Eastern Kentucky vs. Eastern Washington Box Score, November 22, 2017

Ohio Valley Conference and Big Sky Conference Scores — Nov 22, 2017

EKY 62
EWU 83  
MTST 88  
PEAY 90  
PROV 66  
UTM 66
SOU 69  
WIU 69
SIUE 67  
SC 59
IDHO 69  
SJSU 62  
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Line Score


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Play-By-Play Table
Time   Eastern Kentucky PTS   Score   PTS Eastern Washington
19:48Nick Mayo makes 2-point jump shot+22-0
19:242-0Ty Gibson misses 3-point jump shot
19:24Jackson Davis defensive rebound2-0
19:14Dedric Boyd misses layup2-0
19:142-0Ty Gibson defensive rebound
18:592-0Benas Griciunas turnover
18:58Jackson Davis steal2-0
18:32Deandre Dishman misses layup2-0
18:32Jackson Davis offensive rebound2-0
18:29Jackson Davis makes tip-in shot+24-0
18:154-3+3Benas Griciunas makes 3-point jump shot
18:154-3Ty Gibson assist
17:53Dedric Boyd misses 3-point jump shot4-3
17:534-3Luka Vulikic defensive rebound
17:454-6+3Bogdan Bliznyuk makes 3-point jump shot
17:454-6Luka Vulikic assist
17:08Peyton Broughton misses 2-point jump shot4-6
17:08Eastern Kentucky Colonels offensive rebound4-6
17:084-6Ty Gibson foul
17:07Jackson Davis turnover4-6
17:064-6Luka Vulikic steal
17:03Dedric Boyd foul4-6
17:034-6Luka Vulikic misses free throw
17:034-6Eastern Washington Eagles deadball rebound
17:034-7+1Luka Vulikic makes free throw
16:49Nick Mayo makes 3-point jump shot+37-7
16:49Dedric Boyd assist7-7
16:247-7Sir Washington misses 3-point jump shot
16:247-7Bogdan Bliznyuk offensive rebound
16:177-9+2Bogdan Bliznyuk makes tip-in shot
15:49Nick Mayo makes layup+29-9
15:299-9Sir Washington turnover
15:29Media timeout9-9
15:299-9Mason Peatling substitution in
15:299-9Benas Griciunas substitution out
15:129-9Mason Peatling foul
15:12Nick Mayo makes free throw+110-9
15:12Nick Mayo makes free throw+111-9
15:1211-9Jesse Hunt substitution in
15:1211-9Jacob Davison substitution in
15:1211-9Sir Washington substitution out
15:1211-9Ty Gibson substitution out
15:0111-9Mason Peatling misses layup
15:0111-9Mason Peatling offensive rebound
14:5911-9Mason Peatling misses layup
14:59Jackson Davis defensive rebound11-9
14:46Deandre Dishman turnover11-9
14:38Nick Mayo foul11-9
14:3811-9Bogdan Bliznyuk misses free throw
14:3811-9Eastern Washington Eagles deadball rebound
14:3811-9Bogdan Bliznyuk misses free throw
14:38Nick Mayo defensive rebound11-9
14:24Nick Mayo misses 2-point jump shot11-9
14:2411-9Jesse Hunt defensive rebound
14:1111-9Mason Peatling misses 2-point jump shot
14:10Dedric Boyd defensive rebound11-9
14:06Dedric Boyd foul11-9
14:06Dedric Boyd turnover11-9
14:0611-9Jack Perry substitution in
14:0611-9Luka Vulikic substitution out
14:06Dillon Avare substitution in11-9
14:06Dedric Boyd substitution out11-9
13:5111-9Jesse Hunt misses 3-point jump shot
13:51Jacquess Hobbs defensive rebound11-9
13:25Nick Mayo misses 2-point jump shot11-9
13:2511-9Jesse Hunt defensive rebound
13:11Nick Mayo foul11-9
13:1111-10+1Bogdan Bliznyuk makes free throw
13:1111-11+1Bogdan Bliznyuk makes free throw
13:1111-11Richard Polanco substitution in
13:1111-11Bogdan Bliznyuk substitution out
13:11AJ Youngman substitution in11-11
13:11Zach Charles substitution in11-11
13:11Nick Mayo substitution out11-11
13:11Peyton Broughton substitution out11-11
12:53AJ Youngman turnover11-11
