte misses layup0-0
18:56Mark Vital offensive rebound0-0
18:48Mark Vital makes tip-in shot+22-0
18:242-0Kouat Noi misses layup
18:24Jo Lual-Acuil Jr. shot block2-0
18:222-0Desmond Bane offensive rebound
18:18Mark Vital foul2-0
18:092-3+3Kouat Noi makes 3-point jump shot
18:092-3Desmond Bane assist
17:35Mark Vital misses 2-point jump shot2-3
17:352-3Kenrich Williams shot block
17:332-3Desmond Bane defensive rebound
17:31Jake Lindsey foul2-3
17:31Nuni Omot substitution in2-3
17:31King Mcclure substitution in2-3
17:31Jake Lindsey substitution out2-3
17:31Mark Vital substitution out2-3
17:192-3Alex Robinson turnover
17:17Nuni Omot steal2-3
17:07Nuni Omot misses 3-point jump shot2-3
17:072-3Kenrich Williams shot block
17:07Baylor Bears offensive rebound2-3
16:49King Mcclure misses layup2-3
16:49Baylor Bears offensive rebound2-3
16:38Tristan Clark makes dunk+24-3
16:38Manu Lecomte assist4-3
16:214-3Kouat Noi misses 3-point jump shot
16:214-3Vlad Brodziansky offensive rebound
16:08Tristan Clark foul4-3
16:08Terry Maston substitution in4-3
16:08Tristan Clark substitution out4-3
15:564-3Desmond Bane misses 3-point jump shot
15:564-3Kenrich Williams offensive rebound
15:374-5+2Vlad Brodziansky makes layup
15:374-5Kenrich Williams assist
15:20Manu Lecomte misses 2-point jump shot4-5
15:204-5Desmond Bane defensive rebound
15:124-5Kenrich Williams misses 3-point jump shot
15:124-5Kouat Noi offensive rebound
14:524-5Kouat Noi misses 3-point jump shot
14:524-5Kenrich Williams offensive rebound
14:424-5TCU Horned Frogs full timeout
14:42Jake Lindsey substitution in4-5
14:42Manu Lecomte substitution out4-5
14:424-5JD Miller substitution in
14:424-5Shawn Olden substitution in
14:424-5Ahmed Hamdy substitution in
14:424-5Kouat Noi substitution out
14:424-5Desmond Bane substitution out
14:424-5Vlad Brodziansky substitution out
14:34Jake Lindsey foul4-5
14:344-6+1JD Miller makes free throw
14:344-7+1JD Miller makes free throw
14:13Nuni Omot turnover4-7
13:504-9+2JD Miller makes layup
13:32Terry Maston makes layup+26-9
13:32Jo Lual-Acuil Jr. assist6-9
13:116-12+3Shawn Olden makes 3-point jump shot
13:116-12JD Miller assist
12:466-12Ahmed Hamdy foul
12:44Terry Maston misses layup6-12
12:44Terry Maston offensive rebound6-12
12:41Terry Maston makes tip-in shot+28-12
12:278-12Ahmed Hamdy foul
12:278-12Ahmed Hamdy turnover
12:27Manu Lecomte substitution in8-12
12:27King Mcclure substitution out8-12
12:278-12Desmond Bane substitution in
12:278-12Vlad Brodziansky substitution in
12:278-12Alex Robinson substitution out
12:278-12Ahmed Hamdy substitution out
12:14Jake Lindsey makes layup+210-12
11:4610-15+3Shawn Olden makes 3-point jump shot
11:4610-15Desmond Bane assist
11:17Nuni Omot turnover10-15
11:17Nuni Omot foul10-15
11:1710-15Media timeout
11:17Mark Vital substitution in10-15
11:17Nuni Omot substitution out10-15
11:1710-15Kouat Noi substitution in
11:1710-15JD Miller substitution out
10:50Jo Lual-Acuil Jr. foul10-15
10:5010-15Vlad Brodziansky misses free throw
10:5010-15TCU Horned Frogs deadball rebound
