Seton Hall vs. Louisville Box Score, December 3, 2017

Big East Conference and Atlantic Coast Conference Scores — Dec 3, 2017

UNC (13)  97  
ND (5)  71  
CLEM 83  
SH 79
LOU (17)  77  
GTWN 76  
GT 70  
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Line Score


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Play-By-Play Table
Time   Seton Hall PTS   Score   PTS Louisville
19:38Desi Rodriguez misses 3-point jump shot0-0
19:38Khadeen Carrington offensive rebound0-0
19:20Myles Powell misses 3-point jump shot0-0
19:20Desi Rodriguez offensive rebound0-0
19:180-0Anas Mahmoud foul
19:18Desi Rodriguez misses free throw0-0
19:18Seton Hall Pirates deadball rebound0-0
19:18Desi Rodriguez misses free throw0-0
19:180-0VJ King defensive rebound
19:140-0VJ King turnover
19:13Ismael Sanogo steal0-0
19:12Ismael Sanogo makes layup+22-0
18:442-0Ray Spalding turnover
18:19Khadeen Carrington misses 3-point jump shot2-0
18:192-0Ray Spalding defensive rebound
18:072-0Ray Spalding misses 2-point jump shot
18:07Angel Delgado defensive rebound2-0
17:57Myles Powell misses 3-point jump shot2-0
17:572-0VJ King defensive rebound
17:402-0Deng Adel turnover
17:39Myles Powell steal2-0
17:36Myles Powell misses layup2-0
17:36Desi Rodriguez offensive rebound2-0
17:33Desi Rodriguez makes layup+24-0
17:164-2+2Ray Spalding makes 2-point jump shot
17:164-2Deng Adel assist
16:58Ismael Sanogo turnover4-2
16:584-2Darius Perry substitution in
16:584-2VJ King substitution out
16:414-2Darius Perry misses 3-point jump shot
16:41Khadeen Carrington defensive rebound4-2
16:33Desi Rodriguez makes 3-point jump shot+37-2
16:33Khadeen Carrington assist7-2
16:117-2Anas Mahmoud foul
16:117-2Anas Mahmoud turnover
16:117-2Malik Williams substitution in
16:117-2Anas Mahmoud substitution out
15:58Myles Powell misses 3-point jump shot7-2
15:587-2Malik Williams defensive rebound
15:557-2Louisville Cardinals full timeout
15:55Myles Cale substitution in7-2
15:55Myles Powell substitution out7-2
15:467-5+3Malik Williams makes 3-point jump shot
15:467-5Ray Spalding assist
15:26Desi Rodriguez makes 3-point jump shot+310-5
15:26Khadeen Carrington assist10-5
15:0410-5Ray Spalding turnover
15:03Desi Rodriguez steal10-5
15:0110-5Ray Spalding foul
15:01Desi Rodriguez makes free throw+111-5
15:01Desi Rodriguez misses free throw11-5
15:0111-5Ray Spalding defensive rebound
14:4511-7+2Darius Perry makes layup
14:2111-7Darius Perry foul
14:21Myles Powell substitution in11-7
14:21S Mamukelashvili substitution in11-7
14:21Michael Nzei substitution in11-7
14:21Ismael Sanogo substitution out11-7
14:21Desi Rodriguez substitution out11-7
14:21Angel Delgado substitution out11-7
14:11Khadeen Carrington misses 2-point jump shot11-7
14:1111-7Ray Spalding defensive rebound
14:08S Mamukelashvili foul11-7
14:08Eron Gordon substitution in11-7
14:08Khadeen Carrington substitution out11-7
13:4611-7Ray Spalding misses 2-point jump shot
13:46S Mamukelashvili defensive rebound11-7
13:40Myles Powell makes layup+213-7
13:1413-7Ray Spalding turnover
13:13Myles Cale steal13-7
13:09Myles Cale misses layup13-7
13:0913-7Ray Spalding defensive rebound
13:0413-7Quentin Snider misses 3-point jump shot
