Sacred Heart vs. Fairleigh Dickinson Box Score, February 8, 2018

Northeast Conference Scores — Feb 8, 2018

BRY 76
WAG 96  
CCTST 57  
SHU 67
FDU 77  
LIU 83  
RMU 65
SFNY 77  
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Line Score


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Play-By-Play Table
Time   Sacred Heart PTS   Score   PTS Fairleigh Dickinson
19:48Mario Matasovic misses layup0-0
19:480-0Kaleb Bishop defensive rebound
19:290-0Kaleb Bishop turnover
18:59Alex Watson misses 2-point jump shot0-0
18:59Joseph Lopez offensive rebound0-0
18:50Joseph Lopez misses layup0-0
18:500-0Jahlil Jenkins defensive rebound
18:390-0Noah Morgan turnover
18:29Sean Hoehn makes 3-point jump shot+33-0
18:29Alex Watson assist3-0
18:163-3+3Mike Holloway Jr. makes 3-point jump shot
18:163-3Jahlil Jenkins assist
18:05Kinnon Larose misses 3-point jump shot3-3
18:05Mario Matasovic offensive rebound3-3
17:59Mario Matasovic makes tip-in shot+25-3
17:405-5+2Darnell Edge makes 2-point jump shot
17:09Mario Matasovic misses 3-point jump shot5-5
17:095-5Mike Holloway Jr. defensive rebound
17:005-5Mike Holloway Jr. misses 3-point jump shot
17:00Mario Matasovic defensive rebound5-5
16:50Alex Watson misses 3-point jump shot5-5
16:505-5Jahlil Jenkins defensive rebound
16:435-5Jahlil Jenkins misses layup
16:43Sean Hoehn defensive rebound5-5
16:35Alex Watson turnover5-5
16:195-8+3Noah Morgan makes 3-point jump shot
16:195-8Jahlil Jenkins assist
16:00Mario Matasovic misses layup5-8
16:005-8Mike Holloway Jr. shot block
15:585-8Kaleb Bishop defensive rebound
15:535-8Jahlil Jenkins turnover
15:53Sacred Heart Pioneers full timeout5-8
15:25Mario Matasovic misses 3-point jump shot5-8
15:25Mario Matasovic offensive rebound5-8
15:12Joseph Lopez misses layup5-8
15:125-8Jahlil Jenkins defensive rebound
15:005-8Kaleb Bishop misses 3-point jump shot
15:00Sean Hoehn defensive rebound5-8
14:51Sean Hoehn makes layup+27-8
14:417-11+3Noah Morgan makes 3-point jump shot
14:417-11Kaleb Bishop assist
14:20Joseph Lopez misses 2-point jump shot7-11
14:20Kinnon Larose offensive rebound7-11
14:15Sean Hoehn makes 3-point jump shot+310-11
14:15Kinnon Larose assist10-11
13:5710-11Jahlil Jenkins misses 2-point jump shot
13:5710-11Kaleb Bishop offensive rebound
13:43Sean Hoehn foul10-11
13:43EJ Anosike substitution in10-11
13:43De'Von Barnett substitution in10-11
13:43Chris Robinson substitution in10-11
13:43Joseph Lopez substitution out10-11
13:43Kinnon Larose substitution out10-11
13:43Mario Matasovic substitution out10-11
13:4310-11Elyjah Williams substitution in
13:4310-11Nadi Beciri substitution in
13:4310-11Mike Schroback substitution in
13:4310-11Jahlil Jenkins substitution out
13:4310-11Kaleb Bishop substitution out
13:4310-11Mike Holloway Jr. substitution out
13:4010-13+2Darnell Edge makes layup
13:19EJ Anosike misses layup10-13
13:1910-13Elyjah Williams shot block
13:18Alex Watson offensive rebound10-13
13:09Sean Hoehn turnover10-13
13:0810-13Noah Morgan steal
12:5210-15+2Noah Morgan makes layup
12:31De'Von Barnett misses layup10-15
12:3110-15Elyjah Williams shot block
12:3010-15Nadi Beciri defensive rebound
12:2510-15Noah Morgan misses 3-point jump shot
12:25EJ Anosike defensive rebound10-15
12:0310-15Nadi Beciri foul
12:03De'Von Barnett misses free throw10-15
12:03Sacred Heart Pioneers deadball rebound10-15
12:03De'Von Barnett misses free throw10-15
12:0310-15Elyjah Williams defensive rebound
12:03Charles Tucker substitution in10-15