12:4911-11Jesse Hunt steal
12:3511-11Mason Peatling misses 3-point jump shot
12:3511-11Richard Polanco offensive rebound
12:3111-13+2Richard Polanco makes layup
12:11Deandre Dishman misses layup11-13
12:11Zach Charles offensive rebound11-13
12:06Jackson Davis foul11-13
12:0611-13Luka Vulikic substitution in
12:0611-13Jack Perry substitution out
12:06Peyton Broughton substitution in11-13
12:06Jackson Davis substitution out11-13
12:0011-16+3Jacob Davison makes 3-point jump shot
12:0011-16Luka Vulikic assist
11:39Dillon Avare turnover11-16
11:3711-16Luka Vulikic steal
11:35Dillon Avare foul11-16
11:3411-16Eastern Washington Eagles full timeout
11:2711-16Jacob Davison misses 3-point jump shot
11:27Peyton Broughton defensive rebound11-16
11:2511-16Jesse Hunt foul
11:02Zach Charles foul11-16
11:02Zach Charles turnover11-16
10:5611-16Mason Peatling misses 3-point jump shot
10:56Deandre Dishman defensive rebound11-16
10:42Peyton Broughton turnover11-16
10:3211-16Jacob Davison foul
10:3211-16Jacob Davison turnover
10:3211-16Bogdan Bliznyuk substitution in
10:3211-16Mason Peatling substitution out
10:2311-16Luka Vulikic foul
10:13AJ Youngman misses 2-point jump shot11-16
10:13Peyton Broughton offensive rebound11-16
09:58Peyton Broughton misses 3-point jump shot11-16
09:5811-16Luka Vulikic defensive rebound
09:4611-16Bogdan Bliznyuk misses layup
09:46Zach Charles shot block11-16
09:44AJ Youngman defensive rebound11-16
09:41AJ Youngman misses layup11-16
09:41Eastern Kentucky Colonels offensive rebound11-16
09:41Dedric Boyd substitution in11-16
09:41Jackson Davis substitution in11-16
09:41Peyton Broughton substitution out11-16
09:41Dillon Avare substitution out11-16
09:34Jackson Davis turnover11-16
09:3311-16Jesse Hunt steal
09:1711-16Richard Polanco misses layup
09:1711-16Jesse Hunt offensive rebound
09:1211-18+2Jesse Hunt makes tip-in shot
09:03Dedric Boyd foul11-18
09:03Dedric Boyd turnover11-18
09:0311-18Benas Griciunas substitution in
09:0311-18Sir Washington substitution in
09:0311-18Ty Gibson substitution in
09:0311-18Richard Polanco substitution out
09:0311-18Jesse Hunt substitution out
09:0311-18Jacob Davison substitution out
09:03Cameron Carmical substitution in11-18
09:03Dedric Boyd substitution out11-18
08:4311-18Benas Griciunas misses 3-point jump shot
08:43Jackson Davis defensive rebound11-18
08:22Deandre Dishman misses 2-point jump shot11-18
08:22Jackson Davis offensive rebound11-18
08:17AJ Youngman turnover11-18
07:5811-18Bogdan Bliznyuk misses 3-point jump shot
07:58AJ Youngman defensive rebound11-18
07:39Dedric Boyd misses layup11-18
07:3911-18Bogdan Bliznyuk defensive rebound
07:3211-18Ty Gibson misses 3-point jump shot
07:32Jackson Davis defensive rebound11-18
07:22Eastern Kentucky Colonels full timeout11-18
07:22Nick Mayo substitution in11-18
07:22Deandre Dishman substitution out11-18
07:01Cameron Carmical misses 3-point jump shot11-18
07:0111-18Benas Griciunas defensive rebound
06:4511-18Benas Griciunas turnover
06:30Nick Mayo turnover11-18
06:2811-18Sir Washington steal
06:2411-18Bogdan Bliznyuk misses 3-point jump shot
06:24Jackson Davis defensive rebound11-18
06:09Nick Mayo turnover11-18
06:0811-18Bogdan Bliznyuk steal
06:0511-18Bogdan Bliznyuk misses layup
06:04Jackson Davis shot block11-18
06:0311-18Benas Griciunas offensive rebound
