South Carolina State vs. College of Charleston Box Score, December 19, 2017

Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference and Colonial Athletic Association Scores — Dec 19, 2017

CANI 67  
COC 80  
DSU 68
PITT 74  
SAV 47
UVA (13)  78  
SIU 102  
WASH 106  
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Line Score


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Play-By-Play Table
Time   South Carolina State PTS   Score   PTS College of Charleston
19:450-2+2Nick Harris makes layup
19:22Justin Jones misses 2-point jump shot0-2
19:220-2Jaylen Mcmanus defensive rebound
19:000-5+3Cameron Johnson makes 3-point jump shot
19:000-5Jaylen Mcmanus assist
18:38Donte Wright misses 3-point jump shot0-5
18:380-5Nick Harris defensive rebound
18:370-5Cameron Johnson shot block
18:310-7+2Joe Chealey makes layup
18:09Janai Rayner-Powell makes 2-point jump shot+22-7
17:482-7Jaylen Mcmanus misses 2-point jump shot
17:48Donte Wright defensive rebound2-7
17:36Janai Rayner-Powell misses 3-point jump shot2-7
17:362-7College of Charleston Cougars defensive rebound
17:192-10+3Grant Riller makes 3-point jump shot
17:192-10Joe Chealey assist
16:46David Bottenberg makes 2-point jump shot+24-10
16:46Justin Jones assist4-10
16:254-13+3Cameron Johnson makes 3-point jump shot
16:254-13Jaylen Mcmanus assist
16:164-13Marquise Pointer substitution in
16:164-13Evan Bailey substitution in
16:164-13Jaylen Mcmanus substitution out
16:164-13Grant Riller substitution out
16:144-13Joe Chealey foul
16:14Justin Jones misses free throw4-13
16:14South Carolina State Bulldogs deadball rebound4-13
16:14Justin Jones makes free throw+15-13
16:14Damani Applewhite substitution in5-13
16:14Ian Kinard substitution out5-13
16:025-13Evan Bailey misses 3-point jump shot
16:02Ian Kinard defensive rebound5-13
15:50Justin Jones misses 2-point jump shot5-13
15:505-13College of Charleston Cougars defensive rebound
15:475-13Media timeout
15:47Ian Kinard substitution in5-13
15:47David Bottenberg substitution out5-13
15:475-13Grant Riller substitution in
15:475-13Joe Chealey substitution out
15:38Ian Kinard foul5-13
15:385-14+1Grant Riller makes free throw
15:385-15+1Grant Riller makes free throw
15:38Patrell Rogers substitution in5-15
15:38James Richardson substitution in5-15
15:38David Bottenberg substitution in5-15
15:38Rayshawn Neal substitution in5-15
15:38Donte Wright substitution out5-15
15:38Janai Rayner-Powell substitution out5-15
15:38Justin Jones substitution out5-15
15:38Ian Kinard substitution out5-15
15:13Rayshawn Neal turnover5-15
15:135-15Cameron Johnson steal
15:135-15Cameron Johnson turnover
15:08Patrell Rogers turnover5-15
15:005-15Grant Riller misses layup
15:00Patrell Rogers defensive rebound5-15
14:54Patrell Rogers turnover5-15
14:535-15Nick Harris steal
14:53David Bottenberg foul5-15
14:535-15Joe Chealey substitution in
14:535-15Osinachi Smart substitution in
14:535-15Nick Harris substitution out
14:535-15Cameron Johnson substitution out
14:365-15Evan Bailey misses 2-point jump shot
14:36Patrell Rogers defensive rebound5-15
14:30Rayshawn Neal makes 2-point jump shot+27-15
14:08James Richardson foul7-15
14:087-15Grant Riller misses free throw
14:087-15College of Charleston Cougars deadball rebound
14:087-16+1Grant Riller makes free throw
14:087-16Jarrell Brantley substitution in
14:087-16Evan Bailey substitution out
13:55James Richardson misses 2-point jump shot7-16
13:55David Bottenberg offensive rebound7-16
13:39Patrell Rogers makes 3-point jump shot+310-16
