Wisconsin vs. Rutgers Box Score, January 5, 2018

Big Ten Conference Scores — Jan 5, 2018

WIS 60
RUTG 64  
NW 63
PSU 78  
January 5, 2018
Louis Brown Athletic Center, New Brunswick, New Jersey
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Line Score


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Play-By-Play Table
Time   Wisconsin PTS   Score   PTS Rutgers
19:320-0Corey Sanders misses layup
19:32Nate Reuvers shot block0-0
19:31Wisconsin Badgers defensive rebound0-0
19:04Ethan Happ turnover0-0
18:450-0Corey Sanders misses layup
18:45Aleem Ford defensive rebound0-0
18:420-0Corey Sanders foul
18:29Ethan Happ turnover0-0
18:280-0Deshawn Freeman steal
18:130-0Deshawn Freeman misses 2-point jump shot
18:13Brad Davison defensive rebound0-0
17:48Brad Davison misses 3-point jump shot0-0
17:48Nate Reuvers offensive rebound0-0
17:27Aleem Ford misses 3-point jump shot0-0
17:270-0Mamadou Doucoure defensive rebound
17:180-0Geo Baker misses 2-point jump shot
17:18Aleem Ford defensive rebound0-0
17:180-0Deshawn Freeman foul
17:00Ethan Happ misses layup0-0
17:000-0Mamadou Doucoure defensive rebound
16:430-0Mamadou Doucoure misses 2-point jump shot
16:430-0Issa Thiam offensive rebound
16:330-0Deshawn Freeman misses 3-point jump shot
16:33Wisconsin Badgers defensive rebound0-0
16:31Brevin Pritzl substitution in0-0
16:31Alex Illikainen substitution in0-0
16:31Aleem Ford substitution out0-0
16:31Ethan Happ substitution out0-0
16:310-0Eugene Omoruyi substitution in
16:310-0Mamadou Doucoure substitution out
16:310-0Deshawn Freeman substitution out
16:15Nate Reuvers makes layup+22-0
16:15Brevin Pritzl assist2-0
16:152-0Candido Sa foul
16:15Nate Reuvers makes free throw+13-0
15:483-2+2Corey Sanders makes 2-point jump shot
15:33Khalil Iverson makes layup+25-2
15:225-4+2Corey Sanders makes layup
15:03Brad Davison turnover5-4
15:035-4Media timeout
15:03Ethan Happ substitution in5-4
15:03Aleem Ford substitution in5-4
15:03Alex Illikainen substitution out5-4
15:03Nate Reuvers substitution out5-4
15:035-4Mike Williams substitution in
15:035-4Geo Baker substitution out
14:335-4Corey Sanders misses layup
14:33Ethan Happ defensive rebound5-4
14:02Brad Davison misses 3-point jump shot5-4
14:025-4Candido Sa defensive rebound
13:545-6+2Issa Thiam makes layup
13:36Brevin Pritzl makes 2-point jump shot+27-6
13:36Ethan Happ assist7-6
13:177-8+2Corey Sanders makes 2-point jump shot
13:177-8Mike Williams assist
13:02Ethan Happ makes layup+29-8
12:399-8Eugene Omoruyi foul
12:399-8Eugene Omoruyi turnover
12:39Walt Mcgrory substitution in9-8
12:39Aaron Moesch substitution in9-8
12:39Khalil Iverson substitution out9-8
12:39Brad Davison substitution out9-8
12:399-8Deshawn Freeman substitution in
12:399-8Geo Baker substitution in
12:399-8Souf Mensah substitution in
12:399-8Corey Sanders substitution out
12:399-8Eugene Omoruyi substitution out
12:399-8Issa Thiam substitution out
12:25Ethan Happ turnover9-8
12:259-8Candido Sa steal
12:25Aleem Ford foul9-8
12:25Nate Reuvers substitution in9-8
12:25Ethan Happ substitution out9-8
12:099-10+2Deshawn Freeman makes 2-point jump shot
11:44Walt Mcgrory foul9-10
11:44Walt Mcgrory turnover9-10
11:449-10Media timeout
11:30Brad Davison substitution in9-10
11:30Walt Mcgrory substitution out9-10
11:299-13+3Geo Baker makes 3-point jump shot
11:299-13Souf Mensah assist
11:03Brevin Pritzl makes 2-point jump shot+211-13
11:03Aaron Moesch assist11-13