12:03Sean Hoehn substitution out10-15
12:0310-15Pat Mcnamara substitution in
12:0310-15Noah Morgan substitution out
11:4110-15Darnell Edge misses layup
11:41Sacred Heart Pioneers defensive rebound10-15
11:36Sacred Heart Pioneers full timeout10-15
11:19De'Von Barnett turnover10-15
11:1910-15Jahlil Jenkins substitution in
11:1910-15Mike Holloway Jr. substitution in
11:1910-15Nadi Beciri substitution out
11:1910-15Mike Schroback substitution out
11:0610-15Jahlil Jenkins misses 3-point jump shot
11:06Chris Robinson defensive rebound10-15
10:58De'Von Barnett turnover10-15
10:5810-15Noah Morgan substitution in
10:5810-15Darnell Edge substitution out
10:4410-15Elyjah Williams turnover
10:44Sean Hoehn substitution in10-15
10:44Alex Watson substitution out10-15
10:4410-15Kaleb Bishop substitution in
10:4410-15Elyjah Williams substitution out
10:36Chris Robinson misses 3-point jump shot10-15
10:3610-15Noah Morgan defensive rebound
10:3210-17+2Mike Holloway Jr. makes layup
10:3210-17Noah Morgan assist
10:16Charles Tucker turnover10-17
10:1410-17Pat Mcnamara steal
09:5910-19+2Jahlil Jenkins makes 2-point jump shot
09:57Sacred Heart Pioneers 30-second timeout10-19
09:57Mario Matasovic substitution in10-19
09:57Joseph Lopez substitution in10-19
09:57Kinnon Larose substitution in10-19
09:57EJ Anosike substitution out10-19
09:57Charles Tucker substitution out10-19
09:57De'Von Barnett substitution out10-19
09:44Sean Hoehn turnover10-19
09:4310-19Jahlil Jenkins steal
09:3810-19Kaleb Bishop misses layup
09:38Mario Matasovic defensive rebound10-19
09:32Mario Matasovic makes layup+212-19
09:32Chris Robinson assist12-19
08:5912-21+2Kaleb Bishop makes layup
08:5912-21Jahlil Jenkins assist
08:59Kinnon Larose foul12-21
08:5912-22+1Kaleb Bishop makes free throw
08:5912-22Darnell Edge substitution in
08:5912-22Pat Mcnamara substitution out
08:44Kinnon Larose makes 3-point jump shot+315-22
08:44Mario Matasovic assist15-22
08:4215-22Fairleigh Dickinson Knights 30-second timeout
08:2515-22Mike Holloway Jr. misses 2-point jump shot
08:25Joseph Lopez defensive rebound15-22
08:06Sean Hoehn turnover15-22
08:0615-22Noah Morgan steal
08:06Mario Matasovic foul15-22
07:5315-22Media timeout
07:53Alex Watson substitution in15-22
07:53Chris Robinson substitution out15-22
07:3815-25+3Jahlil Jenkins makes 3-point jump shot
07:14Joseph Lopez makes layup+217-25
06:5717-28+3Darnell Edge makes 3-point jump shot
06:34Joseph Lopez misses layup17-28
06:3417-28Kaleb Bishop defensive rebound
06:2617-28Darnell Edge misses layup
06:26Joseph Lopez shot block17-28
06:24Joseph Lopez defensive rebound17-28
06:17Mario Matasovic misses 3-point jump shot17-28
06:17Kinnon Larose offensive rebound17-28
06:1317-28Elyjah Williams substitution in
06:1317-28Pat Mcnamara substitution in
06:1317-28Noah Morgan substitution out
06:1317-28Darnell Edge substitution out
06:09Joseph Lopez makes layup+219-28
06:09Kinnon Larose assist19-28
05:5619-28Pat Mcnamara misses 3-point jump shot
05:56Kinnon Larose defensive rebound19-28
05:5319-28Elyjah Williams foul
05:5319-28Nadi Beciri substitution in
05:5319-28Mike Holloway Jr. substitution out
05:25Mario Matasovic makes layup+221-28
05:0721-30+2Kaleb Bishop makes 2-point jump shot
04:58Joseph Lopez makes layup+223-30
04:58Sean Hoehn assist23-30
04:5823-30Fairleigh Dickinson Knights 30-second timeout
04:5823-30Mike Holloway Jr. substitution in
04:5823-30Nadi Beciri substitution out
04:3923-32+2Jahlil Jenkins makes layup
04:12Joseph Lopez makes dunk+225-32
