Texas Christian vs. Kansas Box Score, February 6, 2018

Big 12 Conference Scores — Feb 6, 2018

BAY 67
OKST 56  
TCU 64
KU (10)  71  
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Play-By-Play Table
Time   Texas Christian PTS   Score   PTS Kansas
19:430-2+2Udoka Azubuike makes dunk
19:420-2Malik Newman assist
19:37Kenrich Williams misses 3-point jump shot0-2
19:340-2Malik Newman defensive rebound
19:150-3+1Svi Mykhailiuk makes free throw
19:15Kenrich Williams foul0-3
19:150-3Svi Mykhailiuk misses free throw
19:14JD Miller defensive rebound0-3
18:59Vlad Brodziansky makes 3-point jump shot+33-3
18:59Kenrich Williams assist3-3
18:443-5+2Udoka Azubuike makes layup
18:25JD Miller turnover3-5
18:253-5Devonte' Graham steal
18:25Desmond Bane foul3-5
18:25Kouat Noi substitution in3-5
18:25JD Miller substitution out3-5
18:203-5Malik Newman misses 3-point jump shot
18:20Vlad Brodziansky defensive rebound3-5
18:183-5Udoka Azubuike foul
18:08Kenrich Williams misses 2-point jump shot3-5
18:08Desmond Bane offensive rebound3-5
18:03Desmond Bane misses layup3-5
18:033-5Udoka Azubuike shot block
18:013-5Udoka Azubuike defensive rebound
17:463-5Devonte' Graham misses 3-point jump shot
17:463-5Mitch Lightfoot offensive rebound
17:433-7+2Mitch Lightfoot makes layup
17:23Kouat Noi makes 3-point jump shot+36-7
17:23Desmond Bane assist6-7
16:546-7Udoka Azubuike misses layup
16:54TCU Horned Frogs defensive rebound6-7
16:536-7Lagerald Vick substitution in
16:536-7Udoka Azubuike substitution out
16:36Vlad Brodziansky misses 3-point jump shot6-7
16:366-7Devonte' Graham defensive rebound
16:286-9+2Malik Newman makes layup
16:286-9Devonte' Graham assist
16:02Vlad Brodziansky makes layup+28-9
16:02Kenrich Williams assist8-9
15:46Desmond Bane foul8-9
15:468-9Kansas Jayhawks full timeout
15:46Shawn Olden substitution in8-9
15:46Ahmed Hamdy substitution in8-9
15:46Desmond Bane substitution out8-9
15:46Vlad Brodziansky substitution out8-9
15:298-9Mitch Lightfoot misses 2-point jump shot
15:29Kouat Noi defensive rebound8-9
15:08Kouat Noi makes 3-point jump shot+311-9
15:08Alex Robinson assist11-9
14:4111-9Svi Mykhailiuk misses 3-point jump shot
14:41Kenrich Williams shot block11-9
14:3911-9Mitch Lightfoot offensive rebound
14:3711-9Mitch Lightfoot turnover
14:36Kouat Noi steal11-9
14:28Shawn Olden misses 3-point jump shot11-9
14:2811-9Malik Newman defensive rebound
14:1911-12+3Devonte' Graham makes 3-point jump shot
14:1911-12Malik Newman assist
14:16Vlad Brodziansky substitution in11-12
14:16Ahmed Hamdy substitution out11-12
14:1611-12Marcus Garrett substitution in
14:1611-12Svi Mykhailiuk substitution out
14:02Shawn Olden makes 3-point jump shot+314-12
14:02Vlad Brodziansky assist14-12
13:5314-12Devonte' Graham turnover
13:52Vlad Brodziansky steal14-12
13:48Kouat Noi misses 3-point jump shot14-12
13:48Vlad Brodziansky offensive rebound14-12
13:41Alex Robinson makes 3-point jump shot+317-12
13:41Shawn Olden assist17-12
13:2517-14+2Marcus Garrett makes layup
13:11Kouat Noi turnover17-14
13:1017-14Mitch Lightfoot steal