13:0413-7Quentin Snider offensive rebound
12:5413-7Deng Adel misses 3-point jump shot
12:54Eron Gordon defensive rebound13-7
12:38Myles Powell misses layup13-7
12:3813-7Deng Adel defensive rebound
12:3013-7Malik Williams misses 3-point jump shot
12:30Myles Powell defensive rebound13-7
12:04Eron Gordon misses 3-point jump shot13-7
12:0413-7Darius Perry defensive rebound
11:5713-9+2Darius Perry makes layup
11:55Seton Hall Pirates full timeout13-9
11:55Desi Rodriguez substitution in13-9
11:55Angel Delgado substitution in13-9
11:55Khadeen Carrington substitution in13-9
11:55Eron Gordon substitution out13-9
11:55Myles Powell substitution out13-9
11:55S Mamukelashvili substitution out13-9
11:5513-9Dwayne Sutton substitution in
11:5513-9Jordan Nwora substitution in
11:5513-9Malik Williams substitution out
11:5513-9Deng Adel substitution out
11:39Myles Cale foul13-9
11:39Myles Cale turnover13-9
11:39Ismael Sanogo substitution in13-9
11:39Myles Powell substitution in13-9
11:39Myles Cale substitution out13-9
11:39Michael Nzei substitution out13-9
11:2213-9Ray Spalding misses 2-point jump shot
11:22Desi Rodriguez defensive rebound13-9
11:18Desi Rodriguez turnover13-9
11:18Ismael Sanogo foul13-9
11:1213-9Darius Perry misses 3-point jump shot
11:12Angel Delgado defensive rebound13-9
10:59Desi Rodriguez makes layup+215-9
10:4015-9Ray Spalding misses 3-point jump shot
10:40Ismael Sanogo defensive rebound15-9
10:28Angel Delgado makes 2-point jump shot+217-9
10:28Khadeen Carrington assist17-9
10:2717-9Louisville Cardinals 30-second timeout
10:2717-9VJ King substitution in
10:2717-9Darius Perry substitution out
10:17Ismael Sanogo foul17-9
10:17Michael Nzei substitution in17-9
10:17Ismael Sanogo substitution out17-9
10:1117-9Dwayne Sutton misses layup
10:11Michael Nzei defensive rebound17-9
10:0017-9Ray Spalding foul
10:0017-9Deng Adel substitution in
10:0017-9Malik Williams substitution in
10:0017-9Ray Spalding substitution out
10:0017-9Dwayne Sutton substitution out
09:45Khadeen Carrington misses 3-point jump shot17-9
09:4517-9Quentin Snider defensive rebound
09:3217-9Quentin Snider misses layup
09:3217-9Deng Adel offensive rebound
09:2417-9Quentin Snider misses 3-point jump shot
09:24Desi Rodriguez defensive rebound17-9
09:17Khadeen Carrington misses layup17-9
09:1717-9Deng Adel shot block
09:1617-9Malik Williams defensive rebound
09:1017-11+2Deng Adel makes layup
08:51Angel Delgado misses layup17-11
08:51Angel Delgado offensive rebound17-11
08:3117-11Malik Williams foul
08:31Khadeen Carrington misses free throw17-11
08:31Seton Hall Pirates deadball rebound17-11
08:31Khadeen Carrington makes free throw+118-11
08:31S Mamukelashvili substitution in18-11
08:31Angel Delgado substitution out18-11
08:3118-11Dwayne Sutton substitution in
08:3118-11Malik Williams substitution out
08:2218-13+2Jordan Nwora makes 2-point jump shot
08:0018-13Dwayne Sutton foul
08:00Seton Hall Pirates full timeout18-13
08:00Khadeen Carrington misses free throw18-13
08:00Seton Hall Pirates deadball rebound18-13
08:00Khadeen Carrington makes free throw+119-13
07:4819-15+2Deng Adel makes 2-point jump shot
07:39Myles Powell turnover19-15
