Georgia State vs. Massachusetts Box Score, December 20, 2017

Sun Belt Conference and Atlantic 10 Conference Scores — Dec 20, 2017

SJU 77  
UNH 64
GW 68  
APP 53
HAMP 86  
UMASS 63  
STBON 84  
ULM 74  
MSST 64  
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Line Score


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Play-By-Play Table
Time   Georgia State PTS   Score   PTS Massachusetts
19:38Jordan Session turnover0-0
19:360-0Luwane Pipkins steal
19:320-0Malik Hines turnover
19:16Jordan Session makes 2-point jump shot+22-0
19:16Isaiah Williams assist2-0
18:462-2+2Rayshawn Miller makes 2-point jump shot
18:462-2CJ Anderson assist
18:21D'Marcus Simonds makes 2-point jump shot+24-2
18:21Isaiah Williams assist4-2
17:544-5+3Rayshawn Miller makes 3-point jump shot
17:544-5CJ Anderson assist
17:34Jordan Session misses 2-point jump shot4-5
17:344-5Rashaan Holloway defensive rebound
17:254-5Malik Hines turnover
17:23Jordan Session steal4-5
17:19Isaiah Williams turnover4-5
17:094-5CJ Anderson turnover
17:06D'Marcus Simonds steal4-5
17:034-5CJ Anderson foul
16:56D'Marcus Simonds misses 2-point jump shot4-5
16:564-5Rayshawn Miller defensive rebound
16:414-5Rashaan Holloway misses layup
16:41Jordan Session shot block4-5
16:38D'Marcus Simonds defensive rebound4-5
16:28Devin Mitchell misses 3-point jump shot4-5
16:28Isaiah Williams offensive rebound4-5
16:12Devin Mitchell turnover4-5
16:114-5Luwane Pipkins steal
16:074-5Luwane Pipkins misses 3-point jump shot
16:07Malik Benlevi defensive rebound4-5
15:55Malik Benlevi makes 2-point jump shot+26-5
15:55D'Marcus Simonds assist6-5
15:306-8+3Luwane Pipkins makes 3-point jump shot
15:306-8Rayshawn Miller assist
15:08Jordan Session misses 2-point jump shot6-8
15:08Malik Benlevi offensive rebound6-8
15:04Devin Mitchell misses 3-point jump shot6-8
15:04D'Marcus Simonds offensive rebound6-8
15:036-8Luwane Pipkins foul
15:03Media timeout6-8
15:036-8Carl Pierre substitution in
15:036-8Chris Baldwin substitution in
15:036-8Rashaan Holloway substitution out
15:036-8CJ Anderson substitution out
14:53Malik Benlevi misses 3-point jump shot6-8
14:53Jordan Session offensive rebound6-8
14:49Jordan Session misses tip-in shot6-8
14:496-8Malik Hines defensive rebound
14:306-8Luwane Pipkins misses 3-point jump shot
14:306-8Massachusetts Minutemen offensive rebound
14:28Jeff Thomas substitution in6-8
14:28Devin Mitchell substitution out6-8
14:286-8Unique Mclean substitution in
14:286-8Rayshawn Miller substitution out
13:596-10+2Malik Hines makes layup
13:596-10Luwane Pipkins assist
13:39D'Marcus Simonds turnover6-10
13:39Jordan Tyson substitution in6-10
13:39Jordan Session substitution out6-10
13:116-10Luwane Pipkins turnover
12:46Isaiah Williams turnover6-10
12:446-10Unique Mclean steal
12:416-10Unique Mclean misses layup
12:41Jeff Thomas shot block6-10
12:386-10Chris Baldwin offensive rebound
12:346-12+2Chris Baldwin makes layup
12:24Jordan Tyson foul6-12
12:24Jordan Tyson turnover6-12
12:24Devin Mitchell substitution in6-12
12:24Isaiah Williams substitution out6-12
12:246-12CJ Anderson substitution in
12:246-12Luwane Pipkins substitution out
12:146-12Chris Baldwin turnover
11:58Devin Mitchell misses layup6-12
11:586-12Unique Mclean defensive rebound
11:28Jeff Thomas foul6-12
11:286-12Media timeout
11:286-13+1Malik Hines makes free throw
11:286-14+1Malik Hines makes free throw
11:28Kane Williams substitution in6-14
11:28Malik Benlevi substitution out6-14
11:286-14Rayshawn Miller substitution in
11:286-14Malik Hines substitution out
11:046-14Chris Baldwin foul
11:04D'Marcus Simonds misses free throw6-14
11:04Georgia State Panthers deadball rebound6-14
