Maryland vs. Ohio State Box Score, January 11, 2018

Big Ten Conference Scores — Jan 11, 2018

UMD 69
OSU 91  
IOWA 104
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Play-By-Play Table
Time   Maryland PTS   Score   PTS Ohio State
19:410-0Jae'Sean Tate misses 3-point jump shot
19:41Kevin Huerter defensive rebound0-0
19:22Michal Cekovsky makes 2-point jump shot+22-0
18:532-0Kaleb Wesson misses 2-point jump shot
18:532-0Keita Bates-Diop offensive rebound
18:502-0Keita Bates-Diop misses 2-point jump shot
18:50Michal Cekovsky shot block2-0
18:482-0Jae'Sean Tate offensive rebound
18:452-3+3CJ Jackson makes 3-point jump shot
18:452-3Kam Williams assist
18:18Michal Cekovsky makes 2-point jump shot+24-3
17:514-5+2Kaleb Wesson makes 2-point jump shot
17:514-5CJ Jackson assist
17:19Kevin Huerter makes 3-point jump shot+37-5
17:19Anthony Cowan assist7-5
16:49Michal Cekovsky foul7-5
16:497-6+1Jae'Sean Tate makes free throw
16:497-7+1Jae'Sean Tate makes free throw
16:49Joshua Tomaic substitution in7-7
16:49Michal Cekovsky substitution out7-7
16:36Kevin Huerter makes 3-point jump shot+310-7
16:36Anthony Cowan assist10-7
16:1610-7Keita Bates-Diop misses 2-point jump shot
16:16Kevin Huerter defensive rebound10-7
16:01Darryl Morsell misses 2-point jump shot10-7
16:0110-7Jae'Sean Tate shot block
15:5910-7Jae'Sean Tate defensive rebound
15:5310-7CJ Jackson misses 3-point jump shot
15:53Kevin Huerter defensive rebound10-7
15:30Darryl Morsell turnover10-7
15:2810-7Kam Williams steal
15:2610-9+2Jae'Sean Tate makes layup
15:2610-9Kam Williams assist
15:26Darryl Morsell foul10-9
15:2610-9Ohio State Buckeyes full timeout
15:2610-9Jae'Sean Tate misses free throw
15:26Anthony Cowan defensive rebound10-9
15:2610-9Andrew Dakich substitution in
15:2610-9Kam Williams substitution out
15:14Anthony Cowan makes 3-point jump shot+313-9
14:4713-9CJ Jackson turnover
14:47Darryl Morsell steal13-9
14:36Bruno Fernando misses 2-point jump shot13-9
14:3613-9Kaleb Wesson defensive rebound
14:2713-9Keita Bates-Diop misses 3-point jump shot
14:27Darryl Morsell defensive rebound13-9
14:07Anthony Cowan misses 2-point jump shot13-9
14:0713-9CJ Jackson defensive rebound
13:5213-9Kaleb Wesson misses 2-point jump shot
13:52Anthony Cowan defensive rebound13-9
13:3913-9CJ Jackson foul
13:39Jared Nickens substitution in13-9
13:39Michal Cekovsky substitution in13-9
13:39Darryl Morsell substitution out13-9
13:39Bruno Fernando substitution out13-9
13:3913-9Micah Potter substitution in
13:3913-9Musa Jallow substitution in
13:3913-9Jae'Sean Tate substitution out
13:3913-9Kaleb Wesson substitution out
13:22Jared Nickens misses 3-point jump shot13-9
13:2213-9Ohio State Buckeyes defensive rebound
13:0313-11+2Keita Bates-Diop makes 2-point jump shot
13:0313-11Andrew Dakich assist
12:40Michal Cekovsky makes dunk+215-11
12:40Kevin Huerter assist15-11
12:3015-13+2Keita Bates-Diop makes 2-point jump shot
12:3015-13Musa Jallow assist
12:01Kevin Huerter misses 2-point jump shot15-13
