Rhode Island vs. St. Bonaventure Box Score, February 16, 2018

Atlantic 10 Conference Scores — Feb 16, 2018

URI (16)  74
STBON 77  
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Play-By-Play Table
Time   Rhode Island PTS   Score   PTS St. Bonaventure
19:36Andre Berry makes layup+22-0
19:36Jeff Dowtin assist2-0
19:202-3+3Courtney Stockard makes 3-point jump shot
19:202-3Jaylen Adams assist
18:55Andre Berry makes 2-point jump shot+24-3
18:55Jeff Dowtin assist4-3
18:404-3Idris Taqqee misses 2-point jump shot
18:40Rhode Island Rams defensive rebound4-3
18:20EC Matthews turnover4-3
18:194-3Jaylen Adams steal
18:164-6+3Matt Mobley makes 3-point jump shot
18:164-6Jaylen Adams assist
18:00Jared Terrell makes 3-point jump shot+37-6
18:00Andre Berry assist7-6
17:417-8+2Courtney Stockard makes 2-point jump shot
17:16EC Matthews misses 3-point jump shot7-8
17:16Andre Berry offensive rebound7-8
17:13Andre Berry makes layup+29-8
17:139-8Jaylen Adams foul
17:13Andre Berry makes free throw+110-8
17:1310-8Ladarien Griffin substitution in
17:1310-8Amadi Ikpeze substitution out
17:0410-8Ladarien Griffin misses layup
17:0410-8Idris Taqqee offensive rebound
17:0010-8Idris Taqqee misses layup
17:0010-8Matt Mobley offensive rebound
16:5510-8Matt Mobley misses 3-point jump shot
16:5510-8Matt Mobley offensive rebound
16:5110-10+2Matt Mobley makes layup
16:34Jared Terrell misses 2-point jump shot10-10
16:3410-10Courtney Stockard defensive rebound
15:59Jeff Dowtin foul10-10
15:5910-10Media timeout
15:5910-11+1Jaylen Adams makes free throw
15:5910-12+1Jaylen Adams makes free throw
15:5910-13+1Jaylen Adams makes free throw
15:59Jarvis Garrett substitution in10-13
15:59Jeff Dowtin substitution out10-13
15:3910-13Courtney Stockard foul
15:39Jarvis Garrett misses free throw10-13
15:39Rhode Island Rams deadball rebound10-13
15:39Jarvis Garrett makes free throw+111-13
15:39Cyril Langevine substitution in11-13
15:39Andre Berry substitution out11-13
15:1411-13Jaylen Adams turnover
14:5411-13Ladarien Griffin foul
14:54Jared Terrell makes free throw+112-13
14:54Jared Terrell misses free throw12-13
14:5412-13Courtney Stockard defensive rebound
14:4412-13Jaylen Adams misses 2-point jump shot
14:44Cyril Langevine shot block12-13
14:4112-13Idris Taqqee offensive rebound
14:3912-13Idris Taqqee misses layup
14:39Stanford Robinson defensive rebound12-13
14:29Jared Terrell turnover12-13
14:2712-13Ladarien Griffin steal
14:1412-13Ladarien Griffin turnover
14:13Stanford Robinson steal12-13
14:10Stanford Robinson turnover12-13
14:10Fatts Russell substitution in12-13
14:10EC Matthews substitution out12-13
13:57Fatts Russell foul12-13
13:5712-13Courtney Stockard misses free throw
13:5712-13Saint Bonaventure Bonnies deadball rebound
13:5712-14+1Courtney Stockard makes free throw
13:5712-14Izaiah Brockington substitution in
13:5712-14Idris Taqqee substitution out
13:39Fatts Russell misses layup12-14
13:3912-14Ladarien Griffin shot block
13:3712-14Izaiah Brockington defensive rebound
13:3012-14Jaylen Adams misses layup
13:30Cyril Langevine defensive rebound12-14
13:25Jared Terrell misses 3-point jump shot12-14
13:2512-14Matt Mobley defensive rebound