11:04D'Marcus Simonds makes free throw+17-14
11:04Malik Benlevi substitution in7-14
11:04D'Marcus Simonds substitution out7-14
10:377-14CJ Anderson turnover
10:177-14Rayshawn Miller foul
10:177-14Luwane Pipkins substitution in
10:177-14Rayshawn Miller substitution out
10:04Jeff Thomas makes 3-point jump shot+310-14
10:04Kane Williams assist10-14
09:4110-14Carl Pierre misses 3-point jump shot
09:4110-14Chris Baldwin offensive rebound
09:3610-17+3Chris Baldwin makes 3-point jump shot
09:3610-17Luwane Pipkins assist
09:14Jeff Thomas misses 2-point jump shot10-17
09:1410-17Massachusetts Minutemen defensive rebound
09:12D'Marcus Simonds substitution in10-17
09:12Jordan Session substitution in10-17
09:12Jordan Tyson substitution out10-17
09:12Kane Williams substitution out10-17
09:1210-17Rashaan Holloway substitution in
09:1210-17Unique Mclean substitution out
08:5110-17Luwane Pipkins misses layup
08:51Jeff Thomas defensive rebound10-17
08:36D'Marcus Simonds misses layup10-17
08:3610-17Rashaan Holloway shot block
08:36Georgia State Panthers offensive rebound10-17
08:3610-17Unique Mclean substitution in
08:3610-17CJ Anderson substitution out
08:34Jeff Thomas makes 3-point jump shot+313-17
08:34Devin Mitchell assist13-17
08:0813-17Luwane Pipkins misses layup
08:08Devin Mitchell defensive rebound13-17
07:51Jordan Session turnover13-17
07:5113-17Media timeout
07:5113-17Malik Hines substitution in
07:5113-17CJ Anderson substitution in
07:5113-17Unique Mclean substitution out
07:5113-17Chris Baldwin substitution out
07:3713-20+3Luwane Pipkins makes 3-point jump shot
07:3713-20CJ Anderson assist
07:14Devin Mitchell turnover13-20
07:14Isaiah Williams substitution in13-20
07:14Devin Mitchell substitution out13-20
06:5313-20Carl Pierre turnover
06:51Malik Benlevi steal13-20
06:45D'Marcus Simonds misses 2-point jump shot13-20
06:4513-20Massachusetts Minutemen defensive rebound
06:2113-20Malik Hines turnover
06:19Jeff Thomas steal13-20
06:15D'Marcus Simonds makes layup+215-20
06:15Jeff Thomas assist15-20
06:06D'Marcus Simonds foul15-20
06:0615-20Rayshawn Miller substitution in
06:0615-20Carl Pierre substitution out
05:5015-20Rashaan Holloway misses layup
05:50Malik Benlevi defensive rebound15-20
05:42D'Marcus Simonds misses layup15-20
05:4215-20Rashaan Holloway shot block
05:42Georgia State Panthers offensive rebound15-20
05:34D'Marcus Simonds turnover15-20
05:0815-20Luwane Pipkins turnover
05:06Jordan Session steal15-20
04:59Isaiah Williams makes 3-point jump shot+318-20
04:59Malik Benlevi assist18-20
04:5618-20Massachusetts Minutemen 30-second timeout
04:5618-20Chris Baldwin substitution in
04:5618-20Malik Hines substitution out
04:4218-23+3Luwane Pipkins makes 3-point jump shot
04:4218-23Chris Baldwin assist
04:24Isaiah Williams makes 3-point jump shot+321-23
04:24Jordan Session assist21-23
04:1421-25+2Rayshawn Miller makes 2-point jump shot
04:1421-25CJ Anderson assist
04:03D'Marcus Simonds misses layup21-25
04:03D'Marcus Simonds offensive rebound21-25
04:00D'Marcus Simonds makes layup+223-25
03:2923-25Chris Baldwin misses 3-point jump shot
03:29Georgia State Panthers deadball rebound23-25
03:2023-25Rashaan Holloway foul
03:20Georgia State Panthers full timeout23-25
03:2023-25Carl Pierre substitution in
03:2023-25Unique Mclean substitution in
03:2023-25Rayshawn Miller substitution out
03:2023-25Rashaan Holloway substitution out
03:00Isaiah Williams misses 3-point jump shot23-25
03:0023-25Unique Mclean defensive rebound
02:3523-25CJ Anderson misses layup
02:3523-25Chris Baldwin offensive rebound
02:3123-25Chris Baldwin misses layup
02:31Jordan Session defensive rebound23-25