05:5811-20+2Benas Griciunas makes tip-in shot
05:58Eastern Kentucky Colonels 20-second timeout11-20
05:37Jackson Davis misses 2-point jump shot11-20
05:3711-20Benas Griciunas defensive rebound
05:0611-23+3Cody Benzel makes 3-point jump shot
05:0611-23Ty Gibson assist
05:0211-23Cody Benzel substitution in
05:0211-23Luka Vulikic substitution out
04:48Nick Mayo misses 3-point jump shot11-23
04:4811-23Benas Griciunas defensive rebound
04:3511-23Bogdan Bliznyuk misses 3-point jump shot
04:35Cameron Carmical defensive rebound11-23
04:20Zach Charles turnover11-23
04:20Peyton Broughton substitution in11-23
04:20Zach Charles substitution out11-23
04:0411-25+2Benas Griciunas makes layup
04:0411-25Sir Washington assist
04:04Nick Mayo foul11-25
04:0411-25Benas Griciunas misses free throw
04:04Deandre Dishman defensive rebound11-25
04:04Deandre Dishman substitution in11-25
04:04Nick Mayo substitution out11-25
03:4311-25Benas Griciunas foul
03:43Eastern Kentucky Colonels full timeout11-25
03:43Dillon Avare substitution in11-25
03:43Cameron Carmical substitution out11-25
03:32Dillon Avare misses 3-point jump shot11-25
03:3211-25Bogdan Bliznyuk defensive rebound
03:1011-25Benas Griciunas misses layup
03:10Jackson Davis defensive rebound11-25
02:58Jackson Davis misses layup11-25
02:5811-25Ty Gibson defensive rebound
02:4111-28+3Sir Washington makes 3-point jump shot
02:4111-28Bogdan Bliznyuk assist
02:22Peyton Broughton misses 2-point jump shot11-28
02:2211-28Eastern Washington Eagles defensive rebound
02:20Deandre Dishman foul11-28
02:2011-29+1Bogdan Bliznyuk makes free throw
02:2011-30+1Bogdan Bliznyuk makes free throw
02:2011-30Luka Vulikic substitution in
02:2011-30Jesse Hunt substitution in
02:2011-30Benas Griciunas substitution out
02:2011-30Cody Benzel substitution out
02:04Deandre Dishman makes layup+213-30
02:0413-30Jesse Hunt foul
02:04Deandre Dishman misses free throw13-30
02:0413-30Jesse Hunt defensive rebound
01:43AJ Youngman foul13-30
01:4313-30Luka Vulikic misses free throw
01:4313-30Eastern Washington Eagles deadball rebound
01:4313-31+1Luka Vulikic makes free throw
01:3313-31Jesse Hunt foul
01:33Deandre Dishman misses free throw13-31
01:3313-31Eastern Washington Eagles defensive rebound
01:3313-31Jacob Davison substitution in
01:3313-31Mason Peatling substitution in
01:3313-31Luka Vulikic substitution out
01:3313-31Jesse Hunt substitution out
01:33Lachlan Anderson substitution in13-31
01:33Jackson Davis substitution out13-31
01:25Peyton Broughton foul13-31
01:2413-32+1Bogdan Bliznyuk makes free throw
01:2313-33+1Bogdan Bliznyuk makes free throw
01:20Lachlan Anderson misses layup13-33
01:2013-33Ty Gibson defensive rebound
01:02Dillon Avare foul13-33
01:0213-34+1Bogdan Bliznyuk makes free throw
01:0213-35+1Bogdan Bliznyuk makes free throw
00:59Eastern Kentucky Colonels 20-second timeout13-35
00:40Lachlan Anderson makes layup+215-35
00:4015-35Mason Peatling foul
00:40Lachlan Anderson makes free throw+116-35
00:4016-35Richard Polanco substitution in
00:4016-35Mason Peatling substitution out
00:40Cameron Carmical substitution in16-35
00:40Dillon Avare substitution out16-35
00:29Cameron Carmical foul16-35
00:2916-36+1Jacob Davison makes free throw
00:2916-37+1Jacob Davison makes free throw
00:2916-37Luka Vulikic substitution in
00:2916-37Ty Gibson substitution out
00:10Cameron Carmical turnover16-37
