Columbia vs. Princeton Box Score, January 12, 2018

Ivy Group Scores — Jan 12, 2018

YALE 78  
COR 61
PENN 69  
PRIN 72  
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Play-By-Play Table
Time   Columbia PTS   Score   PTS Princeton
19:41Lukas Meisner foul0-0
19:39Lukas Meisner foul0-0
19:390-1+1Sebastian Much makes free throw
19:390-1Sebastian Much misses free throw
19:390-1Myles Stephens offensive rebound
19:39Rodney Hunter substitution in0-1
19:39Lukas Meisner substitution out0-1
19:270-1Sebastian Much misses 3-point jump shot
19:27Mike Smith defensive rebound0-1
19:18Patrick Tape misses layup0-1
19:18Nate Hickman offensive rebound0-1
19:14Mike Smith misses 3-point jump shot0-1
19:14Patrick Tape offensive rebound0-1
19:08Patrick Tape misses layup0-1
19:080-1Will Gladson shot block
19:030-1Devin Cannady defensive rebound
19:000-1Devin Cannady misses 3-point jump shot
19:000-1Myles Stephens offensive rebound
18:510-3+2Myles Stephens makes layup
18:37Mike Smith misses 3-point jump shot0-3
18:370-3Will Gladson defensive rebound
18:34Patrick Tape foul0-3
18:110-3Sebastian Much turnover
18:10Rodney Hunter steal0-3
17:44Quinton Adlesh misses layup0-3
17:440-3Will Gladson shot block
17:430-3Myles Stephens defensive rebound
17:280-6+3Amir Bell makes 3-point jump shot
17:05Nate Hickman misses 3-point jump shot0-6
17:050-6Devin Cannady defensive rebound
16:54Nate Hickman foul0-6
16:54Kyle Castlin substitution in0-6
16:54Jaron Faulds substitution in0-6
16:54Patrick Tape substitution out0-6
16:54Nate Hickman substitution out0-6
16:540-6Ryan Schwieger substitution in
16:540-6Richmond Aririguzoh substitution in
16:540-6Will Gladson substitution out
16:540-6Sebastian Much substitution out
16:470-8+2Myles Stephens makes dunk
16:470-8Richmond Aririguzoh assist
16:360-8Ryan Schwieger foul
16:36Rodney Hunter makes free throw+11-8
16:36Rodney Hunter makes free throw+12-8
16:222-10+2Ryan Schwieger makes layup
16:222-10Richmond Aririguzoh assist
16:22Kyle Castlin foul2-10
16:222-11+1Ryan Schwieger makes free throw
16:07Rodney Hunter makes 2-point jump shot+24-11
15:464-11Amir Bell misses 3-point jump shot
15:46Rodney Hunter defensive rebound4-11
15:42Rodney Hunter turnover4-11
15:424-11Media timeout
15:314-11Richmond Aririguzoh misses layup
15:31Kyle Castlin defensive rebound4-11
15:21Mike Smith misses 2-point jump shot4-11
15:214-11Ryan Schwieger defensive rebound
15:024-11Richmond Aririguzoh turnover
15:01Rodney Hunter steal4-11
14:47Quinton Adlesh makes 3-point jump shot+37-11
14:47Mike Smith assist7-11
14:277-11Myles Stephens misses 3-point jump shot
14:27Quinton Adlesh defensive rebound7-11
14:15Rodney Hunter turnover7-11
14:147-11Myles Stephens steal
14:12Quinton Adlesh foul7-11
14:12Myles Hanson substitution in7-11
14:12Patrick Tape substitution in7-11
14:12Nate Hickman substitution in7-11
14:12Quinton Adlesh substitution out7-11
14:12Rodney Hunter substitution out7-11
14:12Jaron Faulds substitution out7-11
14:127-11Sebastian Much substitution in
14:127-11Will Gladson substitution in
14:127-11Devin Cannady substitution out
14:127-11Richmond Aririguzoh substitution out
