South Dakota State vs. Kansas Box Score, November 17, 2017

Summit League and Big 12 Conference Scores — Nov 17, 2017

LOU (18)  87  
ISU 80
TLSA 78  
KU (4)  98  
MOST 54  
BAY (25)  78  
UCI 49
KSU 71  
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Line Score


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Play-By-Play Table
Time   South Dakota State PTS   Score   PTS Kansas
19:51Brandon Key misses layup0-0
19:510-0Lagerald Vick defensive rebound
19:42Skyler Flatten foul0-0
19:410-1+1Lagerald Vick makes free throw
19:410-1Lagerald Vick misses free throw
19:41Mike Daum defensive rebound0-1
19:31Mike Daum misses 3-point jump shot0-1
19:31Tevin King offensive rebound0-1
19:260-1Lagerald Vick foul
19:26Tevin King misses free throw0-1
19:26South Dakota State Jackrabbits deadball rebound0-1
19:26Tevin King makes free throw+11-1
19:121-1Devonte' Graham misses 3-point jump shot
19:12Tevin King defensive rebound1-1
18:52Tevin King misses layup1-1
18:521-1Udoka Azubuike shot block
18:52South Dakota State Jackrabbits offensive rebound1-1
18:44Tevin King misses 3-point jump shot1-1
18:441-1Lagerald Vick defensive rebound
18:331-3+2Svi Mykhailiuk makes 2-point jump shot
18:21Skyler Flatten misses 3-point jump shot1-3
18:211-3Svi Mykhailiuk defensive rebound
18:051-5+2Udoka Azubuike makes layup
17:501-5Udoka Azubuike foul
17:50Mike Daum misses free throw1-5
17:50South Dakota State Jackrabbits deadball rebound1-5
17:50Mike Daum makes free throw+12-5
17:502-5Mitch Lightfoot substitution in
17:502-5Udoka Azubuike substitution out
17:44Tevin King foul2-5
17:382-7+2Svi Mykhailiuk makes 2-point jump shot
17:21Tevin King turnover2-7
17:212-7Svi Mykhailiuk steal
17:102-9+2Malik Newman makes 2-point jump shot
17:00Mike Daum misses layup2-9
17:002-9Mitch Lightfoot defensive rebound
16:53Lane Severyn substitution in2-9
16:53DAVID JENKINS JR substitution in2-9
16:53Tevin King substitution out2-9
16:53Skyler Flatten substitution out2-9
16:492-11+2Lagerald Vick makes layup
16:492-11Svi Mykhailiuk assist
16:46South Dakota State Jackrabbits 30-second timeout2-11
16:352-11Mitch Lightfoot foul
16:352-11Clay Young substitution in
16:352-11Mitch Lightfoot substitution out
16:24Mike Daum makes layup+24-11
16:24Brandon Key assist4-11
16:134-14+3Svi Mykhailiuk makes 3-point jump shot
16:134-14Devonte' Graham assist
15:52DAVID JENKINS JR misses 3-point jump shot4-14
15:524-14Lagerald Vick defensive rebound
15:444-17+3Lagerald Vick makes 3-point jump shot
15:31Mike Daum misses 3-point jump shot4-17
15:314-17Devonte' Graham defensive rebound
15:25DAVID JENKINS JR foul4-17
15:254-17Kansas Jayhawks full timeout
15:254-17Marcus Garrett substitution in
15:254-17Lagerald Vick substitution out
15:104-20+3Malik Newman makes 3-point jump shot
15:104-20Marcus Garrett assist
14:57Mike Daum makes 2-point jump shot+26-20
14:576-20Clay Young foul
14:57Mike Daum makes free throw+17-20
14:447-20Svi Mykhailiuk misses layup
14:44Reed Tellinghuisen defensive rebound7-20
14:20Mike Daum misses layup7-20
14:207-20Devonte' Graham defensive rebound
14:147-20Marcus Garrett misses 3-point jump shot
14:14Mike Daum defensive rebound7-20
13:59Reed Tellinghuisen makes layup+29-20
13:59Brandon Key assist9-20
