Oakland vs. IUPUI Box Score, February 19, 2018

Horizon League Scores — Feb 19, 2018

IUPU 74  
YSU 51
NKU 70  
WRIG 72  
DET 87
UIC 94  
February 19, 2018
Indiana Farmers Coliseum, Indianapolis, Indiana
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Line Score


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Play-By-Play Table
Time   Oakland PTS   Score   PTS IUPUI
19:450-0Evan Hall foul
19:45Stan Scott makes free throw+11-0
19:45Stan Scott misses free throw1-0
19:451-0Evan Hall defensive rebound
19:301-0Evan Hall misses 2-point jump shot
19:30Isaiah Brock shot block1-0
19:291-0Evan Hall offensive rebound
19:221-0Ron Patterson turnover
19:21Stan Scott steal1-0
19:14Isaiah Brock makes layup+23-0
19:14Jalen Hayes assist3-0
19:143-0Nick Rogers foul
19:14Isaiah Brock misses free throw3-0
19:143-0Aaron Brennan defensive rebound
18:573-0Nick Rogers turnover
18:56Isaiah Brock steal3-0
18:51Jalen Hayes makes layup+25-0
18:51Stan Scott assist5-0
18:315-0Aaron Brennan misses 2-point jump shot
18:315-0Evan Hall offensive rebound
18:175-2+2Evan Hall makes 2-point jump shot
18:175-2Nick Rogers assist
17:56Isaiah Brock foul5-2
17:56Isaiah Brock turnover5-2
17:495-4+2DJ Mccall makes dunk
17:495-4Nick Rogers assist
17:37Kendrick Nunn turnover5-4
17:17Jalen Hayes foul5-4
17:175-5+1Aaron Brennan makes free throw
17:175-6+1Aaron Brennan makes free throw
17:00Jalen Hayes makes 3-point jump shot+38-6
17:00Kendrick Nunn assist8-6
16:408-9+3Aaron Brennan makes 3-point jump shot
16:408-9Ron Patterson assist
16:14Nick Daniels misses 3-point jump shot8-9
16:148-9Evan Hall defensive rebound
15:518-9Evan Hall turnover
15:51Oakland Golden Grizzlies full timeout8-9
15:51Chris Palombizio substitution in8-9
15:51James Beck substitution in8-9
15:51Isaiah Brock substitution out8-9
15:51Stan Scott substitution out8-9
15:518-9TJ Henderson substitution in
15:518-9Maurice Kirby substitution in
15:518-9Nick Rogers substitution out
15:518-9Evan Hall substitution out
15:29Kendrick Nunn makes 2-point jump shot+210-9
15:1210-9Maurice Kirby turnover
15:11Nick Daniels steal10-9
15:07Jalen Hayes misses layup10-9
15:0710-9Aaron Brennan shot block
15:0610-9Ron Patterson defensive rebound
14:5410-11+2DJ Mccall makes 2-point jump shot
14:31Chris Palombizio misses 3-point jump shot10-11
14:3110-11Maurice Kirby defensive rebound
14:1810-11Jaylen Minnett substitution in
14:1810-11Ron Patterson substitution out
14:0310-11TJ Henderson misses 2-point jump shot
14:03James Beck defensive rebound10-11
13:51Jalen Hayes misses layup10-11
13:5110-11DJ Mccall defensive rebound
13:4510-11DJ Mccall misses layup
13:4510-11Maurice Kirby offensive rebound
13:4310-13+2Maurice Kirby makes layup
13:35Chris Palombizio misses layup10-13
13:3510-13Maurice Kirby shot block
13:34Chris Palombizio offensive rebound10-13
13:3310-13TJ Henderson foul
13:33Chris Palombizio makes free throw+111-13
13:33Chris Palombizio misses free throw11-13
13:3311-13Maurice Kirby defensive rebound
13:3311-13Elyjah Goss substitution in
13:3311-13Aaron Brennan substitution out
13:1511-16+3TJ Henderson makes 3-point jump shot
13:1511-16Maurice Kirby assist
12:59Nick Daniels misses 2-point jump shot11-16
12:5911-16TJ Henderson shot block
12:5811-16Jaylen Minnett defensive rebound
12:4111-16Jaylen Minnett misses 3-point jump shot
12:39Jalen Hayes defensive rebound11-16
12:33Nick Daniels makes layup+213-16
12:33Jalen Hayes assist13-16
12:1813-18+2DJ Mccall makes 2-point jump shot
12:04Isaiah Brock substitution in13-18
12:04James Beck substitution out13-18
12:0413-18Evan Hall substitution in