10:5010-16+1Vlad Brodziansky makes free throw
10:5010-16Alex Robinson substitution in
10:5010-16Kenrich Williams substitution out
10:40Jo Lual-Acuil Jr. makes layup+212-16
10:40Mark Vital assist12-16
10:0712-18+2Desmond Bane makes layup
09:46Mark Vital misses layup12-18
09:4612-18Vlad Brodziansky defensive rebound
09:43Mark Vital foul12-18
09:4312-19+1Vlad Brodziansky makes free throw
09:4312-20+1Vlad Brodziansky makes free throw
09:43Nuni Omot substitution in12-20
09:43Mark Vital substitution out12-20
09:26Jo Lual-Acuil Jr. makes layup+214-20
09:26Manu Lecomte assist14-20
09:1514-20Vlad Brodziansky turnover
09:14Jo Lual-Acuil Jr. steal14-20
09:11Jake Lindsey turnover14-20
08:5714-23+3Alex Robinson makes 3-point jump shot
08:5714-23Kouat Noi assist
08:36Jo Lual-Acuil Jr. misses 2-point jump shot14-23
08:3614-23Alex Robinson defensive rebound
08:2914-25+2Kouat Noi makes layup
08:2914-25Alex Robinson assist
08:28Baylor Bears full timeout14-25
08:28King Mcclure substitution in14-25
08:28Mark Vital substitution in14-25
08:28Tristan Clark substitution in14-25
08:28Nuni Omot substitution out14-25
08:28Jo Lual-Acuil Jr. substitution out14-25
08:28Jake Lindsey substitution out14-25
08:10King Mcclure makes layup+216-25
08:10Mark Vital assist16-25
07:5016-25Alex Robinson misses 3-point jump shot
07:50Baylor Bears defensive rebound16-25
07:4716-25Kenrich Williams substitution in
07:4716-25Shawn Olden substitution out
07:26Mark Vital misses layup16-25
07:24Tristan Clark offensive rebound16-25
07:2416-25Desmond Bane foul
07:23Tristan Clark makes free throw+117-25
07:23Tristan Clark makes free throw+118-25
07:2318-25JD Miller substitution in
07:2318-25Kouat Noi substitution out
07:0518-25JD Miller misses 3-point jump shot
07:05Tristan Clark defensive rebound18-25
06:45Mark Vital makes layup+220-25
06:45Terry Maston assist20-25
06:2020-25JD Miller turnover
06:2020-25TCU Horned Frogs 30-second timeout
06:2020-25Ahmed Hamdy substitution in
06:2020-25Kouat Noi substitution in
06:2020-25JD Miller substitution out
06:2020-25Vlad Brodziansky substitution out
06:08Terry Maston misses 2-point jump shot20-25
06:0820-25Kenrich Williams defensive rebound
05:5120-25Ahmed Hamdy misses 2-point jump shot
05:51Terry Maston defensive rebound20-25
05:42King Mcclure misses 2-point jump shot20-25
05:4220-25Desmond Bane shot block
05:4120-25Desmond Bane defensive rebound
05:3820-27+2Alex Robinson makes layup
05:3820-27Desmond Bane assist
05:37Terry Maston foul20-27
05:3720-27Alex Robinson misses free throw
05:37Terry Maston defensive rebound20-27
05:3720-27Vlad Brodziansky substitution in
05:3720-27Shawn Olden substitution in
05:3720-27Desmond Bane substitution out
05:3720-27Ahmed Hamdy substitution out
05:2220-27Kouat Noi foul
05:04Manu Lecomte misses 2-point jump shot20-27
05:04Baylor Bears deadball rebound20-27
05:03Baylor Bears turnover20-27
05:03Jo Lual-Acuil Jr. substitution in20-27
05:03Jake Lindsey substitution in20-27
05:03King Mcclure substitution out20-27
05:03Terry Maston substitution out20-27
