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2015 NFL Storylines

9th September 2015

With the 2015 NFL season kicking off this week, we thought we'd visit some storylines for this season as a way of introducing some of the research tools you can find on Follow the hyperlinked historical notes to the queries on our site and see if you can re-create them. If you're wondering about how we did anything, just ask us!

Quarterbacks Chasing History

Peyton Manning

Rk From To W L T
1 Brett Favre 1991 2010 186 112 0
2 Peyton Manning 1998 2014 179 77 0
3 Tom Brady 2000 2014 160 47 0
4 John Elway* 1983 1998 148 82 1
5 Dan Marino* 1983 1999 147 93 0
6 Fran Tarkenton* 1961 1978 124 109 6
7 Johnny Unitas* 1956 1973 118 64 4
8 Drew Brees 2001 2014 117 84 0
9 Joe Montana* 1979 1994 117 47 0
10 Terry Bradshaw* 1970 1983 107 51 0
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Drew Brees

Tom Brady

Ben Roethlisberger

Aaron Rodgers

Russell Wilson

Andrew Luck

Adrian Peterson Returns

It's been a year since Peterson last took the field in a 34-6 Week 1 win over the Rams last season. Few fans will be rooting for Peterson in 2015, but he'll likely continue to climb the record books.

Golden Receivers

Throwing the football has never been more popular, and it has probably never been easier. Go ahead and check this list of the players with most receiving yards per game in NFL history. That right, the top five are all active players (or at least kind of active in the case of Josh Gordon). And this doesn't even include players like Odell Beckham, Jr. who don't yet have enough games played to qualify.

Sustained Success

The Patriots posted their 12th straight double-digit win season in 2014. That's the 2nd-longest such streak in NFL history. Only the 49ers (from 1983-98) have posted a longer streak. If head coach Bill Belichick can get his team to repeat, he could become the first head coach to win five Super Bowls.

Rk Tm Seasons W L T From To
1 San Francisco 49ers 16 191 63 1 1983 1998 See all seasons »
2 New England Patriots 12* 150 42 0 2003 2014 See all seasons »
3 Indianapolis Colts 9 109 35 0 2002 2010 See all seasons »
4 Dallas Cowboys 7 80 26 0 1975 1981 See all seasons »
5 Dallas Cowboys 6 64 19 1 1968 1973 See all seasons »
Dallas Cowboys 6 70 26 0 1991 1996 See all seasons »
Miami Dolphins 6 67 16 1 1970 1975 See all seasons »
Los Angeles Rams 6 66 19 1 1973 1978 See all seasons »
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New Extra Point Rules

If you send your kicking team out for extra points, you'll now have to snap the ball from the 15, rather than 2. Curious how this impacts strategy? Check out our Game Player Finder to find all FGAs with the LOS at the 15 over the last 5 seasons. You can also use this tool to search for 2-point conversion tries over the same span. Which approach is the better bet?

Track History All Season Long

Bookmark our NFL Milestone Watch page and check every week for which records might fall.

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Find 2015 College Football Stats

3rd September 2015

With the 2015 college football season upon us, just a few reminders on where to find info for this season:

If you have any questions about where to find something or if you encounter any issues, please let us know here.

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Introducing the Hockey-Reference Player Advanced Stats Finder

3rd August 2015

Last year we rolled out many new play-by-play based statistics and features to player pages on Hockey-Reference. A Team Advanced Stats Finder was created to allow users to sort through team-level statistics. We're now thrilled to announce a player stat companion to this: The Player Advanced Stats Finder.

This tool works like the others in our Play Index, allowing users to create custom queries back to 2007-08 by using the below search form:


As you can see, the tool allows for single-season search, combined season search or total season search. Additionally, there are several filters and criteria that can be applied to your search, as well as several different "sort by" options for your report. To give you a better idea of what the tool is capable, let's fire it up and show you some sample searches:

Of course, these are just a few quick examples. Some other statistics in a variety of situations that are now searchable/sortable are Fenwick, PDO, blocks, offensive/defensive zone start % and many more. We encourage you to play around with this new tool and let us know what you think!

And if you're confused about what any of these statistics mean, don't forget to check out our updated glossary!

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Enhancements to Hockey Reference Player Game Finder

19th June 2015

We're excited to introduce a couple of fantastic enhancements to the Hockey Reference Player Game Finder. This tool allows you to search through game-level player stats for every NHL game since 1987-88.

The huge addition is the option to search by cumulative games, which allows you to search for statistics over a specific span of games. Use this option by selecting "Search for Cumulative Games" in the yellow section directly below "Search Form." This tool opens up capabilities to do informative searches never before possible on Hockey Reference. Here are some examples to give you the gist:

You'll also notice that we've added an option to search for games on a player's birthday. So you can now search for things like birthday Hat Tricks.

Or you can even combine these new features and find the players with the most career birthday goals or the most career playoff birthday goals.

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NBA Draft-related Additions to Basketball Reference Play Index

18th June 2015

With the NBA Draft a week away, we wanted to briefly introduce some subtle, but useful additions to the Play Index.