14:037-11Amir Bell turnover
13:41Patrick Tape misses layup7-11
13:41Kyle Castlin offensive rebound7-11
13:38Kyle Castlin misses layup7-11
13:387-11Ryan Schwieger defensive rebound
13:227-11Will Gladson misses 2-point jump shot
13:22Nate Hickman defensive rebound7-11
13:02Kyle Castlin misses 3-point jump shot7-11
13:027-11Ryan Schwieger defensive rebound
12:437-11Myles Stephens misses 2-point jump shot
12:43Patrick Tape shot block7-11
12:42Nate Hickman defensive rebound7-11
12:34Myles Hanson misses 3-point jump shot7-11
12:347-11Will Gladson defensive rebound
12:247-14+3Amir Bell makes 3-point jump shot
12:147-14Ryan Schwieger foul
12:147-14Alec Brennan substitution in
12:147-14Aaron Young substitution in
12:147-14Ryan Schwieger substitution out
12:147-14Will Gladson substitution out
12:097-14Amir Bell foul
12:09Mike Smith makes free throw+18-14
12:09Mike Smith makes free throw+19-14
12:09Gabe Stefanini substitution in9-14
12:09Mike Smith substitution out9-14
12:099-14Devin Cannady substitution in
12:099-14Amir Bell substitution out
11:54Nate Hickman foul9-14
11:549-14Media timeout
11:549-15+1Devin Cannady makes free throw
11:549-16+1Devin Cannady makes free throw
11:54Quinton Adlesh substitution in9-16
11:54Nate Hickman substitution out9-16
11:43Myles Hanson makes layup+211-16
11:43Quinton Adlesh assist11-16
11:2711-19+3Aaron Young makes 3-point jump shot
11:2711-19Sebastian Much assist
11:08Kyle Castlin misses 2-point jump shot11-19
11:0811-19Myles Stephens shot block
11:0611-19Devin Cannady defensive rebound
10:5911-19Devin Cannady turnover
10:56Kyle Castlin steal11-19
10:55Kyle Castlin makes layup+213-19
10:3913-22+3Sebastian Much makes 3-point jump shot
10:3913-22Alec Brennan assist
10:20Gabe Stefanini misses 3-point jump shot13-22
10:2013-22Sebastian Much defensive rebound
09:5113-22Myles Stephens misses layup
09:51Myles Hanson defensive rebound13-22
09:45Gabe Stefanini turnover13-22
09:45Mike Smith substitution in13-22
09:45Rodney Hunter substitution in13-22
09:45Myles Hanson substitution out13-22
09:45Gabe Stefanini substitution out13-22
09:4513-22Will Gladson substitution in
09:4513-22Amir Bell substitution in
09:4513-22Ryan Schwieger substitution in
09:4513-22Sebastian Much substitution out
09:4513-22Myles Stephens substitution out
09:4513-22Alec Brennan substitution out
09:3013-24+2Will Gladson makes layup
09:3013-24Devin Cannady assist
09:13Mike Smith misses 2-point jump shot13-24
09:13Patrick Tape offensive rebound13-24
09:1313-24Ryan Schwieger foul
09:1313-24Jerome Desrosiers substitution in
09:1313-24Ryan Schwieger substitution out
08:56Quinton Adlesh misses 3-point jump shot13-24
08:5613-24Aaron Young defensive rebound
08:4713-27+3Jerome Desrosiers makes 3-point jump shot
08:4713-27Aaron Young assist
08:45Columbia Lions 30-second timeout13-27
08:4513-27Richmond Aririguzoh substitution in
08:4513-27Will Gladson substitution out
08:3413-27Aaron Young foul
08:29Quinton Adlesh makes 3-point jump shot+316-27
08:29Mike Smith assist16-27
08:0616-27Devin Cannady misses layup
08:06Mike Smith defensive rebound16-27
07:58Mike Smith turnover16-27
