Texas Christian vs. Iowa State Box Score, February 21, 2018

Big 12 Conference Scores — Feb 21, 2018

TTU (6)  71
OKST 79  
TCU 89
ISU 83  
TEX 48
KSU 58  
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Line Score


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Play-By-Play Table
Time   Texas Christian PTS   Score   PTS Iowa State
19:49Alex Robinson turnover0-0
19:480-0Lindell Wigginton steal
19:440-0Zoran Talley Jr. misses layup
19:44Desmond Bane defensive rebound0-0
19:27Desmond Bane misses 2-point jump shot0-0
19:27Vlad Brodziansky offensive rebound0-0
19:24Vlad Brodziansky makes 2-point jump shot+22-0
19:192-3+3Donovan Jackson makes 3-point jump shot
19:02Desmond Bane turnover2-3
19:012-3Donovan Jackson steal
18:572-5+2Cameron Lard makes dunk
18:572-5Donovan Jackson assist
18:38Kouat Noi misses 3-point jump shot2-5
18:382-5Cameron Lard defensive rebound
18:332-5Cameron Lard turnover
18:33Vlad Brodziansky steal2-5
18:29Kouat Noi makes layup+24-5
18:29Kenrich Williams assist4-5
18:214-5Lindell Wigginton misses 3-point jump shot
18:21Kouat Noi defensive rebound4-5
18:124-5Lindell Wigginton foul
17:59Kouat Noi makes 2-point jump shot+26-5
17:346-5Donovan Jackson misses 3-point jump shot
17:34Kenrich Williams defensive rebound6-5
17:17Kouat Noi misses 3-point jump shot6-5
17:176-5Lindell Wigginton defensive rebound
17:086-5Donovan Jackson turnover
16:556-5Jeff Beverly foul
16:55Vlad Brodziansky makes free throw+17-5
16:55Vlad Brodziansky makes free throw+18-5
16:448-5Donovan Jackson misses layup
16:448-5Jeff Beverly offensive rebound
16:418-7+2Jeff Beverly makes 2-point jump shot
16:41Kouat Noi foul8-7
16:418-8+1Jeff Beverly makes free throw
16:41JD Miller substitution in8-8
16:41Shawn Olden substitution in8-8
16:41Desmond Bane substitution out8-8
16:41Kouat Noi substitution out8-8
16:28Shawn Olden makes 3-point jump shot+311-8
16:28Vlad Brodziansky assist11-8
16:1811-10+2Donovan Jackson makes 2-point jump shot
15:53Vlad Brodziansky makes layup+213-10
15:53Kenrich Williams assist13-10
15:38Shawn Olden foul13-10
15:3813-10Iowa State Cyclones full timeout
15:3813-11+1Donovan Jackson makes free throw
15:3813-12+1Donovan Jackson makes free throw
15:25Kenrich Williams misses 3-point jump shot13-12
15:2513-12Donovan Jackson defensive rebound
15:1313-12Donovan Jackson misses 3-point jump shot
15:1313-12Cameron Lard offensive rebound
15:0913-14+2Cameron Lard makes layup
15:01JD Miller turnover13-14
15:01Desmond Bane substitution in13-14
15:01Ahmed Hamdy substitution in13-14
15:01Vlad Brodziansky substitution out13-14
15:01Alex Robinson substitution out13-14
14:4013-16+2Jeff Beverly makes 2-point jump shot
14:4013-16Zoran Talley Jr. assist
14:15JD Miller makes 2-point jump shot+215-16
13:5115-16Cameron Lard misses 2-point jump shot
13:51Ahmed Hamdy defensive rebound15-16
13:43Desmond Bane makes 3-point jump shot+318-16
13:43JD Miller assist18-16
13:33Ahmed Hamdy foul18-16
13:3318-17+1Cameron Lard makes free throw
13:3318-18+1Cameron Lard makes free throw
13:33Alex Robinson substitution in18-18
13:33Kenrich Williams substitution out18-18
13:3318-18Terrence Lewis substitution in
