Eastern Kentucky vs. Charleston Southern Box Score, December 15, 2017

Ohio Valley Conference and Big South Conference Scores — Dec 15, 2017

EKY 70
CHSO 65  
NCAT 64  
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Line Score


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Play-By-Play Table
Time   Eastern Kentucky PTS   Score   PTS Charleston Southern
19:370-0Phlandrous Fleming misses layup
19:370-0Phlandrous Fleming offensive rebound
19:340-2+2Phlandrous Fleming makes layup
19:220-2Deontaye Buskey foul
19:01Asante Gist misses 2-point jump shot0-2
19:01Jackson Davis offensive rebound0-2
18:59Jackson Davis makes layup+22-2
18:442-4+2Christian Keeling makes layup
18:39Jackson Davis turnover2-4
18:382-4Christian Keeling steal
18:352-4Christian Keeling misses layup
18:35Asante Gist defensive rebound2-4
18:29Asante Gist misses layup2-4
18:292-4Jordan Jones defensive rebound
18:222-4Phlandrous Fleming misses 2-point jump shot
18:22Jackson Davis defensive rebound2-4
18:03Nick Mayo misses 2-point jump shot2-4
18:032-4Jordan Jones defensive rebound
17:502-6+2Jordan Jones makes dunk
17:502-6Deontaye Buskey assist
17:222-6Jordan Jones foul
17:22Zach Charles misses free throw2-6
17:22Eastern Kentucky Colonels deadball rebound2-6
17:22Zach Charles makes free throw+13-6
17:213-6Christian Keeling turnover
17:13Dujuanta Weaver misses 3-point jump shot3-6
17:133-6Deontaye Buskey defensive rebound
17:063-6Jordan Jones turnover
16:47Jackson Davis misses layup3-6
16:47Jackson Davis offensive rebound3-6
16:44Jackson Davis misses layup3-6
16:443-6Deontaye Buskey defensive rebound
16:373-9+3Travis Mcconico makes 3-point jump shot
16:373-9Deontaye Buskey assist
16:213-9Travis Mcconico foul
16:21Zach Charles makes free throw+14-9
16:21Zach Charles makes free throw+15-9
16:215-9Javis Howard substitution in
16:215-9Cortez Mitchell substitution in
16:215-9Christian Keeling substitution out
16:215-9Jordan Jones substitution out
16:025-9Travis Mcconico misses 3-point jump shot
16:02Asante Gist defensive rebound5-9
15:39Nick Mayo makes dunk+27-9
15:237-9Deontaye Buskey misses layup
15:23Zach Charles shot block7-9
15:21Asante Gist defensive rebound7-9
15:04Asante Gist foul7-9
15:04Asante Gist turnover7-9
15:047-9Media timeout
15:047-9Christian Keeling substitution in
15:047-9Cortez Mitchell substitution out
14:547-12+3Christian Keeling makes 3-point jump shot
14:547-12Deontaye Buskey assist
14:21Nick Mayo misses 2-point jump shot7-12
14:217-12Phlandrous Fleming defensive rebound
14:147-15+3Travis Mcconico makes 3-point jump shot
14:147-15Phlandrous Fleming assist
13:58Asante Gist misses layup7-15
13:58Zach Charles offensive rebound7-15
13:56Zach Charles makes dunk+29-15
13:429-17+2Christian Keeling makes layup
13:42Asante Gist foul9-17
13:429-17Christian Keeling misses free throw
13:42Peyton Broughton defensive rebound9-17
13:42Dillon Avare substitution in9-17
13:42Jacquess Hobbs substitution in9-17
13:42Dedric Boyd substitution in9-17
13:42Peyton Broughton substitution in9-17
13:42Asante Gist substitution out9-17
13:42Jackson Davis substitution out9-17
13:42Dujuanta Weaver substitution out9-17
13:42Zach Charles substitution out9-17
13:429-17JC Cavin substitution in
13:429-17Ty Jones substitution in
13:429-17Travis Mcconico substitution out
13:429-17Deontaye Buskey substitution out
13:269-17JC Cavin foul
13:269-17Cortez Mitchell substitution in
