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Frances Pomeroy Naismith Award Winners Added

8th April 2016

Though the award was unfortunately discontinued after the 2013-14 season, we have added the Frances Pomeroy Naismith Award winners to our awards database. This award, which honors the best players 6'0" tall and under, ran from 1969 to 2014 and recognized players ranging from National Player of the Years like Jameer Nelson to Division II stars like Jerry Johnson. The award has gone to some unforgettable players under 5'8", like Muggsy Bogues, Keith "Mister" JenningsShawnta Rogers and Earl Boykins. The author of this post is even still bitter that the 1992 award went to current Virginia head coach Tony Bennett over La Salle's Randy Woods.

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The 10 Biggest March Madness Upsets

16th March 2016

You've done the research, read the tea leaves, reviewed the charts in our paradigm-shifting blog post on how seeding affects tournament performance, and locked in your March Madness bracket. Now all that's left to do is sit back, invent a creative excuse to give when your boss asks why you need Thursday and Friday off work, and watch as a college that sounds like the name of a fictional school from a novel about MFA students eliminates your top seed of choice.

Upsets are a crucial part of the fabric of the NCAA Tournament. In a differently structured postseason, like one where teams played multiple best-of-7 series over the course of a couple months, the team that's favored on paper would win a lot more. But what fun would that be?

So, as we head into the weekend most primed for upsets, let's take a look back. Here are the 10 biggest March Madness upset wins in history. And perhaps we can find some lessons to identify who might be this year's March Madness Cinderella team. Read the rest of this entry

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Is It Better To Be a 12-Seed Than a 9 in the NCAA Tournament?

9th March 2016

Have you tested your office computer's streaming capabilities? Made sure your Venmo account is all set? Refamiliarized yourself with terms like Net Rating, Simple Rating System, and RPI? If not, you'd better get on it, because March Madness is almost here!

This Sunday, the Selection Committee will announce the 68 teams that comprise this year's race to the Final Four. And, immediately following that, millions of people will begin filling out their bracket. Every year, you carefully research the teams, read up on the players, scout the tactics, and then inevitably see your bracket obliterated in the first weekend when FREAKING DUKE LOSES IN THE ROUND OF 64 AGAIN. Read the rest of this entry

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College Basketball Player Statistics Added for 1994-95 Season

29th January 2016

As we continue to work our way back on digitizing player statistics for old college basketball seasons, we are happy to announce the player stats for the 1994-95 season are now live on the site. You can see player leaders for the season here. Notably, Kurt Thomas became the third player to lead NCAA D-I in scoring and rebounding in the same season (28.9 PPG and 14.6 RPG). Here's the team stats page for UCLA, as the Bruins won their record 11th (and most recent) national championship.

The new season of statistics has also been synced into the Player Season Finder tool, so you can now make customized searches for player stats all the way back to 1994-95 (though we cannot yet calculate Win Shares for 1994-95). Here's a few examples:

In the coming months and years, we hope to continue to add past seasons of player statistics, as well as team statistics.

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Find the Record for Any Starting Lineup Since 2010-11

26th January 2016

Perhaps you noticed the recent addition of a "starters" tab on all team pages since 2010-11. Clicking on this tab will take you to a team game log where you can see the 5 starters used in each game. Additionally, at the bottom of the page, you will find a list of every starting lineup combo used, as well as the team's record in games started by that lineup.  So you can see, for instance, that all four Michigan State losses have come with rarely used lineups, with Denzel Valentine and Tum Tum Nairn, most notably, missing some action. While this data is interesting for Michigan State, it's a little more boring for top-ranked Oklahoma, which has used the same starting lineup in every game this season.

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Tricks You Didn’t Know about Sports Reference: Domain Names

13th January 2016

Today, we finalized the purchase of from the folks at Rotowire (thanks guys!). This really doesn't do much for you as an end user, but I thought I'd also mention that there are some domain name tricks that can help you.