13:3318-18Jeff Beverly substitution out
13:16JD Miller turnover18-18
13:07Ahmed Hamdy foul18-18
13:07Vlad Brodziansky substitution in18-18
13:07Ahmed Hamdy substitution out18-18
12:5518-18Donovan Jackson misses 2-point jump shot
12:55Vlad Brodziansky defensive rebound18-18
12:4918-18Terrence Lewis foul
12:49Kouat Noi substitution in18-18
12:49JD Miller substitution out18-18
12:48Shawn Olden misses 3-point jump shot18-18
12:48Alex Robinson offensive rebound18-18
12:36Vlad Brodziansky misses 2-point jump shot18-18
12:3618-18Zoran Talley Jr. defensive rebound
12:1818-21+3Terrence Lewis makes 3-point jump shot
12:1818-21Lindell Wigginton assist
11:57Desmond Bane misses 3-point jump shot18-21
11:5718-21Cameron Lard defensive rebound
11:5018-23+2Zoran Talley Jr. makes layup
11:5018-23Lindell Wigginton assist
11:50TCU Horned Frogs full timeout18-23
11:50Kenrich Williams substitution in18-23
11:50Shawn Olden substitution out18-23
11:28Kouat Noi misses 2-point jump shot18-23
11:28Kenrich Williams offensive rebound18-23
11:23Kenrich Williams misses 2-point jump shot18-23
11:2318-23Cameron Lard shot block
11:21Kenrich Williams offensive rebound18-23
11:11Kenrich Williams misses 3-point jump shot18-23
11:1118-23Donovan Jackson defensive rebound
11:0218-26+3Donovan Jackson makes 3-point jump shot
10:34Kouat Noi makes 3-point jump shot+321-26
10:34Alex Robinson assist21-26
10:1721-28+2Cameron Lard makes layup
10:1721-28Lindell Wigginton assist
10:01Kenrich Williams turnover21-28
10:0021-28Terrence Lewis steal
09:5721-28Terrence Lewis misses layup
09:57Kenrich Williams defensive rebound21-28
09:47Alex Robinson makes 3-point jump shot+324-28
09:47Desmond Bane assist24-28
09:2524-31+3Lindell Wigginton makes 3-point jump shot
09:2524-31Donovan Jackson assist
09:0724-31Cameron Lard foul
09:0724-31Jeff Beverly substitution in
09:0724-31Jakolby Long substitution in
09:0724-31Cameron Lard substitution out
09:0724-31Zoran Talley Jr. substitution out
08:56Kenrich Williams misses 2-point jump shot24-31
08:5624-31Donovan Jackson defensive rebound
08:49Desmond Bane foul24-31
08:4924-31Donovan Jackson foul
08:4924-31Donovan Jackson turnover
08:49Shawn Olden substitution in24-31
08:49Desmond Bane substitution out24-31
08:2624-31Lindell Wigginton foul
08:26Alex Robinson misses free throw24-31
08:26TCU Horned Frogs deadball rebound24-31
08:26Alex Robinson makes free throw+125-31
08:2625-31Zoran Talley Jr. substitution in
08:2625-31Lindell Wigginton substitution out
08:1525-31Terrence Lewis misses 3-point jump shot
08:1525-31Jakolby Long offensive rebound
08:0225-31Zoran Talley Jr. misses layup
08:0225-31Jeff Beverly offensive rebound
07:5925-33+2Jeff Beverly makes layup
07:51Shawn Olden turnover25-33
07:5125-33Media timeout
07:32Shawn Olden foul25-33
07:32Desmond Bane substitution in25-33
07:32JD Miller substitution in25-33
07:32Kouat Noi substitution out25-33
07:32Shawn Olden substitution out25-33
07:3225-33Cameron Lard substitution in
07:3225-33Terrence Lewis substitution out
07:1425-36+3Donovan Jackson makes 3-point jump shot
06:4925-36Cameron Lard foul
06:49Vlad Brodziansky makes free throw+126-36