04:4920-27Vlad Brodziansky misses layup
04:49Tristan Clark shot block20-27
04:49Baylor Bears defensive rebound20-27
04:32Tristan Clark makes layup+222-27
04:0722-29+2Vlad Brodziansky makes layup
04:0722-29Alex Robinson assist
03:45Manu Lecomte turnover22-29
03:45Manu Lecomte foul22-29
03:4522-29TCU Horned Frogs full timeout
03:45King Mcclure substitution in22-29
03:45Manu Lecomte substitution out22-29
03:4522-29Desmond Bane substitution in
03:4522-29Kenrich Williams substitution out
03:3622-29Kouat Noi misses 3-point jump shot
03:36Baylor Bears defensive rebound22-29
03:17Tristan Clark misses 2-point jump shot22-29
03:1722-29Desmond Bane defensive rebound
03:0622-29Alex Robinson misses 3-point jump shot
03:0622-29Desmond Bane offensive rebound
02:5922-29Desmond Bane misses layup
02:5922-29Vlad Brodziansky offensive rebound
02:5822-29Vlad Brodziansky misses tip-in shot
02:58Tristan Clark defensive rebound22-29
02:49Jo Lual-Acuil Jr. makes layup+224-29
02:49Tristan Clark assist24-29
02:1924-29Desmond Bane misses 3-point jump shot
02:19Jo Lual-Acuil Jr. defensive rebound24-29
01:59Jo Lual-Acuil Jr. makes layup+226-29
01:52Terry Maston substitution in26-29
01:52Tristan Clark substitution out26-29
01:5226-29Kenrich Williams substitution in
01:5226-29JD Miller substitution in
01:5226-29Shawn Olden substitution out
01:5226-29Kouat Noi substitution out
01:39Jo Lual-Acuil Jr. foul26-29
01:3926-30+1Vlad Brodziansky makes free throw
01:3926-31+1Vlad Brodziansky makes free throw
01:39Manu Lecomte substitution in26-31
01:39Tristan Clark substitution in26-31
01:39Jo Lual-Acuil Jr. substitution out26-31
01:39King Mcclure substitution out26-31
01:23Mark Vital misses 2-point jump shot26-31
01:23Terry Maston offensive rebound26-31
01:18Terry Maston makes layup+228-31
00:5928-33+2Alex Robinson makes layup
00:5928-33Vlad Brodziansky assist
00:32Manu Lecomte misses 2-point jump shot28-33
00:3228-33Alex Robinson defensive rebound
00:0828-33JD Miller misses 3-point jump shot
00:08Tristan Clark defensive rebound28-33
00:01Terry Maston misses layup28-33
00:0128-33Alex Robinson defensive rebound
Time   Baylor PTS   Score   PTS Texas Christian
19:5528-35+2Alex Robinson makes layup
19:39Jo Lual-Acuil Jr. makes dunk+230-35
19:39Tristan Clark assist30-35
19:2230-35Alex Robinson turnover
19:10Tristan Clark misses layup30-35
19:1030-35Kenrich Williams defensive rebound
18:55Jake Lindsey foul30-35
18:5530-36+1Desmond Bane makes free throw
18:5530-36Desmond Bane misses free throw
18:55King Mcclure defensive rebound30-36
18:55King Mcclure substitution in30-36
18:55Jake Lindsey substitution out30-36
18:41Jo Lual-Acuil Jr. makes 2-point jump shot+232-36
18:2832-36Vlad Brodziansky turnover
18:27King Mcclure steal32-36
18:21Manu Lecomte makes 3-point jump shot+335-36
18:21Tristan Clark assist35-36
17:4935-38+2Alex Robinson makes layup
17:33Manu Lecomte misses 2-point jump shot35-38
17:3335-38TCU Horned Frogs defensive rebound
17:2135-40+2Alex Robinson makes layup
16:58Tristan Clark makes layup+237-40
16:58Mark Vital assist37-40