12:4917-17+3Marcus Garrett makes 3-point jump shot
12:4917-17Malik Newman assist
12:27Vlad Brodziansky misses 2-point jump shot17-17
12:2717-17Lagerald Vick defensive rebound
12:0917-17Mitch Lightfoot turnover
12:09Desmond Bane substitution in17-17
12:09Kenrich Williams substitution out17-17
12:0917-17Svi Mykhailiuk substitution in
12:0917-17Malik Newman substitution out
11:58Desmond Bane makes layup+219-17
11:58Kouat Noi assist19-17
11:4219-17Svi Mykhailiuk misses layup
11:42TCU Horned Frogs defensive rebound19-17
11:4119-17Mitch Lightfoot foul
11:41TCU Horned Frogs full timeout19-17
11:4119-17Udoka Azubuike substitution in
11:4119-17Mitch Lightfoot substitution out
11:25Alex Robinson turnover19-17
11:25Kenrich Williams substitution in19-17
11:25Ahmed Hamdy substitution in19-17
11:25JD Miller substitution in19-17
11:25Desmond Bane substitution out19-17
11:25Kouat Noi substitution out19-17
11:25Vlad Brodziansky substitution out19-17
11:0919-17Lagerald Vick misses 2-point jump shot
11:0919-17Udoka Azubuike offensive rebound
11:01Shawn Olden foul19-17
11:0119-18+1Udoka Azubuike makes free throw
11:0119-18Udoka Azubuike misses free throw
11:01Kenrich Williams defensive rebound19-18
10:44JD Miller turnover19-18
10:2419-18Lagerald Vick misses 3-point jump shot
10:24Kenrich Williams defensive rebound19-18
10:16Shawn Olden misses 3-point jump shot19-18
10:16JD Miller offensive rebound19-18
09:57Ahmed Hamdy makes layup+221-18
09:57Alex Robinson assist21-18
09:5721-18Lagerald Vick foul
09:57Ahmed Hamdy misses free throw21-18
09:5721-18Udoka Azubuike defensive rebound
09:4121-21+3Devonte' Graham makes 3-point jump shot
09:30Alex Robinson turnover21-21
09:3021-21Devonte' Graham steal
09:3021-21Malik Newman substitution in
09:3021-21Marcus Garrett substitution out
09:1421-21Udoka Azubuike misses 2-point jump shot
09:1421-21Kansas Jayhawks offensive rebound
09:12Desmond Bane substitution in21-21
09:12Alex Robinson substitution out21-21
09:0621-24+3Devonte' Graham makes 3-point jump shot
09:0621-24Malik Newman assist
08:48JD Miller misses layup21-24
08:4821-24Devonte' Graham defensive rebound
08:3521-26+2Devonte' Graham makes 2-point jump shot
08:30TCU Horned Frogs 30-second timeout21-26
08:30Kouat Noi substitution in21-26
08:30Vlad Brodziansky substitution in21-26
08:30Alex Robinson substitution in21-26
08:30Shawn Olden substitution out21-26
08:30Ahmed Hamdy substitution out21-26
08:30JD Miller substitution out21-26
08:1421-26Lagerald Vick foul
08:14Alex Robinson makes free throw+122-26
08:14Alex Robinson misses free throw22-26
08:1422-26Udoka Azubuike defensive rebound
08:1422-26Marcus Garrett substitution in
08:1422-26Lagerald Vick substitution out
07:5422-26Udoka Azubuike misses 2-point jump shot
07:54Kenrich Williams defensive rebound22-26
07:3722-26Udoka Azubuike foul
07:37TCU Horned Frogs full timeout22-26
07:37Vlad Brodziansky makes free throw+123-26
07:37Vlad Brodziansky makes free throw+124-26
07:3724-26Mitch Lightfoot substitution in
07:3724-26Udoka Azubuike substitution out
07:1924-26Devonte' Graham misses 3-point jump shot