06:49Vlad Brodziansky makes free throw+127-36
06:3327-36Cameron Lard misses 2-point jump shot
06:33Kenrich Williams defensive rebound27-36
06:23Alex Robinson makes layup+229-36
06:2229-36Iowa State Cyclones 30-second timeout
06:2229-36Lindell Wigginton substitution in
06:2229-36Donovan Jackson substitution out
06:0429-36Lindell Wigginton turnover
06:03Alex Robinson steal29-36
05:42Desmond Bane misses 2-point jump shot29-36
05:4229-36Cameron Lard defensive rebound
05:1929-36Lindell Wigginton misses 2-point jump shot
05:19Desmond Bane defensive rebound29-36
05:05JD Miller makes dunk+231-36
04:3831-38+2Zoran Talley Jr. makes 2-point jump shot
04:3031-38Jakolby Long assist
04:16Vlad Brodziansky misses 2-point jump shot31-38
04:1631-38Zoran Talley Jr. defensive rebound
04:0431-38Jakolby Long misses 2-point jump shot
04:04Vlad Brodziansky shot block31-38
04:03Desmond Bane defensive rebound31-38
04:01Desmond Bane makes layup+233-38
03:40Vlad Brodziansky foul33-38
03:4033-38Media timeout
03:4033-39+1Cameron Lard makes free throw
03:4033-40+1Cameron Lard makes free throw
03:40Kouat Noi substitution in33-40
03:40JD Miller substitution out33-40
03:4033-40Terrence Lewis substitution in
03:4033-40Donovan Jackson substitution in
03:4033-40Zoran Talley Jr. substitution out
03:4033-40Jakolby Long substitution out
03:25Desmond Bane makes 3-point jump shot+336-40
03:25Kenrich Williams assist36-40
02:5236-40Lindell Wigginton misses 3-point jump shot
02:5236-40Iowa State Cyclones offensive rebound
02:4736-42+2Donovan Jackson makes 2-point jump shot
02:4736-42Lindell Wigginton assist
02:32Desmond Bane makes layup+238-42
02:32Alex Robinson assist38-42
02:16Alex Robinson foul38-42
02:1638-42Donovan Jackson misses free throw
02:16Kenrich Williams defensive rebound38-42
02:1638-42Zoran Talley Jr. substitution in
02:1638-42Jakolby Long substitution in
02:1638-42Lindell Wigginton substitution out
02:1638-42Cameron Lard substitution out
01:55Alex Robinson misses 3-point jump shot38-42
01:5538-42Zoran Talley Jr. defensive rebound
01:39Vlad Brodziansky foul38-42
01:3938-43+1Donovan Jackson makes free throw
01:3938-44+1Donovan Jackson makes free throw
01:36Desmond Bane makes layup+240-44
01:36Alex Robinson assist40-44
01:3640-44Terrence Lewis foul
01:36Desmond Bane misses free throw40-44
01:3640-44Zoran Talley Jr. defensive rebound
01:36Ahmed Hamdy substitution in40-44
01:36Vlad Brodziansky substitution out40-44
01:1240-44Donovan Jackson misses 3-point jump shot
01:12Kouat Noi defensive rebound40-44
01:0240-44Terrence Lewis foul
01:02Alex Robinson misses free throw40-44
01:02TCU Horned Frogs deadball rebound40-44
01:02Alex Robinson makes free throw+141-44
00:3641-47+3Jakolby Long makes 3-point jump shot
00:3641-47Donovan Jackson assist
00:26TCU Horned Frogs 30-second timeout41-47
00:26Vlad Brodziansky substitution in41-47
00:26Ahmed Hamdy substitution out41-47
00:04Kenrich Williams misses 2-point jump shot41-47
00:0341-47Zoran Talley Jr. shot block
00:02TCU Horned Frogs deadball rebound41-47
00:01TCU Horned Frogs turnover41-47
Time   Texas Christian PTS   Score   PTS Iowa State
19:4941-47Donovan Jackson misses 3-point jump shot