12:0115-13Ohio State Buckeyes defensive rebound
12:01Darryl Morsell substitution in15-13
12:01Sean Obi substitution in15-13
12:01Kevin Huerter substitution out15-13
12:01Joshua Tomaic substitution out15-13
11:4815-13CJ Jackson turnover
11:48Media timeout15-13
11:4815-13Andre Wesson substitution in
11:4815-13Jae'Sean Tate substitution in
11:4815-13CJ Jackson substitution out
11:4815-13Keita Bates-Diop substitution out
11:29Darryl Morsell misses 2-point jump shot15-13
11:2915-13Jae'Sean Tate shot block
11:2615-13Andrew Dakich defensive rebound
11:2215-13Andre Wesson misses 3-point jump shot
11:22Anthony Cowan defensive rebound15-13
11:00Anthony Cowan makes 3-point jump shot+318-13
11:00Sean Obi assist18-13
10:3418-13Andrew Dakich misses 3-point jump shot
10:34Jared Nickens defensive rebound18-13
10:16Michal Cekovsky makes dunk+220-13
10:16Darryl Morsell assist20-13
10:1520-13Ohio State Buckeyes 30-second timeout
10:1520-13Kaleb Wesson substitution in
10:1520-13Kam Williams substitution in
10:1520-13Micah Potter substitution out
10:1520-13Musa Jallow substitution out
09:5620-15+2Kaleb Wesson makes layup
09:5620-15Jae'Sean Tate assist
09:30Michal Cekovsky makes 2-point jump shot+222-15
09:0622-18+3Andrew Dakich makes 3-point jump shot
09:0622-18Jae'Sean Tate assist
08:45Jared Nickens misses 2-point jump shot22-18
08:4522-18Jae'Sean Tate defensive rebound
08:3322-20+2Kam Williams makes 2-point jump shot
08:08Anthony Cowan misses layup22-20
08:0822-20Kaleb Wesson defensive rebound
07:5922-22+2Andrew Dakich makes 2-point jump shot
07:5622-22Ohio State Buckeyes full timeout
07:56Bruno Fernando substitution in22-22
07:56Joshua Tomaic substitution in22-22
07:56Kevin Huerter substitution in22-22
07:5622-22Keita Bates-Diop substitution in
07:55Anthony Cowan substitution out22-22
07:55Darryl Morsell substitution out22-22
07:55Sean Obi substitution out22-22
07:55Jared Nickens substitution out22-22
07:55Michal Cekovsky substitution out22-22
07:5522-22Kaleb Wesson substitution out
07:5522-22Kam Williams substitution out
07:5522-22Andrew Dakich substitution out
07:5522-22Andre Wesson substitution out
07:5522-22Jae'Sean Tate substitution out
07:30Anthony Cowan misses 3-point jump shot22-22
07:3022-22Jae'Sean Tate shot block
07:2822-22Kaleb Wesson defensive rebound
07:2522-24+2Jae'Sean Tate makes dunk
07:2522-24Kaleb Wesson assist
06:58Joshua Tomaic misses 3-point jump shot22-24
06:58Bruno Fernando offensive rebound22-24
06:53Anthony Cowan misses 3-point jump shot22-24
06:5322-24Keita Bates-Diop defensive rebound
06:42Joshua Tomaic foul22-24
06:4222-24Kaleb Wesson misses free throw
06:4222-24Ohio State Buckeyes deadball rebound
06:4222-25+1Kaleb Wesson makes free throw
06:4222-25CJ Jackson substitution in
06:25Anthony Cowan misses 2-point jump shot22-25
06:2522-25Keita Bates-Diop defensive rebound
06:22Joshua Tomaic foul22-25
06:22Michal Cekovsky substitution in22-25
06:22Jared Nickens substitution in22-25
06:22Joshua Tomaic substitution out22-25
06:1022-28+3Andrew Dakich makes 3-point jump shot
