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Hockey-Reference Team Game Finder Adds “Made Playoffs” Filter

Posted by Alex Bonilla on January 23, 2019

One of the tools in Hockey-Reference's Play Index is the Team Game Finder, and a new feature we've added to that form is a filter for teams who made or missed the playoffs in a given season. With this addition, you can now more easily find that the 1992-93 Philadelphia Flyers are the highest Modern Era goal-scoring team to miss out on the playoffs, or that the 1985-86 Winnipeg Jets made the playoffs with a -77 goal differential, worst in NHL history among playoff teams.

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3 Responses to “Hockey-Reference Team Game Finder Adds “Made Playoffs” Filter”

  1. Pierre Says:

    That's fantastic....but what happened to the pre 1987-88 box scores and why aren't they coming back? I'd imagine a lot of people would like to see those....after all, quite a few people have asked questions on here about those removed box scores but you guys have never fully answered the question. Most times you don't even give a reply....not a good way to treat people to visit your website, I'd say.

  2. Matt Says:

    Looks like they're not gonna answer you, also, Pierre. Guess the once added then mysteriously removed hockey box scores are not as important to them as adding frivolities for Third World soccer leagues.

  3. Justin Says:

    Pierre: I also sent an email inquiring about the pre-1987 game logs/box scores. This is the response I received

    "We had to roll that back for various reasons, unfortunately. It's still possible we'll be able to include pre-1987 data at some point.
    S-R Bugs"