19:4941-47Cameron Lard offensive rebound
19:4541-49+2Cameron Lard makes 2-point jump shot
19:22Kenrich Williams misses 3-point jump shot41-49
19:2241-49Lindell Wigginton defensive rebound
18:5041-49Donovan Jackson misses 2-point jump shot
18:50Alex Robinson shot block41-49
18:5041-49Iowa State Cyclones offensive rebound
18:4841-49Iowa State Cyclones turnover
18:38Alex Robinson makes layup+243-49
18:1943-49Cameron Lard misses 2-point jump shot
18:19Vlad Brodziansky shot block43-49
18:18Vlad Brodziansky defensive rebound43-49
18:03Kouat Noi makes 2-point jump shot+245-49
18:03Alex Robinson assist45-49
17:4145-51+2Donovan Jackson makes 2-point jump shot
17:33Desmond Bane makes layup+247-51
17:3147-51Jeff Beverly turnover
17:30Kenrich Williams steal47-51
17:28Desmond Bane makes layup+249-51
17:27Kenrich Williams assist49-51
17:2649-51Iowa State Cyclones 30-second timeout
17:2649-51Iowa State Cyclones full timeout
17:26Ahmed Hamdy substitution in49-51
17:26Vlad Brodziansky substitution out49-51
16:5949-51Lindell Wigginton misses 2-point jump shot
16:59Kouat Noi defensive rebound49-51
16:38Ahmed Hamdy misses 2-point jump shot49-51
16:38Kenrich Williams offensive rebound49-51
16:35Kenrich Williams makes 2-point jump shot+251-51
16:2651-51Donovan Jackson misses 3-point jump shot
16:26Kouat Noi defensive rebound51-51
16:14Kouat Noi makes 3-point jump shot+354-51
16:14Desmond Bane assist54-51
15:4354-51Jeff Beverly misses 3-point jump shot
15:43Alex Robinson defensive rebound54-51
15:36Alex Robinson makes layup+256-51
15:1656-53+2Zoran Talley Jr. makes layup
15:1556-53Iowa State Cyclones 30-second timeout
15:15TCU Horned Frogs full timeout56-53
15:15Vlad Brodziansky substitution in56-53
15:15Ahmed Hamdy substitution out56-53
15:1556-53Jakolby Long substitution in
15:1556-53Donovan Jackson substitution out
14:50Alex Robinson makes layup+258-53
14:3558-53Cameron Lard misses 2-point jump shot
14:3558-53Cameron Lard offensive rebound
14:3258-55+2Cameron Lard makes 2-point jump shot
14:13Vlad Brodziansky makes 2-point jump shot+260-55
14:11TCU Horned Frogs 30-second timeout60-55
14:11Shawn Olden substitution in60-55
14:11JD Miller substitution in60-55
14:11Desmond Bane substitution out60-55
14:11Kouat Noi substitution out60-55
14:02JD Miller foul60-55
14:0260-56+1Lindell Wigginton makes free throw
14:0260-56Lindell Wigginton misses free throw
14:02Alex Robinson defensive rebound60-56
13:45Vlad Brodziansky makes layup+262-56
13:3362-56Cameron Lard misses 2-point jump shot
13:33Kenrich Williams defensive rebound62-56
13:23Alex Robinson foul62-56
13:23Alex Robinson turnover62-56
13:23Desmond Bane substitution in62-56
13:23Alex Robinson substitution out62-56
13:2362-56Terrence Lewis substitution in
13:2362-56Jeff Beverly substitution out
13:11Ahmed Hamdy substitution in62-56
13:11Vlad Brodziansky substitution out62-56
12:5762-58+2Lindell Wigginton makes layup
12:31JD Miller misses 3-point jump shot62-58
12:3162-58Lindell Wigginton defensive rebound
12:2262-61+3Terrence Lewis makes 3-point jump shot
12:2262-61Lindell Wigginton assist
12:02Alex Robinson substitution in62-61
