Purdue vs. Minnesota Box Score, January 13, 2018

Big Ten Conference Scores — Jan 13, 2018

MSU (4)  72  
PUR (5)  81
MINN 47  
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Line Score


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Play-By-Play Table
Time   Purdue PTS   Score   PTS Minnesota
20:000-0Dupree Mcbrayer substitution in
20:000-0Nate Mason substitution in
20:000-0Jordan Murphy substitution in
20:000-0Bakary Konate substitution in
20:000-0Michael Hurt substitution in
20:00Carsen Edwards substitution in0-0
20:00P.j. Thompson substitution in0-0
20:00Vincent Edwards substitution in0-0
20:00Dakota Mathias substitution in0-0
20:00Isaac Haas substitution in0-0
19:42Isaac Haas makes layup+22-0
19:42P.j. Thompson assist2-0
19:222-2+2Jordan Murphy makes 2-point jump shot
19:222-2Michael Hurt assist
19:00Vincent Edwards misses 3-point jump shot2-2
18:562-2Bakary Konate defensive rebound
18:462-2Jordan Murphy foul
18:462-2Jordan Murphy turnover
18:462-2Jordan Murphy substitution out
18:462-2Davonte Fitzgerald substitution in
18:27P.j. Thompson misses 3-point jump shot2-2
18:242-2Dupree Mcbrayer defensive rebound
18:102-2Davonte Fitzgerald misses 3-point jump shot
18:072-2Dupree Mcbrayer offensive rebound
18:062-2Dupree Mcbrayer misses 2-point jump shot
18:042-2Bakary Konate offensive rebound
18:042-2Bakary Konate misses layup
18:04Isaac Haas shot block2-2
18:00Vincent Edwards defensive rebound2-2
17:58Carsen Edwards misses 3-point jump shot2-2
17:552-2Dupree Mcbrayer defensive rebound
17:422-2Dupree Mcbrayer misses 2-point jump shot
17:38Isaac Haas defensive rebound2-2
17:22Vincent Edwards makes layup+24-2
16:574-2Davonte Fitzgerald misses 2-point jump shot
16:55Carsen Edwards defensive rebound4-2
16:49Carsen Edwards misses 2-point jump shot4-2
16:474-2Davonte Fitzgerald defensive rebound
16:404-2Davonte Fitzgerald misses 3-point jump shot
16:38Dakota Mathias defensive rebound4-2
16:29P.j. Thompson misses 3-point jump shot4-2
16:274-2Minnesota Golden Gophers foul
16:274-2Minnesota Golden Gophers turnover
16:27Vincent Edwards makes free throw+15-2
16:27Vincent Edwards makes free throw+16-2
16:276-2Dupree Mcbrayer substitution out
16:276-2Jordan Murphy substitution in
16:276-2Gaston Diedhiou substitution in
16:266-2Davonte Fitzgerald defensive rebound
16:106-4+2Jordan Murphy makes 2-point jump shot
16:106-4Dupree Mcbrayer assist
15:47Dakota Mathias misses 2-point jump shot6-4
15:446-4Nate Mason defensive rebound
15:366-4Media timeout
15:36Carsen Edwards substitution out6-4
15:36Vincent Edwards substitution out6-4
15:36Vincent Edwards substitution in6-4
15:36Ryan Cline substitution in6-4
15:36Isaac Haas substitution out6-4
15:36Matt Haarms substitution in6-4
15:366-4Davonte Fitzgerald substitution out
15:366-4Isaiah Washington substitution in
15:366-4Bakary Konate substitution out
15:36Vincent Edwards foul6-4
15:366-5+1Jordan Murphy makes free throw
15:366-6+1Jordan Murphy makes free throw
15:24Vincent Edwards makes 3-point jump shot+39-6
15:24Dakota Mathias assist9-6
15:039-6Jordan Murphy misses 3-point jump shot
15:00Ryan Cline defensive rebound9-6
14:32Ryan Cline misses 3-point jump shot9-6
14:299-6Nate Mason defensive rebound
14:169-8+2Gaston Diedhiou makes 2-point jump shot
14:169-8Michael Hurt assist
13:57Vincent Edwards misses 3-point jump shot9-8
13:549-8Michael Hurt defensive rebound
13:499-8Isaiah Washington misses 2-point jump shot
13:49Dakota Mathias shot block9-8