13:329-20Devonte' Graham misses 3-point jump shot
13:32Mike Daum defensive rebound9-20
13:17DAVID JENKINS JR makes 3-point jump shot+312-20
13:17Brandon Key assist12-20
13:0212-22+2Svi Mykhailiuk makes layup
13:00Reed Tellinghuisen foul12-22
13:0012-22Svi Mykhailiuk misses free throw
13:00DAVID JENKINS JR defensive rebound12-22
13:00Ian Theisen substitution in12-22
13:00Tevin King substitution in12-22
13:00Lane Severyn substitution out12-22
13:00Mike Daum substitution out12-22
13:0012-22Lagerald Vick substitution in
13:0012-22Mitch Lightfoot substitution in
13:0012-22Clay Young substitution out
13:0012-22Malik Newman substitution out
12:45Brandon Key misses layup12-22
12:4512-22Mitch Lightfoot shot block
12:45South Dakota State Jackrabbits offensive rebound12-22
12:4512-22Udoka Azubuike substitution in
12:4512-22Mitch Lightfoot substitution out
12:37Brandon Key misses 2-point jump shot12-22
12:3712-22Udoka Azubuike shot block
12:3612-22Lagerald Vick defensive rebound
12:3112-25+3Svi Mykhailiuk makes 3-point jump shot
12:3112-25Lagerald Vick assist
12:11DAVID JENKINS JR turnover12-25
12:1012-25Svi Mykhailiuk steal
12:0812-27+2Svi Mykhailiuk makes dunk
12:0812-27Devonte' Graham assist
11:40DAVID JENKINS JR makes 3-point jump shot+315-27
11:40Brandon Key assist15-27
11:0815-29+2Udoka Azubuike makes 2-point jump shot
11:0815-29Devonte' Graham assist
10:50DAVID JENKINS JR misses 3-point jump shot15-29
10:5015-29Lagerald Vick defensive rebound
10:2015-31+2Udoka Azubuike makes dunk
10:2015-31Marcus Garrett assist
10:08Ian Theisen misses 3-point jump shot15-31
10:0815-31Svi Mykhailiuk defensive rebound
09:5515-31Lagerald Vick misses 3-point jump shot
09:55DAVID JENKINS JR defensive rebound15-31
09:46Reed Tellinghuisen misses 3-point jump shot15-31
09:4615-31Udoka Azubuike defensive rebound
09:23Ian Theisen foul15-31
09:2315-31Kansas Jayhawks full timeout
09:23Chris Howell substitution in15-31
09:23Skyler Flatten substitution in15-31
09:23Mike Daum substitution in15-31
09:23Brandon Key substitution out15-31
09:23Reed Tellinghuisen substitution out15-31
09:23DAVID JENKINS JR substitution out15-31
09:2315-31Malik Newman substitution in
09:2315-31Svi Mykhailiuk substitution out
09:2215-33+2Lagerald Vick makes layup
09:2215-33Devonte' Graham assist
08:5515-33Udoka Azubuike foul
08:55Chris Howell misses free throw15-33
08:55South Dakota State Jackrabbits deadball rebound15-33
08:55Chris Howell makes free throw+116-33
08:5516-33Mitch Lightfoot substitution in
08:5516-33Udoka Azubuike substitution out
08:3816-33Marcus Garrett misses layup
08:38Mike Daum defensive rebound16-33
08:28Tevin King misses 2-point jump shot16-33
08:28Tevin King offensive rebound16-33
08:27Tevin King makes 2-point jump shot+218-33
08:1518-33Malik Newman misses 2-point jump shot
08:15Mike Daum defensive rebound18-33
08:05Tevin King makes layup+220-33
08:0520-33Mitch Lightfoot foul
08:05Tevin King makes free throw+121-33
08:0521-33Clay Young substitution in
08:0521-33Svi Mykhailiuk substitution in
08:0521-33Devonte' Graham substitution out
08:0521-33Mitch Lightfoot substitution out
07:3721-33Svi Mykhailiuk misses layup
07:37Tevin King defensive rebound21-33
07:31Mike Daum turnover21-33
07:2721-33Marcus Garrett steal
