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Box Scores Since 1904 & Play-by-Play Since 1918 Now on Baseball Reference

Posted by Alex Bonilla on February 20, 2020

Thanks to the efforts of our friends at Retrosheet, we have added box scores back to the 1904 season to Baseball Reference. Previously, our game log coverage was back to 1908. Additionally, we have added partial play-by-play coverage for games games as far back as 1918. Previously, our oldest play-by-plays were from 1925. Since our last major Retrosheet update, the final two missing full play-by-plays of 1973 were added which means we now have complete PBP data back to that season now. In addition to the boxes and PBPs themselves, this update allows for a variety of new information searchable in the play index, as well as new rows of information in team/player/league statistics tables.

Here are some examples of the new information/searches available on the site.

If you have any questions about our data coverage, you can always see it here.

We're very excited about these new additions and hope you enjoy them, as well. Please let us know if you have any comments, questions or concerns.

And thanks again to Retrosheet!

7 Responses to “Box Scores Since 1904 & Play-by-Play Since 1918 Now on Baseball Reference”

  1. Dennis Says:

    Hooray!!! Been waiting patiently for this for a while now!!!

  2. Yotor Says:

    Thanks for awesome info

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  5. John Steele Says:

    Great stuff - thanks

  6. Jerry DeMoss Says:

    That's great. Now, if you can finally get the last 3 seasons, the log will be complete for all the 20th century games.

  7. Jerry DeMoss Says:

    That's great. Now just 3 more seasons and the American League will be complete.