13:46Dakota Mathias defensive rebound9-8
13:38Vincent Edwards turnover9-8
13:389-8Isaiah Washington steal
13:37P.j. Thompson foul9-8
13:37Carsen Edwards substitution in9-8
13:37P.j. Thompson substitution out9-8
13:37Nojel Eastern substitution in9-8
13:37Dakota Mathias substitution out9-8
13:37Matt Haarms substitution out9-8
13:37Isaac Haas substitution in9-8
13:379-8Nate Mason substitution out
13:379-8Dupree Mcbrayer substitution in
13:379-8Bakary Konate substitution in
13:379-8Bakary Konate substitution out
13:379-8Bakary Konate substitution in
13:379-8Gaston Diedhiou substitution out
13:239-8Isaiah Washington misses 3-point jump shot
13:20Nojel Eastern defensive rebound9-8
13:04Ryan Cline misses 2-point jump shot9-8
13:03Vincent Edwards offensive rebound9-8
13:039-8Nate Mason substitution in
13:039-8Davonte Fitzgerald substitution in
13:039-8Jordan Murphy substitution out
13:039-8Michael Hurt substitution out
12:58Isaac Haas foul9-8
12:58Isaac Haas turnover9-8
12:359-11+3Dupree Mcbrayer makes 3-point jump shot
12:359-11Bakary Konate assist
12:15Isaac Haas makes 2-point jump shot+211-11
12:15Carsen Edwards assist11-11
12:0011-11Nate Mason misses 3-point jump shot
11:57Nojel Eastern defensive rebound11-11
11:48Vincent Edwards makes 3-point jump shot+314-11
11:48Nojel Eastern assist14-11
11:1814-11Isaiah Washington misses 2-point jump shot
11:15Nojel Eastern defensive rebound14-11
11:09Carsen Edwards misses 2-point jump shot14-11
11:0814-11Bakary Konate defensive rebound
11:0814-11Media timeout
11:08Ryan Cline substitution out14-11
11:08Dakota Mathias substitution in14-11
11:0814-11Jordan Murphy substitution in
11:0814-11Davonte Fitzgerald substitution out
10:4514-11Jordan Murphy misses 2-point jump shot
10:42Isaac Haas defensive rebound14-11
10:23Vincent Edwards makes layup+216-11
10:23Isaac Haas assist16-11
10:0016-11Nate Mason misses 3-point jump shot
09:59Purdue Boilermakers defensive rebound16-11
09:5916-11Jamir Harris substitution in
09:5916-11Isaiah Washington substitution out
09:4416-11Gaston Diedhiou substitution in
09:4416-11Bakary Konate substitution out
09:4416-11Bakary Konate foul
09:44Isaac Haas makes free throw+117-11
09:44Isaac Haas makes free throw+118-11
09:44Matt Haarms substitution in18-11
09:44Isaac Haas substitution out18-11
09:1918-11Gaston Diedhiou misses 2-point jump shot
09:16Nojel Eastern defensive rebound18-11
09:06Dakota Mathias misses 3-point jump shot18-11
09:03Vincent Edwards offensive rebound18-11
08:54Carsen Edwards makes 3-point jump shot+321-11
08:5421-11Minnesota Golden Gophers full timeout
08:2821-11Gaston Diedhiou misses 2-point jump shot
08:28Purdue Boilermakers defensive rebound21-11
08:2821-11Jordan Murphy foul
08:2821-11Davonte Fitzgerald substitution in
08:2821-11Jordan Murphy substitution out
08:2821-11Davonte Fitzgerald substitution out
08:2821-11Jordan Murphy substitution in
08:15Dakota Mathias makes 3-point jump shot+324-11
08:15Carsen Edwards assist24-11
07:5724-11Media timeout
07:57P.j. Thompson substitution in24-11
07:57Vincent Edwards substitution out24-11
07:57Nojel Eastern substitution out24-11
07:57Grady Eifert substitution in24-11
07:57Matt Haarms substitution out24-11
07:57Isaac Haas substitution in24-11
07:5724-11Jordan Murphy substitution out
07:5724-11Jordan Murphy substitution in
07:5724-11Jamir Harris substitution out
07:5724-11Michael Hurt substitution in
07:57Matt Haarms foul24-11
07:5724-12+1Nate Mason makes free throw
07:5724-13+1Nate Mason makes free throw