07:2521-36+3Lagerald Vick makes 3-point jump shot
07:10Chris Howell turnover21-36
07:1021-36Kansas Jayhawks full timeout
07:10Reed Tellinghuisen substitution in21-36
07:10DAVID JENKINS JR substitution in21-36
07:10Brandon Key substitution in21-36
07:10Ian Theisen substitution out21-36
07:10Tevin King substitution out21-36
07:10Chris Howell substitution out21-36
06:5821-36Svi Mykhailiuk misses 2-point jump shot
06:58Reed Tellinghuisen defensive rebound21-36
06:42Brandon Key turnover21-36
06:4221-36Svi Mykhailiuk steal
06:3821-36Svi Mykhailiuk misses 3-point jump shot
06:38South Dakota State Jackrabbits defensive rebound21-36
06:16DAVID JENKINS JR misses 2-point jump shot21-36
06:16Mike Daum offensive rebound21-36
06:13Mike Daum misses 2-point jump shot21-36
06:1321-36Marcus Garrett shot block
06:1121-36Marcus Garrett defensive rebound
06:0821-38+2Malik Newman makes layup
05:50Brandon Key makes 2-point jump shot+223-38
05:2723-40+2Lagerald Vick makes layup
05:2723-40Clay Young assist
05:1423-40Clay Young foul
05:14DAVID JENKINS JR misses free throw23-40
05:14South Dakota State Jackrabbits deadball rebound23-40
05:14DAVID JENKINS JR makes free throw+124-40
05:14Tevin King substitution in24-40
05:14Skyler Flatten substitution out24-40
05:1424-40Devonte' Graham substitution in
05:1424-40Marcus Garrett substitution out
04:55Brandon Key foul24-40
04:5524-41+1Malik Newman makes free throw
04:5524-42+1Malik Newman makes free throw
04:5524-43+1Malik Newman makes free throw
04:3324-43Lagerald Vick foul
04:33Mike Daum makes free throw+125-43
04:33Mike Daum makes free throw+126-43
04:3326-43Marcus Garrett substitution in
04:3326-43Lagerald Vick substitution out
04:1426-45+2Svi Mykhailiuk makes 2-point jump shot
04:00Mike Daum misses 3-point jump shot26-45
04:0026-45Marcus Garrett defensive rebound
03:3326-47+2Clay Young makes layup
03:3326-47Devonte' Graham assist
03:2226-47Svi Mykhailiuk foul
03:22South Dakota State Jackrabbits full timeout26-47
03:22Brandon Key makes free throw+127-47
03:22Brandon Key makes free throw+128-47
03:22Ian Theisen substitution in28-47
03:22Mike Daum substitution out28-47
02:5728-47Malik Newman misses 3-point jump shot
02:57Tevin King defensive rebound28-47
02:44Brandon Key turnover28-47
02:4328-47Marcus Garrett steal
02:2428-50+3Malik Newman makes 3-point jump shot
02:2428-50Clay Young assist
01:57Brandon Key turnover28-50
01:5628-50Svi Mykhailiuk steal
01:34Tevin King foul28-50
01:3428-51+1Devonte' Graham makes free throw
01:3428-52+1Devonte' Graham makes free throw
01:34Mike Daum substitution in28-52
01:34Chris Howell substitution in28-52
01:34Skyler Flatten substitution in28-52
01:34Reed Tellinghuisen substitution out28-52
01:34Brandon Key substitution out28-52
01:34Ian Theisen substitution out28-52
01:25Chris Howell misses 2-point jump shot28-52
01:2528-52Marcus Garrett defensive rebound
01:22Mike Daum foul28-52
01:2228-53+1Marcus Garrett makes free throw
01:2228-54+1Marcus Garrett makes free throw
01:12DAVID JENKINS JR misses 3-point jump shot28-54
01:1228-54Marcus Garrett defensive rebound
00:4528-54Svi Mykhailiuk misses 3-point jump shot
00:45Chris Howell defensive rebound28-54
00:33Tevin King turnover28-54
00:3328-54Devonte' Graham steal