13:269-17Christian Keeling substitution out
13:16Dedric Boyd turnover9-17
13:159-17Javis Howard steal
13:119-17Phlandrous Fleming turnover
13:11Dedric Boyd steal9-17
13:08Dedric Boyd makes layup+211-17
12:4811-17Phlandrous Fleming misses 3-point jump shot
12:4811-17Phlandrous Fleming offensive rebound
12:4311-17Phlandrous Fleming turnover
12:43Jacquess Hobbs steal11-17
12:37Dedric Boyd misses 2-point jump shot11-17
12:3711-17Javis Howard defensive rebound
12:2211-19+2Phlandrous Fleming makes layup
12:15Deandre Dishman substitution in11-19
12:15Nick Mayo substitution out11-19
12:1511-19Jamaal David substitution in
12:1511-19Phlandrous Fleming substitution out
11:54Deandre Dishman makes 2-point jump shot+213-19
11:54Jacquess Hobbs assist13-19
11:5413-19JC Cavin foul
11:54Media timeout13-19
11:54Deandre Dishman makes free throw+114-19
11:5414-19Deontaye Buskey substitution in
11:5414-19JC Cavin substitution out
11:4214-19Cortez Mitchell misses layup
11:42Deandre Dishman shot block14-19
11:4114-19Charleston Southern Buccaneers offensive rebound
11:2814-19Deontaye Buskey misses 2-point jump shot
11:2814-19Jamaal David offensive rebound
11:19Deandre Dishman foul14-19
11:1914-19Jamaal David misses free throw
11:1914-19Charleston Southern Buccaneers deadball rebound
11:1914-19Jamaal David misses free throw
11:19Peyton Broughton defensive rebound14-19
11:02Dedric Boyd makes 3-point jump shot+317-19
10:5317-19Deontaye Buskey turnover
10:53Peyton Broughton steal17-19
10:5317-19Christian Keeling substitution in
10:5317-19Jordan Jones substitution in
10:5317-19Travis Mcconico substitution in
10:5317-19Phlandrous Fleming substitution in
10:5317-19Ty Jones substitution out
10:5317-19Javis Howard substitution out
10:5317-19Cortez Mitchell substitution out
10:5317-19Jamaal David substitution out
10:39Dedric Boyd misses 3-point jump shot17-19
10:3917-19Travis Mcconico defensive rebound
10:2117-19Phlandrous Fleming misses layup
10:21Deandre Dishman defensive rebound17-19
10:09Dillon Avare misses 3-point jump shot17-19
10:09Dedric Boyd offensive rebound17-19
10:00Dillon Avare misses 3-point jump shot17-19
10:00Jacquess Hobbs offensive rebound17-19
09:37Dillon Avare makes 3-point jump shot+320-19
09:37Dedric Boyd assist20-19
09:2520-21+2Christian Keeling makes layup
09:02Jacquess Hobbs misses 2-point jump shot20-21
09:0220-21Christian Keeling defensive rebound
08:5620-21Christian Keeling turnover
08:55Dedric Boyd steal20-21
08:52Dedric Boyd misses layup20-21
08:52Peyton Broughton offensive rebound20-21
08:50Peyton Broughton misses layup20-21
08:5020-21Christian Keeling shot block
08:50Peyton Broughton offensive rebound20-21
08:5020-21Charleston Southern Buccaneers 30-second timeout
08:50Deandre Dishman substitution out20-21
08:50Dillon Avare substitution out20-21
08:50Peyton Broughton substitution out20-21
08:5020-21Javis Howard substitution in
08:5020-21Jamaal David substitution in
08:5020-21Jordan Jones substitution out
08:5020-21Phlandrous Fleming substitution out
08:44Dedric Boyd turnover20-21
08:4320-21Javis Howard steal
08:3620-24+3Javis Howard makes 3-point jump shot
08:3620-24Christian Keeling assist
08:17Nick Mayo misses 2-point jump shot20-24
08:17Jackson Davis offensive rebound20-24
08:1520-24Javis Howard foul
08:15Jackson Davis makes free throw+121-24
08:15Jackson Davis makes free throw+122-24
08:1522-24Cortez Mitchell substitution in