07:3819-15Jordan Nwora steal
07:32Michael Nzei foul19-15
07:3219-16+1Deng Adel makes free throw
07:3219-17+1Deng Adel makes free throw
07:17Desi Rodriguez makes 2-point jump shot+221-17
06:5121-20+3Dwayne Sutton makes 3-point jump shot
06:5121-20Quentin Snider assist
06:39Myles Powell misses 3-point jump shot21-20
06:3921-20Quentin Snider defensive rebound
06:3021-20VJ King turnover
06:27Desi Rodriguez steal21-20
06:25Desi Rodriguez makes layup+223-20
06:15Myles Powell foul23-20
06:1523-20Jordan Nwora misses free throw
06:1523-20Louisville Cardinals deadball rebound
06:1523-21+1Jordan Nwora makes free throw
06:15Angel Delgado substitution in23-21
06:15Ismael Sanogo substitution in23-21
06:15Michael Nzei substitution out23-21
06:15S Mamukelashvili substitution out23-21
06:1523-21Malik Williams substitution in
06:1523-21Darius Perry substitution in
06:1523-21VJ King substitution out
06:1523-21Quentin Snider substitution out
06:00Myles Powell makes 3-point jump shot+326-21
06:00Angel Delgado assist26-21
05:4826-21Jordan Nwora foul
05:4826-21Jordan Nwora turnover
05:32Angel Delgado makes 2-point jump shot+228-21
05:1028-23+2Deng Adel makes 2-point jump shot
04:44Khadeen Carrington turnover28-23
04:4328-23Darius Perry steal
04:42Ismael Sanogo foul28-23
04:4228-24+1Jordan Nwora makes free throw
04:4228-25+1Jordan Nwora makes free throw
04:42Eron Gordon substitution in28-25
04:42Michael Nzei substitution in28-25
04:42Ismael Sanogo substitution out28-25
04:42Khadeen Carrington substitution out28-25
04:23Desi Rodriguez misses 3-point jump shot28-25
04:23Angel Delgado offensive rebound28-25
04:16Desi Rodriguez makes dunk+230-25
04:16Angel Delgado assist30-25
04:0130-25Deng Adel misses 2-point jump shot
04:0130-25Dwayne Sutton offensive rebound
03:5730-25Dwayne Sutton misses 2-point jump shot
03:57Eron Gordon defensive rebound30-25
03:5230-25Dwayne Sutton foul
03:52Media timeout30-25
03:52Desi Rodriguez misses free throw30-25
03:52Seton Hall Pirates deadball rebound30-25
03:52Desi Rodriguez misses free throw30-25
03:5230-25Jordan Nwora defensive rebound
03:52Shavar Reynolds substitution in30-25
03:5230-25VJ King substitution in
03:5230-25Dwayne Sutton substitution out
03:51Michael Nzei foul30-25
03:5130-26+1Jordan Nwora makes free throw
03:5130-26Jordan Nwora misses free throw
03:51Angel Delgado defensive rebound30-26
03:51Myles Cale substitution in30-26
03:51Michael Nzei substitution out30-26
03:32Angel Delgado misses 2-point jump shot30-26
03:3230-26Malik Williams defensive rebound
03:2130-26Quentin Snider substitution in
03:2130-26Darius Perry substitution out
03:1730-28+2VJ King makes 2-point jump shot
02:49Angel Delgado misses 2-point jump shot30-28
02:4930-28VJ King defensive rebound
02:44Desi Rodriguez foul30-28
02:4430-28VJ King foul
02:4430-28VJ King misses free throw
02:4430-28Louisville Cardinals deadball rebound
02:44Myles Powell makes free throw+131-28
02:44Myles Powell makes free throw+132-28
02:44Khadeen Carrington substitution in32-28
02:44S Mamukelashvili substitution in32-28
02:44Eron Gordon substitution out32-28
02:44Angel Delgado substitution out32-28
