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SR/CBB: Box Score For Every NCAA Tournament Game

Posted by Justin Kubatko on March 15, 2012

Today I am pleased to announce that College Basketball at now has a box score for every game played in NCAA tournament history. Here are a few examples:

These box scores are not complete, as there are many instances where certain statistics are missing, but we will do our best to fill in the blanks as we find other sources.

For now you can access these box scores from the NCAA Tournament brackets in the Postseason section, but I am working on integrating this information into other areas of the site.

2 Responses to “SR/CBB: Box Score For Every NCAA Tournament Game”

  1. Jon Says:

    you rock: if you can synchronize it with the play index, THEN we can start to do some serious research!

  2. Yahoo! Says:

    "•North Carolina defeats Wilt and Kansas in Triple OT" - I have the game ball.