13:1310-18+2Jarrell Brantley makes layup
12:54Patrell Rogers misses 3-point jump shot10-18
12:54David Bottenberg offensive rebound10-18
12:32Damani Applewhite makes 2-point jump shot+212-18
12:1512-18Jarrell Brantley misses 3-point jump shot
12:15Rayshawn Neal defensive rebound12-18
12:05James Richardson misses 2-point jump shot12-18
12:0512-18Jarrell Brantley defensive rebound
11:5912-20+2Grant Riller makes dunk
11:5912-20Jarrell Brantley assist
11:39Patrell Rogers turnover12-20
11:3812-20Grant Riller steal
11:3412-22+2Grant Riller makes dunk
11:3412-22Jarrell Brantley assist
11:32South Carolina State Bulldogs 30-second timeout12-22
11:32Media timeout12-22
11:32Justin Jones substitution in12-22
11:32Donte Wright substitution in12-22
11:32Patrell Rogers substitution out12-22
11:32James Richardson substitution out12-22
11:3212-22Nick Harris substitution in
11:3212-22Jaylen Mcmanus substitution in
11:3212-22Cameron Johnson substitution in
11:3212-22Grant Riller substitution out
11:3212-22Marquise Pointer substitution out
11:3212-22Osinachi Smart substitution out
11:19Damani Applewhite misses 2-point jump shot12-22
11:1912-22Jarrell Brantley defensive rebound
11:05Rayshawn Neal foul12-22
10:4812-22Joe Chealey misses 3-point jump shot
10:48Justin Jones defensive rebound12-22
10:32David Bottenberg misses 2-point jump shot12-22
10:3212-22Jarrell Brantley defensive rebound
10:2212-22Jaylen Mcmanus misses 3-point jump shot
10:22Donte Wright defensive rebound12-22
10:02Donte Wright foul12-22
10:02Donte Wright turnover12-22
10:02Ian Kinard substitution in12-22
10:02Janai Rayner-Powell substitution in12-22
10:02Rayshawn Neal substitution out12-22
10:02David Bottenberg substitution out12-22
09:4512-22Nick Harris misses 2-point jump shot
09:45Ian Kinard defensive rebound12-22
09:37Janai Rayner-Powell turnover12-22
09:3712-22Jarrell Brantley steal
09:37Damani Applewhite foul12-22
09:2712-22Joe Chealey turnover
09:26Justin Jones steal12-22
09:12Donte Wright makes 3-point jump shot+315-22
09:12Janai Rayner-Powell assist15-22
08:5015-22Cameron Johnson misses 3-point jump shot
08:50South Carolina State Bulldogs defensive rebound15-22
08:4815-22Nick Harris foul
08:4815-22Grant Riller substitution in
08:4815-22Evan Bailey substitution in
08:4815-22Jaylen Mcmanus substitution out
08:4815-22Jarrell Brantley substitution out
08:3715-22Cameron Johnson foul
08:34Ian Kinard misses 2-point jump shot15-22
08:34Ian Kinard offensive rebound15-22
08:31Ian Kinard misses layup15-22
08:3115-22Joe Chealey defensive rebound
08:2315-22Joe Chealey misses layup
08:23Ian Kinard shot block15-22
08:2215-22Grant Riller offensive rebound
08:0015-22Nick Harris misses 2-point jump shot
08:00Damani Applewhite defensive rebound15-22
07:47Justin Jones misses 2-point jump shot15-22
07:4715-22Nick Harris defensive rebound
07:37Donte Wright foul15-22
07:3715-22Media timeout
07:3715-22Joe Chealey misses free throw
07:37Damani Applewhite defensive rebound15-22
07:37James Richardson substitution in15-22
07:37Donte Wright substitution out15-22
07:30Damani Applewhite misses 2-point jump shot15-22
07:3015-22Joe Chealey defensive rebound
07:1615-24+2Evan Bailey makes 2-point jump shot
07:16Ian Kinard foul15-24
07:1615-25+1Evan Bailey makes free throw
07:02Damani Applewhite makes 2-point jump shot+217-25
07:02Justin Jones assist17-25
06:4317-28+3Evan Bailey makes 3-point jump shot
06:4317-28Joe Chealey assist
06:13Damani Applewhite misses 2-point jump shot17-28
