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Stathead Update! Check out the New and Improved Football Team Game Finder

Posted by Jonah Gardner on July 6, 2022

We're excited to let you know about the latest update to Stathead. This time, we've upgraded the Football Team Game Finder. This tool, which lets you search through Pro Football Reference's database of game stats, has gotten some new features, under-the-hood improvements, and a lot more. Let's take a look.

The biggest addition to the Team Game Finder is a brand new search type. This option, "Find Seasons with Most Games Matching Criteria," will let you answer questions about which *year* had the most games that match your search. Some examples:

What season had the most games where a team was 10-point underdog?
What year had the most playoff games with 60+ combined points?

In addition to the search type, we've changed the way the search filters are organized, making it easier to find the filters you need to answer your questions. For people interested in gambling, we've updated the point spread and over/under filters, so that when you do a "Find totals from all games in a season", you can now see the team's averages for the span of games you're searching. And there are also a lot of improvements behind the scenes to how the tool runs, which should make searching faster than ever before.

With all these new options and the NFL season just a couple months away, there's never been a better time to give Stathead Football a try. If you're a hockey fan, check out the similar improvements we've made to Stathead Hockey's Team Game Finder. And if you're a baseball or basketball fan, keep an eye out for similar updates coming very soon!

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