12:02Vlad Brodziansky substitution in62-61
12:02Kouat Noi substitution in62-61
12:02Ahmed Hamdy substitution out62-61
12:02JD Miller substitution out62-61
12:02Kenrich Williams substitution out62-61
11:5162-61Lindell Wigginton foul
11:5062-61Terrence Lewis foul
11:5062-61Terrence Lewis foul
11:50Desmond Bane foul62-61
11:50Desmond Bane foul62-61
11:50TCU Horned Frogs full timeout62-61
11:50Alex Robinson makes free throw+163-61
11:50Alex Robinson makes free throw+164-61
11:5064-61Donovan Jackson substitution in
11:5064-61Terrence Lewis substitution out
11:3764-63+2Lindell Wigginton makes layup
11:05Kenrich Williams substitution in64-63
11:05Shawn Olden substitution out64-63
11:04Kouat Noi misses 3-point jump shot64-63
11:0464-63Cameron Lard defensive rebound
10:5864-65+2Zoran Talley Jr. makes dunk
10:5864-65Cameron Lard assist
10:41Desmond Bane makes 2-point jump shot+266-65
10:2166-67+2Zoran Talley Jr. makes 2-point jump shot
10:2166-67Jakolby Long assist
09:4366-67Jakolby Long foul
09:43Vlad Brodziansky makes free throw+167-67
09:43Vlad Brodziansky makes free throw+168-67
09:43Ahmed Hamdy substitution in68-67
09:43Vlad Brodziansky substitution out68-67
09:3468-67Zoran Talley Jr. turnover
09:33Desmond Bane steal68-67
09:31Desmond Bane makes layup+270-67
09:3170-67Jakolby Long foul
09:31Desmond Bane makes free throw+171-67
09:3171-67Jeff Beverly substitution in
09:3171-67Jakolby Long substitution out
09:19Kenrich Williams foul71-67
09:1271-67Cameron Lard misses 2-point jump shot
09:12Alex Robinson defensive rebound71-67
09:05Desmond Bane misses 3-point jump shot71-67
09:0571-67Zoran Talley Jr. defensive rebound
08:5671-67Donovan Jackson misses 3-point jump shot
08:56Desmond Bane defensive rebound71-67
08:45Kouat Noi makes 3-point jump shot+374-67
08:45Desmond Bane assist74-67
08:2574-67Jeff Beverly misses 3-point jump shot
08:25Alex Robinson defensive rebound74-67
08:1874-67Jeff Beverly foul
08:18Vlad Brodziansky substitution in74-67
08:18Ahmed Hamdy substitution out74-67
07:55Alex Robinson misses 3-point jump shot74-67
07:5574-67Donovan Jackson shot block
07:54TCU Horned Frogs deadball rebound74-67
07:54TCU Horned Frogs turnover74-67
07:5474-67Media timeout
07:4574-67Lindell Wigginton misses 3-point jump shot
07:45Desmond Bane defensive rebound74-67
07:29Desmond Bane foul74-67
07:29Desmond Bane turnover74-67
07:29Shawn Olden substitution in74-67
07:29Desmond Bane substitution out74-67
07:1574-70+3Donovan Jackson makes 3-point jump shot
06:59Alex Robinson makes layup+276-70
06:45Kouat Noi foul76-70
06:45JD Miller substitution in76-70
06:45Kouat Noi substitution out76-70
06:40Vlad Brodziansky foul76-70
06:4076-71+1Donovan Jackson makes free throw
06:4076-72+1Donovan Jackson makes free throw
06:26JD Miller makes dunk+278-72
06:26Alex Robinson assist78-72
06:1478-72Zoran Talley Jr. misses 2-point jump shot
06:14JD Miller defensive rebound78-72
06:0678-72Donovan Jackson foul
06:0578-72Terrence Lewis substitution in
06:0578-72Donovan Jackson substitution out
05:50JD Miller misses 2-point jump shot78-72
05:5078-72Cameron Lard defensive rebound
05:44Ahmed Hamdy substitution in78-72
05:44Vlad Brodziansky substitution out78-72