12:0413-18Elyjah Goss substitution out
11:57Kendrick Nunn makes layup+215-18
11:4715-18TJ Henderson turnover
11:46Kendrick Nunn steal15-18
11:42Kendrick Nunn turnover15-18
11:4115-18TJ Henderson steal
11:3715-20+2Maurice Kirby makes layup
11:3715-20DJ Mccall assist
11:10Jalen Hayes misses 3-point jump shot15-20
11:10Isaiah Brock offensive rebound15-20
11:03Chris Palombizio misses 3-point jump shot15-20
11:0315-20DJ Mccall defensive rebound
10:4415-20Evan Hall misses 2-point jump shot
10:4415-20Maurice Kirby offensive rebound
10:2115-20DJ Mccall misses 2-point jump shot
10:21Jalen Hayes defensive rebound15-20
10:14Nick Daniels misses 3-point jump shot15-20
10:1415-20TJ Henderson defensive rebound
09:5815-20Evan Hall turnover
09:58Oakland Golden Grizzlies full timeout15-20
09:58James Beck substitution in15-20
09:58Isaiah Brock substitution out15-20
09:5815-20Ron Patterson substitution in
09:5815-20Nick Rogers substitution in
09:5815-20Aaron Brennan substitution in
09:5815-20TJ Henderson substitution out
09:5815-20DJ Mccall substitution out
09:5815-20Maurice Kirby substitution out
09:35Nick Daniels turnover15-20
09:3515-20Aaron Brennan steal
09:2715-20Ron Patterson misses 3-point jump shot
09:27Chris Palombizio defensive rebound15-20
09:16Nick Daniels misses 2-point jump shot15-20
09:16Chris Palombizio offensive rebound15-20
08:58James Beck misses 2-point jump shot15-20
08:5815-20Evan Hall defensive rebound
08:4215-20Jaylen Minnett misses 2-point jump shot
08:42Chris Palombizio defensive rebound15-20
08:35Kendrick Nunn misses layup15-20
08:3515-20Ron Patterson shot block
08:34Oakland Golden Grizzlies offensive rebound15-20
08:34Stan Scott substitution in15-20
08:34Isaiah Brock substitution in15-20
08:34Nick Daniels substitution out15-20
08:34Jalen Hayes substitution out15-20
08:3415-20TJ Henderson substitution in
08:3415-20Jaylen Minnett substitution out
08:21Stan Scott makes 2-point jump shot+217-20
07:5517-23+3Ron Patterson makes 3-point jump shot
07:5517-23Evan Hall assist
07:38Kendrick Nunn makes 3-point jump shot+320-23
07:38Stan Scott assist20-23
07:1720-23Aaron Brennan misses 2-point jump shot
07:17James Beck defensive rebound20-23
06:5720-23Ron Patterson foul
06:57Media timeout20-23
06:57Jalen Hayes substitution in20-23
06:57James Beck substitution out20-23
06:48Kendrick Nunn misses 2-point jump shot20-23
06:4820-23Evan Hall shot block
06:46Kendrick Nunn offensive rebound20-23
06:40Kendrick Nunn makes 3-point jump shot+323-23
06:40Jalen Hayes assist23-23
06:20Isaiah Brock foul23-23
06:2023-24+1Evan Hall makes free throw
06:2023-24Evan Hall misses free throw
06:20Chris Palombizio defensive rebound23-24
06:20James Beck substitution in23-24
06:20Isaiah Brock substitution out23-24
06:2023-24DJ Mccall substitution in
06:2023-24Nick Rogers substitution out
06:04Jalen Hayes misses layup23-24
06:03James Beck offensive rebound23-24
06:03James Beck misses tip-in shot23-24
06:0223-24Evan Hall defensive rebound
05:3623-27+3TJ Henderson makes 3-point jump shot
05:3623-27Ron Patterson assist
05:17Jalen Hayes makes dunk+225-27
05:17Kendrick Nunn assist25-27
04:5525-27Evan Hall misses layup
04:55James Beck shot block25-27
04:54Kendrick Nunn defensive rebound25-27
04:44Jalen Hayes makes layup+227-27
04:44Kendrick Nunn assist27-27
04:2427-27TJ Henderson misses 3-point jump shot
04:24Kendrick Nunn defensive rebound27-27
04:19Kendrick Nunn misses layup27-27
04:18Jalen Hayes offensive rebound27-27
04:17Jalen Hayes misses layup27-27
04:16Jalen Hayes offensive rebound27-27
04:1627-27Aaron Brennan foul
04:16Nick Daniels substitution in27-27