The main one is that each site has a shortened url of 5-6 characters that can save some typing on your end. This is especially useful on your phones. => => => => => => =>

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Find Any College Basketball Matchup Since 1950

13th January 2016

We're excited to announce a new Play Index feature at College Basketball Reference, which allows users to search for results of all matchups between Division I schools since 1949-50: the Matchup Finder.

There's a lot of cool new searches you can make with this tool, so let's show some examples:

In conjunction with the addition of the Matchup Finder, we have also enhanced the Team Game Finder. The Team Game Finder allows for more specific statistical searches than the Matchup Finder, but it only goes back to 2010-11 (the first season for which have all box scores) rather than 1949-50. The enhancement we've now made to this feature is that the AP Rankings are also synced into the search table. So you can now find things like best FG% against the AP #1 team since 2010-11. Or most wins vs ranked opponents since 2010-11.

The other addition we've made with syncing of the AP Rankings are matrices for each season showing all of the ranked vs ranked games. For instance, here's the Top 25 Matchups matrix for the 2014-15 season. Click on any of the hyperlinks to be taken to a matchup finder link showing the list of games in that season fitting the criteria. These matrices go all the way back to 1950.

We'd also like to mention a few inaccuracies we uncovered in the NCAA Record Book in preparing this tool. The record book lists all of the wins over AP #1 teams. However, it includes 2 wins which were actually over schools ranked #2 by the AP at the time of the game (DePaul's win over St. John's on January 17, 1950 and Virginia Tech's win over Memphis State on January 10, 1983). Consequently, we've removed those two games from our list of wins over AP #1. The record book also lists every meeting of #1 vs #2 in the AP Poll. However, it is missing the 1999 Final Four matchup between Michigan State and Duke, which can be found with our tool.

We should mention, however, that in dealing with such a large dataset, there are probably some minor inaccuracies in this data. This is likely mostly with dates, since schools often publish dates that are odds with one another in media guides. If you notice any issues, please let us know and we will work to confirm and fix. Another wrinkle is that prior to 1995-96, the games are almost exclusively limited to Division I vs Division I. We added Virginia's December 1982 loss to Chaminade manually, but you won't be able to find things like Georgetown's "rivalry" vs St. Leo. If you're looking for the Hoyas against Syracuse, though, we've got you covered.

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School Stats Added for 1995-96 College Basketball Season

18th December 2015

As we work our way back on digitizing older college basketball statistics, we're happy to announce that we now have digitized team and opponent stats for the 1995-96 College Basketball season. This is in addition to the player stats we added a few weeks back.

These sortable tables allow users to easily see that the dominant 1995-96 Kentucky Wildcats led the nation in steals and assists. And that (no shocker here), UNC opponents never took any free throws. Also, let's not forgot about the impact of Keith "The Boss" Closs at CCSU.


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Upsets of AP #1 Teams Added

13th November 2015

With college hoops tipping off today, we thought we'd quickly note an offseason addition to our Frivolities section: Historical AP #1 Losses. This table contains the date, score and coaches for every game in which the top-ranked team in the AP Poll lost. Additionally, we have links to the box scores for each of the games since 2010-11, and all of the games which occurred in the NCAA Tournament. We have the arena listed for most of these games, and hope to flesh out that data further soon.

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Michael Jordan high school, amateur, and exhibition game logs

15th September 2015


We recently published the game logs for Michael Jordan's high school, amateur, and NBA career, with every exhibition and charity game along the way.

This awesome feature is the product of research by author and hoops maven Todd Spehr (@toddspehr35). Todd had previously donated a decade of NBA All-Star Legends Game box scores to our site. Most recently, he is the author of Drazen: The Remarkable Life and Legacy of the Mozart of Basketball.

The records begin with Jordan's 1978-79 Junior Varsity effort with Wilmington, North Carolina's Laney High School, then continues with his varsity career and high-school showcase games like the McDonald's All-American game. Along the way, it includes every game of his UNC career, and every pre-season and international effort, including his Dream Team performances, and much much more. It really is an awesome effort, so we've included a permanent link at the top of our main Jordan page so that it's always easy to find.



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