16:4037-40Kouat Noi misses layup
16:40Jo Lual-Acuil Jr. shot block37-40
16:4037-40TCU Horned Frogs offensive rebound
16:3837-40Kenrich Williams misses 2-point jump shot
16:38Baylor Bears defensive rebound37-40
16:3537-40Kouat Noi foul
16:2237-40Kenrich Williams foul
16:22Tristan Clark makes free throw+138-40
16:22Tristan Clark makes free throw+139-40
16:0639-43+3Alex Robinson makes 3-point jump shot
16:0639-43Kenrich Williams assist
15:42Jo Lual-Acuil Jr. makes layup+241-43
15:3441-43Desmond Bane turnover
15:32Manu Lecomte steal41-43
15:2941-43Alex Robinson foul
15:29Baylor Bears full timeout41-43
15:29Manu Lecomte makes free throw+142-43
15:29Manu Lecomte makes free throw+143-43
15:2943-43Shawn Olden substitution in
15:2943-43Desmond Bane substitution out
15:1643-45+2Vlad Brodziansky makes layup
15:1643-45Alex Robinson assist
14:50Mark Vital makes layup+245-45
14:50Tristan Clark assist45-45
14:3145-45Ahmed Hamdy substitution in
14:3145-45JD Miller substitution in
14:3145-45Desmond Bane substitution in
14:3145-45Kenrich Williams substitution out
14:3145-45Kouat Noi substitution out
14:3145-45Vlad Brodziansky substitution out
14:2745-47+2Ahmed Hamdy makes layup
14:2745-47Shawn Olden assist
14:04Tristan Clark misses 2-point jump shot45-47
14:0445-47JD Miller defensive rebound
13:5345-47Shawn Olden turnover
13:52Manu Lecomte steal45-47
13:3445-47Alex Robinson foul
13:34King Mcclure makes free throw+146-47
13:34King Mcclure makes free throw+147-47
13:34Terry Maston substitution in47-47
13:34Tristan Clark substitution out47-47
13:3447-47Kenrich Williams substitution in
13:3447-47Alex Robinson substitution out
13:10Jo Lual-Acuil Jr. foul47-47
13:1047-48+1Desmond Bane makes free throw
13:1047-49+1Desmond Bane makes free throw
13:10Tristan Clark substitution in47-49
13:10Jo Lual-Acuil Jr. substitution out47-49
12:4447-49JD Miller foul
12:26Tristan Clark misses layup47-49
12:26Tristan Clark offensive rebound47-49
12:23Tristan Clark makes tip-in shot+249-49
12:1149-49Ahmed Hamdy misses layup
12:1149-49TCU Horned Frogs offensive rebound
12:09Nuni Omot substitution in49-49
12:09Mark Vital substitution out49-49
12:0949-49Vlad Brodziansky substitution in
12:0949-49Alex Robinson substitution in
12:0949-49Kouat Noi substitution in
12:0949-49Ahmed Hamdy substitution out
12:0949-49JD Miller substitution out
12:0949-49Shawn Olden substitution out
12:05Terry Maston foul49-49
12:0549-49Vlad Brodziansky misses free throw
12:0549-49TCU Horned Frogs deadball rebound
12:0549-50+1Vlad Brodziansky makes free throw
11:49Terry Maston turnover49-50
11:49Terry Maston foul49-50
11:4949-50TCU Horned Frogs full timeout
11:4049-52+2Vlad Brodziansky makes dunk
11:4049-52Kenrich Williams assist
11:20Tristan Clark makes dunk+251-52
11:20King Mcclure assist51-52
11:0551-52Vlad Brodziansky turnover
11:04King Mcclure steal51-52
11:0051-52Alex Robinson foul
11:0051-52Shawn Olden substitution in
11:0051-52Alex Robinson substitution out
10:52Manu Lecomte misses 3-point jump shot51-52
10:52King Mcclure offensive rebound51-52