07:34Carsen Edwards misses 3-point jump shot24-13
07:3124-13Jordan Murphy defensive rebound
07:1624-13Nate Mason misses 2-point jump shot
07:14Isaac Haas defensive rebound24-13
07:07Isaac Haas makes layup+226-13
07:07Carsen Edwards assist26-13
06:5126-13Dupree Mcbrayer misses 2-point jump shot
06:48P.j. Thompson defensive rebound26-13
06:3426-13Gaston Diedhiou substitution out
06:3426-13Bakary Konate substitution in
06:34Vincent Edwards substitution in26-13
06:34Vincent Edwards substitution out26-13
06:34Vincent Edwards substitution in26-13
06:34Grady Eifert substitution out26-13
06:32Vincent Edwards makes 3-point jump shot+329-13
06:32Dakota Mathias assist29-13
06:1129-15+2Nate Mason makes 2-point jump shot
05:50Carsen Edwards misses 2-point jump shot29-15
05:5029-15Bakary Konate shot block
05:47Vincent Edwards offensive rebound29-15
05:47Carsen Edwards substitution out29-15
05:47Ryan Cline substitution in29-15
05:4729-15Davonte Fitzgerald substitution in
05:4729-15Jordan Murphy substitution out
05:45Vincent Edwards misses 2-point jump shot29-15
05:43Purdue Boilermakers offensive rebound29-15
05:37P.j. Thompson misses 3-point jump shot29-15
05:3529-15Bakary Konate defensive rebound
05:2429-15Davonte Fitzgerald misses 3-point jump shot
05:21Isaac Haas defensive rebound29-15
05:06Vincent Edwards makes 3-point jump shot+332-15
05:06P.j. Thompson assist32-15
04:4332-15Nate Mason turnover
04:43P.j. Thompson steal32-15
04:41Vincent Edwards makes dunk+234-15
04:41P.j. Thompson assist34-15
04:4134-15Minnesota Golden Gophers full timeout
04:41Matt Haarms substitution in34-15
04:41Isaac Haas substitution out34-15
04:4134-15Jordan Murphy substitution in
04:4134-15Davonte Fitzgerald substitution out
04:27P.j. Thompson foul34-15
04:27Nojel Eastern substitution in34-15
04:27P.j. Thompson substitution out34-15
04:2134-15Dupree Mcbrayer misses 3-point jump shot
04:17Dakota Mathias defensive rebound34-15
04:10Vincent Edwards turnover34-15
04:1034-15Jordan Murphy steal
04:1034-15Isaiah Washington substitution in
04:1034-15Michael Hurt substitution out
03:5534-17+2Bakary Konate makes dunk
03:5534-17Isaiah Washington assist
03:35Dakota Mathias misses 3-point jump shot34-17
03:3134-17Isaiah Washington defensive rebound
03:2334-17Nate Mason misses 3-point jump shot
03:20Vincent Edwards defensive rebound34-17
03:04Vincent Edwards misses 2-point jump shot34-17
03:0034-17Jordan Murphy defensive rebound
02:5634-17Nate Mason misses 3-point jump shot
02:52Ryan Cline defensive rebound34-17
02:36Ryan Cline makes 3-point jump shot+337-17
02:36Dakota Mathias assist37-17
02:1137-20+3Isaiah Washington makes 3-point jump shot
02:1137-20Bakary Konate assist
01:58Dakota Mathias makes layup+239-20
01:58Nojel Eastern assist39-20
01:5839-20Media timeout
01:58Vincent Edwards substitution out39-20
01:58Grady Eifert substitution in39-20
01:5839-20Bakary Konate substitution out
01:5839-20Gaston Diedhiou substitution in
01:5839-20Bakary Konate foul
01:58Dakota Mathias makes free throw+140-20
01:4340-23+3Isaiah Washington makes 3-point jump shot
01:4340-23Nate Mason assist
01:13Nojel Eastern turnover40-23
01:1340-23Nate Mason steal
01:0940-23Davonte Fitzgerald substitution in
01:0940-23Davonte Fitzgerald substitution out
01:0940-23Davonte Fitzgerald substitution in
01:0940-23Davonte Fitzgerald substitution out
01:0940-23Davonte Fitzgerald substitution in
01:0940-23Jordan Murphy substitution out
01:09Vincent Edwards substitution in40-23