10:4311-13Deshawn Freeman misses 2-point jump shot
10:43Brad Davison defensive rebound11-13
10:14Nate Reuvers misses 2-point jump shot11-13
10:1411-13Deshawn Freeman defensive rebound
10:0511-13Geo Baker misses layup
10:05Brevin Pritzl defensive rebound11-13
10:00Khalil Iverson substitution in11-13
10:00Ethan Happ substitution in11-13
10:00Nate Reuvers substitution out11-13
10:00Aaron Moesch substitution out11-13
10:0011-13Issa Thiam substitution in
10:0011-13Corey Sanders substitution in
10:0011-13Mamadou Doucoure substitution in
10:0011-13Geo Baker substitution out
10:0011-13Souf Mensah substitution out
09:5811-13Mamadou Doucoure foul
09:58Ethan Happ makes free throw+112-13
09:58Ethan Happ makes free throw+113-13
09:3813-15+2Deshawn Freeman makes layup
09:3813-15Mike Williams assist
09:13Aleem Ford misses 3-point jump shot13-15
09:13Ethan Happ offensive rebound13-15
09:10Ethan Happ makes layup+215-15
08:5415-15Mamadou Doucoure misses 2-point jump shot
08:54Brad Davison defensive rebound15-15
08:37Brevin Pritzl misses 3-point jump shot15-15
08:3715-15Deshawn Freeman defensive rebound
08:0915-17+2Mike Williams makes layup
08:0915-17Issa Thiam assist
07:5615-17Mike Williams foul
07:5615-17Media timeout
07:56TJ Schlundt substitution in15-17
07:56Khalil Iverson substitution out15-17
07:5615-17Geo Baker substitution in
07:5615-17Eugene Omoruyi substitution in
07:5615-17Mike Williams substitution out
07:5615-17Deshawn Freeman substitution out
07:41Ethan Happ foul15-17
07:41Ethan Happ turnover15-17
07:2215-17Corey Sanders misses 2-point jump shot
07:22Aleem Ford defensive rebound15-17
07:06Ethan Happ misses 2-point jump shot15-17
07:0615-17Mamadou Doucoure defensive rebound
06:5515-17Geo Baker misses 2-point jump shot
06:55Brevin Pritzl defensive rebound15-17
06:30Brad Davison misses 3-point jump shot15-17
06:3015-17Mamadou Doucoure defensive rebound
06:15Aleem Ford foul15-17
06:15Aaron Moesch substitution in15-17
06:15Khalil Iverson substitution in15-17
06:15TJ Schlundt substitution out15-17
06:15Aleem Ford substitution out15-17
06:1515-17Candido Sa substitution in
06:1515-17Mike Williams substitution in
06:1515-17Issa Thiam substitution out
06:1515-17Mamadou Doucoure substitution out
06:1115-17Geo Baker misses 3-point jump shot
06:1115-17Candido Sa offensive rebound
05:4815-19+2Corey Sanders makes 2-point jump shot
05:33Ethan Happ turnover15-19
05:33Nate Reuvers substitution in15-19
05:33Ethan Happ substitution out15-19
05:0915-19Mike Williams misses 2-point jump shot
05:09Brevin Pritzl defensive rebound15-19
04:56Brevin Pritzl misses 2-point jump shot15-19
04:5615-19Corey Sanders defensive rebound
04:52Khalil Iverson foul15-19
04:5215-20+1Eugene Omoruyi makes free throw
04:5215-20Eugene Omoruyi misses free throw
04:52Aaron Moesch defensive rebound15-20
04:5215-20Souf Mensah substitution in
04:5215-20Corey Sanders substitution out
04:4215-20Souf Mensah foul
04:42Brad Davison makes free throw+116-20
04:42Brad Davison makes free throw+117-20
04:4217-20Corey Sanders substitution in
04:4217-20Deshawn Freeman substitution in
04:4217-20Eugene Omoruyi substitution out
04:4217-20Souf Mensah substitution out
04:1617-20Corey Sanders misses 2-point jump shot
04:16Nate Reuvers shot block17-20
04:1517-20Corey Sanders offensive rebound
04:1117-20Corey Sanders misses layup
04:11Nate Reuvers defensive rebound17-20
03:59Brad Davison misses layup17-20
03:59Khalil Iverson offensive rebound17-20