07:19Desmond Bane defensive rebound24-26
07:09Kouat Noi makes 3-point jump shot+327-26
07:09Alex Robinson assist27-26
06:5027-26Malik Newman misses layup
06:50Vlad Brodziansky shot block27-26
06:49Kouat Noi defensive rebound27-26
06:44Kouat Noi misses 3-point jump shot27-26
06:4427-26Svi Mykhailiuk defensive rebound
06:2927-28+2Mitch Lightfoot makes 2-point jump shot
06:08Vlad Brodziansky misses layup27-28
06:08Vlad Brodziansky offensive rebound27-28
06:06Vlad Brodziansky misses tip-in shot27-28
06:06Vlad Brodziansky offensive rebound27-28
06:04Vlad Brodziansky makes tip-in shot+229-28
05:4629-28Malik Newman misses 3-point jump shot
05:4629-28Marcus Garrett offensive rebound
05:42Desmond Bane foul29-28
05:42JD Miller substitution in29-28
05:42Desmond Bane substitution out29-28
05:3229-28Devonte' Graham misses 3-point jump shot
05:32Alex Robinson defensive rebound29-28
05:20Kouat Noi makes 3-point jump shot+332-28
05:20Alex Robinson assist32-28
05:1832-28Kansas Jayhawks 30-second timeout
05:18Ahmed Hamdy substitution in32-28
05:18Vlad Brodziansky substitution out32-28
05:1832-28Lagerald Vick substitution in
05:1832-28Marcus Garrett substitution out
04:5132-28Lagerald Vick misses 3-point jump shot
04:51Kenrich Williams defensive rebound32-28
04:21Alex Robinson turnover32-28
04:0432-28Mitch Lightfoot misses 3-point jump shot
04:04Alex Robinson defensive rebound32-28
03:46Kenrich Williams misses 2-point jump shot32-28
03:4632-28Devonte' Graham defensive rebound
03:4132-28Malik Newman misses 3-point jump shot
03:41Kenrich Williams defensive rebound32-28
03:19JD Miller misses 3-point jump shot32-28
03:1932-28Kansas Jayhawks defensive rebound
03:1632-28Media timeout
03:16Vlad Brodziansky substitution in32-28
03:16Ahmed Hamdy substitution out32-28
02:4832-28Malik Newman misses layup
02:48Kouat Noi defensive rebound32-28
02:24Kenrich Williams makes 3-point jump shot+335-28
02:24Alex Robinson assist35-28
02:07JD Miller foul35-28
01:5235-30+2Lagerald Vick makes layup
01:5235-30Devonte' Graham assist
01:26Vlad Brodziansky misses 2-point jump shot35-30
01:26Kenrich Williams offensive rebound35-30
01:22Kenrich Williams misses 2-point jump shot35-30
01:2235-30Mitch Lightfoot shot block
01:2135-30Malik Newman defensive rebound
01:16Alex Robinson foul35-30
01:1635-31+1Devonte' Graham makes free throw
01:1635-32+1Devonte' Graham makes free throw
01:1635-32Marcus Garrett substitution in
01:1635-32Lagerald Vick substitution out
00:48Alex Robinson misses layup35-32
00:4835-32Kansas Jayhawks defensive rebound
00:4535-32Devonte' Graham misses 2-point jump shot
00:4535-32Devonte' Graham offensive rebound
00:4135-32Malik Newman misses 3-point jump shot
00:41Kenrich Williams defensive rebound35-32
00:3435-32Svi Mykhailiuk foul
00:34Kouat Noi misses free throw35-32
00:34TCU Horned Frogs deadball rebound35-32
00:34Kouat Noi makes free throw+136-32
00:0936-32Devonte' Graham misses layup
00:0936-32Marcus Garrett offensive rebound
00:0736-34+2Marcus Garrett makes tip-in shot
Time   Texas Christian PTS   Score   PTS Kansas
