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2012 Pro Bowl Rosters

Posted by Mike on December 28, 2011

2012 Pro Bowl Rosters are out and player pages are marked accordingly for this year's Pro Bowl players.

16 Responses to “2012 Pro Bowl Rosters”

  1. Johnny Says:

    You credited the wrong Steve Smith with the Pro Bowl.

    The Eagle (former Giant) was credited when it should be the Panthers Steve Smith.

  2. Mike Says:

    Good call, you're right -- should be fixed momentarily. The Steves Smith & the Alexes Smith always give me problems.

  3. Johnny Says:

    No problem. Just noticed it!

    Also, when you click the link Pouncey and Joe Thomas don't have a listed Position in the chart. (They are at the bottom of the chart)

  4. Jeff J. Says:

    No D'Qwell Jackson? Roethlisberger but no Romo or Stafford? Nice :-(

  5. Jeff J. Says:

    Matt Slater & not Victor Cruz? I know FB-ref doesn't pick these guys, but seriously :-(

  6. Brad G. Says:

    Matthew Slater was chosen for SPECIAL TEAMS, genius! Stop being so negative! Common sense would say, "hmmm, I'm going to compare Matt Slater and Victor Cruz's stats"! Common sense, people! Common sense!

  7. Jeff J. Says:


    He's listed as WR, so I'm not the only "genius" (who's being negative?)

  8. Jeff J. Says:


    Why exactly is Slater better than a Brandon Tate?

  9. Johnny Says:

    Robert Mathis was selected to replace Andre Carter.

  10. Bill Says:

    Roethlisberger but no Romo or Stafford?

    The D'Quell Jackson comment instantly reveals Browns fan - as well as a lack of knowledge about LBs - to say nothing of Ben Roethlisberger being in the AFC has nothing to do with Romo or Stafford in the NFC.

  11. Brad G. Says:

    @7 Matthew Slater was selected as a SPECIAL TEAMS player( meaning for tackling and downing the ball inside the 20 yd line ). Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers is the RETURNER! Common sense, people! Common Sense!

  12. Brad G. Says:

    If there is a true complaint about a Pro Bowl snub. It should be about eli manning leap-frogging, Matthew Stafford and Cam Newton! manning was 5th in the voting for NFC Quarterbacks. Well, I guess it's all about the last name! lol

  13. Jeff J. Says:


    Manning had a better QB rating than Newton.
    Common Sense ;-)

  14. Brad G. Says:

    Funny guy, Jeffrey! Hmmm, 4,000 yds passing, nearly 700 yds rushing, nearly 40 TDs, +4 in victories and 6 games they loss that they were in until the end as a ROOKIE versus a QB Rating! Great work from a rookie QB that a lot of guys said wouldn't do well! As I said it's all about the NAME. You know it, mo chara! lol

  15. Jeff J. Says:


    You got it. Use the Play Index, Player Game Finder and the Cumulative Season Games to find out who was leading the entire NFL in rushing TD through week THIRTEEN! Probably never been done before, probably never will be done again.

  16. Brad G. Says:

    @15 What is your Super Bowl Match-up and score? Who do you think will be the 1st pick in the Draft?
    Do you go to the Draft?