Maryland vs. Michigan Box Score, January 15, 2018

Big Ten Conference Scores — Jan 15, 2018

UMD 67
MICH (23)  68  
ILL 63
NEB 64  
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Line Score


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Play-By-Play Table
Time   Maryland PTS   Score   PTS Michigan
19:410-2+2Isaiah Livers makes layup
19:19Darryl Morsell misses 2-point jump shot0-2
19:190-2Isaiah Livers shot block
19:16Darryl Morsell offensive rebound0-2
19:15Darryl Morsell makes 2-point jump shot+22-2
19:002-2Zavier Simpson misses 2-point jump shot
18:57Michal Cekovsky defensive rebound2-2
18:55Kevin Huerter makes 2-point jump shot+24-2
18:55Anthony Cowan assist4-2
18:334-4+2Moritz Wagner makes dunk
18:334-4Charles Matthews assist
18:00Jared Nickens makes 2-point jump shot+26-4
17:306-4M-A Abdur-Rahkman misses 2-point jump shot
17:30Michal Cekovsky shot block6-4
17:27Jared Nickens defensive rebound6-4
17:21Michal Cekovsky misses 2-point jump shot6-4
17:186-4Isaiah Livers defensive rebound
17:116-4Moritz Wagner misses 2-point jump shot
17:11Michal Cekovsky shot block6-4
17:07Kevin Huerter defensive rebound6-4
17:04Darryl Morsell makes 2-point jump shot+28-4
17:048-4Isaiah Livers foul
17:04Darryl Morsell misses free throw8-4
17:038-4Charles Matthews defensive rebound
16:388-4M-A Abdur-Rahkman misses 2-point jump shot
16:36Michal Cekovsky defensive rebound8-4
16:17Michal Cekovsky makes dunk+210-4
15:4910-7+3Moritz Wagner makes 3-point jump shot
15:24Anthony Cowan turnover10-7
15:24Media timeout10-7
15:24Joshua Tomaic substitution in10-7
15:24Bruno Fernando substitution in10-7
15:24Jared Nickens substitution out10-7
15:24Michal Cekovsky substitution out10-7
14:5510-7Charles Matthews misses layup
14:53Darryl Morsell defensive rebound10-7
14:33Joshua Tomaic misses 3-point jump shot10-7
14:2910-7Moritz Wagner defensive rebound
14:0510-7Moritz Wagner misses 3-point jump shot
14:02Anthony Cowan defensive rebound10-7
13:51Anthony Cowan makes 2-point jump shot+212-7
13:5112-7Zavier Simpson foul
13:51Anthony Cowan makes free throw+113-7
13:5113-7Jon Teske substitution in
13:5113-7Duncan Robinson substitution in
13:5113-7Isaiah Livers substitution out
13:5113-7Moritz Wagner substitution out
13:4113-7M-A Abdur-Rahkman misses 2-point jump shot
13:38Darryl Morsell defensive rebound13-7
13:26Bruno Fernando misses 2-point jump shot13-7
13:24Darryl Morsell offensive rebound13-7
13:23Darryl Morsell makes 2-point jump shot+215-7
13:0015-7Zavier Simpson misses 2-point jump shot
12:56Darryl Morsell defensive rebound15-7
12:39Bruno Fernando turnover15-7
12:39Jared Nickens substitution in15-7
12:39Kevin Huerter substitution out15-7
12:3915-7Eli Brooks substitution in
12:3915-7Zavier Simpson substitution out
12:2515-7Eli Brooks misses 3-point jump shot
12:2315-7Jon Teske offensive rebound
12:23Bruno Fernando foul15-7
12:1715-7Charles Matthews misses 2-point jump shot
12:15Jared Nickens defensive rebound15-7
11:47Anthony Cowan makes 3-point jump shot+318-7
11:2818-9+2Jon Teske makes layup
11:2818-9Charles Matthews assist
10:59Bruno Fernando turnover18-9
10:59Media timeout18-9
10:59Michal Cekovsky substitution in18-9
10:59Kevin Huerter substitution in18-9
10:59Darryl Morsell substitution out18-9
10:59Bruno Fernando substitution out18-9
10:5918-9Jordan Poole substitution in
10:5918-9Charles Matthews substitution out
10:3518-9Jon Teske misses 2-point jump shot
10:32Joshua Tomaic defensive rebound18-9