07:5716-27Devin Cannady steal
07:5016-30+3Devin Cannady makes 3-point jump shot
07:5016-30Aaron Young assist
07:31Rodney Hunter misses 2-point jump shot16-30
07:3116-30Devin Cannady defensive rebound
07:0616-30Jerome Desrosiers misses 3-point jump shot
07:06Rodney Hunter defensive rebound16-30
06:55Mike Smith turnover16-30
06:5416-30Devin Cannady steal
06:4816-33+3Jerome Desrosiers makes 3-point jump shot
06:4816-33Devin Cannady assist
06:30Kyle Castlin misses 3-point jump shot16-33
06:3016-33Princeton Tigers defensive rebound
06:2816-33Media timeout
06:28Jaron Faulds substitution in16-33
06:28Patrick Tape substitution out16-33
06:2816-33Myles Stephens substitution in
06:2816-33Will Gladson substitution in
06:2816-33Richmond Aririguzoh substitution out
06:2816-33Aaron Young substitution out
06:1916-33Amir Bell misses layup
06:19Jaron Faulds defensive rebound16-33
05:52Quinton Adlesh makes 3-point jump shot+319-33
05:52Kyle Castlin assist19-33
05:2719-36+3Devin Cannady makes 3-point jump shot
05:2719-36Amir Bell assist
05:12Quinton Adlesh misses layup19-36
05:1219-36Devin Cannady defensive rebound
05:03Lukas Meisner substitution in19-36
05:03Kyle Castlin substitution out19-36
05:0319-36Sebastian Much substitution in
05:0319-36Jerome Desrosiers substitution out
05:0119-39+3Sebastian Much makes 3-point jump shot
05:0119-39Amir Bell assist
04:39Mike Smith misses 2-point jump shot19-39
04:3919-39Sebastian Much defensive rebound
04:2319-39Will Gladson turnover
04:22Lukas Meisner steal19-39
04:18Mike Smith misses 3-point jump shot19-39
04:1819-39Amir Bell defensive rebound
03:5319-39Sebastian Much misses 3-point jump shot
03:53Quinton Adlesh defensive rebound19-39
03:41Jaron Faulds makes layup+221-39
03:41Lukas Meisner assist21-39
03:3121-39Will Gladson foul
03:3121-39Will Gladson turnover
03:31Media timeout21-39
03:31Myles Hanson substitution in21-39
03:31Rodney Hunter substitution out21-39
03:3121-39Alec Brennan substitution in
03:3121-39Will Gladson substitution out
03:16Lukas Meisner misses layup21-39
03:1621-39Sebastian Much defensive rebound
03:0621-39Devin Cannady misses 3-point jump shot
03:06Lukas Meisner defensive rebound21-39
03:0021-39Amir Bell foul
03:00Mike Smith makes free throw+122-39
03:00Mike Smith makes free throw+123-39
03:00Patrick Tape substitution in23-39
03:00Kyle Castlin substitution in23-39
03:00Lukas Meisner substitution out23-39
03:00Jaron Faulds substitution out23-39
03:0023-39Aaron Young substitution in
03:0023-39Amir Bell substitution out
02:4223-39Myles Stephens misses 3-point jump shot
02:42Columbia Lions defensive rebound23-39
02:18Mike Smith misses 3-point jump shot23-39
02:1823-39Myles Stephens defensive rebound
01:5223-39Aaron Young misses 3-point jump shot
01:5223-39Sebastian Much offensive rebound
01:2823-39Aaron Young misses 3-point jump shot
01:28Quinton Adlesh defensive rebound23-39
01:19Quinton Adlesh turnover23-39
01:1823-39Sebastian Much steal
01:14Kyle Castlin foul23-39
01:1423-39Myles Stephens misses free throw
01:1423-39Princeton Tigers deadball rebound
01:1423-39Myles Stephens misses free throw