13:1812-14Izaiah Brockington misses 3-point jump shot
13:18Cyril Langevine defensive rebound12-14
12:45Jarvis Garrett turnover12-14
12:45EC Matthews substitution in12-14
12:45Jeff Dowtin substitution in12-14
12:45Jarvis Garrett substitution out12-14
12:45Jared Terrell substitution out12-14
12:2212-14Matt Mobley misses 3-point jump shot
12:22Stanford Robinson defensive rebound12-14
12:10Stanford Robinson makes layup+214-14
12:10Jeff Dowtin assist14-14
11:5614-16+2Ladarien Griffin makes layup
11:37EC Matthews misses 2-point jump shot14-16
11:37Cyril Langevine offensive rebound14-16
11:34Cyril Langevine makes layup+216-16
11:1816-16Ladarien Griffin turnover
11:18Rhode Island Rams full timeout16-16
11:18Jared Terrell substitution in16-16
11:18Stanford Robinson substitution out16-16
11:1816-16Nelson Kaputo substitution in
11:1816-16Izaiah Brockington substitution out
10:52Jared Terrell misses 2-point jump shot16-16
10:52Jared Terrell offensive rebound16-16
10:5016-16Nelson Kaputo foul
10:50Jared Terrell makes free throw+117-16
10:50Jared Terrell makes free throw+118-16
10:3218-16Nelson Kaputo turnover
10:16EC Matthews turnover18-16
09:5318-16Matt Mobley misses 3-point jump shot
09:5318-16Ladarien Griffin offensive rebound
09:48Jarvis Garrett substitution in18-16
09:48EC Matthews substitution out18-16
09:4518-18+2Jaylen Adams makes 2-point jump shot
09:23Jarvis Garrett misses 3-point jump shot18-18
09:2318-18Ladarien Griffin defensive rebound
09:1518-18Courtney Stockard turnover
09:13Jared Terrell steal18-18
09:11Jared Terrell misses 3-point jump shot18-18
09:1118-18Courtney Stockard defensive rebound
08:5818-20+2Ladarien Griffin makes layup
08:5818-20Jaylen Adams assist
08:27Jeff Dowtin misses 3-point jump shot18-20
08:2718-20Ladarien Griffin defensive rebound
08:1718-20Jaylen Adams misses 3-point jump shot
08:17Cyril Langevine defensive rebound18-20
08:05Fatts Russell makes layup+220-20
07:5420-20Jaylen Adams misses 3-point jump shot
07:5420-20Jaylen Adams offensive rebound
07:52Jarvis Garrett foul20-20
07:5220-20Media timeout
07:52Andre Berry substitution in20-20
07:52Stanford Robinson substitution in20-20
07:52Fatts Russell substitution out20-20
07:52Cyril Langevine substitution out20-20
07:5220-20Amadi Ikpeze substitution in
07:5220-20Ladarien Griffin substitution out
07:3920-23+3Nelson Kaputo makes 3-point jump shot
07:3920-23Courtney Stockard assist
07:13Jarvis Garrett makes 3-point jump shot+323-23
07:13Jeff Dowtin assist23-23
06:5723-23Nelson Kaputo misses 3-point jump shot
06:57Jarvis Garrett defensive rebound23-23
06:41Stanford Robinson turnover23-23
06:3923-23Courtney Stockard steal
06:3623-23Courtney Stockard turnover
06:2123-23Matt Mobley foul
06:13Andre Berry turnover23-23
06:1123-23Courtney Stockard steal
06:0723-25+2Matt Mobley makes layup
06:07Jarvis Garrett foul23-25
06:0723-26+1Matt Mobley makes free throw
06:07EC Matthews substitution in23-26
06:07Jarvis Garrett substitution out23-26
06:0723-26Idris Taqqee substitution in
06:0723-26Nelson Kaputo substitution out
06:00Jared Terrell makes 3-point jump shot+326-26
06:00Jeff Dowtin assist26-26
05:4926-26Courtney Stockard misses 3-point jump shot