00:2928-54Kansas Jayhawks 30-second timeout
00:29Ian Theisen substitution in28-54
00:29DAVID JENKINS JR substitution out28-54
00:1128-57+3Svi Mykhailiuk makes 3-point jump shot
00:1128-57Devonte' Graham assist
Time   South Dakota State PTS   Score   PTS Kansas
19:4728-59+2Udoka Azubuike makes layup
19:4728-59Devonte' Graham assist
19:25Mike Daum makes 3-point jump shot+331-59
19:25Brandon Key assist31-59
18:5431-61+2Udoka Azubuike makes layup
18:54Tevin King foul31-61
18:5431-61Udoka Azubuike misses free throw
18:54Mike Daum defensive rebound31-61
18:33Skyler Flatten misses 2-point jump shot31-61
18:3331-61Lagerald Vick shot block
18:3131-61Lagerald Vick defensive rebound
18:1531-61Malik Newman misses 3-point jump shot
18:15Skyler Flatten defensive rebound31-61
18:03Mike Daum makes 3-point jump shot+334-61
18:03Tevin King assist34-61
17:3834-64+3Lagerald Vick makes 3-point jump shot
17:3834-64Devonte' Graham assist
17:21Mike Daum misses layup34-64
17:2134-64Svi Mykhailiuk defensive rebound
17:0134-64Udoka Azubuike misses 2-point jump shot
17:01Mike Daum defensive rebound34-64
16:51Mike Daum makes 3-point jump shot+337-64
16:51Brandon Key assist37-64
16:26Mike Daum foul37-64
16:26DAVID JENKINS JR substitution in37-64
16:26Lane Severyn substitution in37-64
16:26Tevin King substitution out37-64
16:26Skyler Flatten substitution out37-64
16:2237-64Devonte' Graham misses 3-point jump shot
16:22Reed Tellinghuisen defensive rebound37-64
16:15Mike Daum misses 3-point jump shot37-64
16:1537-64Svi Mykhailiuk defensive rebound
15:48Brandon Key foul37-64
15:4837-64Media timeout
15:48Ian Theisen substitution in37-64
15:48Mike Daum substitution out37-64
15:4337-67+3Svi Mykhailiuk makes 3-point jump shot
15:4337-67Devonte' Graham assist
15:22Ian Theisen misses 3-point jump shot37-67
15:22Lane Severyn offensive rebound37-67
15:18Reed Tellinghuisen makes 3-point jump shot+340-67
15:18Lane Severyn assist40-67
14:4440-69+2Lagerald Vick makes layup
14:4440-69Malik Newman assist
14:26DAVID JENKINS JR misses 2-point jump shot40-69
14:2640-69Svi Mykhailiuk defensive rebound
14:03Reed Tellinghuisen foul40-69
14:0340-70+1Svi Mykhailiuk makes free throw
14:0340-71+1Svi Mykhailiuk makes free throw
14:03Tevin King substitution in40-71
14:03Mike Daum substitution in40-71
14:03Brandon Key substitution out40-71
14:03Reed Tellinghuisen substitution out40-71
14:0340-71Marcus Garrett substitution in
14:0340-71Malik Newman substitution out
13:46Mike Daum makes layup+242-71
13:2242-71Marcus Garrett misses 3-point jump shot
13:22South Dakota State Jackrabbits defensive rebound42-71
13:1842-71Mitch Lightfoot substitution in
13:1842-71Udoka Azubuike substitution out
13:04DAVID JENKINS JR misses layup42-71
13:0442-71Mitch Lightfoot shot block
13:0342-71Devonte' Graham defensive rebound
12:5942-74+3Svi Mykhailiuk makes 3-point jump shot
12:5942-74Marcus Garrett assist
12:40DAVID JENKINS JR turnover42-74
12:3942-74Marcus Garrett steal
12:3642-74Svi Mykhailiuk misses dunk
12:3642-74Marcus Garrett offensive rebound
12:3242-77+3Devonte' Graham makes 3-point jump shot
12:3242-77Marcus Garrett assist
12:16Mike Daum makes 2-point jump shot+244-77
12:1644-77Devonte' Graham foul
12:16Mike Daum misses free throw44-77