01:09Isaac Haas substitution in40-23
01:09Matt Haarms substitution out40-23
01:09Grady Eifert substitution out40-23
01:09Ryan Cline foul40-23
01:0940-24+1Nate Mason makes free throw
01:0940-25+1Nate Mason makes free throw
00:51Dakota Mathias misses 3-point jump shot40-25
00:4840-25Nate Mason defensive rebound
00:3940-25Isaiah Washington misses 2-point jump shot
00:3740-25Davonte Fitzgerald offensive rebound
00:3640-27+2Davonte Fitzgerald makes 2-point jump shot
00:02Isaac Haas misses 2-point jump shot40-27
00:0140-27Isaiah Washington defensive rebound
00:0040-27Dupree Mcbrayer substitution out
00:0040-27Nate Mason substitution out
00:0040-27Isaiah Washington substitution out
00:0040-27Davonte Fitzgerald substitution out
00:0040-27Gaston Diedhiou substitution out
00:00Vincent Edwards substitution out40-27
00:00Ryan Cline substitution out40-27
00:00Nojel Eastern substitution out40-27
00:00Dakota Mathias substitution out40-27
00:00Isaac Haas substitution out40-27
Time   Purdue PTS   Score   PTS Minnesota
20:00Carsen Edwards substitution in40-27
20:00P.j. Thompson substitution in40-27
20:00Vincent Edwards substitution in40-27
20:00Dakota Mathias substitution in40-27
20:00Isaac Haas substitution in40-27
20:0040-27Dupree Mcbrayer substitution in
20:0040-27Nate Mason substitution in
20:0040-27Jordan Murphy substitution in
20:0040-27Bakary Konate substitution in
20:0040-27Michael Hurt substitution in
20:00P.j. Thompson substitution out40-27
20:00Nojel Eastern substitution in40-27
20:0040-27Isaiah Washington substitution in
20:0040-27Isaiah Washington substitution out
20:0040-27Isaiah Washington substitution in
20:0040-27Michael Hurt substitution out
19:3940-27Jordan Murphy misses layup
19:39Isaac Haas shot block40-27
19:37Isaac Haas defensive rebound40-27
19:23Nojel Eastern turnover40-27
19:03Nojel Eastern foul40-27
19:0340-28+1Isaiah Washington makes free throw
19:0340-29+1Isaiah Washington makes free throw
19:0340-30+1Isaiah Washington makes free throw
18:52Dakota Mathias misses 3-point jump shot40-30
18:4940-30Minnesota Golden Gophers defensive rebound
18:2840-30Dupree Mcbrayer misses 2-point jump shot
18:2740-30Jordan Murphy offensive rebound
18:2640-30Jordan Murphy turnover
18:26Carsen Edwards steal40-30
18:26P.j. Thompson substitution in40-30
18:26Nojel Eastern substitution out40-30
18:03P.j. Thompson misses 3-point jump shot40-30
18:0140-30Minnesota Golden Gophers defensive rebound
17:3140-30Jordan Murphy misses 2-point jump shot
17:29Dakota Mathias defensive rebound40-30
17:21Dakota Mathias makes 3-point jump shot+343-30
17:21Carsen Edwards assist43-30
17:0143-30Nate Mason misses 2-point jump shot
16:58Carsen Edwards defensive rebound43-30
16:50Vincent Edwards makes layup+245-30
16:50Carsen Edwards assist45-30
16:4345-32+2Nate Mason makes 2-point jump shot
16:4345-32Isaiah Washington assist
16:24Isaac Haas makes 2-point jump shot+247-32
16:24Dakota Mathias assist47-32
16:0447-32Isaiah Washington misses 3-point jump shot
16:01Dakota Mathias defensive rebound47-32
15:5247-32Media timeout
15:5247-32Bakary Konate substitution out
15:5247-32Gaston Diedhiou substitution in
15:5247-32Isaiah Washington foul
15:52Isaac Haas makes free throw+148-32
15:52Isaac Haas makes free throw+149-32
15:3249-32Isaiah Washington misses 3-point jump shot
15:29P.j. Thompson defensive rebound49-32
15:20Carsen Edwards makes 3-point jump shot+352-32
14:5152-32Nate Mason misses 2-point jump shot
14:48Dakota Mathias defensive rebound52-32