04:16Kendrick Nunn substitution out27-27
04:1627-27Elyjah Goss substitution in
04:1627-27Maurice Kirby substitution in
04:1627-27Aaron Brennan substitution out
04:1627-27Evan Hall substitution out
04:06James Beck makes layup+229-27
04:0629-27DJ Mccall foul
04:06James Beck misses free throw29-27
04:0629-27Maurice Kirby defensive rebound
03:5129-27Media timeout
03:51Kendrick Nunn substitution in29-27
03:51Stan Scott substitution out29-27
03:4229-29+2DJ Mccall makes 2-point jump shot
03:31Nick Daniels turnover29-29
03:3029-29TJ Henderson steal
03:2129-29TJ Henderson turnover
03:20Kendrick Nunn steal29-29
02:56Jalen Hayes turnover29-29
02:5529-29Ron Patterson steal
02:5229-29Ron Patterson misses layup
02:52Nick Daniels defensive rebound29-29
02:47Chris Palombizio foul29-29
02:47Chris Palombizio turnover29-29
02:4729-29Jaylen Minnett substitution in
02:4729-29Ron Patterson substitution out
02:3129-29TJ Henderson misses 2-point jump shot
02:2929-29Maurice Kirby offensive rebound
02:2829-31+2Maurice Kirby makes tip-in shot
02:10Kendrick Nunn makes 3-point jump shot+332-31
02:00James Beck foul32-31
01:5132-31Maurice Kirby misses 2-point jump shot
01:51James Beck defensive rebound32-31
01:4532-31TJ Henderson foul
01:45Kendrick Nunn makes free throw+133-31
01:45Kendrick Nunn makes free throw+134-31
01:2934-33+2Jaylen Minnett makes layup
01:05Nick Daniels turnover34-33
01:0534-33IUPUI Jaguars 30-second timeout
00:5734-33DJ Mccall misses 2-point jump shot
00:54Oakland Golden Grizzlies defensive rebound34-33
00:5434-33Maurice Kirby foul
00:54James Beck makes free throw+135-33
00:54James Beck makes free throw+136-33
00:3636-33DJ Mccall misses 2-point jump shot
00:36Kendrick Nunn defensive rebound36-33
00:28Oakland Golden Grizzlies 30-second timeout36-33
00:2836-33Ron Patterson substitution in
00:2836-33Jaylen Minnett substitution out
00:08Nick Daniels misses layup36-33
00:07Nick Daniels offensive rebound36-33
00:05Nick Daniels misses layup36-33
00:0536-33Elyjah Goss shot block
00:0336-33Elyjah Goss defensive rebound
Time   Oakland PTS   Score   PTS IUPUI
19:53Isaiah Brock foul36-33
19:5036-33Aaron Brennan misses layup
19:50Isaiah Brock shot block36-33
19:48Isaiah Brock defensive rebound36-33
19:25Kendrick Nunn misses 2-point jump shot36-33
19:25Jalen Hayes offensive rebound36-33
19:08Nick Daniels misses 3-point jump shot36-33
19:0836-33DJ Mccall defensive rebound
18:4436-36+3Ron Patterson makes 3-point jump shot
18:4436-36Nick Rogers assist
18:16Kendrick Nunn misses 3-point jump shot36-36
18:1636-36Ron Patterson defensive rebound
18:0436-38+2Evan Hall makes layup
18:0436-38Aaron Brennan assist
18:04Isaiah Brock foul36-38
18:0436-38Evan Hall misses free throw
18:04Jalen Hayes defensive rebound36-38
18:04James Beck substitution in36-38
18:04Isaiah Brock substitution out36-38
17:4636-38DJ Mccall foul
17:46Kendrick Nunn makes free throw+137-38
17:46Kendrick Nunn makes free throw+138-38
17:3238-38Ron Patterson misses 3-point jump shot
17:32Jalen Hayes defensive rebound38-38
17:11Nick Daniels misses 3-point jump shot38-38
17:1138-38Evan Hall defensive rebound
16:5338-40+2Evan Hall makes layup
16:2238-40DJ Mccall foul
16:22Jalen Hayes misses free throw38-40
16:22Oakland Golden Grizzlies deadball rebound38-40
16:22Jalen Hayes makes free throw+139-40
16:22Chris Palombizio substitution in39-40
16:22Stan Scott substitution out39-40
16:0339-40Evan Hall misses 2-point jump shot
16:0339-40DJ Mccall offensive rebound
16:0139-42+2DJ Mccall makes tip-in shot
15:50Chris Palombizio misses 3-point jump shot39-42
15:50Jalen Hayes offensive rebound39-42