20:00Kouat Noi substitution in36-34
20:00Desmond Bane substitution out36-34
19:34Vlad Brodziansky makes layup+238-34
19:34JD Miller assist38-34
19:0938-34Udoka Azubuike turnover
18:45Vlad Brodziansky misses layup38-34
18:4538-34Mitch Lightfoot defensive rebound
18:3638-36+2Devonte' Graham makes layup
18:04Kenrich Williams turnover38-36
18:0338-36Svi Mykhailiuk steal
18:02JD Miller foul38-36
17:43JD Miller foul38-36
17:3838-38+2Udoka Azubuike makes dunk
17:3838-38Devonte' Graham assist
17:17Vlad Brodziansky misses dunk38-38
17:1738-38Mitch Lightfoot shot block
17:1638-38Svi Mykhailiuk defensive rebound
17:0338-38Udoka Azubuike turnover
17:03Desmond Bane substitution in38-38
17:03JD Miller substitution out38-38
16:43Kouat Noi makes layup+240-38
16:3240-38Devonte' Graham turnover
16:31Kouat Noi steal40-38
16:28Desmond Bane makes layup+242-38
16:28Alex Robinson assist42-38
16:09Vlad Brodziansky foul42-38
16:09Ahmed Hamdy substitution in42-38
16:09Vlad Brodziansky substitution out42-38
16:0942-38Lagerald Vick substitution in
16:0942-38Mitch Lightfoot substitution out
16:0242-40+2Udoka Azubuike makes dunk
16:0242-40Devonte' Graham assist
16:02Ahmed Hamdy foul42-40
16:0242-40Svi Mykhailiuk turnover
15:51Kouat Noi misses 3-point jump shot42-40
15:5142-40Svi Mykhailiuk defensive rebound
15:3942-42+2Udoka Azubuike makes dunk
15:20Desmond Bane misses layup42-42
15:20Ahmed Hamdy offensive rebound42-42
15:1842-42Svi Mykhailiuk foul
15:18TCU Horned Frogs full timeout42-42
15:18Ahmed Hamdy misses free throw42-42
15:18TCU Horned Frogs deadball rebound42-42
15:18Ahmed Hamdy misses free throw42-42
15:1842-42Udoka Azubuike defensive rebound
14:58Ahmed Hamdy foul42-42
14:58Vlad Brodziansky substitution in42-42
14:58Ahmed Hamdy substitution out42-42
14:5442-45+3Devonte' Graham makes 3-point jump shot
14:5442-45Svi Mykhailiuk assist
14:30Kenrich Williams misses 3-point jump shot42-45
14:3042-45Udoka Azubuike defensive rebound
14:1342-45Malik Newman misses 3-point jump shot
14:13Desmond Bane defensive rebound42-45
14:0642-45Malik Newman foul
14:06Desmond Bane makes free throw+143-45
14:06Desmond Bane makes free throw+144-45
14:0644-45Marcus Garrett substitution in
14:0644-45Malik Newman substitution out
13:4944-48+3Marcus Garrett makes 3-point jump shot
13:4944-48Lagerald Vick assist
13:24Desmond Bane makes 3-point jump shot+347-48
13:24Alex Robinson assist47-48
12:5847-48Devonte' Graham misses layup
12:5847-48Udoka Azubuike offensive rebound
12:5547-48Kansas Jayhawks turnover
12:5547-48Mitch Lightfoot substitution in
12:5547-48Udoka Azubuike substitution out
12:37Desmond Bane makes 3-point jump shot+350-48
12:37Alex Robinson assist50-48
12:1950-50+2Mitch Lightfoot makes layup
12:1950-50Marcus Garrett assist
12:06Vlad Brodziansky makes layup+252-50
12:06Kenrich Williams assist52-50
11:4652-52+2Lagerald Vick makes layup
11:29Kouat Noi misses 3-point jump shot52-52
11:29TCU Horned Frogs offensive rebound52-52
11:27TCU Horned Frogs full timeout52-52
11:27JD Miller substitution in52-52
11:27Kouat Noi substitution out52-52