10:27Jared Nickens misses 3-point jump shot18-9
10:2318-9Duncan Robinson defensive rebound
10:0818-12+3Duncan Robinson makes 3-point jump shot
10:0818-12M-A Abdur-Rahkman assist
09:35Anthony Cowan makes 3-point jump shot+321-12
09:16Joshua Tomaic foul21-12
09:16Darryl Morsell substitution in21-12
09:16Joshua Tomaic substitution out21-12
09:1621-12Zavier Simpson substitution in
09:1621-12Moritz Wagner substitution in
09:1621-12Eli Brooks substitution out
09:1621-12Jon Teske substitution out
08:5521-12Zavier Simpson misses 2-point jump shot
08:53Jared Nickens defensive rebound21-12
08:28Jared Nickens misses 2-point jump shot21-12
08:25Michal Cekovsky offensive rebound21-12
08:24Michal Cekovsky makes 2-point jump shot+223-12
08:00Michal Cekovsky foul23-12
08:00Media timeout23-12
08:00Bruno Fernando substitution in23-12
08:00Michal Cekovsky substitution out23-12
08:0023-12Isaiah Livers substitution in
08:0023-12Charles Matthews substitution in
08:0023-12Jordan Poole substitution out
08:0023-12Duncan Robinson substitution out
07:4323-12Zavier Simpson misses 2-point jump shot
07:37Anthony Cowan defensive rebound23-12
07:12Anthony Cowan misses 2-point jump shot23-12
07:11Maryland Terrapins offensive rebound23-12
07:09Kevin Huerter misses 3-point jump shot23-12
07:0523-12Moritz Wagner defensive rebound
06:4323-12Charles Matthews turnover
06:38Kevin Huerter misses 2-point jump shot23-12
06:3823-12Charles Matthews shot block
06:3323-12Moritz Wagner defensive rebound
06:3123-12Isaiah Livers misses 3-point jump shot
06:27Jared Nickens defensive rebound23-12
06:09Jared Nickens makes 3-point jump shot+326-12
06:09Darryl Morsell assist26-12
05:4426-14+2Charles Matthews makes layup
05:31Anthony Cowan misses 2-point jump shot26-14
05:2926-14Moritz Wagner defensive rebound
05:1026-14Zavier Simpson misses 3-point jump shot
05:07Bruno Fernando defensive rebound26-14
04:55Kevin Huerter misses 3-point jump shot26-14
04:5126-14Charles Matthews defensive rebound
04:4426-14Charles Matthews misses 2-point jump shot
04:44Kevin Huerter shot block26-14
04:4026-14Isaiah Livers offensive rebound
04:37Anthony Cowan foul26-14
04:37Michal Cekovsky substitution in26-14
04:37Alex Tostado substitution in26-14
04:37Joshua Tomaic substitution in26-14
04:37Jared Nickens substitution out26-14
04:37Bruno Fernando substitution out26-14
04:3726-14Duncan Robinson substitution in
04:3726-14Isaiah Livers substitution out
04:2726-14Duncan Robinson misses 3-point jump shot
04:25Maryland Terrapins defensive rebound26-14
04:0626-14Duncan Robinson foul
04:06Anthony Cowan makes free throw+127-14
04:06Anthony Cowan makes free throw+128-14
04:06Jared Nickens substitution in28-14
04:06Joshua Tomaic substitution out28-14
03:4728-14Duncan Robinson misses 3-point jump shot
03:44Darryl Morsell defensive rebound28-14
03:33Darryl Morsell turnover28-14
03:33Media timeout28-14
03:16Michal Cekovsky foul28-14
03:16Bruno Fernando substitution in28-14
03:16Michal Cekovsky substitution out28-14
03:0428-14Zavier Simpson misses 2-point jump shot
03:04Bruno Fernando defensive rebound28-14
03:0428-14Zavier Simpson foul
02:4728-14Jaaron Simmons substitution in
02:4728-14Zavier Simpson substitution out
02:38Anthony Cowan misses 3-point jump shot28-14
02:3528-14Duncan Robinson defensive rebound
02:12Kevin Huerter foul28-14
01:5728-16+2Moritz Wagner makes layup
01:5728-16Charles Matthews assist
01:47Maryland Terrapins full timeout28-16
01:28Anthony Cowan makes layup+230-16
01:1130-16Charles Matthews misses 3-point jump shot