05:49Andre Berry defensive rebound26-26
05:4326-26Amadi Ikpeze foul
05:33Jeff Dowtin misses layup26-26
05:3326-26Amadi Ikpeze shot block
05:3126-26Amadi Ikpeze defensive rebound
05:2626-29+3Matt Mobley makes 3-point jump shot
05:2626-29Jaylen Adams assist
04:59Andre Berry turnover26-29
04:3726-29Matt Mobley turnover
04:17Jared Terrell makes layup+228-29
04:0228-29Idris Taqqee misses layup
04:02Jared Terrell shot block28-29
04:00EC Matthews defensive rebound28-29
03:58Jared Terrell makes 3-point jump shot+331-29
03:58EC Matthews assist31-29
03:3531-29Matt Mobley misses 2-point jump shot
03:35EC Matthews defensive rebound31-29
03:1431-29Amadi Ikpeze steal
03:14Andre Berry turnover31-29
03:13Stanford Robinson foul31-29
03:1331-29Saint Bonaventure Bonnies full timeout
03:1331-30+1Jaylen Adams makes free throw
03:1331-31+1Jaylen Adams makes free throw
03:1331-32+1Jaylen Adams makes free throw
03:13Cyril Langevine substitution in31-32
03:13Fatts Russell substitution in31-32
03:13Andre Berry substitution out31-32
03:13EC Matthews substitution out31-32
03:1331-32Ladarien Griffin substitution in
03:1331-32Izaiah Brockington substitution in
03:1331-32Idris Taqqee substitution out
03:1331-32Amadi Ikpeze substitution out
02:49Fatts Russell misses layup31-32
02:4931-32Izaiah Brockington shot block
02:45Stanford Robinson offensive rebound31-32
02:43Stanford Robinson makes layup+233-32
02:2633-32Jaylen Adams misses 3-point jump shot
02:2633-32Izaiah Brockington offensive rebound
02:1333-32Jaylen Adams misses layup
02:13Cyril Langevine shot block33-32
02:10Cyril Langevine defensive rebound33-32
02:06Jared Terrell makes 3-point jump shot+336-32
02:06Fatts Russell assist36-32
01:3436-35+3Courtney Stockard makes 3-point jump shot
01:3436-35Jaylen Adams assist
01:03Fatts Russell misses 3-point jump shot36-35
01:03Rhode Island Rams offensive rebound36-35
00:59Rhode Island Rams 30-second timeout36-35
00:59Jeff Dowtin turnover36-35
00:5936-35Saint Bonaventure Bonnies 30-second timeout
00:59EC Matthews substitution in36-35
00:59Stanford Robinson substitution out36-35
00:50Cyril Langevine foul36-35
00:3536-37+2Ladarien Griffin makes dunk
00:3536-37Izaiah Brockington assist
00:05Fatts Russell misses 3-point jump shot36-37
00:0536-37Courtney Stockard defensive rebound
00:0036-37Courtney Stockard misses 3-point jump shot
00:0036-37Saint Bonaventure Bonnies deadball rebound
Time   Rhode Island PTS   Score   PTS St. Bonaventure
19:42Jared Terrell misses 3-point jump shot36-37
19:4236-37Jaylen Adams defensive rebound
19:1236-40+3Matt Mobley makes 3-point jump shot
18:4636-40Amadi Ikpeze foul
18:27Jeff Dowtin misses 2-point jump shot36-40
18:27Stanford Robinson offensive rebound36-40
18:23Stanford Robinson makes 2-point jump shot+238-40
18:1138-40Idris Taqqee turnover
17:58Stanford Robinson misses 3-point jump shot38-40
17:5838-40Matt Mobley defensive rebound
17:4538-42+2Amadi Ikpeze makes layup
17:4538-42Matt Mobley assist
17:25EC Matthews makes 3-point jump shot+341-42
17:25Jared Terrell assist41-42
17:1141-42Jaylen Adams misses layup
17:1141-42Idris Taqqee offensive rebound
17:0741-44+2Idris Taqqee makes layup