15:44Chris Palombizio misses layup39-42
15:4439-42Aaron Brennan defensive rebound
15:3039-42Evan Hall turnover
15:29Jalen Hayes steal39-42
15:25Nick Daniels misses 3-point jump shot39-42
15:2239-42Nick Rogers defensive rebound
15:1639-44+2Ron Patterson makes layup
15:1639-44Nick Rogers assist
14:53Jalen Hayes misses 3-point jump shot39-44
14:5339-44Aaron Brennan defensive rebound
14:3839-46+2Aaron Brennan makes layup
14:3839-46DJ Mccall assist
14:38James Beck foul39-46
14:3839-46IUPUI Jaguars full timeout
14:3839-47+1Aaron Brennan makes free throw
14:38Julius Palmer substitution in39-47
14:38James Beck substitution out39-47
14:3839-47TJ Henderson substitution in
14:3839-47Maurice Kirby substitution in
14:3839-47Nick Rogers substitution out
14:3839-47Evan Hall substitution out
14:23Jalen Hayes makes layup+241-47
14:0741-47Ron Patterson misses 3-point jump shot
14:07Julius Palmer defensive rebound41-47
13:58Chris Palombizio misses 3-point jump shot41-47
13:58Jalen Hayes offensive rebound41-47
13:54Jalen Hayes misses 2-point jump shot41-47
13:5441-47DJ Mccall shot block
13:52Jalen Hayes offensive rebound41-47
13:39Kendrick Nunn makes 3-point jump shot+344-47
13:39Nick Daniels assist44-47
13:1244-49+2Maurice Kirby makes layup
12:51Nick Daniels misses layup44-49
12:5144-49TJ Henderson shot block
12:50Oakland Golden Grizzlies offensive rebound44-49
12:5044-49Jaylen Minnett substitution in
12:5044-49DJ Mccall substitution out
12:48Isaiah Brock substitution in44-49
12:48Julius Palmer substitution out44-49
12:4244-49Maurice Kirby foul
12:42Jalen Hayes makes free throw+145-49
12:42Jalen Hayes misses free throw45-49
12:4245-49Maurice Kirby defensive rebound
12:1945-51+2Aaron Brennan makes 2-point jump shot
12:1945-51Ron Patterson assist
11:56Kendrick Nunn turnover45-51
11:5545-51TJ Henderson steal
11:5245-53+2TJ Henderson makes layup
11:28Chris Palombizio makes 3-point jump shot+348-53
11:28Jalen Hayes assist48-53
11:1148-53Media timeout
11:1148-53Elyjah Goss substitution in
11:1148-53DJ Mccall substitution in
11:1148-53Ron Patterson substitution out
11:1148-53Aaron Brennan substitution out
11:09Chris Palombizio foul48-53
11:0948-53Maurice Kirby misses free throw
11:0948-53IUPUI Jaguars deadball rebound
11:0948-53Maurice Kirby misses free throw
11:09Isaiah Brock defensive rebound48-53
10:5448-53Evan Hall substitution in
10:5448-53Maurice Kirby substitution out
10:41Jalen Hayes misses layup48-53
10:4148-53Evan Hall defensive rebound
10:1348-55+2Evan Hall makes layup
10:1348-55Jaylen Minnett assist
09:56Nick Daniels makes 3-point jump shot+351-55
09:2651-55DJ Mccall misses layup
09:26Kendrick Nunn defensive rebound51-55
09:18Chris Palombizio misses 3-point jump shot51-55
09:1851-55TJ Henderson defensive rebound
09:0451-55Evan Hall misses 2-point jump shot
09:04Kendrick Nunn defensive rebound51-55
08:42Chris Palombizio misses 3-point jump shot51-55
08:42Isaiah Brock offensive rebound51-55
08:40Nick Daniels makes 3-point jump shot+354-55
08:40Isaiah Brock assist54-55
08:34James Beck substitution in54-55
08:34Isaiah Brock substitution out54-55
08:3454-55Aaron Brennan substitution in
08:3454-55Ron Patterson substitution in
08:3454-55Jaylen Minnett substitution out
08:3454-55Elyjah Goss substitution out
08:1554-55Evan Hall misses layup
08:15Jalen Hayes defensive rebound54-55
07:53Jalen Hayes misses layup54-55
07:5354-55Evan Hall shot block
07:5254-55Aaron Brennan defensive rebound
07:3054-57+2Evan Hall makes 2-point jump shot
07:3054-57TJ Henderson assist
07:04Nick Daniels misses 3-point jump shot54-57