01:08Bruno Fernando defensive rebound30-16
00:57Anthony Cowan turnover30-16
00:4530-18+2M-A Abdur-Rahkman makes 2-point jump shot
00:25Darryl Morsell misses 2-point jump shot30-18
00:2330-18Charles Matthews defensive rebound
00:0430-20+2Jaaron Simmons makes 2-point jump shot
Time   Maryland PTS   Score   PTS Michigan
19:44Anthony Cowan foul30-20
19:4430-20M-A Abdur-Rahkman misses 3-point jump shot
19:44Maryland Terrapins defensive rebound30-20
19:26Jared Nickens turnover30-20
19:12Darryl Morsell foul30-20
19:0030-22+2Charles Matthews makes 2-point jump shot
18:32Kevin Huerter misses 3-point jump shot30-22
18:3030-22Zavier Simpson defensive rebound
18:2430-22Isaiah Livers misses 3-point jump shot
18:20Kevin Huerter defensive rebound30-22
18:18Jared Nickens misses 3-point jump shot30-22
18:1430-22Charles Matthews defensive rebound
18:0730-24+2Isaiah Livers makes 2-point jump shot
18:0730-24Charles Matthews assist
17:55Kevin Huerter foul30-24
17:55Kevin Huerter turnover30-24
17:4030-24M-A Abdur-Rahkman misses 2-point jump shot
17:3930-24Isaiah Livers offensive rebound
17:2930-27+3Moritz Wagner makes 3-point jump shot
17:2930-27Zavier Simpson assist
17:1230-27Moritz Wagner foul
17:10Anthony Cowan misses 2-point jump shot30-27
17:1030-27Moritz Wagner shot block
17:0530-27Charles Matthews defensive rebound
17:0430-27Charles Matthews turnover
17:01Kevin Huerter turnover30-27
17:0130-27Charles Matthews steal
16:5830-29+2Zavier Simpson makes 2-point jump shot
16:58Jared Nickens foul30-29
16:5830-30+1Zavier Simpson makes free throw
16:58Joshua Tomaic substitution in30-30
16:58Bruno Fernando substitution in30-30
16:58Jared Nickens substitution out30-30
16:58Michal Cekovsky substitution out30-30
16:38Anthony Cowan makes layup+232-30
16:2232-30Charles Matthews misses 2-point jump shot
16:19Bruno Fernando defensive rebound32-30
16:07Anthony Cowan misses 2-point jump shot32-30
16:0732-30Charles Matthews shot block
16:0232-30Moritz Wagner defensive rebound
15:5832-30M-A Abdur-Rahkman turnover
15:58Bruno Fernando steal32-30
15:55Darryl Morsell makes 2-point jump shot+234-30
15:55Anthony Cowan assist34-30
15:3934-30Zavier Simpson misses 2-point jump shot
15:37Joshua Tomaic defensive rebound34-30
15:23Bruno Fernando makes 2-point jump shot+236-30
15:0436-30Isaiah Livers turnover
15:04Bruno Fernando steal36-30
15:02Media timeout36-30
15:0236-30Moritz Wagner foul
15:02Bruno Fernando makes free throw+137-30
15:02Bruno Fernando misses free throw37-30
15:0237-30Jordan Poole substitution in
15:0237-30M-A Abdur-Rahkman substitution out
15:0037-30Moritz Wagner defensive rebound
14:4637-33+3Jordan Poole makes 3-point jump shot
14:4637-33Charles Matthews assist
14:26Bruno Fernando makes dunk+239-33
14:26Joshua Tomaic assist39-33
14:0539-36+3Moritz Wagner makes 3-point jump shot
14:0539-36Zavier Simpson assist
13:45Kevin Huerter makes 2-point jump shot+241-36
13:2441-39+3Isaiah Livers makes 3-point jump shot
13:2441-39Charles Matthews assist
13:07Anthony Cowan turnover41-39
13:0741-39Zavier Simpson steal
13:0241-42+3Jordan Poole makes 3-point jump shot
13:0241-42Zavier Simpson assist
12:50Kevin Huerter misses 3-point jump shot41-42
12:5041-42Jordan Poole shot block
12:4541-42Moritz Wagner defensive rebound
12:4041-45+3Jordan Poole makes 3-point jump shot
12:4041-45Isaiah Livers assist
12:0941-45Isaiah Livers foul
12:09Jared Nickens substitution in41-45
12:09Michal Cekovsky substitution in41-45
12:09Kevin Huerter substitution out41-45