06:1317-28Evan Bailey defensive rebound
06:0717-28Cameron Johnson misses layup
06:07Damani Applewhite shot block17-28
06:06Justin Jones defensive rebound17-28
06:02James Richardson misses 3-point jump shot17-28
06:0217-28Cameron Johnson defensive rebound
05:4417-28Joe Chealey misses 2-point jump shot
05:44Damani Applewhite defensive rebound17-28
05:29Damani Applewhite makes 2-point jump shot+219-28
05:29Janai Rayner-Powell assist19-28
05:1019-28Grant Riller misses 2-point jump shot
05:10Ian Kinard defensive rebound19-28
04:52David Bottenberg substitution in19-28
04:52Patrell Rogers substitution in19-28
04:52Damani Applewhite substitution out19-28
04:52Ian Kinard substitution out19-28
04:5219-28Jaylen Mcmanus substitution in
04:5219-28Jarrell Brantley substitution in
04:5219-28Marquise Pointer substitution in
04:5219-28Joe Chealey substitution out
04:5219-28Nick Harris substitution out
04:5219-28Evan Bailey substitution out
04:40Justin Jones misses 3-point jump shot19-28
04:40David Bottenberg offensive rebound19-28
04:34Janai Rayner-Powell makes layup+221-28
04:1521-28Grant Riller turnover
04:14James Richardson steal21-28
04:09Justin Jones turnover21-28
04:0821-28Jaylen Mcmanus steal
04:06Justin Jones foul21-28
04:0621-29+1Jaylen Mcmanus makes free throw
04:0621-30+1Jaylen Mcmanus makes free throw
04:06Rayshawn Neal substitution in21-30
04:06Justin Jones substitution out21-30
03:43Janai Rayner-Powell misses 2-point jump shot21-30
03:4321-30Marquise Pointer defensive rebound
03:33Patrell Rogers foul21-30
03:3321-30Media timeout
03:3321-31+1Jarrell Brantley makes free throw
03:3321-32+1Jarrell Brantley makes free throw
03:33Donte Wright substitution in21-32
03:33Patrell Rogers substitution out21-32
03:3321-32Joe Chealey substitution in
03:3321-32Grant Riller substitution out
03:32Patrell Rogers turnover21-32
03:2021-32Jarrell Brantley misses 2-point jump shot
03:20David Bottenberg defensive rebound21-32
02:5721-32Jarrell Brantley foul
02:57Patrell Rogers makes free throw+122-32
02:57Patrell Rogers makes free throw+123-32
02:57Damani Applewhite substitution in23-32
02:57Janai Rayner-Powell substitution out23-32
02:4523-32Joe Chealey turnover
02:44Rayshawn Neal steal23-32
02:40James Richardson turnover23-32
02:2323-32Joe Chealey misses 3-point jump shot
02:2323-32Joe Chealey offensive rebound
02:22James Richardson shot block23-32
02:1723-32Cameron Johnson misses 3-point jump shot
02:1723-32College of Charleston Cougars offensive rebound
02:1123-32Jaylen Mcmanus turnover
02:0123-32Nick Harris substitution in
02:0123-32Jaylen Mcmanus substitution out
01:44Patrell Rogers misses layup23-32
01:4423-32Jarrell Brantley defensive rebound
01:40Rayshawn Neal foul23-32
01:4023-32Marquise Pointer misses free throw
01:4023-32College of Charleston Cougars deadball rebound
01:4023-33+1Marquise Pointer makes free throw
01:40Janai Rayner-Powell substitution in23-33
01:40Rayshawn Neal substitution out23-33
01:19Patrell Rogers misses 2-point jump shot23-33
01:1923-33Joe Chealey defensive rebound
01:0923-35+2Nick Harris makes dunk
01:0923-35Marquise Pointer assist
00:49Patrell Rogers misses 2-point jump shot23-35
00:4923-35Jarrell Brantley defensive rebound
00:32Justin Jones substitution in23-35
00:32Patrell Rogers substitution in23-35
00:2423-35Jarrell Brantley turnover
00:17James Richardson turnover23-35
00:16James Richardson steal23-35
00:15David Bottenberg makes 2-point jump shot+225-35
00:1525-35College of Charleston Cougars 30-second timeout