08:1522-24Christian Keeling substitution out
07:4822-24Travis Mcconico misses 3-point jump shot
07:48Jackson Davis defensive rebound22-24
07:38Dujuanta Weaver makes 3-point jump shot+325-24
07:38Jacquess Hobbs assist25-24
07:1625-26+2Travis Mcconico makes layup
06:50Dedric Boyd makes 3-point jump shot+328-26
06:50Nick Mayo assist28-26
06:3228-26Cortez Mitchell turnover
06:32Nick Mayo steal28-26
06:28Nick Mayo makes layup+230-26
06:2830-26Javis Howard foul
06:28Media timeout30-26
06:28Nick Mayo makes free throw+131-26
06:28Dillon Avare substitution in31-26
06:28Jacquess Hobbs substitution out31-26
06:2831-26Phlandrous Fleming substitution in
06:2831-26Jordan Jones substitution in
06:2831-26Javis Howard substitution out
06:2831-26Jamaal David substitution out
06:0431-26Cortez Mitchell turnover
05:5331-26Jordan Jones shot block
05:5131-26Jamar Martin substitution in
05:5131-26Cortez Mitchell substitution out
05:4031-26Phlandrous Fleming turnover
05:4031-26Charleston Southern Buccaneers 30-second timeout
05:21Dedric Boyd makes 3-point jump shot+334-26
05:21Dillon Avare assist34-26
05:0034-28+2Jordan Jones makes layup
05:0034-28Jamar Martin assist
04:42Nick Mayo misses 3-point jump shot34-28
04:4234-28Jamar Martin defensive rebound
04:3034-28Phlandrous Fleming turnover
04:29Jackson Davis steal34-28
04:25Dedric Boyd misses 2-point jump shot34-28
04:2534-28Charleston Southern Buccaneers defensive rebound
04:23Jacquess Hobbs substitution in34-28
04:23Zach Charles substitution in34-28
04:2334-28Jamaal David substitution in
04:2334-28Phlandrous Fleming substitution out
04:1134-30+2Jordan Jones makes dunk
04:1134-30Jamar Martin assist
03:4934-30Jamaal David foul
03:49Media timeout34-30
03:49Nick Mayo makes free throw+135-30
03:49Nick Mayo makes free throw+136-30
03:34Nick Mayo foul36-30
03:3436-30Travis Mcconico misses free throw
03:3436-30Charleston Southern Buccaneers deadball rebound
03:3436-30Travis Mcconico misses free throw
03:34Eastern Kentucky Colonels defensive rebound36-30
03:18Dillon Avare makes 3-point jump shot+339-30
03:18Zach Charles assist39-30
02:5939-30Deontaye Buskey misses 2-point jump shot
02:59Zach Charles defensive rebound39-30
02:40Dedric Boyd misses 3-point jump shot39-30
02:4039-30Jamaal David defensive rebound
02:1539-30Jamaal David misses 3-point jump shot
02:15Dedric Boyd defensive rebound39-30
02:00Dedric Boyd turnover39-30
02:00Peyton Broughton substitution in39-30
02:00Dedric Boyd substitution out39-30
02:0039-30Christian Keeling substitution in
02:0039-30Javis Howard substitution in
02:0039-30Jamar Martin substitution out
02:0039-30Jordan Jones substitution out
01:3839-30Christian Keeling misses 3-point jump shot
01:38Zach Charles defensive rebound39-30
01:14Nick Mayo misses 2-point jump shot39-30
01:1439-30Deontaye Buskey defensive rebound
01:07Peyton Broughton foul39-30
01:07Deandre Dishman substitution in39-30
01:0039-32+2Christian Keeling makes layup
00:37Zach Charles makes dunk+241-32
00:37Jacquess Hobbs assist41-32
00:3041-32Deontaye Buskey turnover
00:30Dillon Avare steal41-32
00:26Zach Charles makes layup+243-32
00:26Peyton Broughton assist43-32
00:25Eastern Kentucky Colonels 30-second timeout43-32
00:25Dujuanta Weaver substitution in43-32
00:25Dillon Avare substitution out43-32
00:2543-32Ty Jones substitution in
00:2543-32Javis Howard substitution out
00:06Jacquess Hobbs foul43-32
00:0343-35+3Christian Keeling makes 3-point jump shot
