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NEW Player Span Finder Added to Stathead Football

Posted by Jonah Gardner on January 10, 2023

We're excited to announce a new tool for Stathead Football, and it's one of our most-requested features.

The Player Span Finder gives you the power to search for player stats over any consecutive span of games from any point in their career. We've often had users ask for tools to answer questions like "Who had the most passing touchdowns in any 16 game span since the merger". Now, with the Span Finder, you can look that up. Unlike the Streak Finder, it will give you cumulative stats over every game in the span, regardless of if it fits the streak. And unlike the Game Finder, it can search every single possible span.

This tool also has some very cool and unique filters that make it even more powerful. You can specify a span of games that comes at the beginning or end of a player's career, the beginning or end of a season, or the beginning or end of a player's stint with a team. With high profile WRs like Davante Adams, A.J. Brown, and Tyreek Hill changing teams in the offseason, this is the perfect time for a search like "Who had the most receiving yards in their first 16 games with a new team."

There are more filters to give you the ability to narrow by team, game circumstances, position, rookie status, and more. You can also toggle from regular season to postseason and look for spans in the playoffs. The tool has the option to search spans back to 1970

If you've never tried Stathead Football before, now is the perfect time! The playoffs are about to begin and the Span Finder will give you more ways to explore football stats than ever before. Learn more about Stathead Football, your all-access pass to the Football Reference database.

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