06:1022-28Kam Williams assist
05:53Darryl Morsell turnover22-28
05:3922-28Kaleb Wesson turnover
05:32Bruno Fernando steal22-28
05:1922-28Kaleb Wesson foul
05:19Darryl Morsell makes free throw+123-28
05:19Darryl Morsell makes free throw+124-28
05:1924-28Jae'Sean Tate substitution in
05:0724-31+3Keita Bates-Diop makes 3-point jump shot
05:0724-31CJ Jackson assist
04:41Kevin Huerter misses 2-point jump shot24-31
04:41Michal Cekovsky offensive rebound24-31
04:38Michal Cekovsky misses 2-point jump shot24-31
04:3824-31Kam Williams defensive rebound
04:3224-31Keita Bates-Diop misses 3-point jump shot
04:3224-31Jae'Sean Tate offensive rebound
04:25Anthony Cowan substitution in24-31
04:2124-34+3Keita Bates-Diop makes 3-point jump shot
04:2124-34Jae'Sean Tate assist
03:48Michal Cekovsky misses 3-point jump shot24-34
03:4824-34Kam Williams defensive rebound
03:3324-37+3Andrew Dakich makes 3-point jump shot
03:3324-37Jae'Sean Tate assist
03:11Michal Cekovsky misses 2-point jump shot24-37
03:1124-37Jae'Sean Tate shot block
03:0924-37Kam Williams defensive rebound
03:0524-37Kam Williams misses layup
03:05Kevin Huerter shot block24-37
03:04Michal Cekovsky defensive rebound24-37
03:00Kevin Huerter misses 3-point jump shot24-37
03:00Michal Cekovsky offensive rebound24-37
02:58Michal Cekovsky makes 2-point jump shot+226-37
02:5826-37Jae'Sean Tate foul
02:58Maryland Terrapins full timeout26-37
02:58Michal Cekovsky makes free throw+127-37
02:58Darryl Morsell substitution in27-37
02:58Bruno Fernando substitution out27-37
02:3727-39+2Jae'Sean Tate makes layup
02:3727-39Andrew Dakich assist
02:22Kevin Huerter misses 3-point jump shot27-39
02:2227-39Keita Bates-Diop shot block
02:20Kevin Huerter offensive rebound27-39
02:16Michal Cekovsky turnover27-39
02:16Michal Cekovsky foul27-39
02:16Sean Obi substitution in27-39
02:16Joshua Tomaic substitution in27-39
02:16Michal Cekovsky substitution out27-39
02:16Jared Nickens substitution out27-39
02:0727-41+2Keita Bates-Diop makes 2-point jump shot
01:47Darryl Morsell misses 2-point jump shot27-41
01:47Darryl Morsell offensive rebound27-41
01:44Darryl Morsell misses tip-in shot27-41
01:4427-41Keita Bates-Diop defensive rebound
01:3627-41CJ Jackson misses 3-point jump shot
01:36Darryl Morsell defensive rebound27-41
01:28Kevin Huerter makes 3-point jump shot+330-41
01:28Anthony Cowan assist30-41
01:0830-44+3Kam Williams makes 3-point jump shot
01:0830-44Jae'Sean Tate assist
00:36Anthony Cowan misses layup30-44
00:36Joshua Tomaic offensive rebound30-44
00:33Joshua Tomaic makes tip-in shot+232-44
00:0332-44Jae'Sean Tate misses 2-point jump shot
00:03Joshua Tomaic defensive rebound32-44
Time   Maryland PTS   Score   PTS Ohio State
19:4732-44Jae'Sean Tate misses 2-point jump shot
19:47Bruno Fernando defensive rebound32-44
19:2932-44Jae'Sean Tate foul
19:29Darryl Morsell makes free throw+133-44
19:29Darryl Morsell misses free throw33-44
19:2933-44Keita Bates-Diop defensive rebound
19:1333-44Jae'Sean Tate misses layup