02:24Isaiah Williams misses 2-point jump shot23-25
02:2423-25Unique Mclean defensive rebound
02:1623-25Luwane Pipkins misses 3-point jump shot
02:1623-25Unique Mclean offensive rebound
02:1023-25CJ Anderson misses 3-point jump shot
02:10Isaiah Williams defensive rebound23-25
02:00Jordan Session misses layup23-25
02:0023-25Unique Mclean shot block
01:5823-25Chris Baldwin defensive rebound
01:5523-25Luwane Pipkins misses layup
01:55D'Marcus Simonds shot block23-25
01:5523-25Massachusetts Minutemen offensive rebound
01:55Jordan Tyson substitution in23-25
01:55Devin Mitchell substitution in23-25
01:55Isaiah Williams substitution out23-25
01:55Jordan Session substitution out23-25
01:4223-25Chris Baldwin turnover
01:39Devin Mitchell steal23-25
01:32D'Marcus Simonds makes 3-point jump shot+326-25
01:32Devin Mitchell assist26-25
01:0526-25Carl Pierre misses 3-point jump shot
01:05Malik Benlevi defensive rebound26-25
00:54Georgia State Panthers 30-second timeout26-25
00:41Jeff Thomas misses 3-point jump shot26-25
00:41Jordan Tyson offensive rebound26-25
00:36Jordan Tyson turnover26-25
00:3526-25Unique Mclean steal
00:26Jordan Tyson foul26-25
00:1126-28+3Carl Pierre makes 3-point jump shot
00:1126-28CJ Anderson assist
00:01Isaiah Williams substitution in26-28
00:01Jordan Tyson substitution out26-28
00:0126-28Malik Hines substitution in
00:0126-28Chris Baldwin substitution out
00:00D'Marcus Simonds makes layup+228-28
00:00Devin Mitchell assist28-28
Time   Georgia State PTS   Score   PTS Massachusetts
20:00Jeff Thomas substitution in28-28
20:00Isaiah Williams substitution out28-28
19:5028-28Luwane Pipkins misses 3-point jump shot
19:5028-28Malik Hines offensive rebound
19:4528-30+2Rashaan Holloway makes layup
19:4528-30Malik Hines assist
19:19Jordan Session turnover28-30
19:05Jordan Session foul28-30
18:5028-32+2Rashaan Holloway makes layup
18:5028-32Malik Hines assist
18:21Devin Mitchell misses 2-point jump shot28-32
18:2128-32Rashaan Holloway defensive rebound
18:0928-32Malik Hines misses layup
18:09D'Marcus Simonds defensive rebound28-32
18:08Jordan Tyson substitution in28-32
18:08Jordan Session substitution out28-32
17:42Devin Mitchell misses 2-point jump shot28-32
17:42Jeff Thomas offensive rebound28-32
17:33Devin Mitchell misses 3-point jump shot28-32
17:3328-32Malik Hines defensive rebound
17:1328-32CJ Anderson turnover
17:12D'Marcus Simonds steal28-32
17:09D'Marcus Simonds makes dunk+230-32
16:3830-32CJ Anderson misses 2-point jump shot
16:38Devin Mitchell shot block30-32
16:3630-32Rashaan Holloway offensive rebound
16:3430-34+2Rashaan Holloway makes layup
16:2230-34Rashaan Holloway foul
16:22Isaiah Williams substitution in30-34
16:22Devin Mitchell substitution out30-34
16:2230-34Chris Baldwin substitution in
16:2230-34Rashaan Holloway substitution out
16:09Jeff Thomas misses layup30-34
16:0930-34Malik Hines defensive rebound
16:0230-34CJ Anderson misses 3-point jump shot
16:02Jordan Tyson defensive rebound30-34
15:54Jeff Thomas makes 3-point jump shot+333-34
15:54D'Marcus Simonds assist33-34
15:3133-34Malik Hines foul
15:3133-34Malik Hines turnover
15:31Media timeout33-34
15:3133-34Unique Mclean substitution in
15:3133-34Malik Hines substitution out
15:22D'Marcus Simonds misses layup33-34
15:2233-34Chris Baldwin shot block
15:1933-34Chris Baldwin defensive rebound
14:5533-34Chris Baldwin misses 2-point jump shot
14:5533-34Unique Mclean offensive rebound
14:5133-34Unique Mclean misses tip-in shot
14:5133-34Unique Mclean offensive rebound
14:2533-37+3Luwane Pipkins makes 3-point jump shot
14:2533-37Unique Mclean assist
13:5933-37Luwane Pipkins foul
13:59D'Marcus Simonds misses layup33-37