03:57Khalil Iverson makes layup+219-20
03:3319-20Deshawn Freeman misses layup
03:33Nate Reuvers shot block19-20
03:31Nate Reuvers defensive rebound19-20
03:12Brad Davison misses 3-point jump shot19-20
03:1219-20Deshawn Freeman defensive rebound
03:1019-20Rutgers Scarlet Knights 30-second timeout
03:1019-20Media timeout
03:1019-20Eugene Omoruyi substitution in
03:1019-20Issa Thiam substitution in
03:1019-20Candido Sa substitution out
03:1019-20Mike Williams substitution out
02:3919-20Eugene Omoruyi misses 3-point jump shot
02:3919-20Issa Thiam offensive rebound
02:3519-23+3Deshawn Freeman makes 3-point jump shot
02:3519-23Issa Thiam assist
02:1819-23Geo Baker foul
02:18Brevin Pritzl makes free throw+120-23
02:18Brevin Pritzl makes free throw+121-23
02:18Brevin Pritzl makes free throw+122-23
01:5822-23Issa Thiam turnover
01:57Brevin Pritzl steal22-23
01:54Brad Davison turnover22-23
01:43Brad Davison foul22-23
01:2622-23Geo Baker misses 2-point jump shot
01:26Khalil Iverson defensive rebound22-23
00:57Brad Davison makes 2-point jump shot+224-23
00:4124-23Deshawn Freeman misses 2-point jump shot
00:41Aaron Moesch defensive rebound24-23
00:21Nate Reuvers misses 3-point jump shot24-23
00:2124-23Eugene Omoruyi defensive rebound
00:0224-25+2Corey Sanders makes 2-point jump shot
Time   Wisconsin PTS   Score   PTS Rutgers
19:34Khalil Iverson makes dunk+226-25
19:34Brad Davison assist26-25
19:0426-25Geo Baker misses 2-point jump shot
19:0426-25Mamadou Doucoure offensive rebound
19:0126-25Mamadou Doucoure turnover
19:00Khalil Iverson steal26-25
18:41Khalil Iverson turnover26-25
18:4026-25Mamadou Doucoure steal
18:2326-25Deshawn Freeman misses 2-point jump shot
18:23Ethan Happ defensive rebound26-25
18:16Nate Reuvers makes layup+228-25
18:16Ethan Happ assist28-25
18:1628-25Issa Thiam foul
18:1628-25Rutgers Scarlet Knights 30-second timeout
18:1628-25Media timeout
18:15Nate Reuvers makes free throw+129-25
17:5529-28+3Issa Thiam makes 3-point jump shot
17:5529-28Corey Sanders assist
17:38Ethan Happ makes layup+231-28
17:38Brad Davison assist31-28
17:3831-28Deshawn Freeman foul
17:38Ethan Happ misses free throw31-28
17:3831-28Mike Williams defensive rebound
17:3831-28Eugene Omoruyi substitution in
17:3831-28Candido Sa substitution in
17:3831-28Mike Williams substitution in
17:3831-28Geo Baker substitution out
17:3831-28Mamadou Doucoure substitution out
17:3831-28Deshawn Freeman substitution out
17:2331-28Issa Thiam misses 2-point jump shot
17:23Ethan Happ defensive rebound31-28
16:58Nate Reuvers makes 2-point jump shot+233-28
16:50Brad Davison foul33-28
16:50TJ Schlundt substitution in33-28
16:50Brevin Pritzl substitution in33-28
16:50Aleem Ford substitution out33-28
16:50Brad Davison substitution out33-28
16:3633-28Corey Sanders misses 2-point jump shot
16:36Ethan Happ defensive rebound33-28
16:23Ethan Happ misses 2-point jump shot33-28
16:2333-28Eugene Omoruyi defensive rebound
16:1233-30+2Eugene Omoruyi makes layup
16:12Nate Reuvers foul33-30
16:1233-31+1Eugene Omoruyi makes free throw
16:12Aaron Moesch substitution in33-31
16:12Nate Reuvers substitution out33-31
16:1233-31Souf Mensah substitution in
16:1233-31Corey Sanders substitution out
16:0333-31Eugene Omoruyi foul
15:47Ethan Happ misses layup33-31
15:4733-31Mike Williams defensive rebound
15:2833-33+2Candido Sa makes layup
15:2833-33Eugene Omoruyi assist
15:1433-33Candido Sa foul
15:1433-33Media timeout
