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Updates to the Player Game Finder on Stathead Basketball

Posted by Jonah Gardner on June 3, 2022

That's right, we've got another one! After updating the Player Game Finders on Stathead Hockey and Stathead Football, it's Basketball's turn to receive some improvements. Let's take a look at the cool new stuff we've just added to one of the most popular tools on Stathead.

There are two major additions to the Player Game Finder. First, it's received three new filters. These filters allow you to search for teams or seasons with the most player games matching your search criteria, or team games with the most players matching the criteria. What does that mean? Well, now you can do searches like:
-What team had the most double-doubles in a season?
-What season had the most double-doubles?
-What team had the most players with a double-double in a game?

The second change is that we've merged WNBA stats into the Game Finder. While previously, the WNBA Player Game Finder was a separate tool, merging the stats into a single Game Finder will make it easier to find, while also adding these new search options, and new filters like Hall of Fame status. So in addition to answering which NBA team had the most double-doubles in a season, you can now see which WNBA team had the most double-doubles in a season.

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