13:59Georgia State Panthers deadball rebound33-37
13:5933-37Unique Mclean foul
13:59Kane Williams substitution in33-37
13:35D'Marcus Simonds makes 3-point jump shot+336-37
13:35Malik Benlevi assist36-37
13:13Jordan Tyson foul36-37
13:1336-38+1Rashaan Holloway makes free throw
13:1336-38Rashaan Holloway misses free throw
13:1336-38Chris Baldwin offensive rebound
13:1336-38Carl Pierre substitution in
13:1336-38Rashaan Holloway substitution in
13:1336-38Luwane Pipkins substitution out
13:1336-38Rayshawn Miller substitution out
13:10Jordan Tyson foul36-38
13:07Jordan Session substitution in36-38
13:07Jordan Tyson substitution out36-38
12:59D'Marcus Simonds foul36-38
12:4436-38CJ Anderson misses layup
12:44Jordan Session defensive rebound36-38
12:4336-38Rashaan Holloway foul
12:4336-38Malik Hines substitution in
12:4336-38Rashaan Holloway substitution out
12:30Malik Benlevi makes 3-point jump shot+339-38
12:30Isaiah Williams assist39-38
12:0339-40+2Malik Hines makes layup
12:0339-40Chris Baldwin assist
11:39Malik Benlevi misses 2-point jump shot39-40
11:3939-40Massachusetts Minutemen defensive rebound
11:3939-40Massachusetts Minutemen full timeout
11:39Devin Mitchell substitution in39-40
11:39Malik Benlevi substitution out39-40
11:3939-40Rayshawn Miller substitution in
11:3939-40Luwane Pipkins substitution in
11:3939-40Unique Mclean substitution out
11:3939-40CJ Anderson substitution out
11:12Jordan Session foul39-40
11:1239-41+1Luwane Pipkins makes free throw
11:1239-42+1Luwane Pipkins makes free throw
11:1239-42CJ Anderson substitution in
11:1239-42Chris Baldwin substitution out
11:00D'Marcus Simonds misses 3-point jump shot39-42
11:0039-42Massachusetts Minutemen deadball rebound
10:58Jordan Session foul39-42
10:4239-42Luwane Pipkins turnover
10:29Jordan Session misses 2-point jump shot39-42
10:2939-42Luwane Pipkins defensive rebound
10:1739-45+3Rayshawn Miller makes 3-point jump shot
10:1739-45CJ Anderson assist
09:43Jordan Session misses layup39-45
09:4339-45Malik Hines shot block
09:42D'Marcus Simonds offensive rebound39-45
09:42D'Marcus Simonds makes 2-point jump shot+241-45
09:4241-45Malik Hines foul
09:42D'Marcus Simonds makes free throw+142-45
09:42Malik Benlevi substitution in42-45
09:42Jordan Session substitution out42-45
09:4242-45Chris Baldwin substitution in
09:4242-45Malik Hines substitution out
09:2942-47+2Chris Baldwin makes layup
09:2942-47Luwane Pipkins assist
09:15Devin Mitchell makes layup+244-47
09:15Malik Benlevi assist44-47
08:5044-50+3Carl Pierre makes 3-point jump shot
08:5044-50Luwane Pipkins assist
08:35Jeff Thomas makes 3-point jump shot+347-50
08:35Malik Benlevi assist47-50
08:35Georgia State Panthers 30-second timeout47-50
08:1047-50Luwane Pipkins misses 3-point jump shot
08:10D'Marcus Simonds defensive rebound47-50
07:57Isaiah Williams misses 3-point jump shot47-50
07:57D'Marcus Simonds offensive rebound47-50
07:53D'Marcus Simonds misses layup47-50
07:5347-50Chris Baldwin defensive rebound
07:4647-53+3Carl Pierre makes 3-point jump shot
07:4647-53Luwane Pipkins assist
07:31Malik Benlevi makes 3-point jump shot+350-53
07:31Isaiah Williams assist50-53
07:1950-53Carl Pierre misses 3-point jump shot
07:19D'Marcus Simonds defensive rebound50-53
07:0750-53Chris Baldwin foul
07:07Georgia State Panthers full timeout50-53
07:07Malik Benlevi makes free throw+151-53
07:07Malik Benlevi makes free throw+152-53
07:07Jordan Session substitution in52-53
07:07D'Marcus Simonds substitution out52-53
07:0752-53Rashaan Holloway substitution in
07:0752-53Chris Baldwin substitution out
06:4152-53Luwane Pipkins misses 2-point jump shot
06:41Isaiah Williams defensive rebound52-53