10:23King Mcclure misses 3-point jump shot51-52
10:2351-52Kenrich Williams defensive rebound
10:0951-52Kouat Noi misses layup
10:09Nuni Omot defensive rebound51-52
09:57Nuni Omot turnover51-52
09:5551-52Desmond Bane steal
09:4851-54+2Desmond Bane makes layup
09:4751-54TCU Horned Frogs 30-second timeout
09:47Jake Lindsey substitution in51-54
09:47Mark Vital substitution in51-54
09:47Jo Lual-Acuil Jr. substitution in51-54
09:47Nuni Omot substitution out51-54
09:47Tristan Clark substitution out51-54
09:47Manu Lecomte substitution out51-54
09:37Terry Maston makes layup+253-54
09:37Jake Lindsey assist53-54
09:2153-56+2Kenrich Williams makes 2-point jump shot
08:54Terry Maston misses 2-point jump shot53-56
08:54Mark Vital offensive rebound53-56
08:53Mark Vital makes layup+255-56
08:5355-56Kenrich Williams foul
08:53Jo Lual-Acuil Jr. makes free throw+156-56
08:53Jo Lual-Acuil Jr. makes free throw+157-56
08:5357-56Alex Robinson substitution in
08:5357-56Shawn Olden substitution out
08:4457-59+3Kouat Noi makes 3-point jump shot
08:4457-59Alex Robinson assist
08:18Jo Lual-Acuil Jr. makes layup+259-59
07:52Jake Lindsey foul59-59
07:5259-59TCU Horned Frogs full timeout
07:5259-60+1Alex Robinson makes free throw
07:5259-61+1Alex Robinson makes free throw
07:52Manu Lecomte substitution in59-61
07:52Jake Lindsey substitution out59-61
07:5259-61Ahmed Hamdy substitution in
07:5259-61Vlad Brodziansky substitution out
07:36Terry Maston turnover59-61
07:2659-63+2Kenrich Williams makes 2-point jump shot
06:59Jo Lual-Acuil Jr. misses layup59-63
06:59Baylor Bears offensive rebound59-63
06:55Manu Lecomte misses layup59-63
06:5559-63Ahmed Hamdy defensive rebound
06:4659-65+2Desmond Bane makes 2-point jump shot
06:4659-65Alex Robinson assist
06:34Baylor Bears 30-second timeout59-65
06:2159-65Kenrich Williams foul
06:21Mark Vital makes free throw+160-65
06:21Mark Vital makes free throw+161-65
06:21Tristan Clark substitution in61-65
06:21Terry Maston substitution out61-65
06:1461-65Alex Robinson turnover
06:01Tristan Clark misses layup61-65
06:0161-65Kouat Noi defensive rebound
05:58King Mcclure foul61-65
05:5161-68+3Kouat Noi makes 3-point jump shot
05:5161-68Desmond Bane assist
05:21Manu Lecomte misses 2-point jump shot61-68
05:21Jo Lual-Acuil Jr. offensive rebound61-68
05:17Jo Lual-Acuil Jr. makes layup+263-68
04:5463-68Ahmed Hamdy misses layup
04:5463-68Kouat Noi offensive rebound
04:5263-68Kouat Noi turnover
04:50Mark Vital steal63-68
04:4263-68Kenrich Williams foul
04:42Jo Lual-Acuil Jr. makes free throw+164-68
04:42Jo Lual-Acuil Jr. makes free throw+165-68
04:42Nuni Omot substitution in65-68
04:42Tristan Clark substitution out65-68
04:4265-68Shawn Olden substitution in
04:4265-68Kenrich Williams substitution out
04:2865-70+2Alex Robinson makes 2-point jump shot
04:03Jo Lual-Acuil Jr. misses 2-point jump shot65-70
04:0365-70Ahmed Hamdy defensive rebound
03:49Jo Lual-Acuil Jr. foul65-70
03:4965-70Media timeout
03:4965-70Alex Robinson misses free throw
03:4965-70TCU Horned Frogs deadball rebound