00:15Donte Wright substitution out25-35
00:15Damani Applewhite substitution out25-35
00:0125-35Joe Chealey misses 3-point jump shot
00:0125-35Marquise Pointer offensive rebound
Time   South Carolina State PTS   Score   PTS College of Charleston
20:00Damani Applewhite substitution in25-35
20:00Ian Kinard substitution out25-35
19:34Damani Applewhite misses 2-point jump shot25-35
19:3425-35College of Charleston Cougars defensive rebound
19:2125-35Joe Chealey misses 3-point jump shot
19:2125-35Nick Harris offensive rebound
19:1725-35Nick Harris misses tip-in shot
19:1725-35Nick Harris offensive rebound
19:1425-37+2Nick Harris makes layup
18:53Janai Rayner-Powell makes 2-point jump shot+227-37
18:2727-40+3Grant Riller makes 3-point jump shot
18:2727-40Joe Chealey assist
18:06Damani Applewhite misses 2-point jump shot27-40
18:0627-40Nick Harris defensive rebound
17:5427-40Jaylen Mcmanus misses 3-point jump shot
17:54Donte Wright defensive rebound27-40
17:44Donte Wright misses 3-point jump shot27-40
17:44Janai Rayner-Powell offensive rebound27-40
17:36Janai Rayner-Powell makes layup+229-40
17:2129-40Joe Chealey misses 3-point jump shot
17:2129-40Nick Harris offensive rebound
17:1729-40Grant Riller misses 3-point jump shot
17:17David Bottenberg defensive rebound29-40
16:58Justin Jones misses 3-point jump shot29-40
16:5829-40Cameron Johnson defensive rebound
16:4629-40Grant Riller turnover
16:32Justin Jones makes 3-point jump shot+332-40
16:32Janai Rayner-Powell assist32-40
16:2132-40Cameron Johnson turnover
16:20Justin Jones steal32-40
16:18Justin Jones misses layup32-40
16:1832-40Joe Chealey defensive rebound
16:0532-40Grant Riller misses 2-point jump shot
16:05Janai Rayner-Powell defensive rebound32-40
15:44David Bottenberg misses 2-point jump shot32-40
15:4432-40Nick Harris defensive rebound
15:34Janai Rayner-Powell foul32-40
15:3432-40Media timeout
15:3432-40Jarrell Brantley substitution in
15:3432-40Jaylen Mcmanus substitution out
15:2532-42+2Grant Riller makes layup
15:11Janai Rayner-Powell misses 3-point jump shot32-42
15:1132-42Joe Chealey defensive rebound
15:0132-42Joe Chealey misses 3-point jump shot
15:01Donte Wright defensive rebound32-42
14:5332-42Joe Chealey foul
14:53James Richardson substitution in32-42
14:53Ian Kinard substitution in32-42
14:53Justin Jones substitution out32-42
14:53David Bottenberg substitution out32-42
14:52Ian Kinard misses layup32-42
14:52Ian Kinard offensive rebound32-42
14:5032-42Joe Chealey foul
14:50Ian Kinard makes free throw+133-42
14:50Ian Kinard makes free throw+134-42
14:5034-42Marquise Pointer substitution in
14:5034-42Joe Chealey substitution out
14:2834-44+2Grant Riller makes 2-point jump shot
14:2834-44Jarrell Brantley assist
14:18Donte Wright makes 3-point jump shot+337-44
14:18Ian Kinard assist37-44
13:59Damani Applewhite foul37-44
13:52James Richardson foul37-44
13:5237-45+1Nick Harris makes free throw
13:5237-45Nick Harris misses free throw
13:52Janai Rayner-Powell defensive rebound37-45
13:46Janai Rayner-Powell misses layup37-45
13:4637-45Nick Harris shot block
13:4537-45Jarrell Brantley defensive rebound
13:4037-47+2Grant Riller makes layup
13:4037-47Jarrell Brantley assist
13:27Donte Wright misses 3-point jump shot37-47
13:2737-47Marquise Pointer defensive rebound
13:1837-47Cameron Johnson misses 3-point jump shot
13:18Janai Rayner-Powell defensive rebound37-47
12:58Damani Applewhite misses 2-point jump shot37-47
12:5837-47Jarrell Brantley defensive rebound
12:56Ian Kinard foul37-47