15:14Brad Davison substitution in33-33
15:14Aleem Ford substitution in33-33
15:14TJ Schlundt substitution out33-33
15:14Aaron Moesch substitution out33-33
14:50Khalil Iverson misses layup33-33
14:5033-33Eugene Omoruyi shot block
14:5033-33Eugene Omoruyi defensive rebound
14:2533-33Souf Mensah misses 2-point jump shot
14:25Ethan Happ defensive rebound33-33
14:1033-33Candido Sa foul
14:1033-33Deshawn Freeman substitution in
14:1033-33Corey Sanders substitution in
14:1033-33Souf Mensah substitution out
14:1033-33Candido Sa substitution out
14:09Aleem Ford makes dunk+235-33
14:09Brad Davison assist35-33
13:3735-36+3Corey Sanders makes 3-point jump shot
13:10Khalil Iverson misses 3-point jump shot35-36
13:1035-36Corey Sanders defensive rebound
12:5935-38+2Deshawn Freeman makes layup
12:5935-38Corey Sanders assist
12:49Wisconsin Badgers 30-second timeout35-38
12:49Nate Reuvers substitution in35-38
12:49Ethan Happ substitution out35-38
12:4935-38Geo Baker substitution in
12:4935-38Issa Thiam substitution out
12:28Nate Reuvers misses layup35-38
12:2835-38Eugene Omoruyi defensive rebound
12:28Nate Reuvers foul35-38
12:1635-40+2Corey Sanders makes dunk
12:1635-40Geo Baker assist
11:51Brad Davison turnover35-40
11:5135-40Media timeout
11:51Ethan Happ substitution in35-40
11:51Aleem Ford substitution out35-40
11:2435-42+2Geo Baker makes layup
11:02Brevin Pritzl makes layup+237-42
11:02Ethan Happ assist37-42
11:0237-42Mike Williams foul
11:02Brevin Pritzl makes free throw+138-42
10:52Brad Davison foul38-42
10:5238-42Corey Sanders misses free throw
10:5238-42Rutgers Scarlet Knights deadball rebound
10:5238-42Corey Sanders misses free throw
10:52Ethan Happ defensive rebound38-42
10:5238-42Candido Sa substitution in
10:5238-42Eugene Omoruyi substitution out
10:27Nate Reuvers makes layup+240-42
10:27Brad Davison assist40-42
10:1540-44+2Mike Williams makes 2-point jump shot
10:1540-44Deshawn Freeman assist
09:59Ethan Happ turnover40-44
09:5840-44Deshawn Freeman steal
09:52Nate Reuvers foul40-44
09:5240-44Mike Williams misses free throw
09:5240-44Rutgers Scarlet Knights deadball rebound
09:5240-45+1Mike Williams makes free throw
09:52Aaron Moesch substitution in40-45
09:52Aleem Ford substitution in40-45
09:52Khalil Iverson substitution out40-45
09:52Ethan Happ substitution out40-45
09:5240-45Eugene Omoruyi substitution in
09:5240-45Deshawn Freeman substitution out
09:28Nate Reuvers misses 2-point jump shot40-45
09:2840-45Corey Sanders defensive rebound
09:08Ethan Happ substitution in40-45
09:08Nate Reuvers substitution out40-45
09:0840-45Mamadou Doucoure substitution in
09:0840-45Candido Sa substitution out
09:0040-45Mike Williams turnover
08:58Aaron Moesch steal40-45
08:4540-45Mamadou Doucoure foul
08:45Ethan Happ misses free throw40-45
08:4540-45Mike Williams defensive rebound
08:4540-45Issa Thiam substitution in
08:4540-45Geo Baker substitution out
08:2240-45Eugene Omoruyi turnover
08:2240-45Souf Mensah substitution in
08:2240-45Mike Williams substitution out
07:59Brad Davison makes layup+242-45
07:3542-45Eugene Omoruyi turnover
07:33Brevin Pritzl steal42-45
07:13Ethan Happ makes layup+244-45
07:13Aaron Moesch assist44-45
06:4744-47+2Corey Sanders makes 2-point jump shot
06:27Aaron Moesch makes layup+246-47
06:27Brevin Pritzl assist46-47
05:5546-47Corey Sanders misses 2-point jump shot
05:5546-47Mamadou Doucoure offensive rebound
05:5446-47Media timeout
05:5446-47Deshawn Freeman substitution in