01:14Kyle Castlin defensive rebound23-39
01:1423-39Richmond Aririguzoh substitution in
01:1423-39Alec Brennan substitution out
01:01Myles Hanson misses layup23-39
01:0123-39Sebastian Much shot block
01:00Columbia Lions offensive rebound23-39
00:55Mike Smith misses 2-point jump shot23-39
00:5523-39Richmond Aririguzoh defensive rebound
00:4423-41+2Devin Cannady makes 2-point jump shot
00:31Myles Hanson misses 3-point jump shot23-41
00:31Columbia Lions offensive rebound23-41
00:00Kyle Castlin misses 2-point jump shot23-41
00:0023-41Richmond Aririguzoh defensive rebound
Time   Columbia PTS   Score   PTS Princeton
19:45Patrick Tape makes layup+225-41
19:2325-44+3Devin Cannady makes 3-point jump shot
19:2325-44Will Gladson assist
19:05Lukas Meisner misses 3-point jump shot25-44
19:0525-44Myles Stephens defensive rebound
18:5025-44Devin Cannady misses 3-point jump shot
18:50Patrick Tape defensive rebound25-44
18:40Lukas Meisner misses 3-point jump shot25-44
18:4025-44Amir Bell defensive rebound
18:2825-46+2Devin Cannady makes layup
18:2825-46Will Gladson assist
18:20Columbia Lions 30-second timeout25-46
18:20Media timeout25-46
18:13Quinton Adlesh misses 3-point jump shot25-46
18:13Mike Smith offensive rebound25-46
18:04Mike Smith misses 3-point jump shot25-46
18:0425-46Will Gladson defensive rebound
17:3925-49+3Sebastian Much makes 3-point jump shot
17:3925-49Amir Bell assist
17:20Lukas Meisner misses 3-point jump shot25-49
17:2025-49Amir Bell defensive rebound
16:5325-52+3Will Gladson makes 3-point jump shot
16:5325-52Amir Bell assist
16:4225-52Will Gladson foul
16:42Rodney Hunter substitution in25-52
16:42Jaron Faulds substitution in25-52
16:42Patrick Tape substitution out25-52
16:42Lukas Meisner substitution out25-52
16:4225-52Ryan Schwieger substitution in
16:4225-52Richmond Aririguzoh substitution in
16:4225-52Will Gladson substitution out
16:4225-52Sebastian Much substitution out
16:3325-52Richmond Aririguzoh foul
16:31Quinton Adlesh makes 2-point jump shot+227-52
16:31Mike Smith assist27-52
16:2327-52Amir Bell misses 2-point jump shot
16:2327-52Ryan Schwieger offensive rebound
16:2327-52Ryan Schwieger misses layup
16:23Rodney Hunter shot block27-52
16:23Quinton Adlesh defensive rebound27-52
16:23Jaron Faulds makes layup+229-52
16:23Quinton Adlesh assist29-52
15:3229-54+2Amir Bell makes layup
15:1729-54Amir Bell foul
15:17Media timeout29-54
15:17Mike Smith makes free throw+130-54
15:17Mike Smith makes free throw+131-54
15:17Kyle Castlin substitution in31-54
15:17Nate Hickman substitution out31-54
15:1731-54Jerome Desrosiers substitution in
15:1731-54Aaron Young substitution in
15:1731-54Amir Bell substitution out
15:1731-54Ryan Schwieger substitution out
14:5531-54Aaron Young misses 2-point jump shot
14:55Kyle Castlin defensive rebound31-54
14:38Jaron Faulds misses 2-point jump shot31-54
14:38Quinton Adlesh offensive rebound31-54
14:3731-54Aaron Young foul
14:36Mike Smith turnover31-54
14:1731-54Richmond Aririguzoh turnover
14:16Jaron Faulds steal31-54
14:12Rodney Hunter misses layup31-54
14:1231-54Myles Stephens defensive rebound
13:49Rodney Hunter foul31-54
