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NHL Rookies of the Month Added to Hockey Reference

27th January 2016

We have added NHL Rookies of the Month back to the 2005-06 season. If you have this info for any older seasons, please let us know. The Rookie of the Month winners can be accessed via our larger Awards section.

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Advanced Hockey Stats on Hockey Reference

18th January 2016

If you're among the NHL fans lamenting the upcoming shuttering of War on Ice, we just wanted to remind you of the variety of advanced hockey stats we offer on Hockey Reference. While we're perhaps best known as a repository for historical statistics, we have beefed up our analytics in the last few years. In fact, if you click here, you can conveniently see a menu of our analytics offerings. These include:

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Game-Winning Goals Added to Hockey Reference Play Index

15th January 2016

We have added Game-Winning Goals to the Player Season Finder search in the Hockey Reference Play Index. GWG data is available back the 1963-64 regular season and the 1968 Stanley Cup Playoffs. With this new search capability, you can now quickly and easily see that Phil Esposito (twice) and Michel Goulet share the single-season record over this span with 16 game-winning goals. You can also discover that the career leader over this span is Jaromir Jagr, with 132. The playoff leaders, with 24 each, are Wayne Gretzky and Brett Hull. The record for a single Stanley Cup Playoffs is 7 by Brad Richards in 2003-04.

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2015-16 NHL Salaries Table Added

11th November 2015

We just wanted to make a quick announcement that we've added a table with all player salaries for the 2015-16 season. This data was previously available on player and team pages, but it's now available as a sortable list with the salaries and cap hits for all players in the league season. This data is accessible from our frivolities page.

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Time on Ice & Shift Details Added to Hockey Reference

20th October 2015

We just wanted to quickly note that we have added new tables of information to the bottom of team pages and also to the seasonal skater registers back to 2007-08.

These tables show average shift length for every player, and also breakdowns of time and performance at even strength, on the power play and shorthanded.

These new tables allow users to dig up the following info, among other things:

We hope you enjoy this new information. If you have any comments or questions, please reach out to us here.


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Introducing NHL Expected +/-

7th October 2015

Hockey Reference is excited to introduce a new advanced hockey statistic we're calling Expected +/-. This new metric, utilizing league-wide shot location data, shows what we'd expect a player's +/- to be, based on where his team's shots and his opponent's shots came from while we has on the ice in even strength situations. The expected value of these shots is based upon league-wide shooting percentages from the various locations.

We have calculated the statistic for 2014-15 thus far, and will be calculating it for seasons moving forward, as well. As we get more shot location data, these values will eventually be based on three-year rolling averages, but as of now, 2014-15 is based entirely upon 2014-15 shot location data. When we say three-year rolling averages, what we mean is that, eventually, 2015-16 Expected +/- will be based upon shooting percentages from various locations on the ice from 2014-15 to 2016-17.

Here's the 2014-15 leaders:

Rk Player Age Tm Pos GP E+/- ?
1 Patrice Bergeron 29 BOS C 81 21.5
2 Nick Leddy 23 NYI D 78 19.6
3 Anders Lee 24 NYI C 76 19.6
4 John Tavares 24 NYI C 82 19.6
5 Anton Stralman 28 TBL D 82 17.6
6 Ryan Strome 21 NYI C 81 17.5
7 Nikita Kucherov 21 TBL RW 82 17.2
8 Brad Marchand 26 BOS LW 77 17.1
9 Brock Nelson 23 NYI C 82 17.1
10 Joe Thornton 35 SJS C 78 17.1
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Generated 10/7/2015.

As you can see, the Expected +/- leaderboard differs quite a bit from the actual +/- leaderboard, with only Nikita Kucherov appearing in the top ten of both. Expected +/- can potentially help identify some of the luck factor in raw +/- numbers:

Rk Player Age Tm Pos GP +/- ?
1 Nikita Kucherov 21 TBL RW 82 38
2 Max Pacioretty 26 MTL LW 80 38
3 Tyler Johnson 24 TBL C 77 33
4 Ondrej Palat 23 TBL LW 75 31
5 Jonathan Toews 26 CHI C 81 30
6 Rick Nash 30 NYR LW 79 29
7 Jason Garrison 30 TBL D 70 27
8 Vladimir Tarasenko 23 STL RW 77 27
9 Derek Stepan 24 NYR C 68 26
10 Blake Wheeler 28 WPG RW 79 26
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Generated 10/7/2015.