19:13Michal Cekovsky shot block33-44
19:12Anthony Cowan defensive rebound33-44
19:0633-44Kam Williams foul
18:56Darryl Morsell misses 3-point jump shot33-44
18:5633-44Kaleb Wesson defensive rebound
18:4233-47+3Keita Bates-Diop makes 3-point jump shot
18:4233-47CJ Jackson assist
18:11Kevin Huerter turnover33-47
18:1033-47CJ Jackson steal
18:0833-50+3Kam Williams makes 3-point jump shot
18:0833-50CJ Jackson assist
17:44Anthony Cowan misses 2-point jump shot33-50
17:4433-50Jae'Sean Tate defensive rebound
17:37Michal Cekovsky foul33-50
17:3733-51+1CJ Jackson makes free throw
17:3733-52+1CJ Jackson makes free throw
17:37Joshua Tomaic substitution in33-52
17:37Michal Cekovsky substitution out33-52
17:23Bruno Fernando makes dunk+235-52
17:23Anthony Cowan assist35-52
16:5735-52CJ Jackson misses 2-point jump shot
16:5735-52Kaleb Wesson offensive rebound
16:53Bruno Fernando foul35-52
16:3935-52Kam Williams misses 3-point jump shot
16:39Bruno Fernando defensive rebound35-52
16:18Joshua Tomaic makes 3-point jump shot+338-52
16:18Darryl Morsell assist38-52
15:4638-54+2Kaleb Wesson makes layup
15:46Bruno Fernando foul38-54
15:4638-54Ohio State Buckeyes full timeout
15:4638-55+1Kaleb Wesson makes free throw
15:4638-55Andre Wesson substitution in
15:4638-55Kaleb Wesson substitution out
15:28Darryl Morsell misses 3-point jump shot38-55
15:2838-55CJ Jackson defensive rebound
15:2038-58+3Jae'Sean Tate makes 3-point jump shot
15:2038-58Kam Williams assist
14:5538-58Andre Wesson foul
14:55Joshua Tomaic misses free throw38-58
14:55Maryland Terrapins deadball rebound38-58
14:55Joshua Tomaic makes free throw+139-58
14:55Joshua Tomaic makes free throw+140-58
14:55Sean Obi substitution in40-58
14:55Bruno Fernando substitution out40-58
14:4140-58Keita Bates-Diop misses 2-point jump shot
14:41Joshua Tomaic defensive rebound40-58
14:3840-58Andre Wesson foul
14:1940-58Andre Wesson foul
14:1940-58Andrew Dakich substitution in
14:1940-58Kam Williams substitution out
14:18Anthony Cowan misses 3-point jump shot40-58
14:18Kevin Huerter offensive rebound40-58
14:13Darryl Morsell turnover40-58
14:13Darryl Morsell foul40-58
13:5740-58Keita Bates-Diop turnover
13:56Sean Obi steal40-58
13:48Sean Obi misses 2-point jump shot40-58
13:4840-58Jae'Sean Tate defensive rebound
13:2840-61+3CJ Jackson makes 3-point jump shot
13:2840-61Jae'Sean Tate assist
13:06Joshua Tomaic turnover40-61
13:0540-61Andrew Dakich steal
13:0340-63+2CJ Jackson makes layup
13:0340-63Andrew Dakich assist
12:53Maryland Terrapins 30-second timeout40-63
12:53Maryland Terrapins full timeout40-63
12:53Michal Cekovsky substitution in40-63
12:53Jared Nickens substitution in40-63
12:53Sean Obi substitution out40-63
12:53Joshua Tomaic substitution out40-63
12:5340-63Musa Jallow substitution in
12:5340-63Jae'Sean Tate substitution out
12:30Michal Cekovsky misses 2-point jump shot40-63
12:30Michal Cekovsky offensive rebound40-63
12:19Michal Cekovsky makes dunk+242-63
12:19Anthony Cowan assist42-63