16:34Stanford Robinson turnover41-44
16:3241-44Idris Taqqee steal
16:2441-46+2Idris Taqqee makes 2-point jump shot
16:2441-46Jaylen Adams assist
16:03Jared Terrell turnover41-46
16:0141-46Idris Taqqee steal
15:5741-46Matt Mobley misses 3-point jump shot
15:57Stanford Robinson defensive rebound41-46
15:51Jared Terrell makes 3-point jump shot+344-46
15:51Stanford Robinson assist44-46
15:31Andre Berry foul44-46
15:3144-46Media timeout
15:31Cyril Langevine substitution in44-46
15:31Andre Berry substitution out44-46
15:3144-46Ladarien Griffin substitution in
15:3144-46Amadi Ikpeze substitution out
15:17Stanford Robinson foul44-46
15:1744-47+1Courtney Stockard makes free throw
15:1744-48+1Courtney Stockard makes free throw
14:49EC Matthews makes 2-point jump shot+246-48
14:3946-48Jaylen Adams misses 2-point jump shot
14:39Rhode Island Rams defensive rebound46-48
14:18Cyril Langevine foul46-48
14:18Cyril Langevine turnover46-48
14:0446-48Courtney Stockard misses 2-point jump shot
14:0446-48Ladarien Griffin offensive rebound
13:5946-48Idris Taqqee misses layup
13:59Jared Terrell shot block46-48
13:5946-48Saint Bonaventure Bonnies offensive rebound
13:59Jarvis Garrett substitution in46-48
13:59EC Matthews substitution out46-48
13:4446-48Idris Taqqee misses layup
13:44Jarvis Garrett defensive rebound46-48
13:4146-48Ladarien Griffin foul
13:26Jared Terrell misses 3-point jump shot46-48
13:26Stanford Robinson offensive rebound46-48
13:24Stanford Robinson turnover46-48
13:24Fatts Russell substitution in46-48
13:24Stanford Robinson substitution out46-48
13:0046-48Idris Taqqee misses layup
13:00Cyril Langevine defensive rebound46-48
12:4846-48Jaylen Adams foul
12:48Cyril Langevine makes free throw+147-48
12:4847-48Saint Bonaventure Bonnies foul
12:48Jared Terrell makes free throw+148-48
12:48Cyril Langevine misses free throw48-48
12:4848-48Courtney Stockard defensive rebound
12:48EC Matthews substitution in48-48
12:48Jared Terrell substitution out48-48
12:4848-48Nelson Kaputo substitution in
12:4848-48Idris Taqqee substitution out
12:2448-50+2Matt Mobley makes 2-point jump shot
12:10Jeff Dowtin makes layup+250-50
11:5850-50Nelson Kaputo misses 3-point jump shot
11:5850-50Nelson Kaputo offensive rebound
11:5250-50Jaylen Adams misses 3-point jump shot
11:52Jarvis Garrett defensive rebound50-50
11:4550-50Matt Mobley foul
11:45Rhode Island Rams full timeout50-50
11:45Jarvis Garrett makes free throw+151-50
11:45Jarvis Garrett makes free throw+152-50
11:45Stanford Robinson substitution in52-50
11:45Jeff Dowtin substitution out52-50
11:31Jarvis Garrett foul52-50
11:2552-53+3Matt Mobley makes 3-point jump shot
11:2552-53Ladarien Griffin assist
10:58Jarvis Garrett makes 2-point jump shot+254-53
10:4754-56+3Nelson Kaputo makes 3-point jump shot
10:4754-56Ladarien Griffin assist
10:25EC Matthews makes 3-point jump shot+357-56
10:25Jarvis Garrett assist57-56
10:1257-56Ladarien Griffin turnover
10:10Fatts Russell steal57-56
10:06Fatts Russell foul57-56
10:06Fatts Russell turnover57-56
10:06Jared Terrell substitution in57-56
10:06Jarvis Garrett substitution out57-56
09:4857-56Jaylen Adams turnover
09:47EC Matthews steal57-56