00:1016-37Eastern Washington Eagles 20-second timeout
00:1016-37Ty Gibson substitution in
00:1016-37Richard Polanco substitution out
00:0316-39+2Sir Washington makes layup
Time   Eastern Kentucky PTS   Score   PTS Eastern Washington
19:4116-41+2Benas Griciunas makes 2-point jump shot
19:4116-41Bogdan Bliznyuk assist
19:1716-41Benas Griciunas foul
19:17Deandre Dishman misses free throw16-41
19:17Eastern Kentucky Colonels deadball rebound16-41
19:17Deandre Dishman makes free throw+117-41
19:0117-41Benas Griciunas misses 3-point jump shot
19:01Dedric Boyd defensive rebound17-41
18:51Nick Mayo misses 2-point jump shot17-41
18:5117-41Luka Vulikic defensive rebound
18:4117-41Luka Vulikic misses layup
18:41Dedric Boyd defensive rebound17-41
18:3617-41Bogdan Bliznyuk foul
18:36Peyton Broughton misses free throw17-41
18:36Eastern Kentucky Colonels deadball rebound17-41
18:36Peyton Broughton makes free throw+118-41
18:1218-41Sir Washington turnover
18:10Dedric Boyd steal18-41
18:08Dedric Boyd misses 2-point jump shot18-41
18:08Deandre Dishman offensive rebound18-41
18:0418-41Sir Washington foul
18:04Deandre Dishman misses free throw18-41
18:04Eastern Kentucky Colonels deadball rebound18-41
18:04Deandre Dishman makes free throw+119-41
17:5019-41Ty Gibson misses 3-point jump shot
17:50Nick Mayo defensive rebound19-41
17:32Dedric Boyd misses 2-point jump shot19-41
17:32Dedric Boyd offensive rebound19-41
17:2519-41Benas Griciunas foul
17:25Deandre Dishman makes free throw+120-41
17:25Deandre Dishman makes free throw+121-41
17:0521-43+2Benas Griciunas makes 2-point jump shot
16:5421-43Bogdan Bliznyuk foul
16:5321-43Bogdan Bliznyuk foul
16:44Deandre Dishman misses free throw21-43
16:44Eastern Kentucky Colonels deadball rebound21-43
16:43Deandre Dishman makes free throw+122-43
16:2022-46+3Sir Washington makes 3-point jump shot
16:1822-46Bogdan Bliznyuk assist
16:00Deandre Dishman turnover22-46
16:0022-46Eastern Washington Eagles full timeout
16:0022-46Jesse Hunt substitution in
16:0022-46Mason Peatling substitution in
16:0022-46Bogdan Bliznyuk substitution out
16:0022-46Benas Griciunas substitution out
15:42Deandre Dishman foul22-46
15:26Deandre Dishman foul22-46
15:26AJ Youngman substitution in22-46
15:26Zach Charles substitution in22-46
15:26Deandre Dishman substitution out22-46
15:26Peyton Broughton substitution out22-46
15:2022-46Luka Vulikic turnover
15:19Jackson Davis steal22-46
15:06Dedric Boyd makes layup+224-46
14:3724-48+2Luka Vulikic makes 2-point jump shot
14:36Jackson Davis foul24-48
14:3624-49+1Luka Vulikic makes free throw
14:3624-49Jack Perry substitution in
14:3624-49Jacob Davison substitution in
14:3624-49Luka Vulikic substitution out
14:3624-49Ty Gibson substitution out
14:31Dedric Boyd turnover24-49
14:2924-49Mason Peatling steal
14:2924-49Mason Peatling foul
14:2924-49Mason Peatling turnover
14:23Dedric Boyd misses 2-point jump shot24-49
14:2324-49Eastern Washington Eagles defensive rebound
14:20Zach Charles foul24-49
14:2024-49Eastern Washington Eagles foul
14:20Dedric Boyd makes free throw+125-49
14:20Dedric Boyd makes free throw+126-49
14:2026-49Richard Polanco substitution in
14:2026-49Mason Peatling substitution out
13:58AJ Youngman foul26-49
13:5826-50+1Richard Polanco makes free throw
13:5826-51+1Richard Polanco makes free throw
13:5826-51Cody Benzel substitution in
