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Football Stathead Adds New Search Filter Options

Posted by Jonah Gardner on February 25, 2022

As we did with Hockey Stathead a couple weeks ago, our team has rolled out some improvements to the Player Season Finder on Football Stathead. Whereas before, there were three search types, we've now doubled the number of options available to six!

The original options are still there on the top, allowing you to search for single season stats, multiple season or career stats, and players who achieved the search criteria in multiple seasons. However, there's also three new options

Find most players in a season matching criteria

This option shows the number of players in a given season who match the criteria you're searching. So, for example, say you're looking up players who threw for 4,000 passing yards in a season. With this criteria, you could see which season had the most players posting 4,000 or more yards.

Find most players on a team in a season matching criteria

This option will allow you to search for teams that had multiple players accomplish the same statistical feat in a single season. For example, this will let you see the seven teams that had multiple 1,000 yard rushers in the same season. Or you could utilize our historic sack data to see all the teams since 1960 with multiple 10-sack players in a season.

Find most players for a team in combined seasons or careers matching criteria

The final new option gives you the ability to look up which franchises had the most players achieve your given statistical thresholds. Unlike the other two new searches, which involve single seasons, this searches a span of years, whether you want that to encompass the entirety of NFL history or just a decade or era. For example, the Packers had the most 50-TD scorers of any NFL franchise with 15, while the Ravens have had the most Pro Bowlers since 2010, with 32.

If you're not a Stathead Football subscriber, you can have access these new improvements and all the other amazing tools for a month totally free by signing up for a free trial! Or check out our All Sports package to see the great tools available for Baseball, Basketball, and Hockey as well.

One Response to “Football Stathead Adds New Search Filter Options”

  1. Mark Growcott Says:

    These new options are great and most welcomed. One thought I have had following this release is now with the 'Player Game Finder". You could now add the option "Find most players on a team in a game matching criteria" to enable such searches as the instances where 2 players from the same team have each had 100 Rushing Yds in a game and instances where 3 players from the same team have each had 100 Receiving Yds in a game and combinations of both. Could even add another option to include both teams with an example being most players from both teams with 100 Receiving Yds in a game (5 - LAR & MIN 2018).

    Another option "Find most players in a day/week matching criteria" with an example being most players with 200 Rushing Yds on a day (4 - Dec. 3, 2000).

    Many exciting possibilities to ponder.

    Thanks again.