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Stathead Football Adds Team Split Finder

Posted by Mike Lynch on November 24, 2020

We've been listening to requests for new features from our users and we're happy to announce that we have launched a new tool for Stathead Football subscribers: The Team Split Finder

The Team Split Finder allows users to unleash the power of our splits database to run searches to compare how teams have fared in various situations. The splits are built off of our play-by-play data, which dates back to 1994.

Here's a rundown of the split types currently accessible in the Team Split Finder, followed by an example of a search you can do with the function:

QUARTER: Search for things like most touchdowns scored in any quarter

LOCATION: Most rushing yards per game on the road

DOWN: Best 3rd down passer rating

YARDS TO GO: Most First Downs allowed on plays with 10+ yards to go in all seasons combined since 1994

DOWN & YARDS TO GO: Most TD passes on 3rd and 10+ yards to go

FIELD POSITION: Best Red Zone passer rating

SCORE DIFFERENTIAL: Most plays run when leading in all games since 1994

GAME SITUATION: Most touchdowns allowed while tied with under 4 minutes remaining

SNAP TYPE & HUDDLE (since 1998): Most No-Huddle Plays run in a season

PASS RUSH TYPE (since 2018): Most interceptions thrown against the blitz

We hope you enjoy this addition to Stathead. If you're interested in a subscription to the service, you can sign up for a free trial here!

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