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Sports Reference LLC Acquires The Baseball Gauge

Posted by admin on August 27, 2020

Sports Reference LLC has acquired the Baseball Gauge from owner Dan Hirsch. Dan was hired as a developer by Sports Reference in 2018 and has spearheaded our work on This week, Dan migrated the MLB.TV dashboard from the Baseball Gauge to a new home on Work is continuing on the migration of additional features like Championship Probability Added and Championship Leverage Index.

Following the re-launch of these features on, The Baseball Gauge will be shut down. You can follow Dan on Twitter.

2 Responses to “Sports Reference LLC Acquires The Baseball Gauge”

  1. Carl Goetz Says:

    Will the ability to create a customized WAR feature be migrated from Baseball Gauge? Its an amazing feature and I'd hate to lose it.

  2. Mike Lynch Says:

    Not in our plans as of now, but something we can consider. Probably not easily done, though