12:1644-77Lagerald Vick defensive rebound
12:16Chris Howell substitution in44-77
12:16Reed Tellinghuisen substitution in44-77
12:16Ian Theisen substitution out44-77
12:16Lane Severyn substitution out44-77
12:0744-79+2Lagerald Vick makes 2-point jump shot
12:0744-79Devonte' Graham assist
11:4844-79Mitch Lightfoot foul
11:48South Dakota State Jackrabbits full timeout44-79
11:48Chris Howell makes free throw+145-79
11:48Chris Howell makes free throw+146-79
11:2746-79Mitch Lightfoot turnover
11:26Reed Tellinghuisen steal46-79
11:17Chris Howell misses layup46-79
11:1746-79Mitch Lightfoot shot block
11:16Chris Howell offensive rebound46-79
11:14Chris Howell makes layup+248-79
10:5948-82+3Devonte' Graham makes 3-point jump shot
10:43Mike Daum misses 3-point jump shot48-82
10:4348-82Mitch Lightfoot defensive rebound
10:3448-82Udoka Azubuike substitution in
10:3448-82Malik Newman substitution in
10:3448-82Svi Mykhailiuk substitution out
10:3448-82Mitch Lightfoot substitution out
10:1648-82Devonte' Graham misses 3-point jump shot
10:16Mike Daum defensive rebound48-82
09:54Chris Howell misses 2-point jump shot48-82
09:54Reed Tellinghuisen offensive rebound48-82
09:51Reed Tellinghuisen makes tip-in shot+250-82
09:3550-84+2Udoka Azubuike makes dunk
09:3550-84Lagerald Vick assist
09:11Reed Tellinghuisen misses 3-point jump shot50-84
09:1150-84Devonte' Graham defensive rebound
08:5550-84Lagerald Vick misses 3-point jump shot
08:55Tevin King defensive rebound50-84
08:45Chris Howell misses layup50-84
08:45South Dakota State Jackrabbits offensive rebound50-84
08:43Ian Theisen substitution in50-84
08:43Mike Daum substitution out50-84
08:4350-84Mitch Lightfoot substitution in
08:4350-84Svi Mykhailiuk substitution in
08:4350-84Lagerald Vick substitution out
08:4350-84Devonte' Graham substitution out
08:35Chris Howell makes 2-point jump shot+252-84
08:1352-84Udoka Azubuike turnover
08:12Chris Howell steal52-84
08:08Chris Howell misses layup52-84
08:0852-84Mitch Lightfoot shot block
08:0652-84Mitch Lightfoot defensive rebound
07:5052-84Svi Mykhailiuk misses 2-point jump shot
07:50Chris Howell defensive rebound52-84
07:4352-84Svi Mykhailiuk foul
07:43South Dakota State Jackrabbits full timeout52-84
07:43DAVID JENKINS JR misses free throw52-84
07:43South Dakota State Jackrabbits deadball rebound52-84
07:43DAVID JENKINS JR makes free throw+153-84
07:43Brandon Key substitution in53-84
07:43Tevin King substitution out53-84
07:4353-84Devonte' Graham substitution in
07:4353-84Svi Mykhailiuk substitution out
07:29Ian Theisen foul53-84
07:2953-85+1Udoka Azubuike makes free throw
07:2953-85Udoka Azubuike misses free throw
07:2953-85Kansas Jayhawks deadball rebound
07:29Ian Theisen turnover53-85
07:2453-85Mitch Lightfoot foul
07:2453-85Mitch Lightfoot turnover
07:12DAVID JENKINS JR misses 2-point jump shot53-85
07:1253-85Devonte' Graham defensive rebound
06:5553-87+2Mitch Lightfoot makes 2-point jump shot
06:5553-87Malik Newman assist
06:34Reed Tellinghuisen misses 3-point jump shot53-87
06:3453-87Udoka Azubuike defensive rebound
06:2553-89+2Udoka Azubuike makes dunk
06:2553-89Devonte' Graham assist
06:0253-89Mitch Lightfoot foul
06:02DAVID JENKINS JR makes free throw+154-89
06:02DAVID JENKINS JR makes free throw+155-89