12:0142-66+3Keita Bates-Diop makes 3-point jump shot
12:0142-66Andre Wesson assist
11:44Jared Nickens misses 3-point jump shot42-66
11:4442-66CJ Jackson defensive rebound
11:3542-66Andre Wesson misses 3-point jump shot
11:3542-66Keita Bates-Diop offensive rebound
11:1842-69+3Andre Wesson makes 3-point jump shot
11:1842-69CJ Jackson assist
11:0342-69Keita Bates-Diop foul
11:03Media timeout42-69
11:03Joshua Tomaic substitution in42-69
11:03Michal Cekovsky substitution out42-69
11:0342-69Jae'Sean Tate substitution in
11:0342-69CJ Jackson substitution out
10:50Kevin Huerter misses dunk42-69
10:5042-69Keita Bates-Diop shot block
10:4842-69Andrew Dakich defensive rebound
10:4442-69Musa Jallow misses 3-point jump shot
10:44Joshua Tomaic defensive rebound42-69
10:2942-69Keita Bates-Diop foul
10:29Joshua Tomaic misses free throw42-69
10:29Maryland Terrapins deadball rebound42-69
10:29Joshua Tomaic misses free throw42-69
10:2942-69Keita Bates-Diop defensive rebound
10:0042-69Jae'Sean Tate turnover
09:59Kevin Huerter steal42-69
09:56Anthony Cowan makes 3-point jump shot+345-69
09:56Kevin Huerter assist45-69
09:24Darryl Morsell foul45-69
09:2445-70+1Jae'Sean Tate makes free throw
09:2445-71+1Jae'Sean Tate makes free throw
09:0445-71Andre Wesson foul
09:04Darryl Morsell misses free throw45-71
09:04Maryland Terrapins deadball rebound45-71
09:04Darryl Morsell misses free throw45-71
09:0445-71Musa Jallow defensive rebound
08:4445-71Musa Jallow turnover
08:43Anthony Cowan steal45-71
08:40Jared Nickens misses 3-point jump shot45-71
08:40Darryl Morsell offensive rebound45-71
08:3545-71Jae'Sean Tate foul
08:35Darryl Morsell misses free throw45-71
08:35Maryland Terrapins deadball rebound45-71
08:35Darryl Morsell makes free throw+146-71
08:3546-71Kam Williams substitution in
08:3546-71Musa Jallow substitution out
08:1646-74+3Keita Bates-Diop makes 3-point jump shot
08:1646-74Kam Williams assist
07:49Kevin Huerter makes 3-point jump shot+349-74
07:49Darryl Morsell assist49-74
07:48Maryland Terrapins full timeout49-74
07:4849-74Ohio State Buckeyes full timeout
07:48Sean Obi substitution in49-74
07:48Joshua Tomaic substitution out49-74
07:45Darryl Morsell foul49-74
07:3649-76+2Keita Bates-Diop makes dunk
07:3649-76Andrew Dakich assist
07:18Kevin Huerter misses 2-point jump shot49-76
07:18Kevin Huerter offensive rebound49-76
07:0849-76Jae'Sean Tate foul
07:08Anthony Cowan makes free throw+150-76
07:08Anthony Cowan misses free throw50-76
07:0850-76Kam Williams defensive rebound
07:0850-76CJ Jackson substitution in
07:0850-76Andre Wesson substitution out
06:45Michal Cekovsky substitution in50-76
06:45Sean Obi substitution out50-76
06:3950-76CJ Jackson misses 3-point jump shot
06:39Darryl Morsell defensive rebound50-76
06:27Michal Cekovsky misses layup50-76
06:27Michal Cekovsky offensive rebound50-76
06:2350-76CJ Jackson foul
06:23Michal Cekovsky misses free throw50-76
06:23Maryland Terrapins deadball rebound50-76
06:23Michal Cekovsky makes free throw+151-76
06:0451-76Kam Williams misses 2-point jump shot