00:0343-35Jamaal David assist
00:01Peyton Broughton foul43-35
00:0143-36+1Christian Keeling makes free throw
Time   Eastern Kentucky PTS   Score   PTS Charleston Southern
19:3643-36Travis Mcconico misses 3-point jump shot
19:36Asante Gist defensive rebound43-36
19:09Nick Mayo turnover43-36
19:0843-36Jordan Jones steal
19:0243-39+3Phlandrous Fleming makes 3-point jump shot
19:0243-39Christian Keeling assist
18:4443-39Christian Keeling foul
18:2943-39Deontaye Buskey foul
18:29Nick Mayo makes free throw+144-39
18:29Nick Mayo makes free throw+145-39
18:1945-41+2Travis Mcconico makes 2-point jump shot
18:1945-41Deontaye Buskey assist
18:05Nick Mayo makes layup+247-41
18:05Asante Gist assist47-41
17:4047-41Deontaye Buskey misses layup
17:40Nick Mayo shot block47-41
17:39Jackson Davis defensive rebound47-41
17:17Nick Mayo turnover47-41
17:1647-41Christian Keeling steal
17:13Dujuanta Weaver foul47-41
17:1347-42+1Deontaye Buskey makes free throw
17:1347-43+1Deontaye Buskey makes free throw
17:13Deandre Dishman substitution in47-43
17:13Nick Mayo substitution out47-43
17:1347-43Cortez Mitchell substitution in
17:1347-43Deontaye Buskey substitution out
16:5547-43Travis Mcconico foul
16:55Deandre Dishman makes free throw+148-43
16:55Deandre Dishman misses free throw48-43
16:5548-43Travis Mcconico defensive rebound
16:38Zach Charles foul48-43
16:3848-44+1Christian Keeling makes free throw
16:3848-45+1Christian Keeling makes free throw
16:3848-45Ty Jones substitution in
16:3848-45Travis Mcconico substitution out
16:22Jackson Davis misses 2-point jump shot48-45
16:22Zach Charles offensive rebound48-45
16:07Asante Gist turnover48-45
16:0648-45Christian Keeling steal
16:0448-47+2Christian Keeling makes layup
16:04Asante Gist foul48-47
16:0448-48+1Christian Keeling makes free throw
16:04Nick Mayo substitution in48-48
16:04Dillon Avare substitution in48-48
16:04Peyton Broughton substitution in48-48
16:04Jacquess Hobbs substitution in48-48
16:04Dedric Boyd substitution in48-48
16:04Deandre Dishman substitution out48-48
16:04Asante Gist substitution out48-48
16:04Jackson Davis substitution out48-48
16:04Dujuanta Weaver substitution out48-48
16:04Zach Charles substitution out48-48
15:41Dedric Boyd misses 3-point jump shot48-48
15:41Nick Mayo offensive rebound48-48
15:36Nick Mayo turnover48-48
15:3648-48Phlandrous Fleming steal
15:2348-50+2Cortez Mitchell makes layup
15:2348-50Ty Jones assist
15:23Nick Mayo foul48-50
15:2348-50Media timeout
15:2348-51+1Cortez Mitchell makes free throw
15:2348-51Javis Howard substitution in
15:2348-51Jordan Jones substitution out
15:07Nick Mayo turnover48-51
15:0748-51Christian Keeling steal
15:04Peyton Broughton foul48-51
14:5248-51Christian Keeling misses 3-point jump shot
14:5248-51Phlandrous Fleming offensive rebound
14:4448-53+2Cortez Mitchell makes layup
14:12Dedric Boyd turnover48-53
14:1248-53Jamaal David substitution in
14:1248-53Phlandrous Fleming substitution out
13:5348-53Cortez Mitchell misses 2-point jump shot
13:5348-53Javis Howard offensive rebound
13:5148-55+2Javis Howard makes tip-in shot
13:20Dedric Boyd makes 3-point jump shot+351-55
12:5151-55Cortez Mitchell misses 2-point jump shot
12:51Peyton Broughton defensive rebound51-55
12:43Dedric Boyd misses 3-point jump shot51-55
12:4351-55Ty Jones defensive rebound
12:3051-55Jamaal David turnover
12:29Nick Mayo steal51-55
12:1051-55Ty Jones foul