04:12Mario Matasovic assist25-32
03:4925-32Jahlil Jenkins turnover
03:47Sean Hoehn steal25-32
03:44Mario Matasovic makes layup+227-32
03:4427-32Kaleb Bishop foul
03:44Media timeout27-32
03:44Mario Matasovic makes free throw+128-32
03:4428-32Noah Morgan substitution in
03:4428-32Darnell Edge substitution in
03:4428-32Elyjah Williams substitution out
03:4428-32Pat Mcnamara substitution out
03:2028-32Jahlil Jenkins misses 3-point jump shot
03:20Joseph Lopez defensive rebound28-32
03:10Sean Hoehn misses 3-point jump shot28-32
03:1028-32Kaleb Bishop defensive rebound
02:5928-32Darnell Edge misses 3-point jump shot
02:5928-32Mike Holloway Jr. offensive rebound
02:5428-34+2Mike Holloway Jr. makes layup
02:49Sean Hoehn turnover28-34
02:49EJ Anosike substitution in28-34
02:49Joseph Lopez substitution out28-34
02:3528-36+2Darnell Edge makes layup
02:17Sean Hoehn misses 3-point jump shot28-36
02:17EJ Anosike offensive rebound28-36
02:1428-36Mike Holloway Jr. foul
02:14EJ Anosike makes free throw+129-36
02:14EJ Anosike makes free throw+130-36
01:4430-38+2Noah Morgan makes dunk
01:31Mario Matasovic makes 2-point jump shot+232-38
01:1632-38Darnell Edge misses 2-point jump shot
01:16Mario Matasovic defensive rebound32-38
01:08Sean Hoehn turnover32-38
01:0732-38Darnell Edge steal
01:0632-40+2Jahlil Jenkins makes layup
01:0632-40Darnell Edge assist
00:5032-40Mike Holloway Jr. foul
00:50Mario Matasovic misses free throw32-40
00:50Sacred Heart Pioneers deadball rebound32-40
00:50Mario Matasovic makes free throw+133-40
00:5033-40Nadi Beciri substitution in
00:5033-40Pat Mcnamara substitution in
00:5033-40Kaleb Bishop substitution out
00:5033-40Mike Holloway Jr. substitution out
00:3733-40Pat Mcnamara turnover
00:36EJ Anosike steal33-40
00:12Sean Hoehn misses layup33-40
00:12Mario Matasovic offensive rebound33-40
00:09Mario Matasovic misses layup33-40
00:0933-40Darnell Edge defensive rebound
Time   Sacred Heart PTS   Score   PTS Fairleigh Dickinson
19:3933-42+2Jahlil Jenkins makes layup
19:19Joseph Lopez misses layup33-42
19:1933-42Mike Holloway Jr. shot block
19:1833-42Kaleb Bishop defensive rebound
19:1033-42Darnell Edge turnover
19:08Joseph Lopez steal33-42
19:06Sean Hoehn misses layup33-42
19:0633-42Kaleb Bishop shot block
19:0433-42Noah Morgan defensive rebound
19:00Joseph Lopez foul33-42
19:0033-43+1Darnell Edge makes free throw
19:0033-44+1Darnell Edge makes free throw
18:4933-44Kaleb Bishop foul
18:49Joseph Lopez makes free throw+134-44
18:49Joseph Lopez misses free throw34-44
18:4934-44Kaleb Bishop defensive rebound
18:3234-44Darnell Edge misses 3-point jump shot
18:32Alex Watson defensive rebound34-44
18:14Sean Hoehn misses layup34-44
18:1434-44Kaleb Bishop defensive rebound
18:0734-44Jahlil Jenkins misses 3-point jump shot
18:0734-44Mike Holloway Jr. offensive rebound
18:0234-44Mike Holloway Jr. misses layup
18:02Sacred Heart Pioneers deadball rebound34-44
18:0134-44Kaleb Bishop foul
18:01Chris Robinson substitution in34-44
18:01Alex Watson substitution out34-44
18:0134-44Elyjah Williams substitution in
18:0134-44Kaleb Bishop substitution out
17:40Joseph Lopez makes layup+236-44
17:1836-44Darnell Edge misses 3-point jump shot
17:1836-44Elyjah Williams offensive rebound
17:0436-47+3Noah Morgan makes 3-point jump shot
17:0436-47Darnell Edge assist
16:46Chris Robinson turnover36-47
16:4436-47Jahlil Jenkins steal
16:4336-49+2Jahlil Jenkins makes layup
16:42Sacred Heart Pioneers 30-second timeout36-49
16:42Media timeout36-49