07:0154-57Evan Hall defensive rebound
07:01Nick Daniels foul54-57
07:0154-57Media timeout
07:0154-57Nick Rogers substitution in
07:0154-57TJ Henderson substitution out
06:5154-59+2Aaron Brennan makes layup
06:5154-59Ron Patterson assist
06:28Kendrick Nunn misses 3-point jump shot54-59
06:2854-59Nick Rogers defensive rebound
06:1454-59DJ Mccall misses 2-point jump shot
06:12Oakland Golden Grizzlies defensive rebound54-59
06:1254-59Aaron Brennan foul
06:12Isaiah Brock substitution in54-59
06:12James Beck substitution out54-59
05:43Kendrick Nunn makes 2-point jump shot+256-59
05:2656-59Nick Rogers misses layup
05:26Isaiah Brock shot block56-59
05:24Jalen Hayes defensive rebound56-59
05:1256-59Ron Patterson foul
04:57Chris Palombizio misses 3-point jump shot56-59
04:5756-59Evan Hall defensive rebound
04:3556-59Aaron Brennan misses 2-point jump shot
04:3556-59Evan Hall offensive rebound
04:33Jalen Hayes foul56-59
04:3356-60+1Evan Hall makes free throw
04:3356-61+1Evan Hall makes free throw
04:08Kendrick Nunn makes 2-point jump shot+258-61
03:4958-64+3Ron Patterson makes 3-point jump shot
03:4958-64DJ Mccall assist
03:25Kendrick Nunn misses 3-point jump shot58-64
03:25Jalen Hayes offensive rebound58-64
03:21Nick Daniels misses 3-point jump shot58-64
03:1758-64Aaron Brennan defensive rebound
03:0858-64Nick Rogers turnover
03:08Oakland Golden Grizzlies full timeout58-64
03:0858-64TJ Henderson substitution in
03:0858-64Nick Rogers substitution out
02:5758-64Aaron Brennan foul
02:50Jalen Hayes makes 2-point jump shot+260-64
02:2160-64Ron Patterson misses 2-point jump shot
02:2160-64Ron Patterson offensive rebound
02:1960-64Aaron Brennan misses layup
02:19Isaiah Brock shot block60-64
02:1860-64Evan Hall offensive rebound
01:5360-66+2Aaron Brennan makes layup
01:37Kendrick Nunn misses 3-point jump shot60-66
01:3760-66Aaron Brennan defensive rebound
01:0560-66Ron Patterson misses 3-point jump shot
01:05Isaiah Brock defensive rebound60-66
00:5760-66TJ Henderson foul
00:57Kendrick Nunn makes free throw+161-66
00:57Kendrick Nunn makes free throw+162-66
00:57James Beck substitution in62-66
00:57Isaiah Brock substitution out62-66
00:54Chris Palombizio foul62-66
00:5462-67+1DJ Mccall makes free throw
00:5462-68+1DJ Mccall makes free throw
00:54Isaiah Brock substitution in62-68
00:54James Beck substitution out62-68
00:48Jalen Hayes turnover62-68
00:4862-68DJ Mccall steal
00:4762-68DJ Mccall turnover
00:47Oakland Golden Grizzlies 30-second timeout62-68
00:47Oakland Golden Grizzlies full timeout62-68
00:47Stan Scott substitution in62-68
00:47Isaiah Brock substitution out62-68
00:41Nick Daniels misses 3-point jump shot62-68
00:41Stan Scott offensive rebound62-68
00:38Stan Scott makes layup+264-68
00:38Oakland Golden Grizzlies 30-second timeout64-68
00:3864-68Jaylen Minnett substitution in
00:3864-68Evan Hall substitution out
00:36Stan Scott foul64-68
00:3664-69+1Jaylen Minnett makes free throw
00:3664-70+1Jaylen Minnett makes free throw
00:31Kendrick Nunn makes layup+266-70
00:3166-70DJ Mccall foul
00:31Kendrick Nunn makes free throw+167-70
00:3167-70IUPUI Jaguars 30-second timeout
00:23Kendrick Nunn foul67-70
00:2367-71+1Aaron Brennan makes free throw
00:2367-72+1Aaron Brennan makes free throw
00:15Chris Palombizio misses 3-point jump shot67-72
00:1567-72Aaron Brennan defensive rebound
00:12Jalen Hayes foul67-72
00:1267-73+1Aaron Brennan makes free throw
00:1267-74+1Aaron Brennan makes free throw
00:08Chris Palombizio misses 3-point jump shot67-74
00:0867-74Ron Patterson defensive rebound

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