11:2752-52Malik Newman substitution in
11:2752-52Svi Mykhailiuk substitution out
11:18Vlad Brodziansky misses 2-point jump shot52-52
11:1852-52Mitch Lightfoot defensive rebound
10:5052-52Malik Newman misses 2-point jump shot
10:50Desmond Bane defensive rebound52-52
10:45Alex Robinson turnover52-52
10:4552-52Udoka Azubuike substitution in
10:4552-52Mitch Lightfoot substitution out
10:32Kenrich Williams foul52-52
10:3252-53+1Udoka Azubuike makes free throw
10:3252-53Udoka Azubuike misses free throw
10:32Desmond Bane defensive rebound52-53
10:25Kenrich Williams foul52-53
10:25Kenrich Williams turnover52-53
10:0552-55+2Lagerald Vick makes layup
10:0552-55Malik Newman assist
09:57TCU Horned Frogs 30-second timeout52-55
09:57Kouat Noi substitution in52-55
09:57JD Miller substitution out52-55
09:41Vlad Brodziansky misses 2-point jump shot52-55
09:4152-55Malik Newman defensive rebound
09:2452-55Lagerald Vick misses layup
09:24Vlad Brodziansky defensive rebound52-55
09:0252-55Svi Mykhailiuk substitution in
09:0252-55Malik Newman substitution out
08:56Kouat Noi misses 3-point jump shot52-55
08:5652-55Devonte' Graham defensive rebound
08:4852-55Devonte' Graham misses layup
08:4852-55Kansas Jayhawks offensive rebound
08:44Ahmed Hamdy substitution in52-55
08:44JD Miller substitution in52-55
08:44Kouat Noi substitution out52-55
08:44Vlad Brodziansky substitution out52-55
08:4052-55Udoka Azubuike misses dunk
08:40JD Miller shot block52-55
08:38Alex Robinson defensive rebound52-55
08:2852-55Udoka Azubuike foul
08:28Ahmed Hamdy misses free throw52-55
08:28TCU Horned Frogs deadball rebound52-55
08:28Ahmed Hamdy makes free throw+153-55
08:1153-55Lagerald Vick turnover
08:10Desmond Bane steal53-55
08:02Kenrich Williams turnover53-55
07:4253-55Marcus Garrett turnover
07:42TCU Horned Frogs full timeout53-55
07:42Vlad Brodziansky substitution in53-55
07:42Ahmed Hamdy substitution out53-55
07:4253-55Malik Newman substitution in
07:4253-55Marcus Garrett substitution out
07:2453-55Svi Mykhailiuk foul
07:1353-55Lagerald Vick foul
07:13Kenrich Williams makes free throw+154-55
07:13Kenrich Williams misses free throw54-55
07:1354-55Udoka Azubuike defensive rebound
06:53Desmond Bane foul54-55
06:5354-56+1Lagerald Vick makes free throw
06:5354-57+1Lagerald Vick makes free throw
06:53Kouat Noi substitution in54-57
06:53JD Miller substitution out54-57
06:28Vlad Brodziansky turnover54-57
06:28JD Miller substitution in54-57
06:28Desmond Bane substitution out54-57
06:0654-60+3Devonte' Graham makes 3-point jump shot
05:46Kenrich Williams makes 2-point jump shot+256-60
05:2956-62+2Udoka Azubuike makes dunk
05:2956-62Devonte' Graham assist
05:29Kenrich Williams foul56-62
05:2956-62Udoka Azubuike misses free throw
05:29Kenrich Williams defensive rebound56-62
05:29Desmond Bane substitution in56-62
05:29JD Miller substitution out56-62
05:15Kouat Noi misses 3-point jump shot56-62
05:1556-62Udoka Azubuike defensive rebound
05:0156-62Devonte' Graham misses 2-point jump shot
05:01Kouat Noi defensive rebound56-62
