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Hockey Stathead Adds New Search Filter Option

Posted by Jonah Gardner on February 8, 2022

We have been hard at work on making structural improvements to our databases so that Stathead will run even more smoothly for our users and we will be able to add many of the most requested new features in the years ahead. Late last year, we kicked off the product improvements from this process with the addition of player filters to many tools and some standardization of filters. Today we’re thrilled to begin the process of standardizing the search types available in our Player Season Finders by rolling out an enhancement to our Hockey Player Season Finder.

Since we launched the tool, there have been five main ‘search types’ on the Hockey Player Season Finder, which can be seen in the screenshot below

With this upgrade there is now a sixth ‘search type.’

The new search type, which you'll see in the bottom left of the above screenshot, will let Statheads dig through the Hockey Reference database to find the seasons with the most players meeting whatever criteria they set. This has long been a feature on our Baseball Player Batting and Pitching Season Finders and our standardization efforts mean the other sports will be getting any sort of ‘search type’ that is available for another sport, giving Statheads the best experience possible.

With this upgrade to the Stahead Hockey Player Season Finder, you can now run searches to discover the following sorts of nuggets:

In 1992-93 there were 14 50-goal scorers, the most in a single season in NHL history.

51 Hall of Fame skaters played in the 1993-94 season, which is the most in any single NHL season.

10 Hall of Fame goalies played in the 1969-70 season, which is the most in a single season in NHL history.

The 1981-82 season featured 54 skaters who were teenagers as of January 31 of that season. That’s the most teens to play in a season in NHL history.

28 U.S.-born goaltenders played in 2018-19, which is the most in any single NHL season.

262 different players scored a goal in the 2020 Stanley Cup Playoff, the most in any single postseason in NHL history.

We hope you enjoy this addition. For fans of other sports, keep your eyes peeled because enhancements to our Player Season Finders for Football, Basketball and Baseball are in the works for the near future. And we're also diligently working on similar improvements to other Stathead tools.

2 Responses to “Hockey Stathead Adds New Search Filter Option”

  1. Mark Growcott Says:

    Exciting to hear these features will come to PFR particularly when there are currently only 3 search type options (the top 3) available for Football under the Player Season Finder.

  2. Dave D Says:

    I'm waiting for team span finders for the NFL and the NBA (I do way more team searches than player searched for stats)