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New Baseball Salary Data 1915-1969 w/ in-place CPI Conversions

20th December 2012

We already have some salary data from 1915-1969 period thanks to SABR and Doug Pappas's research, but we are now pleased to add the work of Dr. Michael Haupert. Dr. Haupert is a professor of economics at UW-LaCrosse and he has painstakingly gone through the Hall of Fame's records to find player contract information for nearly 7,000 player seasons.

The next question is always, "Well, Lou Gehrig made $416,000 in his career, what is that worth in 2012 dollars?" So in addition to the added data, we have added a form control to the salary output on player and team pages that quickly converts the player or team's salaries to the equivalent amount in a different decade using the Consumer Price Index (via the Minneapolis Federal Reserve Board). Just select a year and all salaries will be converted to the equivalent amount for that year. For example, in 2012 dollars, Lou Gehrig made $6.6m for his career, or just tad more than the $6.5m Marlon Byrd made last year.

Try it with 1927 Yankees or with Ty Cobb

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New Play Index Data: 1916, 1917 and more 1940’s PBP

18th December 2012

Thanks to the great folks at RetroSheet we are now able to launch box scores and game logs for 1916 and 1917 and additional play-by-play for 1945-1947 along with additional games found here and there for 1948-1973.

For a full list of our data coverage, check out our Data Coverage page.

I have yet to re-run the full site, so the 1916 A's and 1917 retirees will not yet have links to splits or gamelogs, but that should happen later today or tomorrow.

Box Score Directory (1916-2012)

Note: RetroSheet also has 1915 AL and NL box scores, but not yet Federal League boxes. Given our setup we require a full set to be available before we can publish a year's worth of box scores.

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Elo Rater Fixed

13th December 2012

Just a quick note that our MLB Elo Rater feature is functional once again. Some users had been reporting a little trouble with it recently, but it should be working now. Feel free to vote once again for the greatest players of all time (and be sure to read up on the way we turn votes into rankings). Enjoy!

UPDATE: We believe we have finally found the error and fixed Elo for good. Let us know in the comments or via email if you have any other problems with it.

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Support, Sponsor a Page

4th December 2012

Sponsoring a page is fun, fast, and easy way to support what we're doing here at Baseball-Reference. With a sponsorship, you can:

  • Show your support for your favorite player or team.
  • Drum up traffic for your own site & draw in fans with a common interest.
  • Get some well-deserved recognition for your support of B-R.
  • Make your voice heard by the tens of thousands of people who visit Baseball-Reference every day.

Here's all you have to do to get involved:

  1. Create a membership account.
  2. Find the page(s) you'd like to support, and click "sponsor" (available pages).
  3. If the page you want is already sponsored, click "Alert Me!" to be informed when the current sponsorship expires.
  4. Follow the instructions to create your message and make your payment.
  5. Your message and links will be visible on the page after we approve them (usually in less than 24 hours).

And who knows, if you're clever enough, your message might end up on lists like these (or podcasts like this).

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Updated Team and Player Payroll and Contract Tracking

30th November 2012

2012 Washington Nationals Payroll, Roster, Uniform Numbers -

After a generous donation of the 2012 service time totals, we've gotten the 2012-13 off-season payroll tracking off and running.

These presentations show the following for each team.

  • Players with MLB experience currently on the team's 40-man roster.
  • The player's service time through end of 2012, agent, and how they were acquired.
  • Each player's contract status, signed or not and the general terms.
  • The year-by-year salaries, options and buyouts for guaranteed contracts.
  • The pathway to free agency for pre-FA players
  • Estimated 2013 arbitration awards from's Arbitration Toolkit
  • Any one-time payments like option buyouts or transfers due to trades.
  • Then for each team-season we estimate current and future payroll obligations.
  • Show the number of players already under contract.
  • Sum this up for every team in a table on our front page updated every day.
  • Player-specific material also appears at the top of each team page.
  • This material should be updated daily.
  • We also link from the front page to our 2012-13 Free Agency Tracker and our 2012-13 Transaction list.

Again a big thanks to MLBTradeRumors for the information on arb eligibility and if you want serious contract detail check out Cot's Contracts at Baseball

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2013 Hall of Fame Features

28th November 2012

A little while ago, the Baseball Hall of Fame released the names that will be on this year's BBWAA ballot. Apropos of that, here are the Hall of Fame features we currently have for your browsing pleasure:

Please enjoy these features in this, the craziest of all Hall of Fame years.

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Jaffe WAR Score system (JAWS) for HOF Evaluations –

19th November 2012

Jaffe WAR Score system (JAWS) - has added Jay Jaffe's JAWS system to our suite of Hall of Fame evaluation tools.
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Compare Two Players’ Stats Side-by-Side

15th November 2012

Here's a neat Baseball-Reference trick... To compare any two players, just enter a URL in the following form:

Modify that form to include any two players you want, keeping in mind that the "top=" part refers to the player in the upper frame (enter a player's ID from the root directory; i.e. Cabrera's in the "/players/c/" directory) and "&bottom=" refers to the bottom frame. This should work for any combination of two players, as long as you enter the IDs and directories correctly.

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Automatic Player Linker Tutorial (Video)

9th November 2012

Here's an updated video to describe the Sports-Reference Automatic Player Linker tools, which are now available for college football & basketball and hockey:

Also, here's the old tutorial video:

As always, if you want to be included in the program, just email me with the following information:

  • the name of your site to appear in the feed (at most 25 characters)
  • the url for your rss feed (must be a full feed)
  • a contact e-mail address
  • the url of an example page with our links in place

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2012-2013 Major League Baseball Free Agent List

2nd November 2012

Looking for a list of 2012-13 MLB Free Agents this offseason? Go to this page:

2012-2013 Free Agents with Statistics

There you'll find a table like this (except with even more stats):

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