12:09Bruno Fernando substitution out41-45
12:0941-45Duncan Robinson substitution in
12:0941-45Isaiah Livers substitution out
12:00Anthony Cowan makes 3-point jump shot+344-45
11:48Michal Cekovsky foul44-45
11:48Media timeout44-45
11:48Bruno Fernando substitution in44-45
11:48Michal Cekovsky substitution out44-45
11:44Darryl Morsell foul44-45
11:4444-45Michigan Wolverines deadball rebound
11:4444-45Charles Matthews misses free throw
11:4444-46+1Charles Matthews makes free throw
11:18Anthony Cowan misses 3-point jump shot44-46
11:1544-46Moritz Wagner defensive rebound
10:5744-46Charles Matthews misses 2-point jump shot
10:55Bruno Fernando defensive rebound44-46
10:40Joshua Tomaic makes 3-point jump shot+347-46
10:40Anthony Cowan assist47-46
10:1747-49+3Moritz Wagner makes 3-point jump shot
10:1747-49Zavier Simpson assist
09:54Darryl Morsell misses 2-point jump shot47-49
09:5147-49Moritz Wagner defensive rebound
09:4247-52+3Duncan Robinson makes 3-point jump shot
09:4247-52Zavier Simpson assist
09:30Maryland Terrapins full timeout47-52
09:30Michal Cekovsky substitution in47-52
09:30Kevin Huerter substitution in47-52
09:30Bruno Fernando substitution out47-52
09:30Joshua Tomaic substitution out47-52
09:3047-52Jaaron Simmons substitution in
09:3047-52Zavier Simpson substitution out
09:22Jared Nickens misses 3-point jump shot47-52
09:20Maryland Terrapins deadball rebound47-52
09:2047-52Moritz Wagner foul
09:2047-52Jon Teske substitution in
09:2047-52Moritz Wagner substitution out
09:1847-52Jordan Poole foul
09:1747-52Jordan Poole foul
09:1147-52Jaaron Simmons foul
09:11Darryl Morsell makes free throw+148-52
09:11Darryl Morsell makes free throw+149-52
08:5649-52Jordan Poole turnover
08:47Darryl Morsell misses 2-point jump shot49-52
08:4549-52Jon Teske defensive rebound
08:3749-54+2Jordan Poole makes 2-point jump shot
08:23Anthony Cowan turnover49-54
08:23Reese Mona substitution in49-54
08:23Jared Nickens substitution out49-54
08:2349-54Zavier Simpson substitution in
08:2349-54Jaaron Simmons substitution out
08:1249-56+2Jon Teske makes layup
08:1249-56Jordan Poole assist
08:12Reese Mona foul49-56
08:1249-57+1Jon Teske makes free throw
08:12Jared Nickens substitution in49-57
08:12Reese Mona substitution out49-57
08:1249-57M-A Abdur-Rahkman substitution in
08:1249-57Charles Matthews substitution out
07:59Darryl Morsell misses 2-point jump shot49-57
07:5949-57Jon Teske shot block
07:59Maryland Terrapins offensive rebound49-57
07:59Media timeout49-57
07:54Kevin Huerter misses 3-point jump shot49-57
07:5149-57Jon Teske defensive rebound
07:4249-57Jordan Poole misses 3-point jump shot
07:40Anthony Cowan defensive rebound49-57
07:34Anthony Cowan turnover49-57
07:1649-57Zavier Simpson misses 3-point jump shot
07:13Maryland Terrapins defensive rebound49-57
06:5649-57Moritz Wagner substitution in
06:5649-57Jon Teske substitution out
06:5449-57Zavier Simpson foul
06:54Kevin Huerter misses free throw49-57
06:5449-57Michigan Wolverines defensive rebound
06:5449-57Charles Matthews substitution in
06:5449-57Jordan Poole substitution out
06:3149-57Duncan Robinson turnover
06:31Kevin Huerter steal49-57
06:26Kevin Huerter misses 2-point jump shot49-57
06:2349-57Charles Matthews defensive rebound
06:0249-57Zavier Simpson misses 2-point jump shot
06:02Anthony Cowan shot block49-57
05:5649-57Zavier Simpson offensive rebound
05:5449-57Duncan Robinson misses 2-point jump shot
05:5149-57Charles Matthews offensive rebound