13:5826-51Sir Washington substitution out
13:39Zach Charles misses layup26-51
13:39Zach Charles offensive rebound26-51
13:37Zach Charles makes layup+228-51
13:1728-51Cody Benzel misses 3-point jump shot
13:17Jackson Davis defensive rebound28-51
13:00Jackson Davis misses 3-point jump shot28-51
13:00Zach Charles offensive rebound28-51
12:5728-51Richard Polanco foul
12:57Zach Charles misses free throw28-51
12:57Eastern Kentucky Colonels deadball rebound28-51
12:57Zach Charles makes free throw+129-51
12:4029-53+2Richard Polanco makes layup
12:40Jackson Davis foul29-53
12:4029-53Jesse Hunt assist
12:4029-53Richard Polanco misses free throw
12:40Nick Mayo defensive rebound29-53
12:40Peyton Broughton substitution in29-53
12:40Jackson Davis substitution out29-53
12:3329-53Richard Polanco foul
12:33Dedric Boyd makes free throw+130-53
12:33Dedric Boyd misses free throw30-53
12:3330-53Jesse Hunt defensive rebound
12:2530-53Richard Polanco misses layup
12:25Nick Mayo shot block30-53
12:2330-53Jacob Davison offensive rebound
12:1930-53Jesse Hunt misses 3-point jump shot
12:1930-53Richard Polanco offensive rebound
12:1530-55+2Richard Polanco makes layup
12:1530-55Richard Polanco foul
12:15AJ Youngman foul30-55
12:15Dedric Boyd makes free throw+131-55
12:15Dedric Boyd makes free throw+132-55
12:03Nick Mayo foul32-55
12:03Nick Mayo turnover32-55
11:4732-55Richard Polanco misses layup
11:4732-55Jesse Hunt offensive rebound
11:4232-57+2Jesse Hunt makes tip-in shot
11:28Nick Mayo makes 2-point jump shot+234-57
11:0734-57Jesse Hunt misses layup
11:07Nick Mayo defensive rebound34-57
11:00Dedric Boyd makes 2-point jump shot+236-57
10:4236-59+2Jesse Hunt makes layup
10:4236-59Jack Perry assist
10:27Nick Mayo makes 2-point jump shot+238-59
10:0938-62+3Cody Benzel makes 3-point jump shot
10:0938-62Jack Perry assist
09:48Dedric Boyd misses 2-point jump shot38-62
09:4838-62Eastern Washington Eagles defensive rebound
09:46Zach Charles foul38-62
09:4438-62Eastern Washington Eagles full timeout
09:4438-63+1Cody Benzel makes free throw
09:4438-64+1Cody Benzel makes free throw
09:4438-64Bogdan Bliznyuk substitution in
09:4438-64Richard Polanco substitution out
09:28Nick Mayo makes layup+240-64
09:0740-64Cody Benzel misses 2-point jump shot
09:07Zach Charles defensive rebound40-64
09:0540-64Jesse Hunt foul
09:05Zach Charles makes free throw+141-64
09:05Zach Charles makes free throw+142-64
09:0542-64Benas Griciunas substitution in
09:0542-64Jesse Hunt substitution out
08:4042-66+2Jacob Davison makes dunk
08:4042-66Jack Perry assist
08:27Dedric Boyd misses 3-point jump shot42-66
08:27Nick Mayo offensive rebound42-66
08:23Nick Mayo makes dunk+244-66
08:0944-69+3Jack Perry makes 3-point jump shot
08:0944-69Bogdan Bliznyuk assist
07:48Dedric Boyd makes 3-point jump shot+347-69
07:2947-72+3Benas Griciunas makes 3-point jump shot
07:2947-72Bogdan Bliznyuk assist
07:10Dedric Boyd misses 3-point jump shot47-72
07:1047-72Jacob Davison defensive rebound
07:0247-72Jacob Davison foul
07:0247-72Jacob Davison turnover
06:59Eastern Kentucky Colonels full timeout47-72
06:5947-72Luka Vulikic substitution in
06:5947-72Ty Gibson substitution in
06:5947-72Cody Benzel substitution out
06:5947-72Jack Perry substitution out
06:42Dedric Boyd misses layup47-72
06:42Zach Charles offensive rebound47-72
06:3747-75+3Richard Polanco makes 3-point jump shot