06:02Skyler Flatten substitution in55-89
06:02Mike Daum substitution in55-89
06:02DAVID JENKINS JR substitution out55-89
06:02Reed Tellinghuisen substitution out55-89
06:0255-89Clay Young substitution in
06:0255-89Lagerald Vick substitution in
06:0255-89Mitch Lightfoot substitution out
06:0255-89Malik Newman substitution out
05:5055-89Devonte' Graham turnover
05:49Skyler Flatten steal55-89
05:47Skyler Flatten makes layup+257-89
05:21Mike Daum foul57-89
05:21Tevin King substitution in57-89
05:21Chris Howell substitution out57-89
05:1657-89Devonte' Graham misses 2-point jump shot
05:16Mike Daum defensive rebound57-89
05:01Ian Theisen misses 3-point jump shot57-89
05:01Tevin King offensive rebound57-89
04:55Brandon Key misses 3-point jump shot57-89
04:5557-89Marcus Garrett defensive rebound
04:4557-89Lagerald Vick misses 3-point jump shot
04:45Mike Daum defensive rebound57-89
04:35Tevin King turnover57-89
04:3557-89Clay Young steal
04:35Tevin King foul57-89
04:3557-89Lagerald Vick misses free throw
04:35Tevin King defensive rebound57-89
04:2857-89Chris Teahan substitution in
04:2857-89Devonte' Graham substitution out
04:26Mike Daum misses 2-point jump shot57-89
04:2657-89Chris Teahan defensive rebound
04:1057-91+2Udoka Azubuike makes 2-point jump shot
03:51Brandon Key turnover57-91
03:5057-91Marcus Garrett steal
03:3457-91Media timeout
03:34Dallas Polk-Hilliard substitution in57-91
03:34Chris Howell substitution in57-91
03:34Lane Severyn substitution in57-91
03:34Skyler Flatten substitution out57-91
03:34Brandon Key substitution out57-91
03:34Mike Daum substitution out57-91
03:2657-91Marcus Garrett misses 3-point jump shot
03:2657-91Chris Teahan offensive rebound
03:2257-91Chris Teahan turnover
02:58Tevin King misses 3-point jump shot57-91
02:58Chris Howell offensive rebound57-91
02:5457-91Marcus Garrett foul
02:54Chris Howell misses free throw57-91
02:54South Dakota State Jackrabbits deadball rebound57-91
02:54Chris Howell misses free throw57-91
02:54Dallas Polk-Hilliard offensive rebound57-91
02:49Chris Howell misses 2-point jump shot57-91
02:4957-91Marcus Garrett defensive rebound
02:3857-93+2Lagerald Vick makes layup
02:22Tevin King makes layup+259-93
02:1159-93Chris Teahan misses 2-point jump shot
02:11Ian Theisen defensive rebound59-93
01:59Tevin King makes 2-point jump shot+261-93
01:4461-93Clay Young turnover
01:43Tevin King steal61-93
01:41Tevin King makes layup+263-93
01:39Beau Brown substitution in63-93
01:39Tevin King substitution out63-93
01:3063-96+3Chris Teahan makes 3-point jump shot
01:3063-96Lagerald Vick assist
01:10Beau Brown misses 3-point jump shot63-96
01:10Dallas Polk-Hilliard offensive rebound63-96
01:06Dallas Polk-Hilliard misses 3-point jump shot63-96
01:06Ian Theisen offensive rebound63-96
01:0363-96Lagerald Vick foul
01:03Ian Theisen misses free throw63-96
01:03South Dakota State Jackrabbits deadball rebound63-96
01:03Ian Theisen makes free throw+164-96
00:5464-96Chris Teahan turnover
00:43Ian Theisen misses 3-point jump shot64-96
00:4364-96Chris Teahan defensive rebound
00:3264-98+2Marcus Garrett makes layup
00:07Beau Brown misses 3-point jump shot64-98
00:07Lane Severyn offensive rebound64-98

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