02:26Khadeen Carrington misses 2-point jump shot32-28
02:2632-28VJ King defensive rebound
02:1232-30+2VJ King makes layup
02:01Myles Powell misses 2-point jump shot32-30
02:0132-30Quentin Snider defensive rebound
01:5532-32+2Quentin Snider makes 2-point jump shot
01:53Seton Hall Pirates 30-second timeout32-32
01:4432-32VJ King foul
01:44Desi Rodriguez makes free throw+133-32
01:44Desi Rodriguez makes free throw+134-32
01:4434-32Darius Perry substitution in
01:4434-32VJ King substitution out
01:3534-32Malik Williams misses 3-point jump shot
01:35Desi Rodriguez defensive rebound34-32
01:25S Mamukelashvili turnover34-32
01:1434-34+2Quentin Snider makes 2-point jump shot
00:57Desi Rodriguez turnover34-34
00:5634-34Quentin Snider steal
00:56Myles Powell foul34-34
00:5634-35+1Quentin Snider makes free throw
00:5634-36+1Quentin Snider makes free throw
00:56Angel Delgado substitution in34-36
00:56S Mamukelashvili substitution out34-36
00:44Khadeen Carrington makes layup+236-36
00:3036-36Quentin Snider misses 3-point jump shot
00:3036-36Jordan Nwora offensive rebound
00:27Myles Cale foul36-36
00:2736-37+1Jordan Nwora makes free throw
00:2736-37Jordan Nwora misses free throw
00:27Angel Delgado defensive rebound36-37
00:04Khadeen Carrington makes 2-point jump shot+238-37
Time   Seton Hall PTS   Score   PTS Louisville
19:50Khadeen Carrington makes 3-point jump shot+341-37
19:50Desi Rodriguez assist41-37
19:2241-39+2VJ King makes 2-point jump shot
18:54Desi Rodriguez misses 3-point jump shot41-39
18:5441-39Ray Spalding defensive rebound
18:3441-39VJ King misses 2-point jump shot
18:3441-39Anas Mahmoud offensive rebound
18:2341-39Quentin Snider misses layup
18:2341-39Ray Spalding offensive rebound
18:2141-39Quentin Snider misses 2-point jump shot
18:21Desi Rodriguez shot block41-39
18:21Angel Delgado defensive rebound41-39
18:21Desi Rodriguez makes 2-point jump shot+243-39
17:4443-39Ray Spalding turnover
17:25Angel Delgado misses 2-point jump shot43-39
17:25Angel Delgado offensive rebound43-39
17:17Ismael Sanogo misses layup43-39
17:17Ismael Sanogo offensive rebound43-39
17:1643-39Ray Spalding foul
17:16Ismael Sanogo makes free throw+144-39
17:16Ismael Sanogo makes free throw+145-39
17:1645-39Dwayne Sutton substitution in
17:1645-39Ray Spalding substitution out
17:0545-41+2Quentin Snider makes 2-point jump shot
16:51Myles Powell turnover45-41
16:5045-41Anas Mahmoud steal
16:4745-43+2Deng Adel makes layup
16:25Desi Rodriguez misses 3-point jump shot45-43
16:25Angel Delgado offensive rebound45-43
16:23Angel Delgado misses layup45-43
16:2345-43Anas Mahmoud shot block
16:22Ismael Sanogo offensive rebound45-43
16:21Ismael Sanogo misses 2-point jump shot45-43
16:2145-43Anas Mahmoud shot block
16:2045-43Quentin Snider defensive rebound
16:18Ismael Sanogo foul45-43
16:18Michael Nzei substitution in45-43
16:18Ismael Sanogo substitution out45-43
16:09Angel Delgado foul45-43
16:0945-43Dwayne Sutton misses free throw
16:0945-43Louisville Cardinals deadball rebound
16:0945-44+1Dwayne Sutton makes free throw
15:59Desi Rodriguez turnover45-44
15:5845-44Deng Adel steal
15:5545-44Quentin Snider misses 3-point jump shot
15:5545-44Quentin Snider offensive rebound
