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Offensive Line Penalties on Pro Football Reference

Posted by Alex Bonilla on October 22, 2018

Offensive linemen stat pages are usually barren due to the lack of official individual statistics for that positional group. One of the few objective ways we have for evaluating offensive lineman is to look at penalties committed, and for that reason we've added a special section on offensive line player pages to break down holding, false start, and total penalties committed in a season. This penalty data is available back to 1994 when we first have play-by-play data.

We have also added a section to our season pages with a full table of offensive linemen sorted by penalties committed. Going to the 2017 season page, we can see that Seahawks tackle Germain Ifedi "led" the league with 16 accepted penalties. So far this season, Julie'n Davenport of the Houston Texans and Desmond Harrison of the Cleveland Browns are at the top with 6 accepted penalties, in addition to 2 declined/offset penalties. Jason Peters of the Eagles leads the league in just accepted penalties, with 7 of them this year.

Also, this is a reminder that we have penalty data since 1994 for all players, regardless of position, in the More tab of a player's page. So if you want to look at Jadeveon Clowney's 6 accepted penalties this season, you can go to his Career Penalties page.

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