05:3078-72Lindell Wigginton misses 2-point jump shot
05:30JD Miller defensive rebound78-72
05:2678-72Terrence Lewis foul
05:2678-72Donovan Jackson substitution in
05:2678-72Terrence Lewis substitution out
05:25JD Miller turnover78-72
05:25Kouat Noi substitution in78-72
05:25JD Miller substitution out78-72
05:0478-72Donovan Jackson misses 2-point jump shot
05:04Ahmed Hamdy defensive rebound78-72
04:52Ahmed Hamdy turnover78-72
04:3078-74+2Zoran Talley Jr. makes 2-point jump shot
04:15Kenrich Williams turnover78-74
04:15Desmond Bane substitution in78-74
04:15Shawn Olden substitution out78-74
04:0378-77+3Lindell Wigginton makes 3-point jump shot
04:0378-77Donovan Jackson assist
03:45Desmond Bane misses 3-point jump shot78-77
03:45Kouat Noi offensive rebound78-77
03:38Ahmed Hamdy makes 2-point jump shot+280-77
03:38Alex Robinson assist80-77
03:37TCU Horned Frogs 30-second timeout80-77
03:3780-77Iowa State Cyclones full timeout
03:37Vlad Brodziansky substitution in80-77
03:37Ahmed Hamdy substitution out80-77
03:28Kouat Noi foul80-77
03:2880-77Lindell Wigginton misses free throw
03:2880-77Iowa State Cyclones deadball rebound
03:2880-78+1Lindell Wigginton makes free throw
03:08Vlad Brodziansky misses 2-point jump shot80-78
03:08Kouat Noi offensive rebound80-78
03:03Kouat Noi makes 2-point jump shot+282-78
02:4682-78Zoran Talley Jr. turnover
02:34Alex Robinson turnover82-78
02:3382-78Jeff Beverly steal
02:2482-78Jeff Beverly turnover
02:11Alex Robinson turnover82-78
02:0982-78Lindell Wigginton steal
01:4482-78Lindell Wigginton misses 3-point jump shot
01:44Kenrich Williams defensive rebound82-78
01:1682-78Lindell Wigginton foul
01:16Alex Robinson makes free throw+183-78
01:16Alex Robinson misses free throw83-78
01:1683-78Zoran Talley Jr. defensive rebound
01:0283-78Lindell Wigginton misses 3-point jump shot
01:02TCU Horned Frogs defensive rebound83-78
00:5983-78Iowa State Cyclones full timeout
00:56Desmond Bane makes dunk+285-78
00:56Kenrich Williams assist85-78
00:4885-78Donovan Jackson misses 3-point jump shot
00:4885-78Iowa State Cyclones offensive rebound
00:43Alex Robinson foul85-78
00:4385-79+1Donovan Jackson makes free throw
00:4385-80+1Donovan Jackson makes free throw
00:4385-81+1Donovan Jackson makes free throw
00:4385-81Jakolby Long substitution in
00:4385-81Lindell Wigginton substitution out
00:41TCU Horned Frogs full timeout85-81
00:3385-81Jakolby Long foul
00:33Desmond Bane makes free throw+186-81
00:33Desmond Bane makes free throw+187-81
00:33JD Miller substitution in87-81
00:33Vlad Brodziansky substitution out87-81
00:3387-81Lindell Wigginton substitution in
00:3387-81Jakolby Long substitution out
00:2687-83+2Lindell Wigginton makes layup
00:1287-83Lindell Wigginton foul
00:12Desmond Bane makes free throw+188-83
00:12Desmond Bane makes free throw+189-83
00:12Vlad Brodziansky substitution in89-83
00:12JD Miller substitution out89-83
00:1289-83Jakolby Long substitution in
00:1289-83Lindell Wigginton substitution out
00:0489-83Donovan Jackson misses 3-point jump shot
00:04Alex Robinson defensive rebound89-83

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