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Announcing Hockey Stathead

Posted by Jonah Gardner on June 25, 2020

A couple months ago, Sports-Reference introduced Stathead and debuted the first set of tools, focused on baseball. Today we're proud to announce that Stathead service is expanding to hockey!

If you are unfamiliar with Stathead, it is the most powerful set of sports research tools on the Internet. With a subscription to Stathead, you can dig through Hockey Reference's massive database of statistics, box scores, and individual goals to answer complex questions in a matter of seconds. Best of all, your first month is free!

The tools that comprise Stathead are already used widely by researchers, broadcasters, journalists, influencers, gamblers, and more. Now, we want to put the power of Stathead in your hands. Here's a rundown of the tools that will be available with a Hockey Stathead subscription:

Season Finder

The Season Finder allows you to research stats from an individual season, a span of years, or entire careers. You can answer questions ranging from "What player had the most 30-goal seasons" to "What franchise had the most 300-goal players" to "Who had the most assists in a 0-goal season". And that's just scratching the surface.

Game Finders

You can dig through 100 years of box scores for teams and over 40 years of box scores for individual players in the Game Finder. Hat tricks, shutouts, home/road splits, and a lot more are available in the Game Finder.

Advanced Stats Finders

The analytics revolution has come to hockey and you can use Stathead to dig into the new wave of advanced stats. We have over a decade of Corsi, Fenwick, PDO, Zone Starts, Hits, Faceoffs, and more, on both a Team and Player level.

Goal Finder

Dig through every NHL goal scored since 1979-80 with the Goal Finder. You can filter by game situation, including period, time, score, as well as search by goal scorer, assister, or goalie. And there are options to build lists of single goals or search for players who scored the most goals in given situations.

Comparison Finder

Want to see how a few players stack up and make your case for which is the best? Or looking for good historical comps for a current player? You can do all that in the Player Comparison Finder. Search for up to six players and display their stats side-by-side.

Draft Finder

We have the full history of the NHL Draft and you can use this tool to dig through it. Search by round, position, team, amateur background, and more.

Team Streak Finder

Debuting today is a new feature, the Streak Finder. You can use the Streak Finder to things like winning streaks, consecutive shutouts, and more.

You can try Stathead for free for a month, then it's $8/month for hockey only or $16/month for all sports. If you sign up for the all sport option, you'll automatically get access to the other Stathead sports (Pro and College Basketball, Pro and College Football) as they are released, and if you are a baseball subscriber, you can easily upgrade your subscription to the all sports option.

Hockey Reference users may be familiar with these tools under their old name, the Play Index. However, Stathead is launching with a new tool, the Streak Finder, and in the months and years ahead we plan to roll out new features and improvements to the already existing ones. If you are an avid Play Index user who is wondering for the reasons behind these changes, please read this post from our founder, Sean Forman, for more information.

2 Responses to “Announcing Hockey Stathead”

  1. Robert Visser Says:

    Without complete box scores all the way back to 1917 (including players) this is of little interest to me and not therefore something I am interested in paying for.

  2. Claude Paradis Says:

    Way too expensive for me... I'm Canadian, so 35% more because of dollar rate, which means 250$+ a year... I had been a subscriber for 13 years, but this is the end. Good luck to you.