16:33Chris Robinson misses layup36-49
16:3336-49Mike Holloway Jr. shot block
16:32Chris Robinson offensive rebound36-49
16:31Chris Robinson makes layup+238-49
16:1438-49Darnell Edge misses 2-point jump shot
16:14Joseph Lopez defensive rebound38-49
15:47Chris Robinson misses 2-point jump shot38-49
15:4738-49Elyjah Williams defensive rebound
15:3538-52+3Noah Morgan makes 3-point jump shot
15:3538-52Jahlil Jenkins assist
15:00Kinnon Larose makes 2-point jump shot+240-52
15:00Chris Robinson assist40-52
14:4340-52Media timeout
14:2540-52Jahlil Jenkins misses layup
14:25De'Von Barnett defensive rebound40-52
14:19Charles Tucker substitution in40-52
14:19De'Von Barnett substitution in40-52
14:19Sean Hoehn substitution out40-52
14:19Mario Matasovic substitution out40-52
14:09Chris Robinson misses 3-point jump shot40-52
14:09Sacred Heart Pioneers offensive rebound40-52
13:54Kinnon Larose makes 3-point jump shot+343-52
13:54Joseph Lopez assist43-52
13:3443-52Mike Holloway Jr. misses layup
13:34Joseph Lopez shot block43-52
13:32De'Von Barnett defensive rebound43-52
13:12Chris Robinson turnover43-52
12:5643-54+2Noah Morgan makes 2-point jump shot
12:3043-54Jahlil Jenkins foul
12:30Chris Robinson misses free throw43-54
12:30Sacred Heart Pioneers deadball rebound43-54
12:30Chris Robinson makes free throw+144-54
12:0844-54Noah Morgan turnover
11:55De'Von Barnett misses layup44-54
11:5544-54Elyjah Williams defensive rebound
11:4844-54Noah Morgan misses 3-point jump shot
11:4844-54Elyjah Williams offensive rebound
11:4344-56+2Mike Holloway Jr. makes layup
11:4344-56Elyjah Williams assist
11:42Joseph Lopez foul44-56
11:4244-56Media timeout
11:4244-56Mike Holloway Jr. misses free throw
11:42Mario Matasovic defensive rebound44-56
11:42EJ Anosike substitution in44-56
11:42Sean Hoehn substitution in44-56
11:42Mario Matasovic substitution in44-56
11:42Chris Robinson substitution out44-56
11:42Joseph Lopez substitution out44-56
11:42De'Von Barnett substitution out44-56
11:23Kinnon Larose misses 3-point jump shot44-56
11:23Sean Hoehn offensive rebound44-56
11:11Sean Hoehn misses 3-point jump shot44-56
11:1144-56Noah Morgan defensive rebound
11:0144-56Jahlil Jenkins misses layup
11:01Mario Matasovic shot block44-56
10:59Kinnon Larose defensive rebound44-56
10:48Mario Matasovic misses 3-point jump shot44-56
10:48EJ Anosike offensive rebound44-56
10:4544-56Mike Holloway Jr. foul
10:4544-56Mike Schroback substitution in
10:4544-56Nadi Beciri substitution in
10:4544-56Jahlil Jenkins substitution out
10:4544-56Mike Holloway Jr. substitution out
10:26Mario Matasovic makes 3-point jump shot+347-56
10:26Sean Hoehn assist47-56
09:5447-59+3Noah Morgan makes 3-point jump shot
09:5447-59Elyjah Williams assist
09:32Mario Matasovic makes dunk+249-59
09:32Charles Tucker assist49-59
09:1149-59Noah Morgan turnover
09:10Mario Matasovic steal49-59
09:0949-59Elyjah Williams foul
09:09Mario Matasovic makes free throw+150-59
09:09Mario Matasovic makes free throw+151-59
09:0951-59Kaleb Bishop substitution in
09:0951-59Jahlil Jenkins substitution in
09:0951-59Mike Schroback substitution out
09:0951-59Nadi Beciri substitution out
08:4951-61+2Darnell Edge makes 2-point jump shot
08:28Mario Matasovic makes layup+253-61
08:28Sean Hoehn assist53-61
08:0853-61Darnell Edge misses layup
08:08Mario Matasovic shot block53-61
08:06EJ Anosike defensive rebound53-61
08:01Kinnon Larose makes layup+255-61
08:01Charles Tucker assist55-61
07:5955-61Fairleigh Dickinson Knights 30-second timeout