14:34Isaac Haas makes layup+254-32
14:34Carsen Edwards assist54-32
14:3454-32Minnesota Golden Gophers full timeout
14:3454-32Media timeout
14:3454-32Jordan Murphy substitution out
14:3454-32Jordan Murphy substitution in
14:3454-32Jamir Harris substitution in
14:3454-32Isaiah Washington substitution out
14:1554-32Gaston Diedhiou misses 2-point jump shot
14:1354-32Jordan Murphy offensive rebound
14:0454-32Jamir Harris misses 3-point jump shot
14:00Carsen Edwards defensive rebound54-32
13:57Carsen Edwards makes layup+256-32
13:57P.j. Thompson assist56-32
13:46Carsen Edwards foul56-32
13:46Isaac Haas substitution out56-32
13:46Matt Haarms substitution in56-32
13:3856-35+3Jamir Harris makes 3-point jump shot
13:3856-35Jordan Murphy assist
13:26Carsen Edwards makes 3-point jump shot+359-35
13:26Vincent Edwards assist59-35
13:0859-37+2Jordan Murphy makes layup
12:46Vincent Edwards makes 3-point jump shot+362-37
12:46Carsen Edwards assist62-37
12:2362-39+2Jordan Murphy makes layup
12:01Carsen Edwards misses 3-point jump shot62-39
11:59Matt Haarms offensive rebound62-39
11:59Matt Haarms makes layup+264-39
11:4164-39Jamir Harris turnover
11:4164-39Media timeout
11:41P.j. Thompson substitution out64-39
11:41Nojel Eastern substitution in64-39
11:4164-39Jordan Murphy substitution out
11:4164-39Davonte Fitzgerald substitution in
11:4164-39Dupree Mcbrayer substitution out
11:4164-39Nate Mason substitution out
11:4164-39Isaiah Washington substitution in
11:4164-39Bakary Konate substitution in
11:4164-39Gaston Diedhiou substitution out
11:4164-39Michael Hurt substitution in
11:26Matt Haarms turnover64-39
11:2664-39Jamir Harris steal
11:2264-41+2Davonte Fitzgerald makes dunk
11:2264-41Isaiah Washington assist
11:06Dakota Mathias makes 3-point jump shot+367-41
11:06Vincent Edwards assist67-41
10:4767-41Jamir Harris misses 3-point jump shot
10:4667-41Bakary Konate offensive rebound
10:3367-41Isaiah Washington misses 2-point jump shot
10:33Nojel Eastern shot block67-41
10:30Nojel Eastern defensive rebound67-41
10:24Nojel Eastern misses 2-point jump shot67-41
10:2267-41Davonte Fitzgerald defensive rebound
10:1667-41Isaiah Washington turnover
10:16Dakota Mathias steal67-41
10:12Dakota Mathias misses 3-point jump shot67-41
10:1067-41Bakary Konate defensive rebound
09:4867-41Davonte Fitzgerald misses 3-point jump shot
09:46Nojel Eastern defensive rebound67-41
09:30Vincent Edwards misses 2-point jump shot67-41
09:2767-41Isaiah Washington defensive rebound
09:2267-41Isaiah Washington misses 2-point jump shot
09:20Nojel Eastern defensive rebound67-41
09:16Nojel Eastern turnover67-41
09:1667-41Davonte Fitzgerald steal
09:1667-41Nate Mason substitution in
09:1667-41Jordan Murphy substitution in
09:1667-41Isaiah Washington substitution out
09:16Vincent Edwards substitution out67-41
09:16Ryan Cline substitution in67-41
09:16Dakota Mathias substitution out67-41
09:16Grady Eifert substitution in67-41
09:1667-41Davonte Fitzgerald substitution out
08:5967-41Nate Mason misses 2-point jump shot
08:57Grady Eifert defensive rebound67-41
08:36Carsen Edwards makes 3-point jump shot+370-41
08:36Nojel Eastern assist70-41
08:1270-41Jamir Harris misses layup
08:1170-41Bakary Konate offensive rebound
08:1170-43+2Bakary Konate makes dunk
07:49Carsen Edwards misses 3-point jump shot70-43
07:47Matt Haarms offensive rebound70-43
07:30Matt Haarms foul70-43
07:30Matt Haarms turnover70-43
07:3070-43Media timeout
07:30Carsen Edwards substitution out70-43
