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FBref Adds Match Reports and Fixture Lists

Posted by Alex Bonilla on May 9, 2019

FBref's goal is to be your preferred source for football statistics, no matter your club, country, or language. We've taken a big step towards that goal with the addition of match reports and fixture lists for the many leagues and competitions we currently cover. This includes over 50,000 match reports from more than 50 competitions.

On the FBref front page, the latest scores and upcoming matches for your selected favorite league will now be displayed right next to that league's statistical leaders. You can get a quick look at the latest scores from around the world by going to the Matches tab at the top of FBref.

To go through what a complete FBref match report looks like, let's use the May 8, 2019 Ajax vs. Tottenham Hotspur game. At the top, you can see the score of the game, with the goal scorers for each team on either side. Since this particular game was a 2nd leg, we also make sure to note the aggregate score at the top, along with a link to the 1st leg match.

What you first see when opening an FBref match report

Next on the match report, we have a visual representation of the starting formations and lineups, flanked by a list of the full squad, including bench players. If you hover your mouse over one of the numerical markers on the field, you'll be shown the player's name and headshot. The list of players on the side also offers symbols for whether they scored goals, were involved in a substitution or were carded during the game.

What the visual display of starting lineups looks like on an FBref match report

We then display the match summary in a timeline format, taking you from kickoff to the end, marking all the major events of the game. Below that is a breakdown of team-level statistics, such as possession, passing accuracy and shots on target. The match report finishes by giving you the individual statistics for all players who appeared in the game, including not only goals and assists, but also fouls drawn, tackles and interceptions.

With the addition of match reports also comes the ability to go through a team's fixtures list, now available on their respective team pages. For example, on the 2019 North Carolina Courage's page you will find their NWSL schedule below the individual statistics tables. For teams that play in both international and domestic competitions, there are tabs that will allow you to switch from a combined fixtures list to a competition-specific list. If you prefer to see all teams' fixtures in a competition, that is also now available from that competition's page. Here's a link to the 2018-19 UEFA Champions League's Scores & Fixtures page. In competitions with multiple stages like the Champions League, we also include tabs if you prefer to look at a specific phase.

FBref currently has fixtures lists and match reports back to 2016, and with varying levels of statistical coverage depending on the league. We would appreciate any and all feedback you can provide us on these new features. You can contact us via feedback form, on Twitter, or on our subreddit. A special thanks to Adam Wodon and Dan Hirsch for building this new feature and Adam Darowski for providing most of the design for these pages. At FBref, we want to be your resource for keeping up with the latest news and stats in the world of football.

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