15:4545-44Deng Adel turnover
15:44Desi Rodriguez steal45-44
15:24Angel Delgado misses 2-point jump shot45-44
15:2445-44Dwayne Sutton defensive rebound
15:22Michael Nzei foul45-44
15:2245-44Louisville Cardinals full timeout
15:0945-44Deng Adel misses 2-point jump shot
15:09Angel Delgado defensive rebound45-44
14:46Michael Nzei misses 2-point jump shot45-44
14:4645-44Deng Adel defensive rebound
14:3545-47+3Dwayne Sutton makes 3-point jump shot
14:3545-47Quentin Snider assist
14:19Angel Delgado turnover45-47
14:1845-47Anas Mahmoud steal
14:1545-49+2Quentin Snider makes layup
14:06Seton Hall Pirates 30-second timeout45-49
13:58Myles Powell makes 3-point jump shot+348-49
13:58Desi Rodriguez assist48-49
13:4248-51+2VJ King makes 2-point jump shot
13:16Angel Delgado makes layup+250-51
12:5450-51Deng Adel misses 2-point jump shot
12:5450-51Dwayne Sutton offensive rebound
12:5050-54+3VJ King makes 3-point jump shot
12:5050-54Dwayne Sutton assist
12:20Khadeen Carrington misses 3-point jump shot50-54
12:2050-54Deng Adel defensive rebound
12:03Myles Powell foul50-54
12:0350-55+1Deng Adel makes free throw
12:0350-56+1Deng Adel makes free throw
12:03Myles Cale substitution in50-56
12:03S Mamukelashvili substitution in50-56
12:03Myles Powell substitution out50-56
12:03Angel Delgado substitution out50-56
12:0350-56Darius Perry substitution in
12:0350-56Deng Adel substitution out
11:50Desi Rodriguez makes 2-point jump shot+252-56
11:3352-59+3VJ King makes 3-point jump shot
11:3352-59Darius Perry assist
11:22Khadeen Carrington makes 2-point jump shot+254-59
11:21Seton Hall Pirates 30-second timeout54-59
10:5554-59Dwayne Sutton misses 3-point jump shot
10:55Michael Nzei defensive rebound54-59
10:42Desi Rodriguez makes 2-point jump shot+256-59
10:2756-59Quentin Snider turnover
10:25Myles Cale steal56-59
10:22Myles Cale makes layup+258-59
10:2258-59Jordan Nwora substitution in
10:2258-59Deng Adel substitution in
10:2258-59VJ King substitution out
10:2258-59Darius Perry substitution out
10:02S Mamukelashvili foul58-59
10:0258-60+1Deng Adel makes free throw
10:0258-61+1Deng Adel makes free throw
10:02Angel Delgado substitution in58-61
10:02S Mamukelashvili substitution out58-61
09:41Desi Rodriguez misses 2-point jump shot58-61
09:4158-61Anas Mahmoud shot block
09:3958-61Deng Adel defensive rebound
09:21Angel Delgado foul58-61
09:2058-61Jordan Nwora turnover
09:20Myles Powell substitution in58-61
09:20Eron Gordon substitution in58-61
09:20Khadeen Carrington substitution out58-61
09:20Desi Rodriguez substitution out58-61
09:15Khadeen Carrington substitution in58-61
09:15Eron Gordon substitution out58-61
09:02Khadeen Carrington misses 2-point jump shot58-61
09:02Angel Delgado offensive rebound58-61
08:58Angel Delgado misses layup58-61
08:5858-61Anas Mahmoud shot block
08:57Khadeen Carrington offensive rebound58-61
08:5758-61Jordan Nwora foul
08:5758-61VJ King substitution in
08:5758-61Jordan Nwora substitution out
08:41Michael Nzei misses 2-point jump shot58-61
08:41Angel Delgado offensive rebound58-61
08:36Khadeen Carrington misses 2-point jump shot58-61
08:3658-61Louisville Cardinals deadball rebound