12:10Nick Mayo makes free throw+152-55
12:10Nick Mayo misses free throw52-55
12:1052-55Travis Mcconico defensive rebound
12:10Zach Charles substitution in52-55
12:10Dujuanta Weaver substitution in52-55
12:10Peyton Broughton substitution out52-55
12:10Dedric Boyd substitution out52-55
12:1052-55Phlandrous Fleming substitution in
12:1052-55Deontaye Buskey substitution in
12:1052-55Travis Mcconico substitution in
12:1052-55Ty Jones substitution out
12:1052-55Cortez Mitchell substitution out
12:1052-55Jamaal David substitution out
11:5852-55Phlandrous Fleming misses 3-point jump shot
11:58Nick Mayo defensive rebound52-55
11:36Zach Charles misses 2-point jump shot52-55
11:36Zach Charles offensive rebound52-55
11:16Jacquess Hobbs turnover52-55
11:1652-55Phlandrous Fleming steal
11:1652-55Charleston Southern Buccaneers 30-second timeout
11:1652-55Media timeout
11:16Deandre Dishman substitution in52-55
11:16Dedric Boyd substitution in52-55
11:16Nick Mayo substitution out52-55
11:16Jacquess Hobbs substitution out52-55
11:0752-55Media timeout
11:07Nick Mayo substitution in52-55
11:07Dillon Avare substitution out52-55
11:0752-55Cortez Mitchell substitution in
11:0752-55Deontaye Buskey substitution out
10:5652-55Javis Howard misses 2-point jump shot
10:56Zach Charles defensive rebound52-55
10:27Nick Mayo makes 3-point jump shot+355-55
10:27Dedric Boyd assist55-55
09:56Dedric Boyd foul55-55
09:5655-56+1Christian Keeling makes free throw
09:5655-57+1Christian Keeling makes free throw
09:47Dedric Boyd misses 3-point jump shot55-57
09:4755-57Christian Keeling defensive rebound
09:3755-59+2Javis Howard makes layup
09:3755-59Travis Mcconico assist
09:1755-59Christian Keeling foul
09:17Dedric Boyd makes free throw+156-59
09:17Dedric Boyd makes free throw+157-59
09:17Jacquess Hobbs substitution in57-59
09:17Jackson Davis substitution in57-59
09:17Zach Charles substitution out57-59
09:17Dujuanta Weaver substitution out57-59
09:1757-59Jamaal David substitution in
09:1757-59Phlandrous Fleming substitution out
08:5057-59Cortez Mitchell misses layup
08:5057-59Jamaal David offensive rebound
08:40Jackson Davis foul57-59
08:4057-60+1Christian Keeling makes free throw
08:4057-61+1Christian Keeling makes free throw
08:40Dillon Avare substitution in57-61
08:40Deandre Dishman substitution out57-61
08:27Jackson Davis misses layup57-61
08:2757-61Christian Keeling shot block
08:2657-61Christian Keeling defensive rebound
08:06Dillon Avare foul57-61
08:0657-61Cortez Mitchell misses free throw
08:0657-61Charleston Southern Buccaneers deadball rebound
08:0657-62+1Cortez Mitchell makes free throw
08:0657-62Deontaye Buskey substitution in
08:0657-62Cortez Mitchell substitution out
07:47Jackson Davis turnover57-62
07:4657-62Javis Howard steal
07:44Jackson Davis foul57-62
07:4457-62Media timeout
07:4457-63+1Christian Keeling makes free throw
07:4457-64+1Christian Keeling makes free throw
07:44Deandre Dishman substitution in57-64
07:44Jackson Davis substitution out57-64
07:27Dedric Boyd turnover57-64
07:2657-64Jamaal David steal
07:1157-64Christian Keeling misses layup
07:11Deandre Dishman defensive rebound57-64
07:00Dedric Boyd misses 3-point jump shot57-64
07:0057-64Deontaye Buskey defensive rebound
06:3357-64Deontaye Buskey misses 2-point jump shot
06:3357-64Charleston Southern Buccaneers offensive rebound
06:30Dujuanta Weaver substitution in57-64
06:30Peyton Broughton substitution in57-64
