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BPM 2.0 on College Basketball Reference

Posted by Alex Bonilla on May 28, 2020

In February, our pro basketball site incorporated Daniel Myers' BPM 2.0, the update to the classic Box Plus Minus measurement. We have now completed that update for College Basketball Reference as well. BPM 2.0 aims to estimate a player's performance relative to league average by using a player's box score information and his team's overall performance.

BPM 2.0 will appear on College Basketball Reference in the same places you found old BPM, and is available back to the 2010-11 season. Leaderboards have been updated to reflect the new measurement. BPM 2.0 also allows for game-level calculations, which means that our box scores since the 2010-11 season will now include BPM 2.0 in the Advanced table.

For more information on why the update was made, you can refer to our February blog post on the BBR update, as well as Daniel Myers' in-depth explainer on how BPM 2.0 is calculated. We thank Myers for his contributions and we hope you enjoy the addition to College Basketball Reference.

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