06:33Jeff Thomas misses 3-point jump shot52-53
06:3352-53Unique Mclean defensive rebound
06:2752-55+2Carl Pierre makes layup
06:2752-55Unique Mclean assist
06:09Devin Mitchell makes 3-point jump shot+355-55
05:4255-55Unique Mclean misses 3-point jump shot
05:42Malik Benlevi defensive rebound55-55
05:19Malik Benlevi misses 2-point jump shot55-55
05:1955-55Massachusetts Minutemen deadball rebound
05:17Jordan Session foul55-55
05:1755-56+1CJ Anderson makes free throw
05:1755-57+1CJ Anderson makes free throw
05:17D'Marcus Simonds substitution in55-57
05:17Jeff Thomas substitution out55-57
05:1755-57Chris Baldwin substitution in
05:1755-57Rashaan Holloway substitution out
05:01Isaiah Williams misses 2-point jump shot55-57
05:0155-57Luwane Pipkins defensive rebound
04:5655-57Luwane Pipkins misses layup
04:56Jordan Session defensive rebound55-57
04:50Isaiah Williams turnover55-57
04:49Isaiah Williams substitution out55-57
04:4955-57Rashaan Holloway substitution in
04:4955-57Chris Baldwin substitution out
04:2755-57Rayshawn Miller misses 3-point jump shot
04:2755-57Rashaan Holloway offensive rebound
04:25D'Marcus Simonds foul55-57
04:2555-57Rashaan Holloway misses free throw
04:25Jordan Session defensive rebound55-57
04:06D'Marcus Simonds makes 3-point jump shot+358-57
04:06Jordan Session assist58-57
03:4058-57Luwane Pipkins turnover
03:37Malik Benlevi steal58-57
03:17Devin Mitchell makes 3-point jump shot+361-57
03:17Jordan Session assist61-57
03:1661-57Massachusetts Minutemen 30-second timeout
03:0361-59+2CJ Anderson makes 2-point jump shot
02:34Devin Mitchell makes 3-point jump shot+364-59
02:34D'Marcus Simonds assist64-59
02:1164-59CJ Anderson misses 3-point jump shot
02:1164-59Rashaan Holloway offensive rebound
02:11Jordan Session foul64-59
02:1164-60+1Rashaan Holloway makes free throw
02:1164-60Rashaan Holloway misses free throw
02:11D'Marcus Simonds defensive rebound64-60
02:11Jeff Thomas substitution in64-60
02:11Jordan Session substitution out64-60
01:43Devin Mitchell makes 3-point jump shot+367-60
01:3467-60Rashaan Holloway foul
01:3467-60Rashaan Holloway turnover
01:33Isaiah Williams substitution in67-60
01:33Kane Williams substitution out67-60
01:3367-60Chris Baldwin substitution in
01:3367-60Unique Mclean substitution in
01:3367-60Carl Pierre substitution out
01:3367-60Rashaan Holloway substitution out
01:02Malik Benlevi makes 3-point jump shot+370-60
01:02Isaiah Williams assist70-60
00:50Jordan Tyson substitution in70-60
00:50Isaiah Williams substitution out70-60
00:5070-60Carl Pierre substitution in
00:5070-60Unique Mclean substitution out
00:4570-60Luwane Pipkins misses 3-point jump shot
00:4570-60CJ Anderson offensive rebound
00:4170-63+3Carl Pierre makes 3-point jump shot
00:4170-63Rayshawn Miller assist
00:4170-63Massachusetts Minutemen 30-second timeout
00:41Isaiah Williams substitution in70-63
00:41Jordan Tyson substitution out70-63
00:4170-63Unique Mclean substitution in
00:4170-63Rayshawn Miller substitution out
00:3370-63Chris Baldwin foul
00:33Jordan Tyson substitution in70-63
00:33Isaiah Williams substitution out70-63
00:3370-63Rayshawn Miller substitution in
00:3370-63Unique Mclean substitution out
00:2170-63Carl Pierre misses 3-point jump shot
00:21Malik Benlevi defensive rebound70-63
00:2170-63Carl Pierre foul
00:21D'Marcus Simonds makes free throw+171-63
00:21D'Marcus Simonds misses free throw71-63
00:2171-63CJ Anderson defensive rebound
00:1271-63Carl Pierre misses 3-point jump shot
00:1271-63Rayshawn Miller offensive rebound
00:0571-63Chris Baldwin misses 3-point jump shot
00:05Devin Mitchell defensive rebound71-63

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