First up, is a tweak to the Player Season Finder, which now allows for customized statistical searches by player draft year. You'll notice there's now a filter for BAA/NBA Draft Year. Utilizing this, you can now search for things such as:

Additionally, we have made some enhancements to the Draft Finder. The biggest change is that you can now filter by the draftees' NBA/BAA position (please note that we don't have positions in the DB for many drafted players who never went on to play in the league). But, for instance, here are centers drafted in 2014. Additionally, you'll notice that player ages on draft day and birth country now display in the results. Again, this data is unavailable for many players who never played in the league.

We hope you find these new tools useful.

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Introducing the NHL Draft Finder

18th June 2015

With the 2015 NHL Draft coming up on June 26 & 27, we're happy to introduce a new tool to the Hockey Reference Play Index: The Draft Finder. Fans of our sites will find that this tool is similar to the ones found on Basketball Reference & Pro Football Reference.

With this tool, users can search through every NHL draft pick since 1963, utilizing a variety of filters and sorts. Users can set a custom range of years and specify things like position, team, birth country, round of selection, overall pick number and whether or not the player selected went on to play in the NHL.

Additionally, users can apply filters for what amateur program a player came from (whether this was the amateur team he was with at the time of the draft, or after the draft).

Here's a few sample searches for concrete examples of what the Draft Finder can do. However, you'll find this is merely the tip of the iceberg and we'd love it if you explore the options and let us know what you think.

We hope you enjoy this new feature.

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Find NBA Finals Data on Basketball-Reference

4th June 2015

With the NBA Finals (finally) tipping off tonight, we just wanted to quickly link to some of the NBA Finals data & tools we have on the site.

  • For a full list of NBA Champions, Finals MVPs & annual top playoff performers click here.
  • For greater detail on the performance of Finals MVPs, check out this list. LeBron James is 1 of just 10 players with multiple NBA Finals MVPs. Only Jordan, Duncan, Magic & Shaq have more than 2.
  • For a full list of every Playoff series in NBA history click here. You can also click on any series on that list to see a cumulative box score for that series, with links to every game. Here is the 2014 NBA Finals, for instance.
  • If counting "ringz" is your thing, check out our list of the players with the most championships. As you can see, LeBron James has a chance to match another all-time great SF, Larry Bird, with 3 titles.
  • Additionally, you can use our Play Index to run searches specifically for NBA Finals games. In the Team Game Finder or Player Game Finder, just set the game type filter to Playoffs and the round filter to Finals like in the image:

NBA Finals search


We hope you find these tools useful as you enjoy the 2015 NBA Finals.

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Daily Fantasy Points added to Game Finder, player pages

14th May 2015

We've extended the Daily Fantasy Points to the Play Index Game Finders as well as adding a chart to the player pages showing their DFS points over the current season. These statistics are located towards the far right of the table. DFS (DK) stands for DraftKings points, while DFS (FD) stands for FanDuel points.

Screenshot 2015-05-14 08.32.50

We'd also like to take this opportunity to remind our users that a $15 deposit on a new DraftKings account through this link will come with a free year of Play Index access (normally $36/yr). More details on this offer can be found here.

We hope daily fantasy players enjoy this new feature and would love to hear about any other features you would like to see.

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Introducing the PFR Draft Machine App for Mobile Devices

21st April 2015

We're excited to announce that we have a released an NFL Draft app on the Google Play store  and Apple's App Store: the PFR Draft Machine. For users familiar with our Play Index Draft Finder tool, this brand new app will bring those same unique functions (and more) to your mobile devices.

Download this app now to find out who's picking where in 2015, the best pick at that position in the history of the draft, and the average performance of picks at that position. This app also allows users to make customized queries across every NFL draft pick in history, with filters such as year, team, college, position, round, etc. The only limits to your queries are your own imagination. This is the only app to bring the power of the Pro Football Reference Play Index to your mobile device.

And best of all, we're offering this app for FREE. So please download it and let us know what you think. We're eager to hear your feedback and apply it to any future mobile apps.

Download this app from the Google Play Store

Download this app from Apple's App Store

We have attached some sample images below:

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 4.23.21 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 4.23.40 PM

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2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs Section

15th April 2015

With playoffs season upon, we wanted to point out our 2015 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs section. While it's mostly a shell right now, it will be a good bookmark for info as the playoffs get going. You can find schedule & results for every game, stats for every skater, goalie & team, as well as leaderboards.

There are also series preview pages to see how opponents match up with each other.

If you're more of a history buff, you can also take a skate down memory lane by checking out past playoff seasons, such as 2014 or 2013. Stats for series are also available, such as the 2013 Stanley Cup Final. Links to all playoff seasons (and a list of champions, runners-up and Conn Smythe winners) are available here.

Other Stanley Cup Playoff resources include our all-time Leaders & Records section, list of frequent champions and our Player Playoff Finder tool. With the Player Playoff Finder, you can run all sorts of custom queries such as leading goal scorers, assists leaders, short-handed goal leaders and many others.

Our Team Game Finder & Player Game Finder also contain options to restrict your searches to playoff games only. You can search for things such as the most recent playoff hat tricks & team records in their playoff openers. It should be noted that our player game logs currently go back to the 1988 Playoffs.

We hope you enjoy these features and please let us know what you'd like to see in the future.

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