09:42Fatts Russell misses 3-point jump shot57-56
09:42Cyril Langevine offensive rebound57-56
09:35Cyril Langevine makes layup+259-56
09:2359-59+3Matt Mobley makes 3-point jump shot
09:2359-59Jaylen Adams assist
08:59Stanford Robinson misses layup59-59
08:5959-59Ladarien Griffin shot block
08:59Rhode Island Rams offensive rebound59-59
08:59Jeff Dowtin substitution in59-59
08:59Stanford Robinson substitution out59-59
08:5959-59Amadi Ikpeze substitution in
08:5959-59Ladarien Griffin substitution out
08:47EC Matthews makes 3-point jump shot+362-59
08:4662-59Matt Mobley foul
08:46EC Matthews makes free throw+163-59
08:29Fatts Russell foul63-59
08:2963-60+1Amadi Ikpeze makes free throw
08:2963-61+1Amadi Ikpeze makes free throw
08:2963-61Idris Taqqee substitution in
08:2963-61Nelson Kaputo substitution out
08:0863-61Amadi Ikpeze foul
08:08EC Matthews makes free throw+164-61
08:08EC Matthews makes free throw+165-61
07:4965-61Matt Mobley misses 2-point jump shot
07:49Fatts Russell defensive rebound65-61
07:44Cyril Langevine makes layup+267-61
07:44Fatts Russell assist67-61
07:1767-61Amadi Ikpeze misses layup
07:17EC Matthews shot block67-61
07:1267-61Idris Taqqee offensive rebound
07:0967-61Idris Taqqee misses layup
07:09Cyril Langevine defensive rebound67-61
07:0567-61Idris Taqqee misses layup
07:0367-61Saint Bonaventure Bonnies full timeout
07:0367-61Ladarien Griffin substitution in
07:0367-61Amadi Ikpeze substitution out
06:52Jared Terrell turnover67-61
06:5167-61Idris Taqqee steal
06:4767-61Matt Mobley turnover
06:46Jeff Dowtin steal67-61
06:43Jared Terrell misses layup67-61
06:4367-61Idris Taqqee shot block
06:43Rhode Island Rams offensive rebound67-61
06:43Jarvis Garrett substitution in67-61
06:43Fatts Russell substitution out67-61
06:27EC Matthews misses layup67-61
06:2767-61Idris Taqqee shot block
06:27Rhode Island Rams offensive rebound67-61
06:27Stanford Robinson substitution in67-61
06:27Jeff Dowtin substitution out67-61
06:24Stanford Robinson misses 3-point jump shot67-61
06:24Jarvis Garrett offensive rebound67-61
06:04Stanford Robinson turnover67-61
06:0367-61Courtney Stockard steal
06:0167-63+2Courtney Stockard makes dunk
05:47Rhode Island Rams 30-second timeout67-63
05:47Media timeout67-63
05:47Jeff Dowtin substitution in67-63
05:47Stanford Robinson substitution out67-63
05:38EC Matthews misses 3-point jump shot67-63
05:3867-63Courtney Stockard defensive rebound
05:2767-63Courtney Stockard misses layup
05:27Cyril Langevine shot block67-63
05:2467-63Ladarien Griffin offensive rebound
05:24Jeff Dowtin foul67-63
05:2467-64+1Ladarien Griffin makes free throw
05:2467-65+1Ladarien Griffin makes free throw
05:24Fatts Russell substitution in67-65
05:24EC Matthews substitution out67-65
05:07Jared Terrell makes layup+269-65
04:5269-65Jaylen Adams misses 2-point jump shot
04:52Fatts Russell defensive rebound69-65
04:29Fatts Russell makes layup+271-65
04:1971-65Matt Mobley misses layup
04:1971-65Matt Mobley offensive rebound
04:17Cyril Langevine foul71-65
04:1771-66+1Matt Mobley makes free throw
04:1771-67+1Matt Mobley makes free throw
03:55Jarvis Garrett misses 2-point jump shot71-67