13:4931-54Will Gladson substitution in
13:4931-54Richmond Aririguzoh substitution out
13:4731-57+3Jerome Desrosiers makes 3-point jump shot
13:4731-57Devin Cannady assist
13:24Kyle Castlin makes layup+233-57
13:0533-57Devin Cannady misses 3-point jump shot
13:0533-57Jerome Desrosiers offensive rebound
12:5033-57Devin Cannady turnover
12:48Quinton Adlesh steal33-57
12:46Quinton Adlesh makes layup+235-57
12:46Kyle Castlin assist35-57
12:2835-57Myles Stephens foul
12:2835-57Myles Stephens turnover
12:28Gabe Stefanini substitution in35-57
12:28Lukas Meisner substitution in35-57
12:28Myles Hanson substitution in35-57
12:28Rodney Hunter substitution out35-57
12:28Quinton Adlesh substitution out35-57
12:28Jaron Faulds substitution out35-57
12:2835-57Sebastian Much substitution in
12:2835-57Amir Bell substitution in
12:2835-57Devin Cannady substitution out
12:2835-57Myles Stephens substitution out
12:18Mike Smith makes layup+237-57
11:5237-57Jerome Desrosiers turnover
11:51Gabe Stefanini steal37-57
11:43Mike Smith misses layup37-57
11:43Kyle Castlin offensive rebound37-57
11:41Kyle Castlin makes tip-in shot+239-57
11:1039-57Amir Bell misses 3-point jump shot
11:1039-57Will Gladson offensive rebound
11:0839-57Princeton Tigers turnover
11:08Media timeout39-57
11:0839-57Myles Stephens substitution in
11:0839-57Devin Cannady substitution in
11:0839-57Alec Brennan substitution in
11:0839-57Jerome Desrosiers substitution out
11:0839-57Aaron Young substitution out
11:0839-57Will Gladson substitution out
10:52Mike Smith makes 3-point jump shot+342-57
10:52Gabe Stefanini assist42-57
10:2542-59+2Devin Cannady makes 2-point jump shot
09:55Myles Hanson misses 3-point jump shot42-59
09:5542-59Devin Cannady defensive rebound
09:4542-62+3Sebastian Much makes 3-point jump shot
09:4542-62Amir Bell assist
09:29Mike Smith misses 2-point jump shot42-62
09:2942-62Alec Brennan defensive rebound
09:0742-62Sebastian Much turnover
09:0742-62Aaron Young substitution in
09:0742-62Alec Brennan substitution out
08:4842-62Sebastian Much foul
08:46Gabe Stefanini misses 2-point jump shot42-62
08:4642-62Devin Cannady defensive rebound
08:1542-62Amir Bell misses 2-point jump shot
08:15Mike Smith defensive rebound42-62
07:56Kyle Castlin foul42-62
07:56Kyle Castlin turnover42-62
07:5642-62Media timeout
07:56Quinton Adlesh substitution in42-62
07:56Patrick Tape substitution in42-62
07:56Nate Hickman substitution in42-62
07:56Gabe Stefanini substitution out42-62
07:56Lukas Meisner substitution out42-62
07:56Kyle Castlin substitution out42-62
07:5642-62Will Gladson substitution in
07:5642-62Sebastian Much substitution out
07:2442-62Devin Cannady misses 3-point jump shot
07:24Patrick Tape defensive rebound42-62
07:16Mike Smith makes 3-point jump shot+345-62
06:53Patrick Tape foul45-62
06:5345-62Jerome Desrosiers substitution in
06:5345-62Will Gladson substitution out
06:3645-62Amir Bell misses 2-point jump shot
06:36Nate Hickman shot block45-62
06:34Patrick Tape defensive rebound45-62
06:08Quinton Adlesh misses layup45-62
06:0845-62Jerome Desrosiers defensive rebound
05:41Patrick Tape foul45-62