12:56David Bottenberg substitution in37-47
12:56Ian Kinard substitution out37-47
12:4237-47Nick Harris foul
12:4237-47Nick Harris turnover
12:30Damani Applewhite makes dunk+239-47
12:30Janai Rayner-Powell assist39-47
12:0739-49+2Jarrell Brantley makes layup
11:48Damani Applewhite misses layup39-49
11:4839-49Nick Harris defensive rebound
11:4039-51+2Jarrell Brantley makes layup
11:32South Carolina State Bulldogs 30-second timeout39-51
11:32Media timeout39-51
11:3239-51Osinachi Smart substitution in
11:3239-51Nick Harris substitution out
11:16Donte Wright makes 3-point jump shot+342-51
11:16James Richardson assist42-51
10:5342-54+3Grant Riller makes 3-point jump shot
10:5342-54Cameron Johnson assist
10:3642-54Grant Riller foul
10:36Media timeout42-54
10:36James Richardson makes free throw+143-54
10:36James Richardson makes free throw+144-54
10:36James Richardson makes free throw+145-54
10:36Patrell Rogers substitution in45-54
10:36Ian Kinard substitution in45-54
10:36Dwayne Banks substitution in45-54
10:35James Richardson substitution out45-54
10:35Damani Applewhite substitution out45-54
10:35Donte Wright substitution out45-54
10:35David Bottenberg substitution out45-54
10:35Janai Rayner-Powell substitution out45-54
10:3445-54Jarrell Brantley turnover
10:26Donte Wright misses 3-point jump shot45-54
10:2645-54College of Charleston Cougars defensive rebound
10:2245-54Joe Chealey substitution in
10:2245-54Marquise Pointer substitution out
10:0045-57+3Grant Riller makes 3-point jump shot
10:0045-57Cameron Johnson assist
09:40Patrell Rogers makes layup+247-57
09:2447-57Jarrell Brantley foul
09:2447-57Jarrell Brantley turnover
09:2447-57Nick Harris substitution in
09:2447-57Jaylen Mcmanus substitution in
09:2447-57Jarrell Brantley substitution out
09:2447-57Osinachi Smart substitution out
09:04Patrell Rogers turnover47-57
09:0347-57Joe Chealey steal
09:0047-59+2Grant Riller makes layup
09:0047-59Joe Chealey assist
08:47Dwayne Banks makes 3-point jump shot+350-59
08:47Donte Wright assist50-59
08:4250-59Jaylen Mcmanus turnover
08:41Dwayne Banks turnover50-59
08:2750-62+3Jaylen Mcmanus makes 3-point jump shot
08:2750-62Joe Chealey assist
08:13Ian Kinard misses 2-point jump shot50-62
08:1350-62Cameron Johnson defensive rebound
07:5950-64+2Nick Harris makes dunk
07:5950-64Joe Chealey assist
07:51Donte Wright makes 3-point jump shot+353-64
07:51Dwayne Banks assist53-64
07:38Patrell Rogers foul53-64
07:3853-64Media timeout
07:3853-64Marquise Pointer substitution in
07:3853-64Cameron Johnson substitution out
07:2253-64Jaylen Mcmanus misses 3-point jump shot
07:22James Richardson defensive rebound53-64
07:14Patrell Rogers misses 3-point jump shot53-64
07:1453-64Grant Riller defensive rebound
07:0753-64Grant Riller misses 3-point jump shot
07:07Ian Kinard defensive rebound53-64
06:55Patrell Rogers misses 2-point jump shot53-64
06:5553-64Jaylen Mcmanus shot block
06:5453-64Nick Harris defensive rebound
06:4453-67+3Jaylen Mcmanus makes 3-point jump shot
06:4453-67Marquise Pointer assist
06:2353-67Nick Harris foul
06:23Ian Kinard misses free throw53-67
06:23South Carolina State Bulldogs deadball rebound53-67
06:23Ian Kinard makes free throw+154-67
06:23Janai Rayner-Powell substitution in54-67
06:23Justin Jones substitution in54-67
06:23Patrell Rogers substitution out54-67
06:23Dwayne Banks substitution out54-67
06:0554-67Nick Harris misses layup
06:0554-67Nick Harris offensive rebound
06:00Ian Kinard foul54-67
06:0054-67Jaylen Mcmanus misses free throw