03:55Cyril Langevine offensive rebound71-67
03:5371-67Jaylen Adams foul
03:53Media timeout71-67
03:53Cyril Langevine misses free throw71-67
03:53Rhode Island Rams deadball rebound71-67
03:53Cyril Langevine makes free throw+172-67
03:53Stanford Robinson substitution in72-67
03:53Jarvis Garrett substitution out72-67
03:4172-67Matt Mobley misses 3-point jump shot
03:4172-67Idris Taqqee offensive rebound
03:2872-69+2Jaylen Adams makes 2-point jump shot
03:01Jeff Dowtin misses layup72-69
03:0172-69Ladarien Griffin shot block
03:0172-69Ladarien Griffin defensive rebound
03:01EC Matthews substitution in72-69
03:01Fatts Russell substitution out72-69
03:0172-69Nelson Kaputo substitution in
03:0172-69Idris Taqqee substitution out
02:3472-69Nelson Kaputo misses 3-point jump shot
02:3472-69Matt Mobley offensive rebound
02:2972-69Matt Mobley misses 3-point jump shot
02:29Cyril Langevine defensive rebound72-69
01:59Jared Terrell misses 2-point jump shot72-69
01:5972-69Matt Mobley defensive rebound
01:5372-69Ladarien Griffin misses layup
01:5372-69Ladarien Griffin offensive rebound
01:5172-71+2Ladarien Griffin makes layup
01:5072-71Saint Bonaventure Bonnies 30-second timeout
01:5072-71Idris Taqqee substitution in
01:5072-71Nelson Kaputo substitution out
01:23EC Matthews misses 2-point jump shot72-71
01:23Stanford Robinson offensive rebound72-71
01:08Rhode Island Rams 30-second timeout72-71
00:57Jared Terrell misses layup72-71
00:5772-71Ladarien Griffin defensive rebound
00:56Cyril Langevine foul72-71
00:5672-72+1Ladarien Griffin makes free throw
00:5672-73+1Ladarien Griffin makes free throw
00:3872-73Idris Taqqee foul
00:38Cyril Langevine makes free throw+173-73
00:38Cyril Langevine makes free throw+174-73
00:3374-73Saint Bonaventure Bonnies full timeout
00:33Jarvis Garrett substitution in74-73
00:33EC Matthews substitution out74-73
00:3374-73Nelson Kaputo substitution in
00:3374-73Idris Taqqee substitution out
00:2074-75+2Ladarien Griffin makes dunk
00:2074-75Jaylen Adams assist
00:2074-75Saint Bonaventure Bonnies 30-second timeout
00:20EC Matthews substitution in74-75
00:20Stanford Robinson substitution out74-75
00:2074-75Idris Taqqee substitution in
00:2074-75Nelson Kaputo substitution out
00:1874-75Jaylen Adams foul
00:18Jeff Dowtin misses free throw74-75
00:1874-75Matt Mobley defensive rebound
00:14Jeff Dowtin foul74-75
00:1474-75Matt Mobley misses free throw
00:1474-75Saint Bonaventure Bonnies deadball rebound
00:1474-76+1Matt Mobley makes free throw
00:10Rhode Island Rams full timeout74-76
00:10Stanford Robinson substitution in74-76
00:10Cyril Langevine substitution out74-76
00:06Jared Terrell misses layup74-76
00:0674-76Matt Mobley defensive rebound
00:04Stanford Robinson foul74-76
00:0474-77+1Matt Mobley makes free throw
00:0474-77Matt Mobley misses free throw
00:04Jared Terrell defensive rebound74-77
00:04Cyril Langevine substitution in74-77
00:04Stanford Robinson substitution out74-77
00:0474-77Izaiah Brockington substitution in
00:0474-77Ladarien Griffin substitution out
00:00Jared Terrell misses 3-point jump shot74-77
00:00Rhode Island Rams deadball rebound74-77

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