06:04Kevin Huerter defensive rebound51-76
05:4951-76Andrew Dakich foul
05:49Michal Cekovsky makes free throw+152-76
05:49Michal Cekovsky makes free throw+153-76
05:49Reese Mona substitution in53-76
05:49Michal Cekovsky substitution out53-76
05:4953-76Andre Wesson substitution in
05:4953-76Jae'Sean Tate substitution out
05:2953-76Andre Wesson misses 3-point jump shot
05:29Darryl Morsell defensive rebound53-76
05:15Anthony Cowan misses layup53-76
05:1553-76CJ Jackson defensive rebound
05:08Anthony Cowan foul53-76
05:0853-77+1CJ Jackson makes free throw
05:0853-78+1CJ Jackson makes free throw
04:4953-78CJ Jackson foul
04:49Anthony Cowan makes free throw+154-78
04:49Anthony Cowan makes free throw+155-78
04:49Joshua Tomaic substitution in55-78
04:49Jared Nickens substitution out55-78
04:2655-80+2CJ Jackson makes layup
04:17Reese Mona makes layup+257-80
04:17Kevin Huerter assist57-80
03:4557-83+3Keita Bates-Diop makes 3-point jump shot
03:4557-83CJ Jackson assist
03:25Joshua Tomaic makes 2-point jump shot+259-83
03:0159-83CJ Jackson misses 2-point jump shot
03:01Darryl Morsell defensive rebound59-83
02:50Anthony Cowan misses layup59-83
02:5059-83Keita Bates-Diop defensive rebound
02:4259-83Ohio State Buckeyes 30-second timeout
02:4259-83Media timeout
02:42Jared Nickens substitution in59-83
02:42Anthony Cowan substitution out59-83
02:4259-83Musa Jallow substitution in
02:4259-83Micah Potter substitution in
02:4259-83Kyle Young substitution in
02:4259-83CJ Jackson substitution out
02:4259-83Kam Williams substitution out
02:4259-83Keita Bates-Diop substitution out
02:3259-83Musa Jallow misses layup
02:32Kevin Huerter shot block59-83
02:31Reese Mona defensive rebound59-83
02:2459-83Micah Potter foul
02:24Joshua Tomaic makes free throw+160-83
02:24Joshua Tomaic makes free throw+161-83
02:24Travis Valmon substitution in61-83
02:24Kevin Huerter substitution out61-83
02:2461-83Joey Lane substitution in
02:2461-83Andrew Dakich substitution out
02:0161-86+3Joey Lane makes 3-point jump shot
01:47Jared Nickens makes 2-point jump shot+263-86
01:3563-86Joey Lane turnover
01:34Reese Mona steal63-86
01:3063-86Musa Jallow foul
01:30Reese Mona makes free throw+164-86
01:30Reese Mona makes free throw+165-86
01:1565-88+2Micah Potter makes 2-point jump shot
01:01Sean Obi makes 2-point jump shot+267-88
00:5167-91+3Micah Potter makes 3-point jump shot
00:5167-91Joey Lane assist
00:38Travis Valmon misses 3-point jump shot67-91
00:38Reese Mona offensive rebound67-91
00:38Reese Mona turnover67-91
00:2667-91Andre Wesson turnover
00:22Jared Nickens makes layup+269-91
00:1669-91Musa Jallow turnover
00:14Travis Valmon steal69-91
00:11Jared Nickens misses 3-point jump shot69-91
00:11Darryl Morsell offensive rebound69-91
00:09Darryl Morsell misses 2-point jump shot69-91
00:09Maryland Terrapins offensive rebound69-91
00:04Jared Nickens misses 2-point jump shot69-91
00:0469-91Kyle Young defensive rebound

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