05:5446-47Candido Sa substitution in
05:5446-47Geo Baker substitution in
05:5446-47Mamadou Doucoure substitution out
05:5446-47Eugene Omoruyi substitution out
05:5446-47Souf Mensah substitution out
05:38Aaron Moesch foul46-47
05:3846-48+1Deshawn Freeman makes free throw
05:3846-49+1Deshawn Freeman makes free throw
05:12Ethan Happ misses layup46-49
05:12Ethan Happ offensive rebound46-49
05:1246-49Candido Sa foul
05:12Ethan Happ misses free throw46-49
05:1246-49Deshawn Freeman defensive rebound
05:1246-49Eugene Omoruyi substitution in
05:1246-49Candido Sa substitution out
04:4746-51+2Geo Baker makes 2-point jump shot
04:30Ethan Happ foul46-51
04:30Ethan Happ turnover46-51
04:0246-51Geo Baker misses 2-point jump shot
04:0246-51Eugene Omoruyi offensive rebound
04:02Brevin Pritzl foul46-51
04:0246-51Eugene Omoruyi misses free throw
04:02Aleem Ford defensive rebound46-51
03:46Brad Davison turnover46-51
03:4546-51Eugene Omoruyi steal
03:4246-53+2Deshawn Freeman makes dunk
03:4246-53Eugene Omoruyi assist
03:33Wisconsin Badgers 30-second timeout46-53
03:3346-53Rutgers Scarlet Knights full timeout
03:33Nate Reuvers substitution in46-53
03:33Aaron Moesch substitution out46-53
03:18Brevin Pritzl misses 3-point jump shot46-53
03:18Aleem Ford offensive rebound46-53
03:1846-53Eugene Omoruyi foul
03:18Aleem Ford makes free throw+147-53
03:18Aleem Ford makes free throw+148-53
03:18Khalil Iverson substitution in48-53
03:18Aleem Ford substitution out48-53
03:0848-53Geo Baker misses layup
03:08Ethan Happ defensive rebound48-53
03:02Khalil Iverson makes dunk+250-53
03:02Ethan Happ assist50-53
02:3350-53Corey Sanders misses 2-point jump shot
02:33Brad Davison defensive rebound50-53
02:1750-53Mike Williams substitution in
02:1750-53Issa Thiam substitution out
02:03Brad Davison makes 3-point jump shot+353-53
01:5753-53Rutgers Scarlet Knights full timeout
01:4353-55+2Corey Sanders makes 2-point jump shot
01:23Brevin Pritzl misses 3-point jump shot53-55
01:23Nate Reuvers offensive rebound53-55
01:21Nate Reuvers misses layup53-55
01:2153-55Mike Williams defensive rebound
00:5453-58+3Corey Sanders makes 3-point jump shot
00:48Brad Davison foul53-58
00:48Brad Davison turnover53-58
00:48Aleem Ford substitution in53-58
00:48Nate Reuvers substitution out53-58
00:4853-58Issa Thiam substitution in
00:4853-58Eugene Omoruyi substitution out
00:47Khalil Iverson foul53-58
00:4753-59+1Corey Sanders makes free throw
00:4753-59Corey Sanders misses free throw
00:47Ethan Happ defensive rebound53-59
00:4753-59Eugene Omoruyi substitution in
00:4753-59Issa Thiam substitution out
00:36Brad Davison makes 2-point jump shot+255-59
00:36Wisconsin Badgers full timeout55-59
00:3655-59Issa Thiam substitution in
00:3655-59Eugene Omoruyi substitution out
00:34Khalil Iverson foul55-59
00:3455-59Mike Williams misses free throw
00:3455-59Rutgers Scarlet Knights deadball rebound
00:3455-60+1Mike Williams makes free throw
00:3455-60Eugene Omoruyi substitution in
00:3455-60Issa Thiam substitution out
00:22Ethan Happ misses layup55-60
00:2255-60Eugene Omoruyi defensive rebound
00:21Brevin Pritzl foul55-60
00:2155-61+1Eugene Omoruyi makes free throw
00:2155-62+1Eugene Omoruyi makes free throw
00:11Brad Davison makes layup+257-62
00:0657-64+2Deshawn Freeman makes dunk
00:0657-64Geo Baker assist
00:01Brevin Pritzl makes 3-point jump shot+360-64
00:01Brad Davison assist60-64

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