05:41Rodney Hunter substitution in45-62
05:41Jaron Faulds substitution in45-62
05:41Patrick Tape substitution out45-62
05:41Myles Hanson substitution out45-62
05:3245-65+3Jerome Desrosiers makes 3-point jump shot
05:3245-65Amir Bell assist
05:1245-65Jerome Desrosiers foul
05:12Quinton Adlesh misses free throw45-65
05:1245-65Devin Cannady defensive rebound
04:5745-65Devin Cannady turnover
04:56Mike Smith steal45-65
04:52Mike Smith turnover45-65
04:3045-65Aaron Young misses 3-point jump shot
04:30Rodney Hunter defensive rebound45-65
04:20Jaron Faulds makes layup+247-65
04:20Mike Smith assist47-65
04:04Rodney Hunter foul47-65
04:0447-66+1Myles Stephens makes free throw
04:0447-67+1Myles Stephens makes free throw
04:04Gabe Stefanini substitution in47-67
04:04Mike Smith substitution out47-67
04:0447-67Ryan Schwieger substitution in
04:0447-67Sebastian Much substitution in
04:0447-67Myles Stephens substitution out
04:0447-67Devin Cannady substitution out
03:5247-67Ryan Schwieger misses 3-point jump shot
03:52Gabe Stefanini defensive rebound47-67
03:37Quinton Adlesh foul47-67
03:3747-67Media timeout
03:37Peter Barba substitution in47-67
03:37Randy Brumant substitution in47-67
03:37Quinton Adlesh substitution out47-67
03:37Jaron Faulds substitution out47-67
03:1947-67Jerome Desrosiers foul
03:1947-67Jerome Desrosiers turnover
03:1947-67Myles Stephens substitution in
03:1947-67Sebastian Much substitution out
03:07Randy Brumant misses layup47-67
03:0747-67Ryan Schwieger defensive rebound
02:52Peter Barba foul47-67
02:5247-68+1Myles Stephens makes free throw
02:5247-68Myles Stephens misses free throw
02:52Randy Brumant defensive rebound47-68
02:5247-68Elijah Barnes substitution in
02:5247-68Mike Leblanc substitution in
02:5247-68Noah Bramlage substitution in
02:5247-68Jerome Desrosiers substitution out
02:5247-68Ryan Schwieger substitution out
02:5247-68Amir Bell substitution out
02:4247-68Elijah Barnes foul
02:42Rodney Hunter misses free throw47-68
02:4247-68Elijah Barnes defensive rebound
02:4247-68Alec Brennan substitution in
02:4247-68Myles Stephens substitution out
02:1347-70+2Aaron Young makes layup
01:55Peter Barba misses 2-point jump shot47-70
01:5547-70Elijah Barnes defensive rebound
01:3147-70V Reynoso-Avila substitution in
01:3147-70Charlie Bagin substitution in
01:3147-70Alec Brennan substitution out
01:3147-70Aaron Young substitution out
01:26Gabe Stefanini foul47-70
01:2647-71+1Elijah Barnes makes free throw
01:2647-72+1Elijah Barnes makes free throw
01:2647-72Elias Berbari substitution in
01:2647-72V Reynoso-Avila substitution out
01:15Nate Hickman makes 3-point jump shot+350-72
01:15Gabe Stefanini assist50-72
01:0550-72Charlie Bagin turnover
01:04Nate Hickman steal50-72
00:59Rodney Hunter makes layup+252-72
00:59Nate Hickman assist52-72
00:5952-72Mike Leblanc foul
00:59Rodney Hunter misses free throw52-72
00:59Nate Hickman offensive rebound52-72
00:51Nate Hickman makes layup+254-72
00:3854-72Elijah Barnes misses layup
00:38Randy Brumant defensive rebound54-72
00:28Rodney Hunter makes layup+256-72

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