06:30Dillon Avare substitution out57-64
06:30Dedric Boyd substitution out57-64
06:3057-64Jordan Jones substitution in
06:3057-64Cortez Mitchell substitution in
06:3057-64Javis Howard substitution out
06:3057-64Christian Keeling substitution out
06:1357-64Travis Mcconico misses 2-point jump shot
06:13Deandre Dishman defensive rebound57-64
05:54Peyton Broughton misses 2-point jump shot57-64
05:54Deandre Dishman offensive rebound57-64
05:4557-64Ty Jones substitution in
05:4557-64Travis Mcconico substitution out
05:31Dujuanta Weaver makes 3-point jump shot+360-64
05:31Nick Mayo assist60-64
05:01Dedric Boyd substitution in60-64
05:01Jacquess Hobbs substitution out60-64
05:0160-64Christian Keeling substitution in
05:0160-64Deontaye Buskey substitution out
04:57Nick Mayo foul60-64
04:5760-64Jamaal David misses free throw
04:5760-64Charleston Southern Buccaneers deadball rebound
04:5760-65+1Jamaal David makes free throw
04:31Dedric Boyd turnover60-65
04:3060-65Cortez Mitchell steal
04:0960-65Ty Jones turnover
03:5060-65Ty Jones foul
03:50Media timeout60-65
03:50Dedric Boyd misses free throw60-65
03:50Eastern Kentucky Colonels deadball rebound60-65
03:50Dedric Boyd makes free throw+161-65
03:50Zach Charles substitution in61-65
03:50Peyton Broughton substitution out61-65
03:5061-65Travis Mcconico substitution in
03:5061-65Phlandrous Fleming substitution in
03:5061-65Ty Jones substitution out
03:5061-65Jamaal David substitution out
03:2761-65Christian Keeling misses 2-point jump shot
03:27Deandre Dishman defensive rebound61-65
02:59Dedric Boyd misses 3-point jump shot61-65
02:59Deandre Dishman offensive rebound61-65
02:56Deandre Dishman makes layup+263-65
02:4063-65Cortez Mitchell misses layup
02:40Zach Charles shot block63-65
02:38Zach Charles defensive rebound63-65
02:38Eastern Kentucky Colonels 30-second timeout63-65
02:3863-65Jordan Jones foul
02:38Zach Charles makes free throw+164-65
02:3764-65Javis Howard substitution in
02:3764-65Jordan Jones substitution out
02:2164-65Christian Keeling turnover
02:21Nick Mayo steal64-65
02:01Deandre Dishman makes layup+266-65
02:01Dujuanta Weaver assist66-65
02:0166-65Javis Howard foul
02:01Deandre Dishman misses free throw66-65
02:0166-65Travis Mcconico defensive rebound
01:4566-65Cortez Mitchell turnover
01:45Dujuanta Weaver steal66-65
01:25Dujuanta Weaver misses 2-point jump shot66-65
01:25Deandre Dishman offensive rebound66-65
01:06Dedric Boyd misses 2-point jump shot66-65
01:0666-65Phlandrous Fleming shot block
01:0366-65Javis Howard defensive rebound
00:4266-65Travis Mcconico foul
00:4266-65Travis Mcconico turnover
00:42Eastern Kentucky Colonels full timeout66-65
00:19Dedric Boyd misses 2-point jump shot66-65
00:1966-65Cortez Mitchell defensive rebound
00:16Nick Mayo foul66-65
00:1666-65Cortez Mitchell misses free throw
00:1666-65Charleston Southern Buccaneers deadball rebound
00:16Eastern Kentucky Colonels 30-second timeout66-65
00:1666-65Cortez Mitchell misses free throw
00:16Dedric Boyd defensive rebound66-65
00:1566-65Cortez Mitchell foul
00:15Dedric Boyd makes free throw+167-65
00:15Dedric Boyd makes free throw+168-65
00:0668-65Christian Keeling misses 3-point jump shot
00:06Deandre Dishman defensive rebound68-65
00:0268-65Phlandrous Fleming foul
00:02Deandre Dishman makes free throw+169-65
00:02Deandre Dishman makes free throw+170-65
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