06:0054-67College of Charleston Cougars deadball rebound
06:0054-68+1Jaylen Mcmanus makes free throw
06:00Damani Applewhite substitution in54-68
06:00Ian Kinard substitution out54-68
05:49James Richardson misses 3-point jump shot54-68
05:4954-68Joe Chealey defensive rebound
05:40Donte Wright foul54-68
05:4054-69+1Joe Chealey makes free throw
05:4054-70+1Joe Chealey makes free throw
05:14Donte Wright misses 2-point jump shot54-70
05:1454-70Jaylen Mcmanus defensive rebound
05:1054-72+2Grant Riller makes layup
05:1054-72Jaylen Mcmanus assist
04:4854-72Jaylen Mcmanus foul
04:48Justin Jones makes free throw+155-72
04:48Justin Jones misses free throw55-72
04:4855-72Grant Riller defensive rebound
04:48David Bottenberg substitution in55-72
04:31Donte Wright foul55-72
04:3155-72Nick Harris misses free throw
04:3155-72College of Charleston Cougars deadball rebound
04:3155-73+1Nick Harris makes free throw
04:17Damani Applewhite misses 2-point jump shot55-73
04:17South Carolina State Bulldogs offensive rebound55-73
04:1355-73Evan Bailey substitution in
04:1355-73Jaylen Mcmanus substitution out
04:11Donte Wright misses 3-point jump shot55-73
04:1155-73Grant Riller defensive rebound
04:0855-73Evan Bailey foul
04:08Donte Wright makes free throw+156-73
04:08Donte Wright makes free throw+157-73
04:08Rayshawn Neal substitution in57-73
04:0757-73Grant Riller turnover
04:07Donte Wright steal57-73
03:4057-75+2Grant Riller makes 2-point jump shot
03:13Damani Applewhite misses 2-point jump shot57-75
03:13Janai Rayner-Powell offensive rebound57-75
03:10Janai Rayner-Powell makes 2-point jump shot+259-75
02:5659-75Grant Riller turnover
02:55Media timeout59-75
02:5559-75Brevin Galloway substitution in
02:5559-75Joe Chealey substitution out
02:46Rayshawn Neal turnover59-75
02:4659-75Marquise Pointer steal
02:4259-75Marquise Pointer misses 2-point jump shot
02:42Damani Applewhite defensive rebound59-75
02:27Damani Applewhite misses 2-point jump shot59-75
02:27Damani Applewhite offensive rebound59-75
02:2359-75Grant Riller foul
02:23David Bottenberg misses free throw59-75
02:23South Carolina State Bulldogs deadball rebound59-75
02:23David Bottenberg makes free throw+160-75
01:5960-75Evan Bailey misses 3-point jump shot
01:59Justin Jones defensive rebound60-75
01:48David Bottenberg makes layup+262-75
01:48Justin Jones assist62-75
01:2362-75Brevin Galloway misses 3-point jump shot
01:23Janai Rayner-Powell defensive rebound62-75
01:08Justin Jones misses 2-point jump shot62-75
01:0862-75Grant Riller shot block
01:0762-75Marquise Pointer defensive rebound
01:0262-77+2Evan Bailey makes layup
01:0262-77Grant Riller assist
01:02Janai Rayner-Powell foul62-77
01:0262-78+1Evan Bailey makes free throw
01:02Donte Wright substitution in62-78
01:02Tariq Clement substitution in62-78
01:02Dwayne Banks substitution in62-78
01:02Ian Kinard substitution in62-78
01:02Janai Rayner-Powell substitution out62-78
01:02Justin Jones substitution out62-78
01:02Damani Applewhite substitution out62-78
01:0262-78Jaylen Mcmanus substitution in
01:0262-78Samba Ndiaye substitution in
01:0262-78Nick Harris substitution out
01:0262-78Grant Riller substitution out
00:44Ian Kinard misses 2-point jump shot62-78
00:4462-78Jaylen Mcmanus defensive rebound
00:3262-80+2Samba Ndiaye makes 2-point jump shot
00:1962-80Jaylen Mcmanus foul
00:19David Bottenberg makes free throw+163-80
00:19David Bottenberg makes free throw+164-80
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