07:5855-61Fairleigh Dickinson Knights full timeout
07:4055-61Mike Holloway Jr. substitution in
07:4055-61Nadi Beciri substitution in
07:4055-61Noah Morgan substitution out
07:4055-61Elyjah Williams substitution out
07:2755-61Fairleigh Dickinson Knights turnover
07:1355-61Nadi Beciri foul
07:1355-61Noah Morgan substitution in
07:1355-61Nadi Beciri substitution out
07:11Mario Matasovic makes 2-point jump shot+257-61
07:11Charles Tucker assist57-61
06:46Mario Matasovic foul57-61
06:3257-61Jahlil Jenkins misses 3-point jump shot
06:32Sean Hoehn defensive rebound57-61
06:25Kinnon Larose misses 3-point jump shot57-61
06:2557-61Darnell Edge defensive rebound
06:1057-64+3Kaleb Bishop makes 3-point jump shot
06:1057-64Darnell Edge assist
05:36Charles Tucker misses 3-point jump shot57-64
05:3657-64Mike Holloway Jr. defensive rebound
05:32EJ Anosike foul57-64
05:23Joseph Lopez substitution in57-64
05:23EJ Anosike substitution out57-64
05:0257-66+2Darnell Edge makes layup
04:52Sean Hoehn misses 3-point jump shot57-66
04:52Mario Matasovic offensive rebound57-66
04:47Mario Matasovic makes tip-in shot+259-66
04:2559-66Kaleb Bishop misses 3-point jump shot
04:25Kinnon Larose defensive rebound59-66
04:0259-66Darnell Edge foul
04:02Sean Hoehn misses free throw59-66
04:02Sacred Heart Pioneers deadball rebound59-66
04:02Sean Hoehn makes free throw+160-66
04:0260-66Elyjah Williams substitution in
04:0260-66Kaleb Bishop substitution out
03:49Joseph Lopez foul60-66
03:4960-66Media timeout
03:4960-67+1Mike Holloway Jr. makes free throw
03:4960-68+1Mike Holloway Jr. makes free throw
03:4960-68Kaleb Bishop substitution in
03:4960-68Elyjah Williams substitution out
03:25Joseph Lopez turnover60-68
03:2360-68Mike Holloway Jr. steal
03:2060-70+2Kaleb Bishop makes layup
03:1960-70Jahlil Jenkins assist
03:02Joseph Lopez misses layup60-70
03:02Joseph Lopez offensive rebound60-70
02:59Joseph Lopez misses tip-in shot60-70
02:5960-70Kaleb Bishop defensive rebound
02:3460-72+2Darnell Edge makes 2-point jump shot
02:19Kinnon Larose makes 3-point jump shot+363-72
02:19Joseph Lopez assist63-72
02:16Sacred Heart Pioneers 30-second timeout63-72
02:16De'Von Barnett substitution in63-72
02:16Chris Robinson substitution in63-72
02:16Joseph Lopez substitution out63-72
02:16Kinnon Larose substitution out63-72
02:0963-74+2Kaleb Bishop makes dunk
01:5463-74Mike Holloway Jr. foul
01:54Sean Hoehn makes free throw+164-74
01:54Sean Hoehn makes free throw+165-74
01:54Joseph Lopez substitution in65-74
01:54Kinnon Larose substitution in65-74
01:54De'Von Barnett substitution out65-74
01:54Chris Robinson substitution out65-74
01:44Sean Hoehn foul65-74
01:2765-74Darnell Edge misses 2-point jump shot
01:2765-74Kaleb Bishop offensive rebound
01:2365-74Kaleb Bishop misses dunk
01:2365-74Mike Holloway Jr. offensive rebound
01:23Charles Tucker foul65-74
01:2365-75+1Mike Holloway Jr. makes free throw
01:2365-75Mike Holloway Jr. misses free throw
01:23Joseph Lopez defensive rebound65-75
01:15Sean Hoehn misses 2-point jump shot65-75
01:1565-75Kaleb Bishop defensive rebound
00:4565-75Jahlil Jenkins turnover
00:43Kinnon Larose steal65-75
00:40Sean Hoehn foul65-75
00:40Sean Hoehn turnover65-75
00:28Sean Hoehn foul65-75
00:2865-76+1Jahlil Jenkins makes free throw
00:2865-77+1Jahlil Jenkins makes free throw
00:21Sean Hoehn misses layup65-77
00:21Mario Matasovic offensive rebound65-77
00:20Mario Matasovic makes tip-in shot+267-77

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