Since this metric considers the quality of shots (or at least their point of origin), it has an advantage over blunter instruments, like Corsi, which consider quantity, but not quality. However, unlike Corsi, Expected +/- does not include info on shots that weren't on goal, that were blocked, etc. So we see the stats as good complements for each other.

Currently, Expected +/- can be found for all players on the advanced tab of the 2014-15 Skaters register. Additionally, it can found in the Miscellaneous table on player pages.

On a game level, we have added shot charts to our box scores, as well. In the future, we plan to add heat maps showing shooting percentages by location for players, goalies, teams and league seasons. We will also be incorporating Expected +/- into our Player Advanced Stats Finder to allow for customized searches on this metric.

Finally, we would like to thank Wesley Yue for his valuable contributions to this concept.

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Sports Reference Welcomes Jonah Gardner to Our Staff

7th August 2015

Jonah Gardner joined the Sports Reference crew (working out of Philly) a few weeks ago as our Social Media Coordinator bringing SR's head count to seven full-time staff. Jonah brings experience working in social media for The Human Solution in Austin and also for several musical acts and record labels. He's an Atlanta Braves fan, backs Everton FC (the Braves of the EPL), and is a big NBA fan (see his Kevin Garnett Trade Voltron). Jonah will be leading our change on social media for Sports Reference and you'll see us on much more active on twitter and joining additional platforms in the near future.

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Introducing the Hockey-Reference Player Advanced Stats Finder

3rd August 2015

Last year we rolled out many new play-by-play based statistics and features to player pages on Hockey-Reference. A Team Advanced Stats Finder was created to allow users to sort through team-level statistics. We're now thrilled to announce a player stat companion to this: The Player Advanced Stats Finder.

This tool works like the others in our Play Index, allowing users to create custom queries back to 2007-08 by using the below search form:


As you can see, the tool allows for single-season search, combined season search or total season search. Additionally, there are several filters and criteria that can be applied to your search, as well as several different "sort by" options for your report. To give you a better idea of what the tool is capable, let's fire it up and show you some sample searches:

Of course, these are just a few quick examples. Some other statistics in a variety of situations that are now searchable/sortable are Fenwick, PDO, blocks, offensive/defensive zone start % and many more. We encourage you to play around with this new tool and let us know what you think!

And if you're confused about what any of these statistics mean, don't forget to check out our updated glossary!

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Enhancements to Hockey Reference Player Game Finder

19th June 2015

We're excited to introduce a couple of fantastic enhancements to the Hockey Reference Player Game Finder. This tool allows you to search through game-level player stats for every NHL game since 1987-88.

The huge addition is the option to search by cumulative games, which allows you to search for statistics over a specific span of games. Use this option by selecting "Search for Cumulative Games" in the yellow section directly below "Search Form." This tool opens up capabilities to do informative searches never before possible on Hockey Reference. Here are some examples to give you the gist:

You'll also notice that we've added an option to search for games on a player's birthday. So you can now search for things like birthday Hat Tricks.

Or you can even combine these new features and find the players with the most career birthday goals or the most career playoff birthday goals.

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Introducing the NHL Draft Finder

18th June 2015

With the 2015 NHL Draft coming up on June 26 & 27, we're happy to introduce a new tool to the Hockey Reference Play Index: The Draft Finder. Fans of our sites will find that this tool is similar to the ones found on Basketball Reference & Pro Football Reference.

With this tool, users can search through every NHL draft pick since 1963, utilizing a variety of filters and sorts. Users can set a custom range of years and specify things like position, team, birth country, round of selection, overall pick number and whether or not the player selected went on to play in the NHL.

Additionally, users can apply filters for what amateur program a player came from (whether this was the amateur team he was with at the time of the draft, or after the draft).

Here's a few sample searches for concrete examples of what the Draft Finder can do. However, you'll find this is merely the tip of the iceberg and we'd love it if you explore the options and let us know what you think.

We hope you enjoy this new feature.

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