08:2358-61Deng Adel turnover
08:22Myles Cale steal58-61
08:2258-61Dwayne Sutton foul
08:15Khadeen Carrington misses layup58-61
08:1558-61Anas Mahmoud shot block
08:1458-61VJ King defensive rebound
08:0858-61VJ King turnover
08:08Myles Cale steal58-61
07:55Myles Cale misses 3-point jump shot58-61
07:5558-61Deng Adel shot block
07:53Michael Nzei offensive rebound58-61
07:5358-61Dwayne Sutton foul
07:53Seton Hall Pirates full timeout58-61
07:53Michael Nzei makes free throw+159-61
07:53Michael Nzei misses free throw59-61
07:5359-61Louisville Cardinals defensive rebound
07:53Desi Rodriguez substitution in59-61
07:53Myles Cale substitution out59-61
07:5359-61Ray Spalding substitution in
07:5359-61Jordan Nwora substitution in
07:5359-61Dwayne Sutton substitution out
07:5359-61Anas Mahmoud substitution out
07:3359-61VJ King misses 3-point jump shot
07:33Desi Rodriguez defensive rebound59-61
07:26Khadeen Carrington makes layup+261-61
07:2661-61VJ King foul
07:26Khadeen Carrington makes free throw+162-61
07:26Ismael Sanogo substitution in62-61
07:26Michael Nzei substitution out62-61
07:0662-61VJ King turnover
07:04Ismael Sanogo steal62-61
07:03Ismael Sanogo makes dunk+264-61
07:0364-61Louisville Cardinals 30-second timeout
06:4164-63+2Deng Adel makes layup
06:19Myles Powell misses 3-point jump shot64-63
06:1964-63Ray Spalding defensive rebound
06:1064-63Deng Adel turnover
06:08Desi Rodriguez steal64-63
05:53Desi Rodriguez misses 3-point jump shot64-63
05:5364-63Quentin Snider defensive rebound
05:4664-63Deng Adel misses 3-point jump shot
05:46Khadeen Carrington defensive rebound64-63
05:39Khadeen Carrington makes layup+266-63
05:2166-66+3Jordan Nwora makes 3-point jump shot
05:2166-66VJ King assist
05:04Desi Rodriguez makes dunk+268-66
05:04Myles Powell assist68-66
04:4968-68+2Quentin Snider makes 2-point jump shot
04:22Angel Delgado makes 2-point jump shot+270-68
04:22Khadeen Carrington assist70-68
04:0570-68Quentin Snider misses 2-point jump shot
04:05Desi Rodriguez defensive rebound70-68
03:42Khadeen Carrington turnover70-68
03:4170-68Ray Spalding steal
03:3670-68Jordan Nwora misses 3-point jump shot
03:3670-68Ray Spalding offensive rebound
03:3270-68Media timeout
03:3270-68Anas Mahmoud substitution in
03:3270-68Dwayne Sutton substitution in
03:3270-68VJ King substitution out
03:3270-68Ray Spalding substitution out
03:0670-71+3Quentin Snider makes 3-point jump shot
02:45Angel Delgado makes layup+272-71
02:45Myles Powell assist72-71
02:3472-71Quentin Snider misses 3-point jump shot
02:34Angel Delgado defensive rebound72-71
02:15Khadeen Carrington makes 2-point jump shot+274-71
02:0274-73+2Deng Adel makes 2-point jump shot
01:40Myles Powell makes 3-point jump shot+377-73
01:3277-73Louisville Cardinals full timeout
01:2377-75+2Dwayne Sutton makes layup
01:2377-75Deng Adel assist
00:52Myles Powell turnover77-75
00:3377-75Louisville Cardinals 30-second timeout
00:2977-77+2Deng Adel makes 2-point jump shot
00:08Desi Rodriguez makes 2-point jump shot+279-77
00:0479-77Quentin Snider misses 3-point jump shot
00:04Desi Rodriguez defensive rebound79-77

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