03:4965-70Alex Robinson misses free throw
03:49Jo Lual-Acuil Jr. defensive rebound65-70
03:49Terry Maston substitution in65-70
03:49Nuni Omot substitution out65-70
03:23Jo Lual-Acuil Jr. misses layup65-70
03:23King Mcclure offensive rebound65-70
03:12Terry Maston misses 2-point jump shot65-70
03:1265-70Kouat Noi defensive rebound
02:4265-72+2Ahmed Hamdy makes layup
02:4265-72Alex Robinson assist
02:42Manu Lecomte foul65-72
02:4265-73+1Ahmed Hamdy makes free throw
02:42Jake Lindsey substitution in65-73
02:42Manu Lecomte substitution out65-73
02:19Terry Maston misses dunk65-73
02:1965-73Desmond Bane defensive rebound
01:5065-73Ahmed Hamdy misses layup
01:5065-73Ahmed Hamdy offensive rebound
01:2465-73Shawn Olden misses 3-point jump shot
01:2465-73Kouat Noi offensive rebound
01:17Mark Vital foul65-73
01:1765-74+1Alex Robinson makes free throw
01:1765-75+1Alex Robinson makes free throw
01:10King Mcclure makes 3-point jump shot+368-75
01:10Jake Lindsey assist68-75
01:07Baylor Bears full timeout68-75
01:07Manu Lecomte substitution in68-75
01:07Terry Maston substitution out68-75
01:0768-75Kenrich Williams substitution in
01:0768-75Shawn Olden substitution out
01:0368-77+2Desmond Bane makes dunk
01:0368-77Kouat Noi assist
00:54King Mcclure misses layup68-77
00:54Mark Vital offensive rebound68-77
00:5468-77Ahmed Hamdy foul
00:54Mark Vital misses free throw68-77
00:54Baylor Bears deadball rebound68-77
00:54Mark Vital misses free throw68-77
00:5468-77Kenrich Williams defensive rebound
00:5468-77Vlad Brodziansky substitution in
00:5468-77Ahmed Hamdy substitution out
00:49Jake Lindsey foul68-77
00:4968-77Desmond Bane misses free throw
00:4968-77TCU Horned Frogs deadball rebound
00:4968-78+1Desmond Bane makes free throw
00:49Nuni Omot substitution in68-78
00:49Jake Lindsey substitution out68-78
00:4968-78Shawn Olden substitution in
00:4968-78Ahmed Hamdy substitution in
00:4968-78Vlad Brodziansky substitution out
00:4968-78Desmond Bane substitution out
00:4368-78Shawn Olden foul
00:43King Mcclure makes free throw+169-78
00:43King Mcclure makes free throw+170-78
00:4370-78Desmond Bane substitution in
00:4370-78Vlad Brodziansky substitution in
00:4370-78Shawn Olden substitution out
00:4370-78Ahmed Hamdy substitution out
00:41King Mcclure foul70-78
00:4170-79+1Desmond Bane makes free throw
00:4170-80+1Desmond Bane makes free throw
00:4170-80Ahmed Hamdy substitution in
00:4170-80Vlad Brodziansky substitution out
00:35King Mcclure misses layup70-80
00:35Mark Vital offensive rebound70-80
00:32Mark Vital misses dunk70-80
00:32Manu Lecomte offensive rebound70-80
00:29Jo Lual-Acuil Jr. misses 3-point jump shot70-80
00:29Mark Vital offensive rebound70-80
00:24Mark Vital makes layup+272-80
00:23Mark Vital foul72-80
00:2372-81+1Desmond Bane makes free throw
00:2372-82+1Desmond Bane makes free throw
00:2372-82Vlad Brodziansky substitution in
00:2372-82Ahmed Hamdy substitution out
00:18King Mcclure misses 3-point jump shot72-82
00:1872-82Alex Robinson defensive rebound

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