04:49Kouat Noi makes dunk+258-62
04:49Kenrich Williams assist58-62
04:2758-62Lagerald Vick misses 3-point jump shot
04:27Alex Robinson defensive rebound58-62
04:17Alex Robinson makes layup+260-62
04:1660-62Kansas Jayhawks 30-second timeout
04:16Ahmed Hamdy substitution in60-62
04:16JD Miller substitution in60-62
04:16Vlad Brodziansky substitution out60-62
04:16Desmond Bane substitution out60-62
03:5160-62Devonte' Graham turnover
03:50Kouat Noi steal60-62
03:42Alex Robinson misses 2-point jump shot60-62
03:4260-62Udoka Azubuike shot block
03:4060-62Malik Newman defensive rebound
03:21Alex Robinson foul60-62
03:2160-63+1Lagerald Vick makes free throw
03:2160-64+1Lagerald Vick makes free throw
03:21Vlad Brodziansky substitution in60-64
03:21Desmond Bane substitution in60-64
03:21Ahmed Hamdy substitution out60-64
03:21JD Miller substitution out60-64
03:05Kouat Noi turnover60-64
03:0460-64Lagerald Vick steal
02:47Vlad Brodziansky foul60-64
02:4760-65+1Udoka Azubuike makes free throw
02:4760-66+1Udoka Azubuike makes free throw
02:36Kenrich Williams misses layup60-66
02:36Vlad Brodziansky offensive rebound60-66
02:35Vlad Brodziansky misses tip-in shot60-66
02:35Vlad Brodziansky offensive rebound60-66
02:3360-66Devonte' Graham foul
02:32Vlad Brodziansky misses 3-point jump shot60-66
02:3260-66Malik Newman defensive rebound
02:0560-66Lagerald Vick misses layup
02:05Kenrich Williams defensive rebound60-66
01:33Vlad Brodziansky makes 2-point jump shot+262-66
01:33Alex Robinson assist62-66
01:0462-66Devonte' Graham misses 3-point jump shot
01:0462-66Udoka Azubuike offensive rebound
00:48Alex Robinson foul62-66
00:4862-66Devonte' Graham misses free throw
00:4862-66Kansas Jayhawks deadball rebound
00:4862-66Devonte' Graham misses free throw
00:48Kouat Noi defensive rebound62-66
00:35Kouat Noi misses 3-point jump shot62-66
00:3562-66Devonte' Graham defensive rebound
00:29Vlad Brodziansky foul62-66
00:2962-67+1Devonte' Graham makes free throw
00:2962-67Devonte' Graham misses free throw
00:29Kouat Noi defensive rebound62-67
00:20Kenrich Williams misses 3-point jump shot62-67
00:2062-67Udoka Azubuike defensive rebound
00:15Kouat Noi foul62-67
00:1562-68+1Malik Newman makes free throw
00:1562-69+1Malik Newman makes free throw
00:10Alex Robinson makes layup+264-69
00:10TCU Horned Frogs 30-second timeout64-69
00:09Dalton Dry substitution in64-69
00:09JD Miller substitution in64-69
00:09Kenrich Williams substitution out64-69
00:09Desmond Bane substitution out64-69
00:0964-69Mitch Lightfoot substitution in
00:0964-69Udoka Azubuike substitution out
00:08Kouat Noi foul64-69
00:0864-70+1Devonte' Graham makes free throw
00:0864-71+1Devonte' Graham makes free throw
00:08Kenrich Williams substitution in64-71
00:08Desmond Bane substitution in64-71
00:08Dalton Dry substitution out64-71
00:08JD Miller substitution out64-71
00:0864-71Marcus Garrett substitution in
00:0864-71Mitch Lightfoot substitution out
00:02Alex Robinson misses layup64-71
00:01Vlad Brodziansky offensive rebound64-71

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