06:3747-75Grant Gibb assist
06:16AJ Youngman makes 3-point jump shot+350-75
05:56Peyton Broughton misses layup50-75
05:5650-75Bogdan Bliznyuk defensive rebound
05:4650-75Jacob Davison misses layup
05:46Zach Charles defensive rebound50-75
05:41Dedric Boyd misses 2-point jump shot50-75
05:4150-75Benas Griciunas defensive rebound
05:2050-75Ty Gibson misses 3-point jump shot
05:20Nick Mayo defensive rebound50-75
04:53Dedric Boyd makes 2-point jump shot+252-75
04:4052-75Luka Vulikic turnover
04:38Zach Charles steal52-75
04:36Zach Charles makes dunk+254-75
04:2754-77+2Benas Griciunas makes dunk
04:2754-77Luka Vulikic assist
04:02Dedric Boyd misses 2-point jump shot54-77
04:0154-77Eastern Washington Eagles defensive rebound
03:59Eastern Kentucky Colonels full timeout54-77
03:5954-77Richard Polanco substitution in
03:5954-77Cody Benzel substitution in
03:5954-77Jack Perry substitution in
03:5954-77Benas Griciunas substitution out
03:5954-77Bogdan Bliznyuk substitution out
03:5954-77Ty Gibson substitution out
03:59Deandre Dishman substitution in54-77
03:59Dillon Avare substitution in54-77
03:59AJ Youngman substitution out54-77
03:59Zach Charles substitution out54-77
03:45Dillon Avare foul54-77
03:4554-77Luka Vulikic misses free throw
03:4554-77Eastern Washington Eagles deadball rebound
03:4554-78+1Luka Vulikic makes free throw
03:4554-78Grant Gibb substitution in
03:4554-78Luka Vulikic substitution out
03:35Nick Mayo misses 2-point jump shot54-78
03:35Deandre Dishman offensive rebound54-78
03:33Deandre Dishman makes tip-in shot+256-78
03:3356-78Cody Benzel foul
03:33Deandre Dishman misses free throw56-78
03:3356-78Richard Polanco defensive rebound
03:2056-81+3Cody Benzel makes 3-point jump shot
03:04Nick Mayo turnover56-81
03:0356-81Richard Polanco steal
02:5856-81Grant Gibb misses 3-point jump shot
02:5856-81Jacob Davison offensive rebound
02:3956-81Jacob Davison misses layup
02:39Dillon Avare defensive rebound56-81
02:24Nick Mayo misses 2-point jump shot56-81
02:2456-81Jacob Davison defensive rebound
02:02Nick Mayo foul56-81
02:0256-81Richard Polanco misses free throw
02:02Lachlan Anderson defensive rebound56-81
02:02Lachlan Anderson substitution in56-81
02:02Nick Mayo substitution out56-81
01:5156-81Grant Gibb foul
01:50Deandre Dishman makes free throw+157-81
01:50Deandre Dishman makes free throw+158-81
01:3958-81Grant Gibb misses layup
01:39Deandre Dishman defensive rebound58-81
01:30Dedric Boyd misses 3-point jump shot58-81
01:3058-81Cody Benzel defensive rebound
01:1858-81Jack Perry misses 3-point jump shot
01:18Peyton Broughton defensive rebound58-81
01:05Peyton Broughton makes 2-point jump shot+260-81
01:04Eastern Kentucky Colonels 20-second timeout60-81
01:04Kirkland Humphrey substitution in60-81
01:04Dedric Boyd substitution out60-81
00:4160-81Cody Benzel misses 3-point jump shot
00:41Deandre Dishman defensive rebound60-81
00:3160-81Jack Perry foul
00:31Peyton Broughton makes free throw+161-81
00:31Peyton Broughton makes free throw+162-81
00:23Kirkland Humphrey foul62-81
00:2362-82+1Jacob Davison makes free throw
00:2362-83+1Jacob Davison makes free throw
00:16Peyton Broughton misses 3-point jump shot62-83
00:1662-83Jacob Davison defensive rebound
00:0062-83Eastern Washington Eagles full timeout
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