05:5049-59+2Charles Matthews makes 2-point jump shot
05:4849-59Zavier Simpson foul
05:48Anthony Cowan misses free throw49-59
05:48Reese Mona substitution in49-59
05:48Jared Nickens substitution out49-59
05:4849-59Jaaron Simmons substitution in
05:4849-59Zavier Simpson substitution out
05:4549-59Charles Matthews defensive rebound
05:2149-59Jaaron Simmons misses 3-point jump shot
05:17Kevin Huerter defensive rebound49-59
05:0449-59Jaaron Simmons foul
05:04Maryland Terrapins deadball rebound49-59
05:04Anthony Cowan misses free throw49-59
05:04Anthony Cowan makes free throw+150-59
05:0450-59Jordan Poole substitution in
05:0450-59Jaaron Simmons substitution out
04:49Kevin Huerter foul50-59
04:4950-59Michigan Wolverines deadball rebound
04:4950-59Moritz Wagner misses free throw
04:4950-59Moritz Wagner misses free throw
04:49Jared Nickens substitution in50-59
04:49Reese Mona substitution out50-59
04:48Kevin Huerter defensive rebound50-59
04:22Jared Nickens makes 2-point jump shot+252-59
04:0552-59Moritz Wagner misses 3-point jump shot
04:02Anthony Cowan defensive rebound52-59
03:49Anthony Cowan makes 2-point jump shot+254-59
03:3854-59Michigan Wolverines full timeout
03:3854-59Zavier Simpson substitution in
03:3854-59Jordan Poole substitution out
03:1854-59M-A Abdur-Rahkman misses 2-point jump shot
03:16Kevin Huerter defensive rebound54-59
03:08Anthony Cowan turnover54-59
02:4854-59Charles Matthews misses 3-point jump shot
02:4854-59Moritz Wagner offensive rebound
02:48Kevin Huerter foul54-59
02:4854-60+1Moritz Wagner makes free throw
02:4854-61+1Moritz Wagner makes free throw
02:4854-61Isaiah Livers substitution in
02:4854-61Duncan Robinson substitution out
02:24Jared Nickens misses 3-point jump shot54-61
02:2154-61Moritz Wagner defensive rebound
01:5954-61Zavier Simpson misses 3-point jump shot
01:56Maryland Terrapins deadball rebound54-61
01:56Joshua Tomaic substitution in54-61
01:56Jared Nickens substitution out54-61
01:49Kevin Huerter makes 3-point jump shot+357-61
01:49Darryl Morsell assist57-61
01:49Maryland Terrapins full timeout57-61
01:3457-61M-A Abdur-Rahkman misses 2-point jump shot
01:32Anthony Cowan defensive rebound57-61
01:26Anthony Cowan misses 2-point jump shot57-61
01:26Maryland Terrapins deadball rebound57-61
01:2657-61M-A Abdur-Rahkman foul
01:26Kevin Huerter makes free throw+158-61
01:26Kevin Huerter makes free throw+159-61
01:0359-64+3M-A Abdur-Rahkman makes 3-point jump shot
00:50Michal Cekovsky makes dunk+261-64
00:50Anthony Cowan assist61-64
00:2561-66+2Zavier Simpson makes layup
00:20Anthony Cowan makes 3-point jump shot+364-66
00:1964-66Michigan Wolverines full timeout
00:19Anthony Cowan foul64-66
00:1964-66Michigan Wolverines deadball rebound
00:1964-66Zavier Simpson misses free throw
00:1964-66Zavier Simpson misses free throw
00:16Kevin Huerter defensive rebound64-66
00:03Kevin Huerter makes 3-point jump shot+367-66
00:03Michal Cekovsky assist67-66
00:03Jared Nickens substitution in67-66
00:03Bruno Fernando substitution in67-66
00:03Joshua Tomaic substitution out67-66
00:03Michal Cekovsky substitution out67-66
00:0367-66Jordan Poole substitution in
00:0367-66Zavier Simpson substitution out
00:01Bruno Fernando foul67-66
00:0167-67+1M-A Abdur-Rahkman makes free throw
00:0167-68+1M-A Abdur-Rahkman makes free throw
00:01Michal Cekovsky substitution in67-68
00:01Jared Nickens substitution out67-68
00:0167-68Jon Teske substitution in

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