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New Updates to the Player Game Finder on Stathead Football

Posted by Jonah Gardner on June 1, 2022

After last week's exciting news about the Player Game Finder on Stathead Hockey, we're pleased to announce that we're dropping the same sort of update to that tool on Stathead Football!

Today's update brings two major new features to the Player Game Finder. First, it expands the number of search types available, growing the number from five to eight.

Not only that, but these new search types expand the tool to open up totally new kinds of questions that you can answer. Specifically, the new search types allow you to search for teams, seasons, or team games that match the criteria of the search. So instead of just searching for single players with 100 yard rushing games, now you can look for:
-The team with the most players who had 100-yard games in a season
-The season with the most players who rushed for 100 yards in a game
-The game with the most players who rushed for 100 yards for the same team

In addition to the new search types, we've also added several new search filters to the tool. You can find the new ones under the Biographical Filters section, and they include a wide range of new options that range from measurables to colleges to draft information. There's also a new filter for rookie status, which allows you to search for rookie players, instead of just players in their first season, a small but important distinction in the case of players who may have had a red-shirt season or came to the NFL from another professional league.

There are so many new searches available with the new filters that I could write a 10,000 word blog post laying out the different examples. But for simplicity's sake, here's just a few of the new kinds of questions you can answer:

-What was the most passing yards in a game by an undrafted quarterback?
-How many players 5'6" or under have scored an NFL TD?
-What was the most games with a 100 or better passer rating by a rookie QB?

And, of course, you can combine these new additions to answer questions like:
-What team had the most top five draft picks score a TD in a game?
-What season saw the most rookie quarterbacks have at least 200 yards in a game?
-What team had the most players who weigh 300 pounds or more play in a game?

We've made a few other changes, including renaming the search type that allows you to search for combined stats across multiple games, to make that a little clearer. We've also reorganized where some filters are in the tool, like adding the Span of Games section for all searches involving a game number, games into a player's career, or the week number. Plus, there are plenty of other updates under the hood to make this tool run even smoother than ever before.

If you haven't tried Stathead, now is the perfect time! In addition to this update, the Player Season Finder received a similar refresh and the other tools will be seeing improvements in the weeks ahead. Plus, your first month is on us.

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One Response to “New Updates to the Player Game Finder on Stathead Football”

  1. Mark Growcott Says:

    Some great new features here, such as this query where you can find the instances where a team had 3 QBs each throw an INT in the same game,

    Can you please add the option of "since the merger" which was there before?

    Thanks as always, looking forward to more exciting new features and tools in the coming months.