07:30Dakota Mathias substitution in70-43
07:15Nojel Eastern foul70-43
07:1570-43Minnesota Golden Gophers deadball rebound
07:1570-43Jordan Murphy misses free throw
07:1570-43Jordan Murphy misses free throw
07:15Grady Eifert defensive rebound70-43
07:0470-43Jamir Harris foul
07:0470-43Nate Mason substitution out
07:0470-43Isaiah Washington substitution in
06:48Ryan Cline turnover70-43
06:4870-43Bakary Konate steal
06:4470-45+2Isaiah Washington makes layup
06:4470-45Bakary Konate assist
06:26Ryan Cline misses 3-point jump shot70-45
06:24Purdue Boilermakers offensive rebound70-45
06:2470-45Jordan Murphy substitution out
06:2470-45Davonte Fitzgerald substitution in
06:21Dakota Mathias misses 2-point jump shot70-45
06:2170-45Minnesota Golden Gophers defensive rebound
06:21Nojel Eastern foul70-45
06:0270-45Isaiah Washington turnover
06:02Grady Eifert steal70-45
05:45Ryan Cline misses 3-point jump shot70-45
05:41Purdue Boilermakers offensive rebound70-45
05:41Carsen Edwards substitution in70-45
05:41Carsen Edwards substitution out70-45
05:41Carsen Edwards substitution in70-45
05:41Dakota Mathias substitution out70-45
05:4170-45Gaston Diedhiou substitution in
05:4170-45Gaston Diedhiou substitution out
05:4170-45Bakary Konate substitution out
05:4170-45Gaston Diedhiou substitution in
05:39Matt Haarms makes 2-point jump shot+272-45
05:39Ryan Cline assist72-45
05:1672-45Jamir Harris turnover
05:16Matt Haarms steal72-45
04:52Carsen Edwards misses 3-point jump shot72-45
04:49Nojel Eastern offensive rebound72-45
04:4972-45Davonte Fitzgerald foul
04:49Purdue Boilermakers deadball rebound72-45
04:49Nojel Eastern misses free throw72-45
04:49Nojel Eastern makes free throw+173-45
04:49Jacquil Taylor substitution in73-45
04:49Matt Haarms substitution out73-45
04:2773-47+2Michael Hurt makes layup
04:2773-47Gaston Diedhiou assist
04:02Jacquil Taylor turnover73-47
03:4473-47Isaiah Washington misses 3-point jump shot
03:44Purdue Boilermakers defensive rebound73-47
03:4473-47Media timeout
03:44Carsen Edwards substitution out73-47
03:44Matt Haarms substitution in73-47
03:26Nojel Eastern makes layup+275-47
03:2675-47Davonte Fitzgerald foul
03:26Nojel Eastern makes free throw+176-47
02:5576-47Isaiah Washington turnover
02:55Matt Haarms steal76-47
02:48Nojel Eastern turnover76-47
02:4876-47Jamir Harris steal
02:4076-47Michael Hurt misses 2-point jump shot
02:37Nojel Eastern defensive rebound76-47
02:21Ryan Cline misses 3-point jump shot76-47
02:18Jacquil Taylor offensive rebound76-47
02:05Ryan Cline makes layup+278-47
02:05Matt Haarms assist78-47
01:4778-47Jamir Harris misses 2-point jump shot
01:45Grady Eifert defensive rebound78-47
01:26Ryan Cline makes 3-point jump shot+381-47
01:26Grady Eifert assist81-47
01:0581-47Jamir Harris misses 3-point jump shot
01:03Matt Haarms defensive rebound81-47
00:35Ryan Cline misses 3-point jump shot81-47
00:3281-47Michael Hurt defensive rebound
00:2481-47Isaiah Washington misses 2-point jump shot
00:22Nojel Eastern defensive rebound81-47
00:00Ryan Cline substitution out81-47
00:00Nojel Eastern substitution out81-47
00:00Jacquil Taylor substitution out81-47
00:00Grady Eifert substitution out81-47
00:00Matt Haarms substitution out81-47
00:0081-47Jamir Harris substitution out
00:0081-47Isaiah Washington substitution out
00:0081-47Davonte Fitzgerald substitution out
00:0081-47Gaston Diedhiou substitution out
00:0081-47Michael Hurt substitution out

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